I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 158

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Chapter 158 – Gate & Hate


“Stop right there!”

The guards stand in front of the crumbling wreckage of a carriage about 100 meters from the gates of Roses as if waiting for us.

“All of you, drop your weapons and put your hands where I can see them!”

Outside, the wind was picking up, powder snow was blowing up, visibility was poor, and the sun was beginning to fade. At such times, the guards are very diligent in their work, willingly leaving the city walls to wait for travelers who may or may not be coming in the cold winds.

“…This one is black. I’m counting on you, Takifu.”

“Leave it to me. You two stay put, okay?”

I dismount from the horse-drawn sleigh and approach the guard with my hands raised. One man, who appeared to be a superior officer, was carrying a sword, and two of his men were holding spears.

I glance over and see three bowmen hiding on the ramparts.

If they attacked us here, I would have no choice but to kill them without hesitation, but I would like to keep it as quiet as possible. The only gun that was not currently stowed away was the Alaskan concealed in my winter coat.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Takifu. I am a new adventurer from Sars. I’m hoping to find lodging in Roses tonight.”

“And those behind you?”

“My fiancée Mir is on our familiar snow wolf; in the front sleigh are five adventurers from Sarz who are from the Battlecry party, and in the back sleigh are a retired adventurer and his family. They are a family of three.”

“Bring out the weapons you have. All of them, now!”

“I don’t mind, but can’t we wait until we’re in a sheltered place out of the wind?”

“I could kill you right here!”

“Well, well, calm down, Tyre.”

A subordinate man shouted while pretending to thrust a spear at me, and the man with the sword, who seemed to be his superior officer, quieted him down.

“If you hesitate here, it will delay your entry into the town. Do you understand?”

The guards may have been trying to look friendly, but all of them had a nasty look in their expressions, like a cop who yells at you and a cop who serves you katsudon. It’s a travesty, but I have to buy into it. Damn it.

“Hey, Mir. I need you all to bring the weapons over here.”


I turn around and call out to her, and Myrril, mounted on Moff, comes rushing around to retrieve the weapons. They are scraps of weapons that I had taken out of storage and replaced beforehand. She had brought them in a bundle and tossed them out into the snow.

“That’s all.”

“Stay where you are.”

Myrril and I are subjected to a rough body check, and I try desperately to suppress my irritation. Although I had holstered my revolver just before the check, I was still uncomfortable. I’m determined to kill this Tyre guy, especially if he starts groping my girl.

“Okay, next!”

With a pompous grin, the guards checked all the occupants of the sleigh as it moved forward. If they had found anything of value, they would have tried to take it, but unfortunately, I had stowed away anything that could be taken from them. The disgruntled-looking subordinates nodded to their superiors with grudging disapproval.

“Alright. Go to the front gate.”

The superior officer commanded Colon, who sat down on the driver’s platform and took the reins.

I was left behind after being dropped off, so I was carried on Calmon’s horse-drawn sleigh.

I thought those subordinates would want to ride in the sleigh to make things easier, but they seemed to be following on foot, carrying our disarmed weapons.

Maybe they have their own silly ideas. Do as you wish.

Sure enough, when I saw them again in front of the city gate, the sword, which I could have sold for about four silver coins, and the dagger, which would have been a little cheaper than that, were gone.

I noticed and stopped Louis, who was about to protest, with a look. These swords were only going to be a hassle anyway and were of no use except for scrap metal.

The superior officer, who seemed to have been observing us, grinned and put out his hand.

“The entry tax is four silver coins per person. Kids and animals alike, forty-four pieces in all.”

“Hey! We are adventurers. We have guild IDs.”

Tig yelled back. As expected, I think four times that of the Sarz is too much, too. This is just what the guards, who seem to have discriminating tastes, would have wanted.

“Who cares? There is no adventurers’ guild here. If you’re not from Roses, you will all be charged four silver coins. If you don’t like it, go wherever you want.”

Tig, who had fallen silent with a grim look on his face, let out a dramatic sigh as the superior’s smirk deepened.

“We are responsible for the security of this town. In Roses, a city known for its commerce, even if small, the lack of money means a lack of trust. I’ll give you a choice. Pay up, or get out of here and disappear wherever you go.”

I pull out a jute bag full of silver coins and hand it to the superior without counting.

“Is this enough?”

“Hey, count it out.”

I heard one of the men take the jute bag and run to the staff room and smash it on a table or something. Of course, he was out of sight of us.

I was too stupid to think that they could count them properly, but the voice of the subordinate was soon raised.

“Not enough! There are only 42 pieces!”

“Two more!”

I tilted my head at the smirking superior, who made no attempt to hide his grin. These guys are scum, just as I imagined.

“Oh, that’s strange; there should have been at least 50 pieces in the bag.”

“You just need to pay for two more. Don’t make me repeat it. You can pay me right now, or you can all go out and spend the night in the snow.”

In other words, he was not going to return the money I had given him. What a bunch of crap. I will remember these guys’ faces.

I pretend to search my pockets and look at the guy’s face. The original entry tax is about the same as in Sarz, anyway. He must be pocketing the difference. His grin widens as if he is feeling good about the extra income. Is this the kind of job for a guy like him, the Roses guard?

I’m trying to avoid getting into trouble, but I can’t help but say.

“Do you know Ivan-san?”


The smile disappeared in an instant. I knew it. Maybe he was in trouble; perhaps he was accused of a crime; perhaps he was called out for a criminal act. This little rascal would have done something like that.

“I received a message from the captain of the guard to give him my regards if we go to Roses. Apparently, he was indebted to him in the past.”

“Keh, I would never be indebted to a hypocrite like him. Is that supposed to be sarcasm, you idiot?”

I see, so this is the captain of the Roses Guard. He took the two silver coins that I had taken out of my pocket and then waved his hand in a dismissive manner as if he had already lost interest in the matter.

“Guard captain, where’s the weapons deposit receipt?”

“There’s no such thing. If you don’t like it, just leave.”

I looked away at the unusual presence, and my eyes met with those of Myrril-san. She has a big smile on her face with a blue vein on her forehead. Scary. It’s scary, scary, scary…!

“Mi-san. Calm down, calm down; it’s okay. It’s really going to be okay…”

“Their lives will end tonight.”


The voice was muttered in a whisper, to which Moff responded in a small voice.


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