I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 157

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Chapter 157 – Guns & Roses


I stowed away all the dead bodies and equipment of the enemy who had attacked us. I also packed up the sled and the supplies that were loaded on it. Most of the supplies were portable food and spare weapons, but there was not much money to be found.

Even if they found out that we had killed them, they would never find evidence of it.

We didn’t kill the innocent horses but only released them from their restraints. This was under the direction of Mir-neesan.

“…I’m bored.”

The two horse-drawn sleighs continue to make their way toward the walls of Rose as the sun is shading and the wind begins to pick up.

Unfortunately, there are no enemies to attack our horse-drawn sleighs as we move through the snowfields. Then…

“Are the rest of the enemies going to attack us in town?”

“There is also the possibility that they will be on the road after tomorrow, but from the enemy’s point of view, it would be more certain to finish us off at Rose. We are unarmed, after all.”

Is it the story that we are forbidden to be armed? I was flabbergasted earlier and had only half heard the story.

“If we can’t carry weapons in town, where are we supposed to leave them?”

“The guards will confiscate all your weapons at the town gate. They are supposed to be returned to you when you leave…”

Judging from the bitter look on Colon’s face, I guess it’s not as simple as “Okay, so you’re safe inside the town.”

“The people of Rose are easily seduced by power and bribes. Maybe that’s why the guards are also greedy with money. I heard that expensive weapons and rare tools are sometimes stolen because of their poor management.”

“…That’s the worst. Takifu?”

“I will keep the weapons in my storage for all of you. If we don’t arm ourselves quickly, there’s a chance that the bandit guild will attack us in town this time.”

As for the weapons to be deposited, just dummy out the ones you don’t mind losing, like a trashy dagger taken from the bandits.

Tig, who had been listening to our conversation, turned around and shook his head.

“Please do that. Rumor has it that there is a hidden branch or headquarters of the bandit guild in Rose.”

That’s not good. There will be a raid, for sure, and in town.

AKM bullets would have too much penetrating power to cause collateral damage.

If I were to use a MAC10 and a shotgun… I don’t know if I’d have time to pull it out of storage on the spur of the moment, let alone for Tig, Myrril, and the others. This is where I want a firearm that I can carry at all times.

I just wanted a new weapon, but I told everyone that it was a necessary expense.

“Hey, you guys know the situation, so why would you join into Rose?”

“Because it’s nothing to do with us.”

“They can’t take our weapons away from us!”

Tig and Louis thrust out their fists, followed by McCain. Colon and Eino also held out their fingers with a wry smile. I thought the two of them were not muscle-brainers, but I wondered if it was a sign that they could fight well without throwing knives or staffs. Well, maybe they were forced to do it because they were going out with each other.

“It seems funny; I’m on board too!”

As they crossed fists, Mir-neesan also joined in with her fists. The strong-armed Nojaloli is joining the fray. Is it a heart-throbbing feeling?

The muscle-brained people with smug faces (and the two who seemed to be involved in the situation) look at me.

Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll refrain from doing that. I don’t have to fight with my bare hands or anything. Ever since I was KO’d by a young beastman girl, I’ve decided to survive as long as possible by relying on firepower from outside the enemy’s attack zone.

When the gates of Rose came into view about a mile away, I asked them to stop the wagon and get off the back of the cart, just in case.

“What’s the matter, Takifu? Do you need to pee?”

“Oh, just a minute.”

I keep my distance from the Battlecry and call out to my savior for help.


In my open field of vision, Simon was holding a plump, angelic child.

It’s not a very nice sight to see an old man with the trademark potato chip mustache, but the girl is so cute that I can’t help but think that she’s actually adorable.

I don’t even know her name yet, but she seems to like the silver spoon I gave her and is still holding it in her hand and waving it around.

Okay, stab that suspicious man’s nose!

“My angeeeelllll♪”

…Hey, what’s up with this guy? He even started singing his own original song. He’s not even looking at me.


The daughter is laughing as she watches her father, who is snickering with an ugly grin on his face, and the spoon she is holding is shining in time with her laughter.

To be precise, something like a jewel attached to the handle of the spoon. Every time that stone shines, the daughter’s body is enveloped in a bluish-white, faint light.

…Hey, is that one okay? I thought I saw it somewhere, but it’s a magic light.

There was no sign of harm, but what had that dwarf jewelry shopkeeper done?


The magic light that burst from the daughter’s body turned into sparkling particles and scattered like stardust.

“…Ohh. What’s going on with that?”

“Hmm? Oh, I’ve been waiting for you, Brother!”

Finally, Mr. Monopoly, who seemed to have recognized my presence, waved his hand in my direction.

“What is this spoon you gave me? I can’t believe what’s happened!”

“What’s the matter? Did your wife grow a beard?”

“She ain’t growing a beard! No, my wife was sick in bed after giving birth, but when my angel waved this thing, a magical light fell on her, and she recovered instantly!”

Oh no. It’s not a simple magic trick. That’s real magic. I don’t know if it’s healing magic or recovery magic, but it’s a very advanced kind.

It was supposed to be cold, but sweat dripped down my back.

“…Oh, yes. It’s amazing. It’s as expected of my angel. She must have worked a miracle.”

“I-is that so? I guess it’s really your daughter’s power.”

How can that be? I’m glad he’s an idiot. I hope it stops at a level where I can fake it, but if not, I’ll ask the Dwarf jewelry store owner how to deal with it. In the worst-case scenario, I’ll ask him to remove the stone.


Wow, it’s really shiny. This is not good. I wonder if it’s enough to be feted by some cult in this world.

“It seems that she likes it so much…”

“Oh, she doesn’t let go of it even for a moment, not even when she eats. Thank you!”

Oh no. What should I do? Maybe I can’t retrieve the stone. I feel sorry for her.

“You don’t think she’s going to get into trouble with that… miracle, do you?”

“I’m not worried about that. I’ll protect her even if the world is against her.”

Oh, yeah. I guess so. So, I guess it’s alright then. I mean, good luck with that.

“So, do you need anything else today?”

I was going to put in a procurement request for a few things, but most of them were in stock, and the deal was done instantly. I closed the market with a mountain of extras and service items and a sense of baseless guilt as I received the highest possible salute.

“…What’s that?”

“What’s going on?”

“Mir, you remember the dwarf in the jewelry store?”

“Oh, the miraculous Lukemon.”


“After that, I finally remembered. He was a legendary master craftsman known for his tremendous skill, design, and skill in incorporating magic stones. He is one of the greatest Dwarven craftsmen of all time, along with my father, the Blacksmith King Kazinair.”

“…Oh, really? Why would such a great man open a store in Sarz?”

“Well, I don’t know. I heard that he retired a long time ago because he was annoyed by the name “Miracle.” It must be some kind of retirement hobby.”

Hey! That old man is currently performing miracles in the world where I used to live!


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3 thoughts on “I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 157

  1. I predict an offshoot story about the adventures of a silver spoon-wielding little girl somewhere in Caribbeans at some point in the future. Actually, where is that black market upstart guy living in the first place? I guess somewhere with pretty loose enforcement of laws and known for unrestricted smuggling happening all the time, right?


    1. South America is one possibility, Underworld businesses kinda thrives around there.
      Just my preliminary deduction since he gave Takefu the Spanish copy of 1911 before


      1. South Africa is also a possibility, though I am leaning more South America because of the Rastafarian look at the start.


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