I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Part 2


The royal capital of the Kingdom of Sahar was crowded with many people.

The plaza in front of the royal palace was beautifully landscaped, and the flowerbeds were filled with flowers.

“It’s a big square, isn’t it?”

“There are fountains everywhere! I wonder if there is an abundance of water in this oasis city?”

“That’s one thing, but the Kingdom of Sahar is also putting a lot of effort into researching magic, especially water magic because of its location in the middle of the desert. …Of course, not as much as in the Kingdom of Regal.”

“The Regal Kingdom is the world’s largest magic powerhouse, after all.”

Lexia and the others strolled around the square while Laila explained the situation.

Laila also changed out of her luxurious dress, and although all four of them were dressed as travelers, they could not hide their extraordinary appearance and graceful atmosphere and were the center of attention of people on the street.

“Look at those girls; they are so beautiful…!”

“Their manners are so graceful. Are they some kind of princesses?”

“Hey, you ladies, you want to buy some nuts? Since you’re so cute, I’ll give you a discount──Whoa, you’re ridiculously cute!?”

“Isn’t that strange? Why are they looking at us so much when we’re just travelers from all angles?”

Lexia tilted her head, unaware that their aura and good looks were attracting people.

Tito was looking around nervously, perhaps because she was not used to being in such a crowd.

Tito stiffens every time she passes someone, but Lexia smiles kindly at her.

“We’ll be with you, Tito, so don’t worry. Leave the city stuff to us!”


“How does a princess know so much about city life?”

“It is not that strange. I’m just going to sneak out of the castle for a little shopping. It’s what everyone does, isn’t it?”

“Look, Lexia. Princesses don’t usually do that.”

“I can only imagine Owen-sama’s distress…”

Laila smiled wryly and shifted her eyes to Tito.

“By the way, is this lovely young lady here Lexia-sama’s new bodyguard?”

This is the first time she meets Tito, although she is acquainted with Lexia and her bodyguard, Luna.

“Oh, she’s not really my bodyguard; she’s one of our newest companions! Her name is Tito. She is very strong and reliable!”

“I’m Tito. Nice to meet you!”

“Tito-sama. Thank you for protecting me from the assassins earlier.”


Tito’s cheeks flushed with happiness as she smiled kindly at her.

The four of them left the plaza and entered a busy alleyway while exchanging such conversation.

“Wow, it’s so lively!”

“The alleyway, crowded with various stores, is one of the features of the Kingdom of Sahar and is called a marketplace.”

“It’s an interesting mix of cultures. Is it because of the thriving trade?”

The stores selling leather goods, pottery, carpets, lamps, perfumes, silk, honey, and other items were lined up in a narrow space, and the voices of people calling out to each other came back and forth. Every time a dry wind blew, the fabrics and carpets on the walls fluttered, and the scent of spices tickled the nose.

“Everyone is wearing a stole. Is it to protect them from the sun?”

“Yes. Also, I heard that it is necessary to protect them from dust and sand.”

“There’s certainly a lot of dust, isn’t there… Kuhyunn!”

“But then again, there are a lot of blue fabrics and accessories.”

“It’s Sahar blue, you see. Blue is considered a sacred color in the kingdom of Sahar, where water is revered. Sapphires, in particular, are popular among royalty and nobility and are often used in special ornaments and other items.”

Lexia looked at Laila, who answered without hesitation as if impressed.

“Laila-sama, you know a lot.”

“I studied it before I left the Regal Kingdom. Since I would be going to a country with a different culture and climate, I had to get to know the place well. …But I had no idea from reading the book that there were so many smiling faces and so much vitality!”

Laila’s eyes narrowed as she looked around at the heat that filled the narrow alleys and the smiling faces of the tanned people.

Lexia did the same, looking around at the stores crowded with travelers──

“Look, look, the traditional costume of the Kingdom of Sahar! It would look good on Tito; try it on!”

“Eehh? But I don’t know how to wear such expensive-looking clothes… And I don’t think it would look good on me──”

“Then let me help you!”


“Hey, don’t push her too hard.”

Lexia took the clothes and pushed Tito into the fitting room without question.

As Luna and Laila wait, they can hear their voices through the curtains.

“Yes, take them off, take them off!”

“Fuwahh, i-it’s embarrassing ~…”

“This is part of your social studies!”

“Is that so!”

“Yes! I’ve been thinking about it since we first met, but… Tito, you’ve got some pretty nice breasts, don’t you?”

“Hyaaaahh!? T-that tickles, Lexia-san~…!”

“What in the world is that girl doing?”

And a few minutes later.

“It’s done! How is it?”

Lexia opened the curtains with Tito standing there, dressed in the traditional costume of the Sahar Kingdom.


“Ugh, the fabric is so thin and covers such a small area, my belly feels…”

Tito, now dressed in a revealing and exotic outfit, hides her navel shyly while blushing. The fabric with gorgeous embroidery softly covered her white skin, and every time the transparent skirt swayed, the beads and coins decorations glittered.

“Well, she’s so pretty.”

“That’s quite a change of mood.”

Laila cheered, and Luna was surprised.

“I know, right? It looks great on you, Tito!”

“T-thank you!”

Lexia looked at Tito, who was embarrassed and blushing, with a look of satisfaction on her face──

“…But still, you’ve got nice breasts.”

“Hyaw!? Le-Lexia-san…!?”

Tito turned bright red when she was poked on the chest.

Luna interrupted Lexia, who was poking her absentmindedly.

“Stop it, Lexia. What are you doing… Hmm? This is quite (soft)”.


“You two, Tito-sama is in trouble… Hmm, it sure has a fascinating bounciness to it (soft).”


“Oh, and by the way, this outfit is absolutely fabulous! Let us try it on too!”

Lexia again selected three outfits without question and pushed Luna and Laila into the fitting room.

A few minutes later, Tito’s eyes lit up when she saw Lexia and the other girls appear in all their splendor from the fitting room.


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“Wow, you all look so beautiful!”

Lexia was dressed in pink, Luna in blue, and Laila in purple.

Each one of them was dressed beautifully in the glossy design of the outfit.

“The dress is fluttery and unfamiliar, but it’s easier to move around in than you might think.”

“It’s lighter and cooler than the dresses I usually wear.”

“It’s so glamorous and revealing! I love it. Let’s wear it today and go sightseeing!”

“Isn’t it a little too flashy?”

“It’s fine. We’re going sightseeing; we have to enjoy it to the fullest!”

Lexia said and bought clothes for everyone immediately.


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After changing into the traditional costume, the four continue to enjoy strolling around the market.

“I want to buy some souvenirs for Yuuya-sama! And also for my father, Owen, and everyone at the castle. What would be good?”

“I heard that tea glasses and leather goods are popular souvenirs. I also hear that textiles made from the wool of the Sahar Sheep are also a specialty.”

“I see that those carpets are made from Sahar Sheep wool. The colors are so vivid and beautiful.”

“Ah! How about this bedding for Yuuya-sama? It reminds me of when I was proposed to by Yuuya-sama!”

“That was just a misunderstanding. It’s not valid.”

The graceful costumes reminiscent of tropical fish enhanced the charm of the girls, and the alley became as gorgeous as a flower garden.

“Look at those girls; they are so beautiful. Are they advertising some store?”

“They’re all too cute; I want them to be my poster girls…”

“I’ve never seen such beauties before! What a dazzling group of girls…?”

The colorful traditional costumes attracted even more attention from the people around them. And unbeknownst to them, it also had the effect of keeping away the assassins who wanted to kill Laila.

The marketplace was filled with people looking at the souvenirs.

“Wow, this oil smells so good.”

“It’s true. Is it fragrant oil?”

“Yes. In the desert, the sun is strong, and the air is dry, so fragrant oil is indispensable.”

Lexia took a little bit of the fragrant oil in her hand to test it, and her voice was full of excitement.

“This fragrant oil is so moisturizing. It smells so good. …Eeii.”


When Lexia slides her hand over Tito’s stomach, it makes her jump.

“Hyah, Le-Lexia-san, it’s ticklish, hyah!”

“Fufu. I like it when Tito gets tickled.”

“What are you doing?”

“Because Tito looks so pale and fragile. We should protect her with fragrant oil… or rather, this fragrant oil is really good.”

Lexia bought some fragrant oil on the spot and immediately put it on Tito’s stomach.

“Yeah, it smells really good and feels really good.”

“Hyahh! I-if you apply that much, it would be wasteful, rehyuu… hyauu.”

“That reminds me, Tito said you are from a northern country, aren’t you? The desert sun must be hard on you.”

“It is true that dryness is the enemy of beauty.”

Luna and Laila also agreed and picked up the fragrant oil.

She caressed Tito’s white arms, neck, soft bosom, and thighs.

“‘Hyah, no, no, hmm, fufu, nyaa, nnuu~…”

“Well. Tito-sama’s skin is so smooth and delicate that it’s almost like you’re being absorbed by it.”

“Right. And it’s soft and comfortable… especially on the chest.”

“Indeed, I kind of want to touch them all the time.”

“Fuwah, e-everyone’s hands are also smooth and nice a-and soft… hyauu.”

Tito’s white ears and tail are wagging and quivering, perhaps because she is being tickled.

“Wow, that one corner. It’s a feast for the eyes.”

“Such a precious sight, and it’s free…?”

“Hah, they’re all so cute as if it’s just a lie… I’m healed just by looking at them…”

The people around them watched the lovely girls as they giggled and frolicked, enraptured and adored.

Lexia finished up by stroking Tito’s cheek with both hands.

“Yes, that’s it! This fragrant oil looks good to use after a bath. I’ll take care of you every day with this. Now, let’s continue our sightseeing!”

“Fuwaahh, fuwahh…”

Tito was dizzy and about to start walking when her eyes fell on a storefront.


It seems to be an accessory shop, with cute accessories lined up in a row.

Among them was a hair ornament in the shape of a small flower.

As she looked at it, Lexia took a quick peek at it.

“Are you interested in that hair ornament?”

“Ah, yes… a long time ago, when I had just started living with my master, she gave me a flower like this when she returned from her mission as a Holy. She told me it was a flower that grows on an island in the far east…”

“It’s a pretty flower, isn’t it? It looks somewhat like Tito-sama’s… I think that’s why Tito-sama’s master thought so, too, and brought this flower back from the far east.”

Laila’s words reminded Tito of Gloria.

Then Lexia picked up a hair ornament and put it in Tito’s hair.

“Yes, it looks great on you. Excuse me; I would like this one.”


“Fufu, it’s to commemorate you becoming a member of our group.”

Lexia closed one eye, and Luna narrowed her eyes.

“It looks good on you.”

“T…thank you very much, I will treasure it…!”

Tito bowed her head with joy filling her young face.


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