I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Chapter 2 Part 3

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Part 3


As we approached the outskirts of town, Lexia pointed ahead.

“Look, there!”

In a small square, several animals were herding together.

“It’s the Sahar Camel. I’ve never seen one before.”

The Sahar Camel is a species of camel that is used by humans. They can store water in the humps on their backs, making them resistant to drought and suitable for walking in the desert.

People who seem to be its owners use magic to make a ball of water float in the air and give it water to drink.

A boy noticed Lexia and the others and beckoned them.

“Hey, Onee-chans, are you here for sightseeing? If you like, why don’t you take a ride to commemorate the occasion?”

“It looks like we can take a test ride.”

“Wow, I’ve heard rumors, but they really do have a hump! I wonder what the ride feels like?”

Lexia approaches one of the camels with a curious look on her face.

“Ah, that’s…”

As the boy shouted, the camel suddenly snapped free of its reins and lunged at Lexia with a squeal.


“Kyaaaaaaaahh! W-why? Why is it chasing me?”


“This is bad; that guy loves cute girls. Leave that to me, you, Onee-chans; go ahead and have fun!”

The boy ran lightly toward the camel that was chasing Lexia.

Laila looked on as the boy ran dependably away and lowered her eyebrows as if she was troubled.

“I’m worried about Lexia-sama, but staying here… would be a nuisance to the other tourists… What should we do…?”

“An amateur might make things worse, so let’s leave this to the boy.”

Luna, Tito, and Laila paid the money, and each got on a camel.

The owners pulled the reins at first, but Luna and Tito quickly learned to ride with their natural instincts and physical abilities, and Laila got the hang of it quickly, probably because she enjoys riding.

“It’s fun once you get used to it.”

“It’s a little different from riding a horse, isn’t it? It feels a little strange.”

The owners’ eyes widened in amazement.

“Heh, you’re good at it, aren’t you, young ladies? Even the people of the Sahar Kingdom have a hard time riding the Sahar Camel, but you are doing it very well. Since you’re here, why don’t you take a stroll around the streets? It’s a different view than walking, and it’s a nice thing to see.”

“Is that alright?”

“Yes. Enjoy the kingdom of Sahar to the fullest.”

The cheerful owners send them off on a camel ride through the city.

“They are nice people, aren’t they?”

“Yes. They are kind and warm.”

Walking around the city on a camel.

Tito suddenly noticed a few soldiers standing on a street corner.

These strong soldiers, with spears in their hands and stern expressions on their faces, were watching their surroundings.

“What are those soldiers guarding?”

“Even if they are guarding something, they seem to be very imposing. I wonder if there is a reason for that.”

The soldier noticed Luna and the others looking at them and arrogantly said.

“The footholds ahead are fragile and prone to collapse due to the ruins. It’s dangerous, so don’t go near it.”

Laila added as she pulled back on the reins.

“The Kingdom of Sahar was founded on the ruins of a ruined city, and the ruins still remain.”

“So the soldiers were protecting the ruins and the safety of the people, weren’t they?”

“Although, it was strangely strict. Was it that easy to collapse and that dangerous…?”

When they were about to return to the plaza, Lexia finally caught up with them. The boy who owned the camel was pulling the reins of the camel, which was in a good mood with Lexia on it.

“Hey, I’m finally getting on. This child walks so fast that it shakes a lot, but I wonder if all [Sahar Camels] are like──Kyaaaaaah!”

Lexia screams in mid-sentence.

The camel carrying Lexia began to run out of control again in a fit of joy.


“Kyaaaah! Stop! Listen to me!”

The camel shook off the boy’s hand and rushed toward the place guarded by the soldiers with a force that repelled all obstacles.


“Kyaaaahhhh! Move, move!”

“Wha? What are you doing? Stop, stop!”

The camel suddenly rushes toward them, and the soldiers are in a panic.

The boy who owned the camel hurriedly grabbed the reins.

“L-leave, quickly! Never come near this area again!”

As the soldier yelled, something tumbled out of his pocket and made a clattering noise.


It was a small brooch. On its surface was engraved the emblem of a scorpion.

“Ah. Soldier-san, this is…”

The boy reached out to pick up the brooch.

The soldier’s face changed color. He snatched up the brooch.

“What are you doing? Get the hell out of here!”

Being driven away roughly, Lexia and the boy left the ruins in a hurry.

“I was just trying to pick it up for him! Right?”


“Don’t worry about it. You did a good thing, so you should be proud of yourself.”

“Yeah, thanks, Onee-chan.”

Luna, Tito, and Laila rushed to Lexia’s side as she comforted the boy.

“Are you okay, Lexia-sama?”

“I’m glad the ruins didn’t collapse…!”

“Oh. But still, that soldier, was that brooch so important to him?”

“That’s rude of him!”

Laila was relieved to see that Lexia was safe and sound.

“In any case, I’m glad you’re safe. Now, it’s time to head back to the plaza.”




They returned to the plaza and dismounted their camels.

“That was quite an interesting experience, wasn’t it?”

“Yes! The view was so much higher; it was so refreshing!”

The sun was already setting, turning the brick streets red.

“Thank you for the ride; it was a lot of fun. Yes, I’ll give you candy.”

“Wow, thanks!”

“You still have it?”

“Of course! I still have plenty!”


“Not you; you’ll get a stomach ache, you know?”

“Bumo! Bumomo~~~~!”

“You can’t, ububu. You can’t lick me; I’m not a candy! Ububububu!”

As Lexia was puzzled by the camel licking her, she heard light laughter.

When she turned around, she saw Laila laughing while holding her mouth.


“Fufu, my apologies. I was just wondering if it becomes emotionally attached to Lexia-sama… and you smell so good… Fufufu.”

“You laugh too much.”

“I’m sorry, but it was so funny… fu, fufufu.”


Lexia’s cheeks relaxed as she pouted.

“But… I finally got to see Laila-sama’s smile that I know and love.”

“…Thank you very much.”

The feeling of being in an unfamiliar place, which had been tense for a long time, must have finally loosened up after enjoying sightseeing with Lexia and the others.

Lexia also smiled at Laila’s sincere smile.

“See you later, Onee-chans! Come visit us again!”

“Yes! I look forward to visiting you again!”


The four waved goodbye to the owner boy and his camel and headed back to the royal palace.




On the way back to the royal palace, the market was crowded with people who seemed to be shopping for dinner.

“Everyone was smiling, and the market was vivacious.”

“The kingdom of Sahar is a country with a long history, so I am sure that many people have been weaving peace for a long time.”

“It’s a great learning experience. We should learn from them so that our people will always have a smile on their faces!”

“…Lexia, what’s the matter with you all of a sudden? You sound like royalty.”

“I’m royalty, though! ──Oh, look at that! Look at those tasty-looking skewers! Let’s buy some!”

“Royalty should not be so casual about buying and eating. Besides, you said we were leaving.”

“You don’t understand, Luna! Eating and walking is the best part of sightseeing! You and Laila-sama and Tito should eat, too, you know.”

“Ah, no, eehh…”

Lexia did not hear any reply but bought four skewers for four people.

The woman who owned the store broke into a smile on her tanned face as she handed the skewers to Lexia.

“Ladies, are you travelers? How do you like the Kingdom of Sahar?”

“It’s a very nice, jolly, fun country! Everyone is so cheerful, and there doesn’t seem to be any worries or anxieties.”

“Yes, indeed. But the only thing I’m worried about is──”

Just as the owner was about to say this, there was an eerie sound, like the rumbling of the earth.

“What is that noise?”

The people of the town stopped and looked around in horror.

“It’s the ‘earth moan’ again…”

“The earth is moaning?”

“Yeah. Lately, there have been a strange number of them, and I hope nothing bad will come of it…”

“Such folklore…”

Seeing the frightened people, Laila raises her eyebrows as if she were pained.

The low sound, which seemed to echo from the depths of the ground, lingered for a long time and then ceased.

“Again… it’s been a long time… and it’s getting louder and louder, isn’t it?”

“Could it be a harbinger of the collapse of this city?”

“Don’t worry; I’m sure King Braha will do something about it…”

The soldiers shouted to the anxious people.

“The earth moan is just a fairy tale, you idiot! Get the hell out of here!”

As if being driven away, the people who had stopped scattered.

Lexia and the others thanked the owner and left the store.

“The earth moan, huh? It was an eerie sound, wasn’t it?”

Tito opened her mouth in response to Luna’s mutterings.

“Did you hear anything else besides the ground rumbling? More like a high-pitched, windy…”

Then, a soldier who seemed to have heard what she was saying raised his voice.

“That’s just the sound of the wind blowing into the ruins. Just walk away!”

Lexia’s mouth twitched as she was shooed away roughly.

“Geez, what’s the matter with him? He’s been acting like a jerk! If he were a soldier in my country, I would have spanked him!”

“Is that what you want, royalty…?”

The four of them headed back home in a merry mood.

By the way, Lexia enjoyed the skewers for Laila and Tito.


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