Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 291

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Chapter 291 – Saint’s Smug Double Peace


Hey, it’s Kosuke. The hero Kosuke, who crushed the invasion of the two northern countries and has been making progress in the negotiations and various issues in the northern border region since then. Eh? Don’t get carried away, you say? Yes, I’m sorry.

“As a matter of course, Kosuke was now exposed as the most powerful force in the Kingdom of Merinard.”

“Well, it was obvious from the start. The fact that Kosuke is hiding a dangerous weapon…”

“When he was kidnapped by that damn fox the other day, he threw out the entire contents of his inventory, but even then, there were weapons that we didn’t know about.”

I was sitting on the sofa with Sylphy on my right, Melty on my left, and Isla on my lap, a perfect encirclement, and I couldn’t escape.

It was the night after I finally returned from the northern border region. The three of us took a bath together after dinner, and during the after-bath drinks, I was completely surrounded. Well, I had no intention of escaping, of course.

“Kosuke has been like that ever since he met me. He had some secret tools in his inventory that I didn’t know about.”

“Another old story… I was still in a precarious position back then, so what was I supposed to do? After that, I taught you every time I made a hatchet or a crossbow or something.”

“But you kept the guns and other weapons of your former world a secret, didn’t you?”

“Modern and advanced weapons such as guns are too powerful and dangerous. You’ve read the reports, haven’t you, Sylphy? Even the not-so-advanced tip-loading magic rifle is able to crush a force of twenty times its size. Moreover, unlike the wars in this world up to now, it will be a disastrous war that will result in a large number of deaths, not just injuries. Be careful not to leak the manufacturing method of the magic rifle, okay?”

The magic rifle is a weapon that was created using only the technology of this world. If the manufacturing method is leaked, it will sweep the world in the blink of an eye.

“Speaking of which, Isla, as a mage, don’t you feel anything about the proliferation of such a powerful projectile weapon that can be used by anyone?”

“It’s not that I don’t have thoughts about it. But now, it is still for military use, so it is okay. I don’t think it’s safe to spread them to civilians, adventurers, or even bandits.”

“That is reasonable. It might be better to establish severe penalties for the possession of magic guns by non-military personnel.”

“Yes, let’s get the law in place as soon as possible.”

Not sexy enough for conversation, you say? It’s going to get sexier after this anyway, no matter what, so it’s okay to be serious about it for now.

“So, what else are you hiding?”

Isla looked up at me with her big eye from my lap.

“Well, there are a few differently armed golem variants and a prototype magic sparkling stone warhead cruise missile that uses a wind-magic propulsion system and a golem core.”

“A magic sparkling stone warhead cruise missile?”

“It’s a weapon that can fly a magic sparkling stone bomb from Merinesburg to Erichburg if you know the approximate distance and direction.”

The disadvantage of this weapon is that it is not very accurate since it detects the target of attack based on the approximate flight distance and the automatic detection of the city’s location based on the amount of magical reactions. The command to the golem, which controls the decision-making process, has to be vague, such as, “Fly to the city that exists ~km away and detonate the magic sparkling stone bomb. There is no such thing as GPS, after all.

“But I haven’t even test-fired it yet. There is no way to test it because it is just a thing.”

“Maybe you can pull out the magic sparkling stone warhead… or maybe not.”

“It’s a big, heavy piece of metal. It could hit a child walking on the street or something.”

“We certainly can’t test fire one of those.”

“Hmm, it’s dangerous. We should notify people in advance and test-fire it at a military post.”

“That would work. It might cause damage to the facility, though.”

The conversation proceeded without me. It was interesting to see how they seemed to think that if it was a military facility, it would be okay if there was some damage. The target from Merinesburg will probably be the facilities under the control of Sir Leonard, which are located in the eastern border area with the Holy Kingdom. I apologize in my mind while I still can.

“What else?”

“I’m thinking of a reinforced exoskeleton based on golem technology.”

“Reinforced exoskeleton?”

“It’s like a golem you can wear. It’s armor with thick protection and the power of a golem.”

“Then I think it would be better to use the golem itself.”

“It’s just a romantic device.”

Surely, then, it would be better to just use a golem equipped with a weapon, but this is a man’s romance! Wearing golem armor and running into a crowd of monsters is awesome! That’s so cool! I just want to be cool!

“I think it would be revolutionary to be able to deploy soldiers with the armor and power of a golem.”

“At the moment, Kosuke-san’s orders are the only ones that can move the golem, right?”

In response to Isla, who tilted her head, Sylphy and Melty showed a certain agreement with my romance. Well, the two of them have a level of physical ability that does not require golem armor, though.

“Well, let’s hear the rest of the story on the bed, shall we?”

“Nnnn, hold me.”

“Okay, let’s go!”

I carry Isla in my arms as ordered, and Sylphy and Melty push me on my back and take me to bed.

It’s too blatant, you say? That’s right. Because――.




“I made it.”

As soon as we returned to Merinesburg, Ellen made a smug double peace face to Sylphy and the others. The reason for this is―I don’t have to tell you, do I?

“To think that you beat me to it…!”

“Kuh, I hate the racial difference…”


Yes. Ellen is pregnant.

Well, you know, that’s what happens when you spend almost six months over there and do all the things to do. Incidentally, I found out that Amalie-san was also pregnant after Ellen. After all, it is easier to have children between humans, it seems.

“Am I the only one left behind…?”

Bertha-san’s gaze was fixed on me. It can’t be helped; Bertha-san wasn’t with us. Also, the pressure from the harpies are terrific. Their eyes are blazing. To be honest, I’m scared.

“Well, I thought we had a chance, didn’t we?”

“It’s unfortunate, isn’t it?”


Tozume is, as always, weak on this kind of topic. I love that aspect of her.

“It’s unfortunate.”

Seraphita-san and Sylphy are giving me very subtle looks, so that’s why I’m going to stay here. Aquawill-san is looking at me like I’m a pig on a pig farm, Iphrita is looking like a space cat, and Driada-san is smiling tremendously. In my opinion, Driada-san is the scariest. Those are the eyes of a predator.

Grande, you ask? Grande seems to be in no hurry at all. She seems to think that children should come naturally, and it doesn’t matter who comes first and who doesn’t. She is watching Sylphy and the others fussing in the corner over there with a grin on her face.

“Don’t you think there’s an order to this?”

“If I had to wait for the long-lived race, a short-lived one like me would become a senile old woman.”

“I-it won’t take that long!”

While Ellen, who never lost her composure, Sylphy, who had her queen’s mask removed, stomped on the ground. It’s cute, but please don’t do that because the stone floor is getting cracks from being stomped on. You know, I’m the one who’s going to repair it.

“This is a serious situation, Kosuke-san.”

“Hmm, the order has been disrupted.”

Melty and Isla are coming up to me with serious looks on their faces. That’s true, but it’s a gift, you know.

“Mmh! Kosuke has to stay with me for a while!”

“That’s outrageous.”

“I can’t agree with that, no matter how much Sylphy says so.”

“It’s not fair!”

“Yes, it’s not fair!”

In response to Sylphy’s monopolistic statement, objections arose. Oh no, this castle will be destroyed if it continues like this. This castle will be destroyed physically.

“Stop! Stop!”

I shouted loudly as I advanced on Sylphy and the others, who were on the verge of an immediate confrontation. The only way to stop the fighting is for me to take a stand.

“Babies are a gift. It’s not a matter of who comes first that determines the order.”

“This result is God’s will.”

“Stop it! I’m trying to settle the situation, and you’re trying to provoke them with a smug look on your face!”

Ellen, you’re having a little fun, aren’t you? You’re getting too excited just because your morning sickness has subsided slightly, and you’re feeling a little more energetic.

“In other words, Kosuke-san is going to take responsibility, isn’t that right?”


What do you mean by responsibility? Oh no, that’s scary.

“I’ll take responsibility. I will work hard to feed everyone!”

“It’s not responsibility in that direction.”

“It’s the responsibility that is causing conflict. You know what I mean, right?”

“Hahaha… Oh, I just remembered something――”

I was about to run away when Sylphy grabbed me by both shoulders. Sylphy is holding my right shoulder, and Melty is holding my left shoulder with a smile. I can’t do it anymore… it’s over… there’s no way I can escape.

As a result, I’m going to stay in Merinesburg for a while and take care of everyone. Well, I wanted to relax with Sylphy and the others in Merinesburg for a while, so there was no problem. The problem is. I’ll shut my eyes to the fact that the nights would be a little intense.

However, the peace was broken surprisingly quickly. A messenger came from the Holy Kingdom.


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  1. “Even the not-so-advanced tip-loading magic rifle is able to crush a force of twenty times its size.”
    tip-loading –> muzzle-loading


  2. i wonder…. can he make some kind of fertility drugs on the crafting table ? with that kind of sub-contractor god doing his shenanigans, perhaps he add that kind of potion in there… ?


      1. Isla should have told Kosuke about it if it does exist well he can just create it if he wills for it


    1. The idea has to come from somewhere, since as far as i know, there is no existence of a fertility drug in any game (unless there is an H-game which i don’t know about has that plot). And in real life, they aren’t that commonly used, nor many people know about them, especially if the people in question never had any history of fertility issues.
      Even in Novel, Manga or Anime, talk about fertility drug is rare.


  3. weird… did my comment got erased ? o_o)
    with how the sub-contractor god doing weird shenanigans, maybe there’s a fertility potion if he try the crafting table/alchemy thingy ( i never play minecraft)


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