Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 303

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Chapter 303 – Iphrita-sensei’s Magic Lesson: The Basics


The next day, after receiving approval from Sylphy and Melty for the Adventurers’ Guild’s support during our discussion last night, I decided to approve the letter to the Adventurers’ Guild and the Merchants’ Association and have the harpy deliver it to them.

The contents of the letter included financial support from the Kingdom of Merinard and the outline of a support plan for novice adventurers. The Adventurers’ Guild has been instructed to work out the details of the plan based on what I discussed with Sylphy and Melty yesterday.

We have also written a proposal for the handling of food tickets.

I have also written to the Merchant’s Guild, requesting them to cooperate with the Adventurers’ Guild to the best of their ability, using the funds I have entrusted to them. I also wrote that they should report back to me when their plans were finalized and that they should contact me at the royal castle if they had any problems or needed a decision. I also told the castle guards to contact me immediately about letters from the Adventurers’ Guild and the Merchants’ Guild, as well as any requests for an audience, so there should be no problem for now.

The sooner, the better, and from the looks of the people I saw at the Adventurers’ Guild, they didn’t seem to have much time to spare, so I wrote to them that I would respond as quickly as possible. I know this may seem reckless from someone’s point of view, but I think it will help a lot of people, so I wish them the best of luck.

And when I was done, I visited Iphrita’s private room for a magic lesson.

“…Why is Isla here?”

Seeing Isla following me into the room, Iphrita’s expression clouded over.

“Is it bad for you that I’m here?”

“…It’s nothing.”

Iphrita’s cheeks appeared to be slightly puffed up as she turned away, saying, “Nothing.” It’s not as if it’s nothing, though.

“I’ve been thinking about the curriculum.”

“Why did Isla decide on her own…?”

“There are pros and cons. Iphrita-sama is better at attribute magic, ritual magic using catalysts, and spirit magic. I am better at formula theory, alchemy, and applicable magic. It is more efficient to share the work.”

“Mm… but I’ll be the one to teach him today!”

“Hmm, that’s good. From the basics of the basics.”

“I’m looking forward to working with you, Sensei.”

“Leave it to me.”

Iphrita crossed her arms and smiled proudly. For some reason, Isla was looking at Iphrita with a kind eye.




“I see… the compatibility of attribute magic is relatively rare. So to speak, it’s a type of congeniality.”

The compatibility of attribute magic in this world seems to be a type in which water and fire and wind and earth have a great influence on each other. In other words, the attacking attribute of fire causes great damage to the defensive attribute of water, and the attacking attribute of water causes great damage to the defensive attribute of fire. Wind is also strong against earth, and earth is strong against wind. There is no advantage or disadvantage between attributes that do not correlate with each other.

Incidentally, fire magic includes not only fire magic but also beam magic and lava magic, and water magic includes ice magic and cold magic. Wind magic includes thunderbolt magic and poison gas magic, and earth magic includes rock magic and metal magic.

“…Aren’t you unusually quick to swallow it? You’re an amateur, aren’t you?”

“I can’t use magic, but I do have a fair amount of experience with it?”

Mainly in games and such. Attribute compatibility is like basic knowledge for games with magic. Well, if it becomes too complicated, there are too many attributes to understand. For example, in the case of a certain pocket game, it’s so complicated that I don’t understand it at all anymore. Sometimes, there are games in which too many attributes make it difficult to deal with each one, and the best solution is to level up and beat them with physical weapons.

“There was no magic in Kosuke’s world. But there were plenty of entertaining works that dealt with magic.”

“If there was no magic, why would there be entertaining works that dealt with magic?”

“I guess that’s where people’s imagination comes in.”

“Or maybe magic existed in Kosuke’s world, but it is just forgotten. There is no smoke without fire, after all.”

“That’s an interesting interpretation.”

Maybe it’s a story about how people gave up the mystery in exchange for the power of science. I don’t dislike the idea that, as a result of analyzing not only the visible but also the invisible and thoroughly dismantling the existence of mystery, things such as magic and curses can no longer exist.

“Anyway, I think we understand the compatibility of attributes. Let’s go a little further.”

“Next, let’s move on to the rudimentary theory of the magic arts. You can’t take it lightly just because it’s rudimentary.”


And so began the lesson on magic formulas.

“This is a difficult subject, or rather, it is a memorized subject.”

Basically, general magic in this world is expressed by combining several basic techniques that look like patterns or symbols. By preparing a formula and pouring non-attributed, colorless magic into it, the magic that was once nothing takes on the form of attribute magic and affects the world as magic.

Perhaps, this is similar to programming language. But I’m not very good at programming. I’ve done a few things like calling up a console and typing code in a game, but that’s something you don’t get to do unless you’re an IT engineer or something.

“Especially in your case. If you can use magic, you can learn it physically by using the same magic over and over again.”

“Not being able to use magic is a disadvantage.”

“That’s right!”

The fact that I cannot use magic means that even if I try out a formula, I will not be able to execute that formula myself. In other words, it is the same as programming by writing code directly on paper with a pencil or pen, but you cannot actually execute that code and debug it.

A seasoned professional might be able to do complex programming with pen on paper and debug it sensibly, but right now, I am a novice. I’m a novice, and I’m trying to get “hello World!” to appear on the screen, but I’m no better than a chick or even a fertilized egg that hasn’t even hatched yet.

“It is better to learn what kind of magic there is rather than the theory of magic. There are many kinds of fire magic, aren’t there? Not just magic that makes fire arrows fly, or magic that makes fireballs fly.”

“Well, I don’t think it’s good to remember in such a strange way…”

“Common sense doesn’t apply to Kosuke. Even if you think about it as a mage, it is possible that Kosuke could come up with something great. He has a proven track record.”

“Ah, that recoil control technique. I see; it was Kosuke who was the catalyst for discovering that one, too. If that’s the case, well… yeah, let’s try something out of the ordinary.”

It seems that my curriculum for learning magic is undergoing a major overhaul. Sorry for the trouble, Senseis.


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5 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 303

  1. “Perhaps, this is similar to programming language. But I’m not very good at programming. I’ve done a few things like calling up a console and typing code in a game, but that’s something you don’t get to do unless you’re an IT engineer or something.”

    Oh God, please don’t do the “Magic is just like Javascript!” trope. That’s one of the most annoying things Isekais do, a lame excuse to give a modern character god-level magic powers.


    1. But if you go, “magic uses different patterns to cast different spells when you input a ‘generic mana’ flow into them”, modern day people will always link that with a programming language, because that’s what it actually is.

      Because at the end of the day if it isn’t something instinctive then it is logical, if there’s logic behind it then it could be understood and categorized as a PL as you’re giving orders to something based on a set of commands.

      I understand that its overused but it isn’t really lazy.

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    2. My rule of thumb when doing “magic is programming” is to make it an actively unintuitive one, along the lines of malboge. But worse. Riddled with variations, idioms, side effects, cryptography, nondeterminism, uncontrollable interactions, imperious constraints and other straight up user hostile features. It’s something that was never meant to make sense to a human mind. It’s not cleanly named functions and steady state variables, it’s doing a bit hammer exploit from one piece of cosmic firmware to another. It is something that requires extensive study to create even the simplest effects from scratch.


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