I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Part 2


When the tumultuous party was over, the grass had quieted down for the night.

“Don’t worry, Laila-sama; you can wait here. We will surely uncover Prince Zazu’s plot and free Laila-sama! We’ll definitely stop him from using forbidden magic!”

“Yes, please be careful…”

Lexia and the others changed into their maid uniforms and crept into the depths of the palace, leaving an anxious Laila in her room.

Luna, hiding in the shadows, checks with Lexia next to her.

“As for Laila-sama’s protection, it’s not a problem because I’ve set up some strings, but… are you sure you’re going to come along too?”

“Of course! I’m not going to keep quiet because Laila-sama’s in danger!”

“Shh, don’t speak so loud!”

Luna quickly covered Lexia’s mouth, but Lexia was mumbling in Luna’s hand, revealing her anger.

Prince Zazu, it is outrageous that he would invite Laila-sama to a fake engagement and use her corpse as a medium for forbidden magic! I will not be satisfied until I expose the truth with my own hands! Besides, if I’m discovered, I can always just pretend to be the maid, can’t I?”

“I doubt that pretending to be a maid would be acceptable in this situation…”

“Then I’ll just imitate the cat’s meow! I’m good at that!”

“It’s just a miracle that it worked! Huh, I don’t have a choice after all this time. Don’t screw up and get found, okay?”

“Leave it to me! I’m good at hiding.”

“I think that’s the furthest thing from you…”

“It’s not so different from hide-and-seek, is it?”

“Don’t mix covert with hide-and-seek!”

“! I hear footsteps; please hide!”

Tito warned, and the three of them stayed low and hid for cover.

A patrolling soldier passed in front of them.

As soon as they were out of sight, Lexia jumped out of the way.



“You need to look up the meaning of ‘covert’ for once!”

Luna and Tito hurriedly chased after Lexia, who ran off in high spirits.

Relying on Tito’s sense of smell and hearing, they proceeded through the intricate corridors, evading the eyes of the security guards.

When they were deep in the corridor, Tito stopped at a corner of the corridor.

“I can hear Prince Zazu’s voice coming from up ahead.”

Gently peering down, Tito saw a massive door at the end of the corridor.

Strong soldiers stood on either side of the door as if guarding it.

“The security is strangely tight. It’s suspicious.”

As Lexia muttered, Zazu’s eerie muttering could be heard from beyond the door.

“Kuku, kukukuku… finally, finally, the time has come for this magic to be perfected…! No one would have thought that I could complete such great magic! All those who have mocked me should be horrified and humbled by my talent! Haha, hahahahaha!”


“Now all I need to do is pour Laila’s blood into this magic circle, and I’ll have…!”

“I knew I was right! Let’s go, Luna, Tito!”

Lexia shouted, and Luna and Tito jumped out.

“Wha!? What is it with these maids?”

“Y-you ruffians──Uwaahh!”

The two of them held back the soldiers standing on either side of the door, but Lexia opened the door vigorously.

“That’s enough!”


There was Zazu, dressed in a black robe, and a group of soldiers who appeared to be his bodyguards.

Zazu looked back in astonishment and opened a thick grimoire in his hand, and at his feet was a magic circle.

The sudden intruder made the soldiers, who appeared to be his bodyguards, brace themselves, and Zazu exclaimed in dismay.

“W-who are you? Who the hell are you?”

“Give up, Prince Zazu! I know all your evil deeds!”

“W-w-w-w-w-what did you say…?”

Luna and Tito spread out on either side of Lexia, who pointed her finger at him high in the air.

Zazu backed away with a pale face.

His thin lips trembled as he shouted to the surrounding guards.

“Damn it, do you know what you’re getting into, you little brute! Hey, get them!”

With that as a cue, the guards all put their hands on the hilts of their swords.

Then, perhaps hearing the commotion, a new group of soldiers rushes through the door.

“Your Highness, what in the world is going on?”

“No, they could be insurgents disguised as maids! Be on your guard!”

The soldiers were taken aback by the sight of Lexia and the others but quickly prepared themselves.

“Even if they are women and children, we will show them no mercy! We will turn them into rust for our swords!”

Surrounded by dozens of soldiers, Lexia did not hesitate to shout.

“Luna, Tito! Get them!”




[Claw Flash]!”

As soon as Lexia’s order sounded, Tito kicked the floor toward the soldiers behind her. She bent down and ran through the soldiers.


The soldiers were surprised for a moment but realized that they had not taken any damage.

“Hah! That’s just a bluff!”

“Don’t you underestimate me, little girl!”

The soldiers howl and draw their swords, but…

But in their hands was only the hilt, without the blade.

“A-ah? There’s no blade!”

“M-my sword? What the hell is going on?”

Tito had severed the blade from the base of the sword faster than the soldier could pull it out.

──Clank, clank, clank, clank!

While the soldiers were dismayed, Tito was cutting one blade after another with her sharp claws, disabling them.

Tito’s heart pounded in excitement as she ran through the air in a white flash.

“Amazing, I can control my power… and keep my reason and fight without going out of control…! The training with Luna-san is paying off…!”

“Curse you, you maid, you’ve been messing around…!”

The soldiers rush to grab her, throwing away the handle, which has turned into a stick.

“Awawawa… I-I’m sorry, please just sleep a little!”

Tito stopped and stomped hard on the floor.

The floor shattered, and fragments flew up. She then reaped the debris with her claws.

“Suppress the force── [Claw Piercing Bullet]!”



Numerous stones were launched with mismatched aims, striking the soldiers wildly.

The soldiers were not injured because they were aimed at their helmets and chest armor, but the impact was so strong that they fell to the ground one after the other.

“T-the rest of you, too, please don’t move…!”

“W-what the hell is this attack? And that strength…!”

“Is this girl really a maid…?”

The remaining soldiers backed away, their faces twitching in the face of this unexpected force.




Meanwhile, Zazu’s guards had their sights set on Lexia.

“You cheeky little lass, just be quiet and get yourself in the rope!”


Some of them slashed at Lexia and then stopped moving as if they had frozen in place.

“H-huh…? I can’t move my body…!”

“W-what is this string…?”

Something was tangled around the wrists of the guards. It was a string hanging from the ceiling. Luna had released the strings toward the ceiling beams right after the battle began.

“You’re too late to notice── [Puppet].”

Luna muttered low and manipulated the strings.

Then the guards, entangled in the strings, attacked their comrades as if they were puppets.


“W-what are you doing? You betrayed us!”

“N-no, my body just attacked without my control…!”

The guards were quickly thrown into confusion by the sudden slashing of their comrades.

“Sorry, but my master wants to make sure of something. I’ll leave you to play amongst yourselves for a bit.”

Luna manipulated the string without hesitation.

From her blind spot, another guard was secretly approaching.

Lexia shouted in surprise.


“Don’t get carried away, you little girl!”

The guard raises his sword above Luna’s head.

“Don’t move any further!”


The man stopped moving.

There was a gleam around his neck.

“If you move too much, you’ll lose your head. If you don’t want to get hurt, you’d better stay quiet.”

“D-damn it…! What the hell is this weapon…? I can’t move…!”

“They’re too strong… who the hell are these maids…?”

The helpless men’s grunts echoed hollowly.


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