I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Part 3


Zazu was stunned to see that his well-trained guards were overpowered in a matter of minutes.

“H-hyiiii!? M-m-m-my elite, in just a few minutes…? Who in the world are you people?”

Lexia looked down at Zazu, who had slumped down miserably with her hands on her hips.

“You just wanted Laila-sama’s corpse, didn’t you!”

“!? W-what are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me! You lied about the engagement, and you actually invited Laila-sama to use her as a medium for forbidden magic! You are the mastermind behind the assassination!”

Then Zazu opened his eyes in surprise.

“A-assassination! I don’t know what that is! I just wanted Laila to come to the Kingdom of Sahar to study magic with me! I’m not trying to kill her!”

“Eh, really?”

Luna sighed at Lexia, who was puzzled.

“Hah, I knew it. I guess it was Lexia’s misunderstanding.”

“Because he said he needed a young, beautiful woman with a lot of magic power.”

“He didn’t say he needed a corpse, did he?”

“Yes, yes! I’ll just be happy with five cups of blood… Kihyiiiii.”

After all, you’re still going to do something dangerous to Laila-sama!”

It seems that even though it wasn’t a corpse, it was definitely an attempt to use Laila for forbidden magic.

But Zazu shrugged and looked away.

“T-the blood is just for a side benefit… I really wanted a companion to study magic together… I’ve heard that Princess Laila is well versed in magic and I wanted to study it with her… but I’m easily mistaken for someone who is creepy and hated… so I thought if I forced myself to marry her, then we could devote ourselves to research for many years to come…”

“Isn’t that too extreme.”

Luna muttered to herself, but Lexia turned to Zazu with a serious face.

“If you want to study magic, you should make a diplomatic offer. I’m sure Laila-sama will be happy to help you. …Of course, forbidden magic at someone else’s expense is out of the question! Anyway, don’t lie about your engagement if you are not prepared to make Laila-sama happy!”

Zazu nodded weakly at this admonition.

“Ugh, okay, I’ll call off the engagement… I’m really sorry…”

“I’m glad you understand. Apologize to Laila-sama and explain the situation to her. I am sure she will forgive you.”

“Oh. …Um, I’ll call off the engagement, but at least the blood…”

“I said no!”


“Magic that sacrifices someone else is evil! If you put your faith in such evil methods, you’ll be ruined one day. What kind of forbidden magic is this anyway?”

“T-this is a magic that improves communication skills…”

“You can’t just rely on magic to do that!”

“Hyiiee, I’m sorry…!”

“First of all, you’re talking to me right now, so you’ll be fine! Be confident!”


“I mean, is that magic real? It’s too dubious…?”

Luna muttered while the guards murmured when they saw Lexia admonishing Zazu head-on.

“A-amazing, she’s preaching Zazu-sama…?”

“Who are they really, those maids…?”

The guards were aware that Zazu was about to go out of his way, but none of them could advise him for fear of the mysterious Zazu. However, when they saw Zazu accepting Lexia’s words with a surprisingly open mind, they seemed to have changed their impression.

Luna shrugged her shoulders at the sight of Zazu, who had completely wilted.

“Good grief, it looks like he’s not lying. So you’re saying that the mastermind behind the assassination plot is someone else.”

“We are back to the starting point, aren’t we?”

Luna and Tito free the guards, who are being wrapped around like cocoons.

In the meantime, Lexia asked Zazu.

“Is there anything unusual going on at the palace? Any little thing.”

“A-anything unusual…”

Zazu was about to say this when he tilted his head as if suddenly remembering.

“Come to think of it; there have been some strange noises coming from the basement of this royal palace lately.”

“A strange noise… Are you referring to the “moaning of the ground” that we hear all over town?”

At Tito’s words, however, Zazu shakes his head.

“I heard the strange noise of moaning on the ground before. But this one is thin and high-pitched like the wind howling…”

“A high-pitched sound?”

Prince Zazu nodded to a dubious Luna and tilted his head.

“I heard a similar sound just a few minutes ago. I believe it was coming from the party hall…”

“…Perhaps it was the sound of that whistle? The one that can control the [Bloody Tiger] at the party…”

At Tito’s murmur, Zazu nodded with a radiant expression.

“Yes, the whistle! Before the moaning of the ground, I hear a faint sound like a whistle! I’d never heard a sound like that before. And it’s coming from under the ground. There shouldn’t be a basement in the palace. It’s strange, isn’t it?”

“The sound of a whistle coming from a basement that shouldn’t exist…? It’s definitely tricky, isn’t it?”

As Lexia muttered, a low voice interrupted her.

“Oh dear, what’s this all about?”

It was Prime Minister Najum who entered with several of his men.

“I heard that some unscrupulous person had invaded, so I rushed over to see what all the fuss was about.”

Zazu breaks out in a cold sweat as he is shot with a snake-like glare.

“P-Prime Minister Najum? U-uh, this is…!”

“Prince Zazu was going to sacrifice Laila-sama to study the forbidden magic.”

“I-I just wanted a little blood!”

“You said five cups.”

Zazu bursts into tears when Lexia mercilessly tells him the truth.

Ignoring this, Najum looked down at Lexia with cold eyes.

“When I looked who it was, it turned out to be Laila-sama’s maid, huh? Even though she is the future crown prince’s favorite, it is still a very serious dishonor to break into the royal palace──and the royal family at that. Are you prepared to be punished?”

“Which of us is the disrespectful──”

“Good evening. It’s a beautiful night with a beautiful moon.”

Just as Lexia was about to retort, a soft voice rang out.


She turned around to see Laila standing there, who was supposed to be waiting in her room.

Laila smiled at Lexia and the others and turned to Najum.

“Good evening to you, Prime Minister Najum. What is it with my maids?”

“…This is Princess Laila. Your maids assaulted a soldier of our castle and broke into the prince’s room. This is a matter of grave national concern. How will you take responsibility?”

Laila did not retreat from the sharp gaze that would have frozen even a large man in place.

“Yes, I have heard your story. It is true that my maid has been a bit too much of a tomboy. But this is all due to the fact that I am far away from my motherland and have no one to rely on to protect me. It seems that it is true that Zazu-sama was trying to harm me. One wrong move and an unbridgeable rift would have been carved between my homeland──the world’s greatest magic power, Regal──and the Kingdom of Sahar, wouldn’t it?”

Zazu cowered.

Laila glanced at Zazu and tilted her head.

“Since the engagement has been called off, why don’t we just make things quiet for both of us?”


In front of the ladylike but resolute Laila, Najum’s mouth twisted as if he was biting a bitter bug.

“…We apologize. We sincerely apologize for the rudeness of our prince. Let me assure you that this will not happen again.”

Laila smiled and turned to Zazu.

“Your Highness Zazu.”

“Hyiaa, hyiaa.”

“Although the engagement will be called off, I would like to take this opportunity to build friendly relations between our two countries. If the Kingdom of Regal and the Kingdom of Sahar are united, we will be able to conduct more meaningful research.”

“Oh? Y-y-y-y-y-yes, that’s a great idea…!”

“Thank you for your positive response. Let us continue to get along well with each other as countries that devote themselves to the study of magic.”


“That’s enough talk for now. …It is already late at night, so please go back.”

Before Zazu could reply, Najum interrupted in a low voice.

Lila bowed gracefully and flipped her dress.

“Now, let’s get going.”

Lexia and the others followed Laila out of the room.

“Laila-sama, you were so cool.”

“Thank you for saving us…!”

“Fufu, I was so worried about you all, so I ended up coming. Besides, it’s my way of saying thank you. My blood was almost drained out of me, and I would have dried up.”

“I doubt if that magic is real, though.”

They whisper and smile at each other.


Lexia and the others did not notice the suspicious glint in the Prime Minister’s eyes as he looked away from them.


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