Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 4 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – A Day in Bergamo and Departure to Barletta


After returning to the ship, I put 40 platinum coins on the savings ship and repatriated it. That’s 66 platinum coins in total, or 96 platinum coins if I can withdraw 30 platinum coins in the capital. The temptation to take the ferry is getting stronger.

“Hey, Wataru-san, if it’s a secret, you don’t have to answer me. Why do you have such a large sum of money in cash? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to put it on your guild card?”

“Hmm, well, I’ve told you most of the story, so I can’t keep it a secret. My ship summoning skill can only summon ships that were purchased with cash. That’s why I’m setting aside cash now to buy my next ship. It’s a secret, though.”

All the women nodded.

“I think the Luto or the Hideaway is awesome enough, but you’re still buying a ship? What kind of ship are you going to buy? When you buy it, will you let us on board too?”

Huh? What do you think? Buying a luxury cruise ship or a ferry and taking the members of Girasole on a boat trip… That sounds like a lot of fun.

But, as expected, if people see a luxury liner or a ferry, they’ll think it’s too crazy or something. It’s also full of otherworldly things, so they’ll know I’m from another world… I’ve told them about my unique skills, but is it safe to even tell them that I’m from another world?

When I watch anime and read manga, it is indeed impossible to hide the fact that I am from another world… What should I do?

But it’s a dream… to have a drink by the pool on a luxury cruise ship while enjoying the swimsuits of Ines, Felicia, and the members of Girasole.

“Um, Wataru-san, it’s okay if it’s no good. Don’t force yourself… It seems he didn’t hear me; what should I do?”

“It’s okay; I think Master is thinking about what he’s going to do after he gets you girls on board.”

“Yes, I don’t think there will be any problem, Alessia-san.”

“Is that so?”

A future when you play with beautiful big-breasted Onee-sans at the skating rink. A future that is happy to share good food with them…

There’s no way I’m going to come to another world and throw away the possibility of seeing a scene like that myself. If not, I can just shut myself away. Then I should choose to be able to see swimsuits.

“Yes, of course, Alessia-san. There may be a few surprises, but you can look forward to an enjoyable cruise on that ship.”

“I-I will. Thank you, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Wataru-san, if you buy that boat, will I be able to eat more delicious food?”

“Yes, you will be able to eat a lot of food. You can look forward to it too, Carla-san.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

I made my choice on the spur of the moment, but I could see Carla-san’s dazzling smile, so it couldn’t have been a mistake.

“So, after this, you are free to do whatever you want. Do Ines, Felicia, and Rimu have anywhere they want to go?”

“I don’t have anywhere in particular I want to go; I’ll leave that to Master.”

“Yes, I don’t have anything in particular either.”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, we should go to the market and see the stores. I have to buy a bow. Let’s go to the weapons shop first.”


“And while we’re at it, let’s get Ines and Felicia some new equipment.”

“Wataru-san, if you want to buy new weapons, it would be better to buy them after we go to the capital.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, the best ones are gathered in the center of the country. The rest are in dungeon areas or production centers.”

“In that case, we’ll go to the capital for the weapons shop and go to the market as planned.”


“Wataru-san, can I join you if you want to go to the market?”

“Can I come with you too?”

“Sure, Claretta-san, Carla-san, you can come with us.”


Looking around the market, hmm, is it because it is a port city? The selection of goods seems to be the same as in Southern City. Is there anything interesting?

“Do you know what Palermo is famous for?”

“”””I don’t know.””””

“Hmm, it’s not so different from Southern City, is it? What about souvenirs?”

“Um, Wataru-san, I think it would be better to look for souvenirs in the capital rather than here.”

“Ah, yes, that’s right. Let’s look for something tasty to eat today, shall we?”

“I want to eat something delicious.”

“Rimu too.”

“Haha, let’s try a variety of foods.”

We go around the market and food stalls and try to eat everything that interests us. The seasoning is a little different, and the herbs they use are different.

After visiting all the markets, we returned to the inn.

“It was fun, but I didn’t find anything that unusual.”

There was nothing new, but how could I not enjoy shopping with four beautiful women? I was afraid of the stares of the people around me, though.

“Yes, there was some good food, but not much different from Southern City.”

“I have high hopes for the capital.”

“Yes, that’s true. Shall we go to the food shops in the capital as well?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Rimu, too.”

“Rimu is looking forward to it too. Let’s eat a lot like we did today.”

“I’ll eat.”

After a while, Alessia-san and the others came back.

“Wataru-san, I see you’ve come back; what are you going to do for dinner?”

“I ate at the market, so I’ll stop for the day. How about you, Ines, Felicia?”

“I don’t want any either.”

“I’m fine too.”

“I see; what about Carla and Claretta?”

“I’m good.”

“I’ll eat.”

Carla,-san, you’re going to eat it again…? I had a feeling you would, though.

“Rimu, too.”

“Eh? Rimu wants to eat, too? You ate a lot at the market, didn’t you? Can you still eat?”


“Rimu-chan, are you going to have dinner?”

“Yes, he said he will.”

“I see. Wataru-san and the others are not eating dinner, are they? Can I take Rimu-chan with me?”

“Wait a minute. Let me ask him.”


“Rimu, Dorothea-san said she will take you to dinner with her. Do you want to go with her?”

“Dorothea, together.”

“He says he’s going with you, Dorothea-san. Can I ask you to go with him?”

“Yes, Rimu-chan, come here.”

Rimu jumped from my arms into Dorothea-san’s breast-sama, who opened her hand. He’s cute, but I envy him.

“Oh, Wataru-san, after we finish eating, I have a favor to ask you. Can you wait in your room?”

“I understand, Alessia-san. I’ll be waiting for you.”

What is it?

I went back to my room and was chatting with Ines, Felicia, and Claretta-san when Alessia-san and the others came back.

I catch Rimu as he jumps on me. It heals me.

“Rimu, did you enjoy your meal?”

“It was delicious; I’m happy.”

“Dorothea-san, Rimu is happy. Thank you very much.”

“It’s okay; I had a great time too.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Wataru-san, please, I need to use the shower. Is that okay?”

“Yes, of course. Shall we go right away?”

All the women were going to take a shower, so we all headed for the ship.

“Thank you, Wataru-san. But I’m getting restless just because I haven’t showered for a day. It’s hard to be on a quest when you know that.”

Hmm? That’s right when I think about it. If you use a bath or shower every day, it would be painful to lose it. …Since they use a lot of good stuff, and if they can’t get away from me (ship summoning)… Is it possible for that? Harem!

“Me too. I need Wataru-san to take responsibility.”

Ilma-san’s here, too, and I’d gladly take the responsibility. I can only see a catastrophic future if I get in on the conversation here.

“Hey, Wataru-san.”

Ilma-san started to put me on the spot; she didn’t seem to want to let me go. If I don’t give a safe answer, I’ll be tossed around.

“Hahaha, is that so? I’m glad you liked it so much. I don’t know if I’m taking responsibility, but if you want to use the shower, just let me know. Whenever you can use it, it’s fine.”

“Thank you, Wataru-san.”

“I’m glad.”

Did I make it through? Ilma-san is dangerous because she asks implied questions all of a sudden. And since she asks with a sexy tone of voice and a bewitching atmosphere, I feel dizzy and almost say something painful.

We arrive at the Luto and take a shower in turn.

“Whew, I feel so refreshed. Showering feels so good.”

Alessia-san’s smile is the best as she says this while sipping the apple juice I offer her with a gulp.

Girasole takes a flowing shower while spending her free time.

While enjoying their sexy, steamy appearance, we discuss our future plans in the salon.

“You’ve finished all your plans in this city, right, Wataru-san?”

“Yes, I’m done.”

“Then, I wonder if we should leave tomorrow or just relax in this city for the amount of time we’ve spent at the inn. Does anyone have any requests?”

I asked Ines and Felicia, and they said they had nothing.

“Alessia-san, we’re fine either way; we’ll go with you all.”

“I understand. There is nothing in particular that we want to do either. It’s been like a holiday so far, so let’s leave tomorrow if we can.”

“Very well. Then let’s stop by the merchant guild on the way home, and if we can borrow two carriages, we will depart tomorrow.”

“Yes, let’s go then.”

We stopped by the guild and asked them about it. They told us that we could rent two carriages without any problem, so we made a reservation and paid for them in advance, and decided to leave tomorrow morning.

When I returned to the inn and told the landlady the reason, she refunded the one night’s lodging fee. It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled overland… Have I ever traveled overland before? …Yeah, I traveled overland until I got to the river when I was on my way to Southern City.

We’ve already decided to leave early tomorrow morning, so we’re going back to our room to get some rest. Good night.


Morning, huh? I wake up and take my time doing my morning routine. It’s something I don’t get bored with every day. I’ve heard that you get tired of beautiful women in three days, but I don’t get bored at all. Well, maybe that’s because I haven’t made it to the end.

Well, we’re leaving for Barletta today. I got ready and headed for the dining room. I greeted Girasole, who had already gathered there and had breakfast.

“Then, we will sail out by ship, repatriate it, and then wait for you at the gate. Can I ask you for the carriage?”

“Yes, sure. Wataru-san and the others will take longer than us, so we will leave the inn a little later.”

“Yes, thank you very much. Well, we’ll be on our way, then.”

“Yes, please be careful.”

When we returned to the ship and told the dock that we were leaving a day early, they refunded us one day’s fare. If they’re going to return it, I might as well pay more. I guess I should have checked first.

We set sail and drove the ship to a secluded spot. Park it ashore, disembark, and then repatriate it.

“Phew, all we have to do now is head for the west gate where we’re going to meet up with them. We’ve come a surprisingly long way, and it’s going to take us a while to get back, so let’s hurry.”


When we arrived at the west gate after walking for about 30 minutes, Girasole was already waiting for us.

“Thank you for waiting, everyone.”

“Fufu, we’re not waiting that long. We’re going to split up and ride in the carriages, but Dorothea and Marina want to ride with Rimu-chan. May I ask you to take them?”

“Yes, of course. Then let’s get going.”

We quickly split into two carriages and set off.

Ines is also able to be a coachman, so Ines, Dorothea-san, and Marina-san will take turns as coachmen in this carriage. Felicia is also going to take this opportunity to study to be a coachman.

The rattling and shaking of the carriage make my buttocks sore after the first five minutes of the ride… and I feel like breaking down.

“Wataru-san, you look like you are in pain. Are you okay?”

“It’s my first time on a horse-drawn carriage, and it’s tougher than I expected. Is Dorothea-san okay with it?”

“Yes, you will get used to it after a few rides.”

“Oh, I see.”

At times like this, I need a knowledge cheat! … Was it a plate spring or a suspension carriage? I don’t know where to plug in the plate spring. As for the suspension type, do I just need to… hang it up?

First of all, fluff, knowing all this, it’s as if I’m useless… I’ll consult with someone when I get a chance; I have to deal with the pain in my butt first.

Fortunately, it’s the merchant guild’s horse-drawn carriage, with no chairs or anything to load the cargo, and the floor is flat. Let’s summon a ship to do something about it.

“I’m sorry, Dorothea-san, but could you please stop the carriage? I’d like to try something.”

“I understand.”

I asked her to stop the carriage, and we went outside. Alessia-san and the others, who were behind us, also pulled over and came outside.

“Wataru-san, what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, Alessia-san, it was my first time riding in a carriage, and the vibration was more than I expected, so I thought I’d do something about it.”


“Yes, you’ll see.”

I asked them to unload the carriage, buy a rubber boat with a place to sit in the flat space and summon it. We strapped it to the carriage so it wouldn’t shift, and it was ready to go.

When you sit on it, it is soft because it is an air-filled chair. This would reduce the damage to my buttocks, not to mention the swaying.

“Wataru, that’s good. You really have great skills. Can you do this for our carriage as well?”

“Yes, of course.”

I set up a rubber boat for Alessia-san’s carriage as well, and we set off again.

“Wataru-san, this boat is nice. It is soft and has a place to sit. It is very comfortable.

“Yes, I think I can handle it.”

Three more days until we arrive in Barletta… I feel I can make it.


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