It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 5 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


“Was it done…?”

That was the thought that crossed my mind.

From beyond the smoke, a tentacle appeared.

It was aimed straight at the lazy dragon.


The Lazy Dragon’s evasive action was delayed, partly because its vision was blocked by the smoke.

Just before the tentacle swallowed the lazy dragon, I canceled the [Summoning Calamity].

The Lazy Dragon suddenly disappeared, and the tentacles cut through the air.

The tentacles returned beyond the smoke.

“Kou, that was…”

Iris said in a stiff voice.

“Does that mean Zogral is still alive?”

“I guess so.”

Just after I answered, a strong wind blew.

The smoke that had been gathering in the area was cleared away.

Beyond the smoke, there was the figure of Zogral.

The tentacles had already regenerated.

Not a scratch on the main body.

[Full Assist] announced the hopeless fact in an inorganic voice.


No damage to Zogral’s main body has been observed.

The absorption limit is estimated to be impossible or infinite.


In other words, while Dinesleif was able to wipe out the tentacles of the Zogral, it had no effect at all on the main body, which absorbed the attack as it was.

That’s awful.

The Dinesleif is the most powerful attack I could use right now.

If it doesn’t work, then I don’t know what I can do.

“Kou-san! Something is wrong with Zogral!”

Lily’s cry brought me back to my senses.

Another tentacle attack?

No, it is not.

An unexpected change had occurred in Zogral.

Like a slime, its entire body wriggled and changed shape.

The tentacles retracted inward, returning to a bubbly sphere.

A slit appeared on its underside, and it opened wide from side to side.

“It’s like a mouth.”

Leticia mutters.

It was indeed true.

The current Zogral had become what could only be described as a “world-eating monster.”

If the second form was the one with tentacles, then this was the third form.




An irresistible, unpleasant sound, as if someone had scratched a piece of glass with a claw, rang out.

Then Zogral began to move.

It opened its mouth on the lower surface even wider and began its descent toward the ground.

The destination is far from where we are.

Where is it going? The question was fleeting, and the answer was immediately clear.

The royal capital.

It seems that it had decided that we were not much of a threat and prioritized the absorption of the royal capital and its inhabitants.

This is not good.

We have to stop it.

“Iris, Lily, and Leticia! You three, attack Zogral from there!”

I shouted and activated “Divine Speed Blessing EX.”

I ran through the world in slow motion and slipped into the path of Zogral.

I looked directly at Zogral.

Beyond the wide-opened mouth, the darkness of the abyss spread out.

If it swallowed me, it was unlikely that I would ever come back.

Of course, I did not intend to be bait for it.

I had to protect the people of the royal capital─Relic, Miria, and Surara there.

But how?

As long as the Dinesleif was ineffective, there was no longer any way to defeat Zogral.

However, I had no intention of giving up.

If there could be a way to stop Zogral’s movement, I knew of one possibility.

──[Spatial Blockade].

As the name suggests, it is a skill that “blocks” space itself to prevent any attack.

In order to block Zogral’s massive body, which is over one kilometer in diameter, the same amount of space must be blocked, so the amount of magic power consumed per second was not trillions but more than a quadrillion, and reached the realm of a hundred quadrillion.

Normally, this would be absolutely impossible, but my magic power continued to increase due to [Limit Break] and had reached levels higher than quadrillion.

This was within the realm of realistic possibility.

Holding Gram Origin in my right hand, I thrust my free left hand toward Zogral and concentrated my consciousness.

“──[Spatial Blockade].”

Immediately after.

The space between Zogral and me became distorted.

Zogral’s huge body collided with it.

Zogral had the power to absorb everything, but if the space was not connected to begin with, it was impossible to advance from there.

…That was what this was supposed to be.

However, the space that should have been distorted by [Spatial Blockade] was gradually returning to its original form.

Was Zogral using some kind of ability?

I put more magic power into the [Spatial Blockade], but it was soon broken through.

Zogral’s huge mouth was about to swallow me.

Of course, I didn’t intend to be bait as it is.

I immediately activated “Divine Speed Blessing EX.”

In the slow-motion world, I tried to take evasive action at high speed.

But for some reason, I couldn’t move at all.

I felt as if I was buried in the ground.

What in the world was going on?

The inorganic voice of [Full Assist] echoed in my mind as my thoughts raced through my head.


Zogral possesses an ultra-high level of space-time domination ability.

It is presumed that it has nullified the [Spatial Blockade] and, furthermore, is currently blocking the movement of Kou Kousaka.


At the same time, information about the space-time domination ability flowed into my brain.

The Gluttonous Dragon I fought in Surier before had a unique ability called [Space Manipulation], but it seemed that Zogral’s space-time domination ability was a higher level compatibility, or rather, a super-compatibility.

To put it simply, it can “manipulate space-time at will and cause phenomena unthinkable to common sense.”

The only countermeasure was to have a space-time domination ability equal to or greater than that of the opponent.

But I don’t have anything like that.

No, wait.

If I fuse with the Greedy Dragon as I did in the battle with the Demon God Dragon, wouldn’t it be possible to gain the ability to dominate space-time through [Awakening]?

Immediately after thinking like that, I felt something big tremble deep inside my body.

Then, a voice that sounded exactly like mine─the voice of the Greedy Dragon─echoed in my mind.


That’s impossible.

That is a special power that only Zogral possesses.

But there are exceptions to everything.

If only a few more pieces are in place, you should be able to use the ability to control space-time as well.


“But if I don’t, I’ll be swallowed up by the Zogral. I don’t have time to put the pieces together.”


Don’t worry.

I’ll buy you some time.

I’ve been saving up my strength for this moment while sleeping inside you.

If I give it my all, I can hold them off for three days.

In the meantime, you need to find a way to deal with Zogral.

The key is [Creation] and your memory.


“My memory? I can understand why [Creation] is the key, but what does my memory have to do with it?”


…But my question was not answered.

Instead, I felt as if something big was being peeled away from my body.

My consciousness was disrupted, and the “Divine Speed Blessing EX” and [Limit Break] were canceled.

Time returned to its original speed, and the warm light that had enveloped my body disappeared.


It has been a pleasure traveling with you.

Give my regards to my sister.


Immediately after the voice echoed in my mind, a huge magic circle shaped like a combination of a circle and a triangle appeared in front of me, and from it, a golden dragon appeared, shining like the sun.

I knew intuitively that it was the Greedy Dragon.

The dragon glanced at me for a moment, then turned its gaze to Zogral.


A majestic roar shakes the atmosphere.

And then.

The greedy dragon headed straight for Zogral.

It plunged into the wide-open mouth.

A huge, golden flash burst forth.

And then, after the light had passed──

Zogral was gone.

No, it wasn’t.

It had shrunk to about one-tenth of its previous size.

Its mouth was closed, and its shape was a round, smooth sphere.

A smaller version of the first form, perhaps.

Surrounding Zogral was a golden light barrier.

What in the world was going on?

Soon after, a voice echoed in my brain.


The interrupting process “Greedy Dragon” has left the system.

Restarting to deactivate the safe mode of [Full Assist].



I felt something switch in the back of my head.

Soon after, an inorganic but somewhat emotional voice echoed in my mind.


[Full Assist] is now fully activated.

It has been a while.


I wonder if it has been since the incident on Mahoros Island when I last heard that voice.

As I was feeling nostalgic, [Full Assist] continued further.


We had extended the safe mode due to the possibility of interfering with the activities of the Greedy Dragon.

Do you need us to explain the situation?


“Yes, please.”

As I nodded my head, I heard more voices.


The greedy dragon had repeatedly [Awakened] while sleeping inside Kou Kousaka and had been accumulating power to suppress Zogral.

Currently, it seems to be temporarily inhibiting Zogral’s activity by doing so.


“Understood. By the way, let me confirm one thing.”


What is it?


“What happened to the greedy dragon? I saw him jump into Zogral, but, as I thought, he was absorbed.”


Currently, the presence of the greedy dragon is detected from inside Zogral.

It is presumed that some force is preventing absorption while also inhibiting the activity of Zogral.


“In other words, is he alive? If so, I should rescue him before he is absorbed by Zogral. This time, I was saved from a dangerous situation, and I should return the favor with my life.”



However, until that golden barrier disappears, it is impossible for us to interfere.

We should take our time and spend the next three days preparing.


“I understand. I have no intention of wasting the time that the greedy dragon has given us. By the way, he said I had the key to deal with Zogral in my memory. What was that all about? In retrospect, there should be no gaps in my memory…”


If you don’t mind, I would like to conduct a thorough examination of Kou Kousaka’s memory area.

There may be information sealed away subconsciously.


“Yes, that would be great. Thank you very much.”


We will now begin the analysis process.

We will contact you when it is finished.


Then, right after finishing the conversation in my brain with [Full Assist], Iris came over to me.

“Kou, I’m glad you’re okay. …What happened?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain in a few words.”

Following Iris, Lily and Leticia were also approaching us.

I should go back to the ground and explain the situation to them.




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  1. …is it just me or does this chapter feel disconnected from the previous one? When did Surara go up to the roof, and when did Full Assist restart?


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