Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 316

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Chapter 316 – Golem Turrets and Shocking Remark


“Is this ‘Turret’?”

“Yes. It is a defense weapon controlled by the golem core.”

I answered Aquawill-san’s question with pride.

Two turrets are installed at each of the four corners of the platform. Four at the center of the backside of the platform and two on each of the four corner pillars, for a total of 20 turrets. The number of turrets may be a little excessive, but since this is a place where we have one foot in the realm of monsters, it is better to have this level of preparedness.

“It’s made from a powerful firearm called a heavy machine gun combined with a golem core and golem arm, and it’s capable of changing targets depending on the setting. Right now, I set it to target monsters, but if I change the target settings, it can be used for anti-personnel purposes as well.”

“Isn’t it dangerous? What are the chances of it being misfired?”

“The golem core uses the difference in magic wavelengths to distinguish between human and non-human creatures, so as long as you don’t intentionally jump into the line of fire, you should be fine. There is a safety feature built in so that it will not fire if there is a creature other than the target in the line of fire. Incidentally, dragons like Grande also seem to have a different magical wavelength than humans, but they also seem to be different from monsters, so it is possible to distinguish between them.”

In this area, I consulted with Isla and others in the Research and Development Department to construct the golem core control technique, and with the help of Grande, I developed it, so there is no mistake.

“I see… but even so, it is a very menacing or heavy-looking weapon. How much power does it have?”

“The caliber is 12.7 mm, the muzzle velocity is less than three times the speed of sound, the effective range is about 2,000 meters, and the maximum range is about 6,700 meters―that doesn’t sound very convincing, does it? Well, these are enough to penetrate a few knights in armor and kill them instantly. It would definitely penetrate a wyvern or so. According to Grande, even a dragon would be in danger of being hit by dozens of shots.”

“What in the world do you plan to fight with so many of those things?”

“…We’ll be fine even if the dragons’ attack!”

“They won’t attack you because you have me here.”

I tried to smile and give a thumbs-up in bitterness, but Grande calmly interrupted me. This kind of defensive equipment is just right, just a little bit too much. It’s like a survivor’s nature to make their base a solid fortress when they have enough materials, so please forgive me.

“Are you sure it is safe?”

“…If we get shot, we definitely won’t survive.”

“W-we’ll just have to trust Danna-san there…”

Fronte, a blue-feathered harpy; Rey, a black-feathered harpy; and Flamme, a brown-feathered harpy, looked at the 12.7mm golem turret and were anxious.

“Don’t worry. If you go out for reconnaissance and get chased by wyverns, just run here, and they’ll shoot it down on their own.”

“That’s when I’m most scared…”

“Wyverns from behind and this gunfire from below… I’m going to shit my pants.”

“W-we’ll just have to pray…”

“…You seem awfully afraid. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Ahaha, we are probably the most aware of the tremendous weapons that Kosuke-san produces. I can easily imagine what would happen if it were to happen to me, so that scares me.”

“These are much thicker and longer than the riflemen’s guns.”

“I-it would probably break us into little pieces if it hit us, right, wouldn’t it?”

“To pieces…”

Aquawill-san’s face turned pale as she thought of the harpies breaking up into pieces in mid-air. Yeah, it could certainly happen, though.

“It’s alright! I’ve taken every precaution to avoid misfiring our allies! But stay as far away from the target as possible!”

“You still think it’s dangerous, don’t you?”

I’m sure it’s fine, but you know, just in case! Just in case!




While I was quieting down the frightened harpies and giving a sincere answer to Aquawill-san’s questioning, who was asking me if it was really safe, the sun was beginning to set. Well, I didn’t plan to explore today because it was a travel day, so it was a good thing.

“We’ve already finished making the beds, etc.”

“I’m sorry to trouble you with that…”

“No, no, this is our job too.”

Leviera said so and smiled amiably. Hmm, for some reason, I feel like her smile is similar to Melty’s. Her features are completely different, though.

“Then, let’s cook dinner, shall we?”

Saying that, Gerda turned her gaze to the wooden boxes piled up in the corner of the dining room. I see, those wooden boxes contain a lot of food.

“I’ve ensured you can cook in this base, but it would be best if I serve you the meals I’ve made and left for us, okay? Both of you are probably tired from riding an air board you’re not used to today.”

“Well, that’s…”

Gerda looked troubled by my suggestion. Hmm? What is it?

“The three of us will not be having any of the food you are serving.”

Before I knew it, Aquawill-san was peeking out from the entrance of the dining room. Why are you hiding like that?

“Because if I eat the food you serve, the probability of me being enticed by you will be high.”

“Can’t you stop talking about the food I serve like it is some kind of dubious object?”

“It’s true that the food Danna serves is delicious, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Hamburgers are the best food. Pancakes and pudding are also wonderful.”

“The flavor is rich and tasty, that’s for sure. I personally recommend the sausage and smoked meats.”

Can you stop saying things that affirm the food when people are suspicious of the food? Look, Aquawill-san’s suspicion is getting stronger.

“It’s true that the food is delicious, but that’s not the only reason we entered into this relationship.”

“We are attracted to Kosuke-san’s personality and his capability.”

“Danna-san is kind and generous. He makes everyone happy.”

“H-he’s very dependable…”

As expected of Tozume. Right, right, that’s the kind of backup I wanted. The harpies are good, too. I mean, if there is something in the food I serve that makes people like me, it would be strange if most of the members of the Liberation Army were not in love with me. Especially in the early days of the Liberation Army, the meals and block cookies that I produced were almost enough to fill everyone’s stomachs…


“A look of suspicion, which wasn’t meant to be concealed, hit me!”

My glass heart is on the verge of shattering under the unrelenting stare. No, I’m just kidding about that.

“Well, it would surely be great if you had the power to make people fall in love with you by feeding them food… At least, we didn’t choose Kosuke for that reason.”

“It is true for me as well. The food that Kosuke serves is certainly delicious, but I’m not such a glutton for food that I would choose him as my mating partner on that basis alone. Don’t underestimate me.”

Shumel only smiles bitterly, but Grande’s lips are pouting, and she is in a bit of a bad mood. Oh, okay, okay, don’t get mad, don’t get mad. You’re destructively cute, but you need to calm down.

“Well, if that makes you feel better and more at ease, why don’t you just do it? Forcing you to eat the food Danna serves would also be a little strange.”

“Then, how about I try the food Kosuke-sama serves and see if it will make me feel affectionate toward Kosuke-sama?”

Leviera’s proposal attracted the attention of everyone.

“As you can see, I am a winged demon, and my skin color and eye color are far from what normal human men like. Kosuke-sama would not be interested in a woman like――”

“No, that’s not true. If Danna is okay with Tozume and me, then he’ll be fine with you, too.”

“And we’ll be fine, too.”

“Kosuke is also getting along well with the slimes who live in the castle’s basement, too, you know.”

Bella, Fronte, and Grande almost simultaneously deny Leviera’s statement. No, well, that’s true. But, girls, if you say that here and now, won’t that just make me look bad?


I felt Leviera’s eyes on me, so I looked at her and saw that she was staring at me. I’m kind of embarrassed to be looked at so intently at this point.

“I see… I think I understand what you mean when you say you were attracted by his personality and capabilities.”


“Aquawill-sama, he is a natural womanizer. I don’t think he’s mixing something in his meals or anything.”

“That’s absurd!”

What kind of is that? I’m a natural womanizer? My deviation from love should be at the lowest level. If I had the talent to be called a natural womanizer, I would have had a much better life in my former world!

“U-um… if we don’t start preparing dinner soon, the sun will be going down…”

Gerda, who had been watching the situation, was saying such things while looking confused, but I was not concerned about that. I demand a detailed explanation for the womanizing remark Leviera just mentioned!


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  1. I feel that an argument could be made that he is the victim of his own charisma. How many of the women did he actually choose for himself? Most literally forced him, some drugged him. The poor lad has more gaps in his memory than an alzheimer’s patient ffs. Accusing HIM of messing with peoples food is rich!


    1. That was contributed heavily by certain “achievement titles” of him working especially well against the opposite gender. It’s debatable whose fault in particular is that. The rest snowballed from female preferences for following the opinions of a group of other women as a good indicator of value. A kind of “seal of approval” in practice.

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      1. I’m not sure if it’s really the effect of his achivements cause some of them fell in love due to some misunderstandings or because of hi kindness and he did save some of them like Grande and Ellen


    2. Now that i thought of it, there’s none cause even Slyphy which is his first mate in that world did gave herself to Kosuke cause he’s an otherworlder and he didn’t even refuse her cause he did had some experience from his former world though i wonder if he ever mentioned his former lovers from his world


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