Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 318

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Chapter 318 – Uncontrolled Feelings


“You look like you haven’t had enough sleep. Filthy.”

“No, that’s not it. It’s not because of lack of sleep in a sexual way.”

The following day, as soon as we met, Aquawill-san dissed me. It’s not like that. It wasn’t that I was switching from one room to another until late; it was simply the sound of the golem turrets firing that made me sleep-deprived. This is something that needs to be revised. Hmm, maybe a suppressor or a better barrel. The power is a bit overkill anyway, so it might be possible to reduce the range and power a bit and still have it quiet.

“I mean, it must have been pretty loud, but you don’t seem to be sleep-deprived over there, do you?”

“Because there was plenty of water. I used spirit magic to create a layer of water to cover my quarters.”

“Aquawill-san, you are a clever fellow…”

The water is also available in this collecting base because, of course, an infinite water source has been installed, so there is plenty of water available, as Aquawill-san said. I think using that water to make soundproof layers is a very clever way to deal with the situation. It may seem a bit sketchy or heavy-handed, but I have no right to say such a thing since I had trouble sleeping without thinking of enclosing it with another wall.

“So, are you just going about your laziness?”

“No, I’m certainly sleep-deprived, but not to that extent.”

I just need to get ready and have a meal. If I wash my face and eat a meal, my head will be clear.

As a matter of fact, the harpies are short-sleepers in terms of their race, so it doesn’t seem to be too hard on them. Grande and the oni girls were asleep last night, paying no attention to the lively sound of gunfire, so I was the only one who felt sleep deprived.

“Then I will be supervising your work today. I have nothing else to do.”

“Then you’ll have to see the best of me.”

I tried to put on a show of enthusiasm, but Aquawill-san looked really cold. “What is the point of showing your good side to me?” Aquawill-san looked as if she was saying that. I guess it will take some time for us to get along.

“Well, let’s have breakfast. Do you want a light breakfast or a heavy breakfast? If you want a heavier breakfast, I’ll serve sausage and bacon.”

“I don’t want salty meat in the morning.”

“If so, I’ll serve it light.”

At any rate, she never ignores me, and she usually responds to a casual conversation like this, so perhaps we’re making progress. Let’s keep moving forward with patience.




After breakfast, it was time to start collecting. First of all, I started to collect materials from all the rocks that were lying around the collecting base.


I run around on the slope with my mithril pickaxe in my hand. The work progresses at a very brisk pace, as rocks disappear with a single swing unless they are very large.

“It’s the same as always, isn’t it?”


“I can’t get used to it no matter how many times I see it.”

The oni girls were slowly following me. I am running around and smashing rocks, but the moment I swing the pickaxe, I inevitably stop and smash the scattered rocks one by one, so my speed is not so different from their walking speed. The oni girls are big and have long legs, after all.

“After clearing the area to some extent, I’ll start digging.”

“Yes, yes, whatever you want. Don’t dig up a huge worm or a strange monster’s nest from the bottom of the ground.”

“Oh, no, that’s scary. Is there such a thing?”

I’ve never heard of them.




Aquawill’s POV

“…It’s a strange sight. I feel as if I am being haunted by some kind of illusion.”

“I feel the same way.”

“That’s what Kosuke-san does, isn’t it?”

Gerda is smiling as she looks at Kosuke, the man wielding the pickaxe in the distance.

That shiny pickaxe is made of mithril and is said to be enchanted with a magic sparkling stone the size of a fist, which is a crazy thing. In other words, that single pickaxe is worth so much that it could tip a nation. The man is said to have several other such objects.

“He is truly a strange man.”

I let out a sigh as I looked at the “Binocular” tool he handed me. This is another strange tool. According to him, it is called an “optical device,” which is made by combining crystals with a specially processed “lens” or something like that, but I have no idea how it works. Nevertheless, it is a mysterious and enjoyable tool that makes distant objects appear larger when you look through it. If I had this tool, I would be able to see the castle town clearly from the balcony of the castle. To be honest, I want it. But I don’t want to accept charity from that man.

“This is an interesting tool.”

Leviera also seems to like this tool, and since a few minutes ago, she has been pointing it not only at Kosuke but also at many other places to enjoy the scenery. With this tool, I can see a small bird perched on a tree branch in the distance. It is very enjoyable to see some birds that I don’t see in Merinesburg.

“I’ll ask Kosuke-san later if he can give it to me.”

Gerda said smilingly, but it would be ungrateful to ask someone to give you such a rare tool.

“No, it’s okay; I’ll ask him directly.”

“I understand.”

Will I be able to see Omicrule, Ranicrule*, and others better if I use this? I tried to look at Omicle, which looked big in the sky, but it didn’t seem to be much different. Hmm, that’s unfortunate. [T/n: I think I will change it to these from now on.]

“Even when I look at Omicrule, it doesn’t look much different.”

Leviera, who noticed me looking at the Omicrule, also looked at Omicrule in the same way, but her impression was not so different from mine.

“Yes, it is true. It seems that I can see a little better than I can see directly with my eyes, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference.”

“Kosuke-san might be able to make a suitable binocular to see Omicrule.”

Gerda’s carefree words made me astonished. Certainly, it might be possible for him to create such a thing if he could create this kind of thing so easily.

Omicrule and Ranicrule floating beyond the top of the sky. They are always in the sky but never within our reach, and we cannot see them. We may be able to see those Omicrule and Ranicrule closer, bigger, and perhaps see what no one has been able to see before.

“…That’s very nice, indeed.”

But there is no way I can make such a brazen offer.

I know that myself. It was too irrational for me to turn my ill feelings against him. In logic, yes. He is not to blame. He simply met Sylphy, responded to Sylphy’s wish, and helped her, and as a result, we were saved.

From my perspective as a saved person, he is a benefactor who saved my life, saved my sister, saved the people of the Merinard Kingdom, and defeated the vindictive enemy, the Holy Kingdom.

However, I cannot bring myself to like him. My father protected us at the cost of his own life. I cannot like him because he has suddenly settled in the place where my father should have been.

I don’t like Sylphy, my mother, and my sisters, who accept him so easily.

I don’t like him because he is the cause of why I have such feelings.

This is not about logic but about feelings. I know this in logic. I know that he is not at fault. But I am sad because I feel that my father’s existence is being disrespected. I can’t help it.

“Then, to Kosuke-san――”

“No, there is no need. It is too brazen and presumptuous a request. Besides, I cannot pay the price.”

Feeling my elated mood cool down at once, I turned my gaze to him――Kosuke, without giving it so much thought.


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6 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 318

  1. “Besides, I cannot pay the price.”

    She needs to see that magic sparkling stone candlestick from the chapter 120 in order to revise her thinking.


  2. I stopped to think about it now, if kosuke has a child with sylphy or one of his sisters he will be father and grandfather


    1. Just being the de facto second husband of the grandmother won’t make him the grandfather in the sense of blood relation. And the other kind would only apply if he was there acting as substitute father when Sylphy and her sisters were still underage.


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