Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 4 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Purchasing a Ferry and Leveling Up the Ship Summoning


Morning, huh…? I finished my morning routine thoroughly and carefully, prepared myself, and headed for the dining room.

“Good morning, Wataru-san. There’s a Gluttony Shark outside. It looks exhausted, but…”

When I went outside, I saw a Gluttony Shark attacking the ship’s stern. There’s no sharpness in its movement. It’s not attacking the Lutto, but the Hideaway. Does it know that there are people on board over here?

Was it attacking the ship for quite some time? It sure looks tired… Why doesn’t it just give up? Is it because it’s a monster?

“For now, I, Rimu, and Fuu-chan will attack it, and then I will ask you to take it down.”


I repatriated the Gluttony Shark, which was easily defeated. The fear of monsters diminishes when you’re on a ship, and you have to be careful not to get used to it.

“Then, let’s have breakfast.”

I return to the dining room and set the meal on the table.


I’ve had a light workout, and breakfast is delicious. After breakfast, we moved to the Lutto, repatriated the Hideaway, and relaxed in the living room as we pleased.

“Marina-san, how is Fuu-chan doing since she leveled up?”

“Yeah, I can understand her feelings better now. Fuu-chan is very happy.”

“I see; as your tame skill improves, you will be able to talk more.”

“Fufu, I’m looking forward to it; I’ll do my best. Wataru-san, when did Rimu-chan learn magic?”

“If I remember correctly, it was when we made mixed fries after seeing Claretta-san’s purification, and he started to say that he could do it. If you show her some magic, she might be interested.”

“I’ll ask Claretta to do it.”

She immediately grabbed Claretta-san and asked her to do it. She’s acting fast, isn’t she?

I relax and think on the sofa. Hmm, what should I do, buy a ferry or hold out until the luxury liner? Now that I have the money to buy it, I’m even more worried.

I want to eat rice, I miss soy sauce, and I want to sip miso soup… If I didn’t have a contract with Ines until the end, I’d buy the ferry in an instant.

Cup noodles and snacks, beer and one cup, canned coffee and carbonated drinks… Ahhhhhh, I’m so troubled.

“Master, Master!”

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Ines?”

“What’s the matter? Master suddenly started writhing in agony, so I called out to you out of worry.”

I looked around and saw that people were looking at me with a kind of drawn-out look… It’s embarrassing…

“So, is everything alright, Master?”

“Eh? Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry for the trouble I caused.”

“I wonder what Wataru-san was thinking? You can’t be imagining things in the morning, can you?”

“No, Ilma-san, I wasn’t imagining anything. I was thinking about the next ship I’m going to buy.”

“Ara, you want to buy another ship?”

“Well, I’m still thinking about it. There are two ships I want, and I’ve saved up enough money to buy the cheaper one. Do I hold out to buy the more expensive one first, or should I just buy the cheaper one…?”

“If you end up buying both, wouldn’t it matter if you bought the cheaper one first?”

“Well, yes, but the more expensive one has some special offers, so I think I’d like to get it sooner, but…”

“Ufufu, special offers, huh…?”

Yes, that’s right, just as Ines thinks.

“Ara, I wonder if Ines knows what the special offers are?”

“Ufufu. I do, but it’s a secret. I can’t even tell Ilma-san.”

“Ara, I’m curious. Hey, Wataru-san, are you not going to tell me? I’m so sad.”

Oh, don’t be so sullen. You’ve got it right. I’m inclined to tell you, but it’s a privilege to end up with Ines. I can’t say that. Everyone’s looking at me.

“N-no, it’s a secret.”

“Ara, that’s too bad. What is it that Wataru-san, who told us about his unique skill, keeps secret? I’m very curious.”

“Ilma, you mustn’t pry.”

“Ufufu, yes, I understand.”

Thank goodness, I don’t know what I would have done if Alessia-san hadn’t stopped her…

“Master, it still takes time to buy an expensive ship. Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy it than to wait and agonize over it until then?”

Ah, maybe so. I feel like I’m worrying endlessly until I buy a luxury liner. I don’t like the idea of worrying even when I’m almost ready to buy a luxury liner… Let’s just buy it.

The members of Girasole are going to find out that I’m from another world, but… If people find out about my unique skills when I tell them, I’ll just shut myself away, so it won’t make a difference.

More importantly, it would be fun to live on the ferry with the members of Girasole, in addition to Ines and Felicia.

As the Creator God said, don’t let your desires stop you from using your power.

“Well, I’ll buy it. If I work hard, I can buy a more expensive ship.”

“That’s right.”

“Hey, Wataru-san, will you take us on board too?”

“Of course, everyone in Girasole will enjoy the ride, as I’m sure there will be plenty of unusual things to see.”


“Then shall I buy it right away?”

I have no problem because I know which ferry I want. To be honest, I don’t know much about ships, so I chose the one I prefer for its onboard facilities.

At any rate, I summon my savings ship and take out 100 platinum coins. I select the ferry on the ship purchase screen and put each platinum coin into the coin entry slot… It’s kind of like putting coins into a vending machine… It’s 100 billion yen, though…

“It’s kind of simple, isn’t it?”

“Alessia, look closely. That’s a platinum coin in there.”

“Eh? …That’s true. You said it was the cheaper ship, right?”



“When Master said he would buy the cheaper one, he didn’t say the cheaper one was the cheaper ship, did he?”

“Felicia, it’s confusing to hear you say that. Well, I understand that he’s buying a considerably better ship. The Lutto and the Hideaway are both great, but what kind of ship is it?”

“We’ll just have to wait and see. I think Alessia will be surprised.”

“Does Ines know what kind of ship it is?”

“I’ve never seen one in person. I’ve only been given a little information about it. But still, I was surprised.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

I’m going to buy it… Now, I just spent 100 billion yen at the touch of a button… I’m freaked out when I think about it calmly… Let’s check it out.

“Okay, everyone, I’ve made the purchase, but please wait a moment so I can check the contents.”

“Yes, but I’m very nervous.”


Ship Summoning Level 4 (NEW)

You can summon the ship you purchased. +3 (NEW)

You can keep the purchased ship in the best condition and control it at your disposal.

Can purchase a new ship from the purchase screen.



Linked to the mapping system, if a place has been mapped, you can set a destination, but only on the water, and it will be reached automatically.



Places you have been to are automatically mapped.


Ship disguise 

You can change the appearance and texture of the ship without changing its performance.


Ticket Issuance (NEW)

You can select a ship you own and issue a ticket for a set period. You can board the ship as many times as you like within the time limit. The issuer can cancel the ticket at their discretion. If a person is designated, only that person can use the ticket. If a room is designated, only that room can be used except for shared spaces.


Staff Appointment (NEW)

When a staff member is appointed, they will be able to perform tasks in the assigned area.


Set the price (NEW)

You can set the room rate. The shipowner can add a fee to the base rate for the ship’s facilities. The room charge and the additional amount will belong to the shipowner.


Initial Rowboat (Wooden) Capacity 2 

Characteristics: Unsinkable, Indestructible, Boarding Rejection 



Rubber Boat, Maximum number of people: 2  

(Bath boat) x 1 (Food Storage Boat) x 12 (Trade Goods Warehouse Boat) x 515 (Dragon Materials) x 1 

Characteristics: Unsinkable, Indestructible, Boarding Rejection



Big Fishing Rubber Boat: Capacity 4-5

(Hut Boat) x 3 (Warehouse Boat) x 1

Characteristics: Unsinkable, Indestructible, Boarding Rejection



Japanese-style boat: Capacity 12 

Characteristics: Unsinkable, Indestructible, Boarding Rejection 



Exult 45 (Lutto): Capacity 15             

Characteristics: Unsinkable, Indestructible, Boarding Rejection



Orsos (Hideaway)

Characteristics: Unsinkable, Indestructible, Boarding Rejection



Ferry: Capacity 632

Characteristics: Unsinkable, Indestructible, Boarding Rejection


Yes, it is purchased. The level of ship summoning has been raised as well. The number of ships that can be summoned at the same time has increased by one, to a total of four, and. Boarding Ticket Issuance… This is convenient. If I issue a ticket, I don’t have to give permission to board every time.

I guess this is used when you have a lot of people on the ferry. That way, I don’t have to give permission every time to board the ferry. Well, it’s just Girasole and us.

Let’s try… Yeah, all the ships I have are eligible for this. So, a food storage boat, a rubber boat, a hut boat, a bath boat, the Lutto, the Hideaway, a ferry, specify a person for this, no room assignment, issue tickets indefinitely, and ten tickets. Ten tickets came out with a light.

“Oh, that’s kind of amazing.”

“Master, what is it?”

“This is a newly available ability with the level-up ship summoning. With this ticket, you can go in and out of the designated ship at any time.”

“Then, even if we leave the ship, as long as we have the ticket, we can return without causing Wataru-san any trouble, right?”

“Yes, you are right, Claretta-san. Even in the city, if a ship has been summoned, you can use it freely. Oh, I wonder if it is possible to steer the ship as well? Shall we try it later?”

“That’s very convenient. Can I use the showers at my leisure?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Thank you very much. That would be very helpful.”

“Here is your ticket. Please take the one with your name on it. Fuu-chan’s ticket is also issued, so please keep it with you, Marina-san.”


“What about Rimu?”

“Of course, I have one for Rimu, too. Here, I’ll keep this one.”


“This ticket gives you unlimited access to the food storage boats, rubber boats, hut boats, bath boats, the Lutto, the Hideaway, and the ferry. If you lose it, please let me know, and I’ll get it issued right away.”

“But if we lose it, does that mean the person who finds it can enter without permission?”

“Yes, it’s alright, Alessia-san. Only the person whose name is on the ticket can use it.”

“I see, but I’ll be careful not to lose it.”

“Yes, please.”

“…But Master, what about taking the ticket into the bathtub?”

“…That’s true too. Well, I’ll give you my permission for the bath.”


“I still have a few more checks to do, so please wait a little longer.”

Well, the next step is staff appointment, which is… I see, although I can steer the ship freely. If others want to move it, can the ship be moved by appointing staff to all the places needed to move it…? How many people do I need to move the ferry and so on?

There are too many to appoint … Also, I need a lot of staff who don’t know what kind of work they do… Well, this is a capability that will probably never be used… I doubt that it will ever be used.

Next, pricing, huh? Is it taking a room charge from the other party when you issue the ticket? Add it to the base rate for the facility? Come to think of it; the Creator God did say that.

Will that money be added to the amount I decide on, and the added amount will be my profit? It’s just us and Girasole who get on this too… It’s not like I’m ripping off the members of Girasole.

The increased ability this time around is basically the ability I’d need if I used the ferry for business. I can use the ticket-issuing one, but I doubt I’ll have a chance to use the others.

Now I’ve got it mostly confirmed, right? Now it’s time to summon the ferry. I’m kind of nervous.

“Thank you for your patience, everyone; I’ve finished the confirmation.”

“It took you quite a while. Did you get a lot of new abilities?”

“Certainly, there are more, but they are all for the business of transporting people by ship. To be honest, I doubt if I will ever have a chance to use them.”

“Ara, well, that’s too bad.”

“Yes, but I am very happy that I can now summon a new ship.”

There should be rice to eat, soy sauce, and sauces. Cup noodles, alcohol, juice, DVDs, mini-theater, there’s too much to look forward to. I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

“Now, I’ll summon it. Let’s go to the forward deck.”

Everyone was excited and gathered on the forward deck.

“It’s about time.”

“What kind of ship is it?”

“It must be a great ship since it was purchased with a lot of platinum coins.”

“That’s right; I’m looking forward to it.”

The hurdle is getting higher and higher. Normally, I would be scared to lower the bar, but like the Hideaway, I’m confident this time around. I’m going to surprise everyone.

“Ship Summoning.”

Eh? What is that? This huge magic circle of light suddenly overwhelmed me…

In front of me floats a huge ship that can only be described as gigantic… Eh? Are ferries this big? When I looked around, everyone was stunned. Well, I guess it’s a success because I got everyone’s jaws dropped, right?

“Wa-Wataru-san, what the heck is that? Didn’t buy a ship? Hey, Wataru-san.”

“H-hey, Alessia-san, please calm down. That is a ship.”

“Really? It looks many times bigger than most ships, you know? And it’s not made of wood.”

“Yes, Dorothea-san is right. It’s not made of wood; it’s made of metal.”

“Metal doesn’t float. It sinks.”

“Marina-san, I don’t understand the theory either, but it floats.”

“Ufufu, that’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that before that I didn’t believe with my own eyes.”

“It’s amazing.”

“That’s really amazing; it’s not a dream, is it?”


“Ufufu, Master, it’s even more amazing than I thought it would be. I would have made a contract with this ship too.”

“Ines, don’t tell me that now; it will only make me feel worse.”

“Master, you really are amazing.”

That’s more of a reaction than I expected. What’s going to happen when we get inside?

“Well, shall we get in?”


“…Where is the place to enter this one?”


Funds on hand: 5 gold coins, 13 silver coins, 36 copper coins.
Guild Account: 33 platinum coins, 70 gold coins.
Savings boat: 53 platinum coins.
Pepper boat: 485 boats.


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