Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 4 Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Quiet Talk: The Crisis of the Creator God and the Guildmaster’s Aftermath


“The Otherworlder-kun is looking good these days, isn’t he?”

“What’s up with you all of a sudden, God of Entertainment?”

“I’m just saying that the Otherworlder-kun is looking good.”

“Yeah? Did something change? God of Magic, do you know something?”

“Umu, the God of Entertainment is pleased. It must be about the reversi and the Jenga.”

“Oh, I see. I thought you’d gone all battle-crazy when I wasn’t looking.”

“That’s right. Reversi and Jenga are so simple yet so fun. It will definitely spread all over the world. But since Otherworlder-kun left after teaching them… that shipbuilder won’t sell them until he gets permission from Otherworlder-kun, and I hope they spread quickly.”

“Well, I guess it will take some time. But the otherworlder is not fighting even though his level has increased.”

“Umu, his magic power has increased, and he can learn magic… but is it because he’s already become a merchant?”

“It’s possible. He found a way to make money outside of fighting.”

“Yes, but I’d be happy if he’d spread more amusements like Jenga and Reversi. And the God of Gastronomy was very pleased with pizza, pudding, and ice cream. Finally, the milk and cheese will get some light.”

“The otherworlder this time really is plain…”

“Well, wait a minute, the otherworlder is getting caught up with women, and his behavior is gradually becoming more flashy. We may be able to expect more flashy behavior from him in the future.”

“Let’s hope so.”

“Oh? The Creator God has summoned the otherworlder again. Wanna take a peek?”

“Yeah, I think the Creator God is going to say something stupid again. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Then let’s hear it.”

“Hmm? God of Light, how’s the otherworlder?”

“Yes, he’s just talking nonsense. There’s no problem.”

“He’s really talking nonsense.”

“Yeah, who gives a shit about the image of the Creator God?”

“Ahahaha, well, it can’t be helped. I can understand his concern from his point of view as an otherworlder.”

“Yeah, I see. The Creator God is modifying his own image as a God, after all.”

“Yeah, we’d be happy too if there was a reason other than it’s cooler this way.”

“Well, there isn’t one.”

“God of Light, the Creator God is… She’s gone already. She’s having a hard time, too.”

“Yeah, but how could he give up the information so easily…?”

“Well, it’s a shameful thing.”

“Hahahaha, he won’t be able to sleep tonight for getting a preach.”




“Creator God-sama, is there something you would like to say?”

“Well, um, I didn’t do it on purpose, you know? I just kind of blurted it out as I was talking.”

“Creator God-sama, please sit down.”

“Eh? Yes.”

“You are sitting in a different way. In this case, you are supposed to sit on your knees, aren’t you? Don’t say you don’t know what it is, Creator God-sama?”


“Then, please explain from the beginning why we should not interfere with the lower world.”

“Eh? It’s a long story, and since Wataru-kun is here, too, we’ll talk about it another time…”

“That’s right; I’ll send Wataru-san back. Creator God-sama, you will remain sitting on your knees. If you move…”

“I know; I’m sorry; I won’t run away.”

“Then I will be right back.”


“Creator God-sama, when I sent Wataru-san back, I was asked what would happen if he changed his actions in the future based on the information you had leaked to him. So I answered that fortunately it was almost the same whether he changed his action or not, but what do you think?”

“Y-yeah, I accidentally leaked it, so it was a close call, but I’m glad to hear it stayed about the same.”

“Almost the same means that there will be some changes. Now, please recite over and over again why we should not interfere in the lower world until it is engraved in your mind.”

“Eh? Why is there an increase?”

“Shall I engrave it directly on your body?”

“I-it’s fine; I will recite it until it is engraved in my mind.”




“Hmm, God of War, do you think he’ll be a little saner if it is engraved in his mind?”

“God of Magic, don’t ask me things you already know.”

“Hahaha, I don’t think so.”




“Oh, he bought a ferry, well buying one before the luxury cruise ain’t a bad option either.”

“Well, he found the Ryu scales, and his behavior is getting more flashy.”

“Yeah, I’m surprised the ship summoning is so useful in the cave.”

“Umu, no one comes there to explore, and it hasn’t been changed for hundreds of years. I thought it was a waste of Ryu material. I guess the ship summoning is useful now and then.”

“Yeah, but he bought a new bow, but in the end, he only killed a goblin. Is that okay?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that; let’s just be happy that there is movement.”

“That’s right, and the God of Gastronomy also wants to give him some skill or blessing. He praised him highly for the lasagna and the cheese fondue. And he gave the recipe to the restaurant. He’s overjoyed. He’s also very interested in the cuisine at the ferry.”

“For now, the only influence that the otherworlder has had is in cooking and entertainment, so I guess we’ll see what the future brings.”

“Speaking of which, what’s up with the Creator God? Whenever the otherworlder is active, he comes to boast about it to the point of annoyance.”

“Hahaha, he’s still repeating why we shouldn’t interfere in the lower worlds. His eyes were nice and dead.”

“Oh, that’s great. Do you want to see it, God of Magic? Let’s bring something to the God of Light to cheer her up. Oh, can’t she just kill him?”

“Umu, let’s go check it out. I want to bring something energizing to cheer her up.”

“Oh, God of Light, we are here to cheer you up. Eat this and get some strength. Good luck.”

“Umu, it looks like he is broken down nicely. Keep up the good work, God of Light.”

“Wow, he’s broken. He’s even more broken than before. Hahahaha.”

“Thank you, God of War, God of Magic, God of Entertainment. But his response was getting sluggish. I was thinking of ending it soon.”

“Ah, the God of Light’s words brought light back to his eyes. That means that he can still go on. Keep up the good work, God of Light.”

“Is that so? Well then, Creator God-sama, let’s try again.”

“Ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya, ukya.”

“Oh, he’s broken.”

“Umu, just as the preaching is about to end, just as he’s about to get out of his current situation. The preaching starts again. He’s broken. God of War, can we kill him now?”

“No, he’s more severe than usual because he’s already broken. You never know what kind of attack he will make. He could destroy the world.”

“That’s not good… If the God of Light keeps preaching like this, won’t he kill himself?”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. Please, God of Light.”

“Don’t say whatever you want. If the Creator God disappears, we will be in trouble. Are you sure you want to do that?”

“”That’s fine.””

“I’ve had enough of this. If you guys are here, the Creator God will not come back. Go back already.”

“Is that so? It might be easier to just stay like this, right?”

“Well, wouldn’t it be easier for the God of Light just by not doing anything extra?”

“…..That’s not true.”

“You’ve given it a lot of thought, though.”


“No, both of you. The God of Light is in trouble, and we should be thankful that it is the God of Light who is holding back the Creator God.”

“Umu. Sorry, God of Light, do your best in dealing with the Creator God.”

“Oh, God of Entertainment is right. I’m sorry, do your best.”

“I cannot honestly accept the words of the God of Magic and the God of War, but thank you, God of Entertainment, for your words. Your words make me very happy.”

“Hehe, see you later. Do your best, God of Light.”





After the adventurers’ guildmaster in Barletta.

“Guildmaster, A-rank adventurers have discovered Ryu scales and a cluster of precious medicinal herbs, yet no information or requests have been circulated to the adventurers’ guild, and there have been voices of doubt.”

“Well, I didn’t expect it to be Ryu scales, and the whole thing completely backfired on us.”

“Why did you start all this trouble in the first place?”

“I thought they were exaggerating, saying they couldn’t even talk about it to the receptionist or that they wanted my men to leave. I was pissed off, so I started a fight.”

“Oh, and then you got into a fight with them for a high price… Isn’t it common knowledge that important information may not be told to the receptionist or others?” 

“I know that much because all the information I’ve ever heard from anyone who’s said that to me has been exaggerated and adapted to increase their rewards. I was sick and tired of dealing with them.”

“But it’s still information from an A-rank adventurer, so you’ll just have to put up with it and listen.”

“I knew it was an important report when I heard about the medicinal herb cluster, but I couldn’t resist.”

“That would make Girasole very angry. It’s incomprehensible that they came to make such an important report about the Ryu scales and then got into a fight with the guildmaster.”

“You’re absolutely right.”

“So what are you going to do about it?”

“Well… the merchant guild, the pharmacist guild, and even a cardinal are excluding the adventurers’ guild after hearing about what happened.”

“Whew, that’s harsh. If we can get precious medicinal herbs from that cave, we’ll have more escorts, more transport, and more requests. We’ll have to repair the relationship somehow.”

“Yeah, I know, I feel bad, but I guess they owe me an apology.”

“No, this time it is 100% the guildmaster’s fault, you know? They didn’t overreact or try to inflate their rewards. It was the guildmaster who ruined an honest adventurer’s important information by picking a fight.”

“Even so, they wouldn’t just say they can’t talk to me or something and leave, would they?”

“No, from what I’ve heard, I think Girasole has put up with enough. They even gave you information about the colony, but it’s unbelievable that the guildmaster remains in a bad attitude.”

“Hmm, alright, I’ll go and apologize to them tomorrow.”

“Please do so. Also, you need to greet the merchant guild, the pharmacist guild, and the cardinal as well.”

“Hah, alright. I’ll go and apologize to all of them.”

“Please do.”

The next morning, Solene’s inn…

“The Girasole has already left a few hours ago.”

“What? Isn’t the parade over just yesterday?”

“Yes, but they said they were leaving the capital because they were too conspicuous and might get into trouble.”

“I-I see; I’m sorry.”

That’s not good… what should I do…


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