Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 5 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Confronting a Group of Monsters and Reflection


Now that we’ve discussed it, we’ll take the elevator down to the parking lot to defeat the monsters. From here, I lower the boarding gate.

With the ship summoning ability, I can easily lower the door, but if it’s a real one, it must be hard to do safety checks and such… Can the door be opened when there is no land nearby in the first place? As the door slowly descends and the light comes in, I think about things I don’t even understand.

“Wow, that’s great; I didn’t expect it to open like that. That gives us quite a bit of space.”

“Yes. Now, could you please shoot some magic into it and scatter the monsters? I’ll summon the Lutto there.”


The member who can use magic shoots magic into the designated space. At the moment the monsters are scattered, I summon the Lutto and get on board.

“Oh, we can’t go on if there are so many monsters coming close to us. Wataru-san, can I force through? We won’t get hurt if we run into the monsters, will we?”

“W-wait a minute. Everyone, please cast a spell on the monsters in front of us. Alessia-san, please go forward after that.”

“I understand.”

Certainly, it is fine if we bump into it, and it doesn’t hurt us. I’m just worried that the tension is rising, and it seems to be uncontrollable. The two people around me are getting even more agitated, and I’m afraid that once they start running, they won’t be able to stop.

Why do these three people change their personalities when it comes time to steer the ship? Are they the same type of people whose personalities change when they get behind the wheel of a car? I never met any of them in Japan, but I never thought I would meet three people like that in this world…

When magic is shot into the group of monsters in front of us, before the steam has even cleared, the ship sped off and plunged into the water. A merman is bounced out of the steam.

Wow, we’re moving forward, bouncing off monsters. I can hear happy laughter coming from the flying bridge, and there’s no point in stopping now. I wonder what will happen to our experience if we beat them with the ship?

I look behind me and see the monsters that have been gathering, coming after us. Five, no, six Sea Serpents. More than ten Gluttony Sharks, and I’ve lost count of the Merman, who’s been eaten by the Gluttony Shark by accident. Why didn’t they just run away?

Hmm? Where did the Kraken go? I’m pretty sure it was there when I saw it from above, but… I wonder if it couldn’t keep up with the ship’s speed?

We took up a position on the rear deck and fired our bows at the monsters that were chasing us. I was able to pierce the Merman with my new bow. After the Horned Rabbit and the Goblin, I finally have more new monsters I have defeated. I am glad I bought a bow.

I can damage the Sea Serpent and the Gluttony Shark, but I can’t slow them down. I’ll have to think of some way to attack them.

Also, the two people who are making noise on the flying bridge who are not in control of the ship should join in the attack. Rimu and I will aim at the Merman, and Fuu-chan will throw rocks at it. The other members of Girasole are taking down the big ones.

The two who aren’t steering the ship are just laughing happily… Isn’t that unreasonable? We’re all doing our best and… I’ll put it on the topic when we discuss it.

Since we’re circling the Fortress, the monsters that were on the other side and the ones that didn’t come after we attacked from the front, this is where the Kraken came in. It looks like it just couldn’t keep up with our speed.

Every time we avoid the monsters attacking from the front, the laughter from the flying bridge gets louder. I wonder if their throats will dry up again.

We’ve been defeating them quite a bit, but I don’t think they’ve decreased much. But it’s amazing what an A-rank party can do. The number of monsters is so great that they are using skills they don’t usually use.

When Dorothea-san thrusts out her spear, it makes a hole in the monster even though the spear doesn’t reach it. Is it a skill? Even though my level is higher, I can’t see through an attack like that. After all, I have to be careful on land.

Every time Carla-san swung her sword, the monsters were chopped into pieces even though the sword didn’t reach them. I thought Carla-san was a defensive specialist since she is usually equipped with a large shield, but she is amazing with a sword as well.

Ilma-san and Claretta-san are also releasing magic and defeating the monsters.

“Ilma-san is using fire magic… Is she a foxfire? Also, when Ilma-san uses some kind of magic, the monsters fight each other… Is it some kind of hallucinogenic magic?

It’s something fox-like. Maybe Ilma-san is like that coincidentally, or maybe fox beastmen are good at fire magic and hallucinogenic magic or something.

Claretta-san taught Rimu how to use the big Holy Spear, and she is floating several of them and shooting them out with great force to defeat the monsters. It would be great if Rimu could use magic like that when he grows up.

When the glowing spear runs out, the spear is replenished from the magic circle… Is that automatic replenishment? The magic circle doesn’t disappear; it remains. Such magic exists, too, huh?

I thought it would be great if Rimu could do it, and I looked at Rimu. Before I knew it, he had moved to Claretta-san’s side. I guess Rimu wants to learn too. Rimu is so aggressive.

Rimu with a big glowing magic spear, shooting wildly… That’s a man’s romance… isn’t it?

But I’m getting pretty tired. It’s time to suggest a break.

“Dorothea-san, I’m getting pretty tired, so why don’t we take a break?”

“Is that so? Hmm, I don’t feel comfortable taking a break while surrounded by monsters, but… it looks like it will still take a while; let’s take a break.”


The attacking team returned to the living room to have tea. In the meantime, I also asked the ship’s crew to join us, but they said they didn’t need to take a break. They said they would do it carefully so as not to spill the tea on the swaying ship.

Are those three going to stay off the flying bridge until it’s over? Are they having so much fun that they don’t even feel tired?

“Whew, but I don’t think the number of monsters has decreased too much.”

Looking out the window, I see monsters everywhere I look. When we were on the Lutto, the monsters didn’t come this close to us, but I guess the bigger size made it more noticeable.

Until the day before, I was thinking of taking the ferry to the Southern City, but maybe it would be better to switch to the Lutto from about two days ago.

“It’s okay. Because Alessia and the others are driving around the ferry, so it’s just that the number of monsters are gathering on the Lutto, and it doesn’t look like it’s decreasing.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is; they’re constantly being replenished. We just have to keep on killing them.”

“Well, Dorothea, Carla, and Claretta still have plenty of energy left, so they’ll be fine.”

“Oh, Rimu and Fuu-chan, aren’t you tired? Are you okay?”

“Rimu, fine.”


“I see. Rimu and Fuu-chan are okay too. Let’s do our best together.”

“Rimu, do my best.”


I pet Rimu, and Dorothea-san pet Fuu-chan. Come to think of it, Marina-san left Fuu-chan alone last time and apologized to her later, and she left her alone again this time.

I wonder what she’s going to do if Fuu-chan becomes fond of Dorothea-san? If it were me, I’d be shocked beyond recovery.

“Well then, Wataru-san, shall we resume soon?”

“Yes, Dorothea-san.”

When we went out to the rear deck, the monsters were still chasing us in groups. And the flying bridge is as lively as ever. It looks like they are secreting a lot of drugs in their brains.

We resume our attack to reduce the number of monsters. While taking several breaks, we steadily defeat the monsters. After a few hours, the number of monsters decreased, and the ship’s crew, who had calmed down, joined in the attack.

“Whew, that was fun. The thrill is doubled when there are so many monsters.”

“It was fun.”

“But Alessia and Marina were trying to hit the monsters instead of avoiding them, weren’t you? That’s not good.”

“Ines was trying to hit them, too.”

“Alessia and Marina seemed to be having fun, so I gave it a shot.”

The conversation was escalating. They were trying to hit it, not avoid it… I thought it was difficult to handle the ship since there were too many monsters, but they were doing a lot of crazy stuff.

Alessia-san and the others joined us, and we were taking out the monsters that were swarming around the stopped boats. It is easier to defeat monsters from stopped ships than from running ones, and if there is a chance, we can collect them.

Before the sun sets, we finish defeating the monsters. I repatriated the Fortress, re-summoned it, jumped on the magic circle, and made it back to the Fortress.

“Whew, that was quite a day.”

“Alessia was just doing it at the end, and the rest of the time, you were just frolicking around.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Hahaha, well, that’s fine; let’s just go to the bathhouse. Dorothea and Ilma want to take a bath, too, don’t you?”

“Well, it can’t be helped. Wataru-san, can we go ahead and take a bath first? After we get out, why don’t we go to the vending machine corner and discuss the rest?”

“Yes, I’m tired, so let’s soak in the bath and then discuss.”

“Well then, let’s go.”

The women are entering the bath in a hurry…

I don’t know what to say. When Alessia-san is in charge, the two who are supposed to be my slaves also follow along without any discomfort… I don’t like to think about it, but are they forgetting me?

Moreover, even Rimu was carried by Marina-san with Fuu-chan and taken away by me… something seems strange.

Oh well, I’ve been drawing my bow for a few hours; I’ll relax in the observation bath too. The ladies have a long bath, so I’ll relax in the massage chair after I get up first.

I soak slowly in the large bath on the observation deck and rub my tired arms. After getting out of the bath, let’s enjoy a beer.

The beer soaks into my body after the bath. It’s delicious.

I sit down on the massage chair, put in a copper coin, and let myself fall asleep in the massage chair.

“Master, Master, everyone has come out of the bath.”

“Hmm? Oh, thank you, Felicia.”

“No, they’re all waiting in the vending machine corner.”

“I see. I’ll be quick.”


Oh no, I fell asleep. I rushed to the vending machine corner.

“Excuse me, everyone. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s okay; let’s get started. Do you want to discuss the other issue, Wataru-san?”

“Yes, and I’d like to discuss some of the problems we’ve been having in the battle before.”

“In the battle before? Is there any problem, Wataru-san?”

“No, Alessia-san, it’s not a problem; it’s a request. If something like that happens again, I’m not asking you to stop operating the ship, but instead of three people on the flying bridge, the two people who are not operating the ship should participate in the attack.”

“I see. I agree with Wataru-san’s opinion. If they don’t come down when we call them, we should immediately forbid them from steering the ship.”

“Dorothea, wait a minute. If we are on the flying bridge, there are times when we don’t even notice when we are called, so you can’t just suddenly ban us from steering the ship.”

“Really? But I’ll go to the flying bridge and call you, so you won’t miss it. If you get called, you can come down immediately, and there won’t be any problem.”


“You have the same conditions as Alessia-san and the others, Ines. Be careful.”


Well, I hope they keep their promise… because they are very excited when they are operating the ship.


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