Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 5 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Chubby Measures and Movies


I managed to get Alessia-san and the other ship handlers to promise to participate in the attack when they were not maneuvering the ship. I’m still a little uneasy about it, but we’ll see how it goes.

“So, Wataru-san, what are you going to discuss with the rest of us?”

“Oh, that’s right. Before that, I have one more thing to tell you. I was planning to change to the Lutto one day before reaching Southern City. Since it would be bad to take the monsters to the sea near the Southern City, so we would switch to the Lutto two days before, which means the day after tomorrow, okay?”

If we’re going to move two days in advance, we can use the Hideaway. I’m glad it wasn’t wasted.

“Right, we can’t take that many monsters around the city, can we? I understand.”

“Next, a word of advice, or rather a reminder. You are all eating too much, drinking too much, and it’s bad for you.”

“…Is that so? But we train every day, and we have to eat a lot to keep up, don’t we?”

“I understand that, but you all frequent the buffet and also eat snacks, juice, ice cream, alcohol, and snacks from the vending machines, don’t you? And you always have something from the stores, too. You eat too much, I think.”

“When you put it that way, it does seem that way…”

At first, I didn’t mind. When I went to the vending machine corner, there was always someone drinking and eating. I was curious to see what was going on, and they didn’t stop binge drinking, you know.

“Alessia-san, Dorothea-san, Marina-san, and Ilma-san, you drink at the vending machine corner almost every night, don’t you? You didn’t drink that much before, but if you suddenly start drinking every day, you will destroy your body. And you also eat and drink a lot of snacks and juices.”

“Wataru-san, Claretta-san and I don’t drink that much.”

“You are fine, but Carla-san, while not drinking, you are a full participant in the buffet, and in between, you are always eating and drinking something at the vending machines or at the store, aren’t you? You eat too much.”

With a look of dismay on her face, Carla-san turned her head down. Ugh, my heart aches. But if the members of Girasole become chubby because of me, I can’t repent even if I regret it.

Also, I might be seriously threatened by the fans of the Girasole members. I think it’s known that we traveled together, so it’s even dangerous, but if they come back as a chubby girl… even if I’m not responsible, it’s going to be horrible.

“But it would be a shame not to eat it when it’s there. There are so many delicious foods here.”

“Yes, I’m glad you’re all happy too. The only problem is that you drink every day and eat too much, like not drinking the day after you drink. In Carla-san’s case, instead of eating all the time except for three meals a day, you should limit the amount of money you are allowed to spend in a day or something like that. That sounds good.”

“Hmm, I get it. You’re right, we drank every day, and from my point of view, Carla ate all the time. Let’s moderate ourselves too.”

“Yeah, I enjoyed drinking every day, but sure, we need to moderate a little.”

“I’ll be patient.”

“Thank you for understanding. I thought it was unnecessary, but thank you in advance.”


“But, Wataru-san, since we had a hard day, you don’t mind if we drink tonight, do you? We won’t drink tomorrow.”


A diet starts tomorrow. A song? Commercial? Somehow, it started playing in my head… I wonder if it’s okay? After all, you don’t drink every day for some reason, do you?

I decided to have dinner at the vending machine corner, have a quick drink, and then go to the massage chair.

Alessia-san and the others said they would drink until late, saying they couldn’t drink tomorrow… Are they going to drink until tomorrow? Maybe my request for moderation was meaningless?

Somewhat uneasy, I headed for the massage chair. 

“Master likes the massage chair, huh?”

“Yes, it feels good, and Ines and Felicia like it too, don’t you?”

“I love it.”


While I was sitting in the massage chair leisurely, Claretta-san came running to me with great excitement… Breast-sama is also very excited. I am very excited too.

“Wataru-san, Wataru-san, the stuffed toy in the ufo catcher, has been replaced. Can you help me?”

I see; she went to check after that. Alessia-san and the others were drinking, so she came to ask me to help her out. But was today the day for replacing the stuffed toys, or was it because I repatriated the ferry?

“Wataru-san, is it no good?”

“Hmm? No, it’s totally fine. I was just wondering about the conditions for replacing stuffed toys. I’ll be happy to help you.”

“Thank you. The conditions for replacing stuffed toys, huh? …Might have something to do with repatriation?”

“I don’t know yet, but I thought it might have something to do with the fact that the replacement happened after the repatriation.”

“I think it might be. Let’s try it tomorrow.”

Wow, she looks so sparkly, like when Carla-san asks about the food.

“I guess so. But time may have something to do with it, so don’t be disappointed if it’s not right.”


“Shall we go then?”

“Yes, I’ll take all kinds of stuffed toys this time because they were so cute.”

You’re really going for it, Claretta-san. I guess she really won’t give up until she gets all kinds…

When I arrived at the game corner, I saw that the prize of the ufo catcher had been replaced by a plush toy of a yokai… It’s certainly cute, but is it… okay?

“It’s cute, isn’t it? I will definitely take all kinds. Wataru-san, please take care of the depth, okay?”

“Oh, yes.”

Claretta-san is operating it with a lot of tension.

…..In the end, Claretta-san got all kinds of stuffed toys with the financial power of an A-rank adventurer.

Even when other stuffed toys were in the way, and she couldn’t get the one she wanted, she didn’t hesitate to throw in a copper coin, take it or move it, and get it without giving up. Claretta-san ran to exchange money again this time…

Claretta-san is like a god-like customer from the game center side. No, a goddess… That goddess is holding all kinds of stuffed toys, and she is smiling.

“Wataru-san, I’m going back to my room to put the stuffed toys in order. Thank you for today. Good night.”

“If the replacement of stuffed toys continues at this rate, Master, it looks like Claretta-san’s room will be filled with stuffed toys…”

“I guess so. Well, since we have extra rooms, we can turn one room into a stuffed toy room, so I don’t see any problem with that.”

“I hope it’s only one room…”

“…Well, it’ll be fine… I guess.”

Let’s just think about it when one room is occupied.

“What are you going to do now, Master?”

“Well, my massage was halfway through, so I think I’ll go back to the massage chair, and then we’ll go see a movie.”

“A movie?”

“Yeah, roughly like a drama, I guess. Well, it’s very different, but you’ll know it when you see it.”


We took our time to relax and then headed for the mini-theater.

What should we watch? Ines and Felicia are both new to this, and it’s good to know that they’re both easy to catch on to. …Let’s just rely on ghibli again, or maybe we’ll go with Castle of Cagliastro.

Ines and Felicia gasped in surprise as the movie began.

“Ines, Felicia, do you understand the language?”

“Eh? It sounds like a normal language to me?”

“It sounds like my normal language to me, too.”

“Oh, to me, it sounds like the language of my hometown… If that’s not a problem, let’s continue.”

Is there some kind of language understanding attached to the video? It’s a unique skill… with high performance.

When the movie resumes, Ines, Felicia, and Rimu are all very excited. There seemed to be a lot they didn’t understand about cars, auto gyros, guns, etc. They seemed to understand somehow and were concentrating on the screen.

They showed interest in the bridal gown, got excited about the tower jumping, laughed at the battle of the gears, were on edge on the clock, and were on edge at the last word from the inspector…

Ines, Felicia, and Rimu seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“It was so much fun. Are these paintings?”

“Yes, I heard that if you show a lot of pictures in a row at a very fast pace, they look like that.”

“It’s amazing.”

“Master, are there many stories like that?”

“Yes, the one we saw today was an anime, which is made of many pictures. There are also many movies with human actors.”

“That’s great. Can we see it again?”

“Yes. I want to see them too, and when we have time, we will see a lot of them.”


“Rimu, love anime.”

“Rimu liked anime, huh? I’m glad you enjoyed it.”


It looks like he understands the language, and everyone had a good time. I’m looking forward to my life on the Fortress from now on.

“Then, let’s return to our rooms and rest for the day.”



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