Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 329

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Chapter 329 – What Was Happening


POV: Brother Powell, a member of the Holy Kingdom’s Intelligence Department “Gospel.”

“Hurry up and burn all the documents to ashes. You pack your things, and I will prepare the travel expenses.”


The brothers failed to eliminate their target and were captured by the subhumans. They are devout men. They would have chosen to take their own life before the subhumans defiled them in body and soul. However, there is no telling what kind of horrendous tactics those filthy subhumans will use. Now that they have been captured, we must assume the worst.

“Brother Powell. Why are you in such a hurry now? I don’t think our faithful brothers will give in so easily to the subhumans, no matter how much they are tortured.”

Brother Allan, who was packing up his belongings to leave this base, asked with an unconvinced expression on his face. Indeed. We have unwavering faith in the Lord God Adol. Our faith is stronger than steel. We are willing to give up our lives to achieve the will of the Lord God.

But that castle is not good. That castle, once filled with the light of the Lord God, has been turned into a fearless evil castle by the hands of subhumans. The brothers and sisters who set foot in that castle never came out of it again. And without exception, the hiding places of the brothers and sisters who set foot in the evil castle were attacked by subhumans. The reason why this headquarters was safe until now was because the brothers and sisters who tried to infiltrate the castle did not know the location of this headquarters.

However, some of the brothers captured by them today know the location of this headquarters. If that is the case, this headquarters is in jeopardy. Perhaps they have a way of forcing information out of the brothers and sisters.

“No matter how religious the brothers and sisters are, there is a strong possibility that the enemy is using wicked means to sully their hearts. We cannot let our guard――”

As if interrupting my words, I heard a violent banging on the entrance door. It seemed that an uninvited guest had arrived at this moment. I nodded to my brothers and decided to make an immediate escape. I had not yet managed to burn all the materials, but if this happened, I would have to take them with me. Fortunately, we have enough travel expenses. We will have to use it to buy all the tools we need for our escape. If we can get to the other branches, we will be able to get support.

“Let’s get going before they come in.”


“O God…”

The building is a solid stone structure, and the doors are thick wood and reinforced with steel plates between them. Two metal bolts are also used to bolt the doors, so even the most violent and powerful subhumans will not be able to break through so easily. While we still have time――


The building shook with a sound like an explosion. Then, the sound of someone stepping in from the outside could be heard.

“Nonsense, how can they break through that door with a single blow…?”

It’s all over now, huh? But we won’t be beaten for nothing. We will take out as many of the defiled subhumans as we can.

We immediately picked up our crossbows, which are a kind of mechanical bow. We apply basilisk poison to the arrow and aim it at the entrance of the room. This weapon, which can fire powerful arrows even in such a small room, seems to be a weapon created by the subhumans. They would be happy to have their souls reborn with a weapon of their own making.

“Take this!””

I fire an arrow at the subhuman woman who has stepped into the room where we are. Twang! Three arrows pierced the subhuman woman with a pleasant sound―but did not hit her. The woman who stepped into the room, in fact, knocked the three arrows away with her bare hands.

“You monster…”

While muttering, I made a sign, concentrated my spirit, and wished for a miracle. The light that defeats and destroys the demon.

“For a young woman like me, the word “monster” is quite rude.”

The woman stepped forward with an eerie smile on her face. In response, two of my men, daggers in hand, launched an attack on the horned subhuman woman. However, in an instant, they were blown to the left and right without any resistance and collided with a stone wall, rendering them motionless.

“O, light!”


The miracle of the “glow,” which is created by using the time earned by the two men, is activated, and a spear of holy light is thrust into the woman’s chest as if sucked in.


The woman, however, again brushed it away with her bare hands.

“R-ridiculous… to sweep away the miracle of glow with your bare hands…”

“The miracle of the glow, huh… I don’t think it’s such a big deal.”

The subhuman woman said so as she walked forward and closed the gap between us. Since it comes to this.

“I will not fall into the hands of filthy subhumans!”

I pulled out the dagger at my waist and tried to thrust it into her chest. But the wrist of my arm holding the dagger was grabbed. Nonsense, I was still at least five steps away from her.

“Don’t you know? You can’t run away from the demon species.”


My wrist was tightened with such force that I feared it would crush my grip, and I unintentionally took off my dagger. While I was doing so, other subhumans broke into the room. Is this the end of it?

“It would be troublesome if you resist, so I’ll have you sleep.”

The subhuman woman’s voice was followed by a sudden impact, and my consciousness vanished.




Side: Tozume

“Hey… I don’t get it. What is she?”

“I don’t know much about it myself, but I’ve heard that demon species are like that.”

“We didn’t have much to do at all.”

It is difficult for us to enter a building that is designed with only humans in mind. After all, we are 50 percent taller than the average person. The building where the spies of the Holy Kingdom were hiding this time seemed to have been built in the last 20 years, and it was a very difficult building for us to enter.

“We couldn’t enter the building in the first place, so it was no use.”

“It’s a shame that we just came here to look at it, isn’t it?”

Shumel-neesan and Bella looked so bored that they let out a sigh and shrugged their shoulders. I had no reason to have good feelings toward the people of the Holy Kingdom, and I would have liked to have a rampage with them anyway. Well, I had no choice this time.

“I’m sorry, I alone took all the good parts.”

Melty-sama called out to us as we continued to wait here, just in case.

“No, it can’t be helped. If we are going to do anything about it, we will have to break it.”

“Isn’t that too bold?”

“No, I don’t want to be told by someone who can kick through that door with a single blow.”

Eh, I’m just a frail ordinary person, you know?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

If it’s Bella, well, I don’t think that’s possible either. In what world would an ordinary person be able to kick through a thick wooden door with steel plates? I wonder if the story of how she beat Grande-sama, who was in dragon form, into submission is also true. Scary.

“By the way, what about those guys we carried out? They won’t talk so easily, will they?”

“We will leave them to Lime-san and the others. We’ll also be there for the interrogation, to observe it.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine. If you are going to be Kosuke-san’s escort, it is better to know these things.”

Melty-sama smiles at me. I don’t know, I have a very bad feeling about this. Bella is innocently happy, saying she did it, but I have a tremendously bad feeling… Oh, Shumel-neesan is feeling the same way; she’s putting a frown on her face.


“Slime is scary… Slime is scary…”


“I don’t want to end up like that…”

To sum it up, it was terrible. It was really terrible. The blood has drained from Bella’s red skin, and it has turned a color that I have never seen before. I am sure that my complexion is also quite terrible.

I guess steel faith is like a thin sheet of paper to them. It took less than a quarter of an hour for them to cry out like children and beg for forgiveness after having cursed us and so abusively at first.

The torment that had been done to them by then was… No, I don’t want to remember. I never want to go through the same thing myself. That is all.

“We’ll have to scrutinize the materials and go around to destroy the various bases as soon as possible. This will keep me busy.”

I think that torture―even after seeing the interrogation, Melty-sama, who is so nonchalant without moving an eyebrow, is not normal after all. I swore firmly in my heart that I would never make her my enemy.


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  1. Its funny to think the Adol believers are doing the gods work but while the god they believe in want to wipe them out


  2. “Twang! Three arrows pierced the subhuman woman with a pleasant sound―but did not hit her.”

    If the crossbow bolts didn’t hit their target after all, then don’t say that they pierced it in advance. Use something like they flew true or didn’t miss instead or change the whole sentence in a different way.


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