Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 333

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Chapter 333 – The Hooded One-eyed Race


I advanced to the front of the group of people who were staring at me warily and observed them first. There didn’t seem to be many old people, but there were quite a few children. I wondered if they were trying to emigrate as a family unit or if they were all taking care of children who had lost their parents. The children were not so bad, but the adults looked a little thin.

“Hello, I’m the one who is going to build the farmland and houses on the land where the new pioneer village is going to be established. Please feel free to call me Kosuke.”

I say my name, but there is no response. Unlike Sylphy, my name is not that widely known. They seem to be spreading stories that the prince consort has mysterious powers, is recognized as a saint of the Adol religion, performed various miracles, and won the Battle of the North, but my personal name is intentionally left out. It seems that only the word prince consort is emphasized. This is deliberate manipulation of information by Melty.

“It’s not me who actually lives here; it’s you guys, isn’t it? I want to talk to you about a lot of things. I’ve spoken to the soldiers, and they’ve agreed to stop working for today.”

After saying this, they looked at each other and then focused their attention on a certain person. He is a very small person among the subhumans. He was built like a child and wore a hood over his face, making it difficult to see his expression.

“Could you possibly be from the One-eyed race?”

The small man’s body trembled at my words. Apparently, he was frightened.

“I don’t have any ill feelings toward the One-eyed race. She’s not with me right now, but I’m actually getting along well with a One-eyed girl. It seems like everyone here is depending on you, so why don’t you tell me your story?”

He―or she―nodded with the hood drawn back over the face. With that, I took out a table set from my inventory, set it down on the side of the road, and sat down. The hooded One-eyed race also took a seat, albeit a little bewildered.

“Is there anyone else you’d like me to talk to with you?”

“Then… Deneros and Raya should join us.”

The hooded One-eyed race called out to the two figures. Deneros was a large, bovine beastman, and Raya was a woman with rabbit ears. She looked like a human with rabbit ears, but was she a rabbit-beastman?

“Oh, you called me.”


I prepared a big chair for Deneros, not an ordinary chair. This chair was prepared for Danan, who is a large man, but Deneros’ physique is very similar to Danan’s. I guess bovine-beastman are big, after all.

“First of all, houses. We need to discuss how many houses are needed. In the future, the children will grow up and will need houses, and more people may move in. And there will eventually be children in the village who will have children and start new families. So I think it’s better to build with some leeway.”

“I understand that, but I don’t think building a house is that easy.”

“Don’t worry about that. I think it would be better to have a large plot of land in the village for later use. Then, I want to consider the number and size of the houses that will be needed if you decide to move in right now.”

“I see.”

Raya listens intently to me, her long ears shaking. Somehow this combination reminds me of Isla, Danan, and Melty. It’s kind of interesting.

“In that case――”

So we get down to the practical stuff. How many houses will be prepared that are large enough for the families here? How many will be needed for communal facilities, such as meeting halls, warehouses, lodging facilities for guests, facilities to manage the wagons and horses used to bring in the crops, and facilities for livestock?

“I heard that the area where the pioneer village is to be built has no water source, and the land is very poor, but is it really alright?”

“There is no need to worry about that. Regarding water, the water tower which will be installed in the center of the village will be able to supply all of the water needs. You don’t need to worry about water shortages in the future.”

“You sound very confident. But if we are going to use it for agriculture as well, a little bit of water won’t be enough.”

“Don’t worry; it is an infinite source of water.”

“Infinite Water Source…?”

The hooded One-eyed race tilted his/her head as if to say, “What is this guy talking about?” It would be too much trouble to explain.

“For now, you don’t have to worry about water and farmland. I know it will be difficult, but trust me on that.”

“It’s enough just to have a place to live. There are forests a short distance away, so we can hunt.”

“Not many people are good at hunting, though, so I’m worried about that.”

Well, if you’re that kind of person, you’re probably an adventurer. I guess most of the people here are basically adventurers, soldiers, and others who are not suited for jobs that involve heavy workloads.

“Are you getting enough food by the way? Are there people suffering from illness or injury? I’d like to take care of that while I’m here.”

“Since we came to Meuseberg, everyone has been fed. But there are a few who are suffering from illness.”

“In that case, let me take a look at them. It may be possible to heal old wounds that normally do not heal, so if there are such people, please gather them.”

Hearing my words, Deneros turned his attention to the One-eyed race in the hood. The hooded One-eyed race nodded silently.

“But we have nothing to give back.”

“Don’t worry about that. If you feel indebted to me for this, then help someone else with it. If you keep doing that, the world will eventually be a better place.”

“That’s just wishful thinking.”

“If you just go by reality, your stomach may grow fat, but your heart will remain poor. I think you should pursue your dreams and ideals, whether they are beautiful or not.”

When I said so, the hooded One-eyed race stared at me through his/her hood. I could not see his/her expression or facial features because of the hood, but I could see his/her big eye staring at my face.

“If someone like you is near the top of the country, this country will be a better place. I will do my best in my own way.”

“You do that.”

While we were talking like that, Deneros brought in some people who were not in good health.

Well, let’s go work one more time before leaving this place.


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  1. “I don’t have any feelings toward the One-eyed race.”

    Isn’t that expected to mention prejudice or hostility instead of feelings here? Because otherwise that sentence doesn’t make much sense.


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