Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 347

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Chapter 347 – Meeting With the Empire’s Diplomat


“I know it happens every time, but what about casually visiting the embassy of another country in your capacity as prince consort?”

“You know what they say, ‘policy of cultivating distant countries while working to conquer those nearby,’ right?”

“Kosuke-dono sometimes shows us a glimpse of his strange intelligence, doesn’t he?”

Kirilovich, a diplomat of the Varyag Empire, and I were talking with each other.

“Hey, long time no see…? How are you?”

“Ehehe… Hello, Shumel-san.”

The figure of Qubi, who was trembling as Shumel looked down at him from above at close range, was there. The fur on his entire body, which had been mercilessly clipped, had long since regrown, and it looked strangely well-groomed as if he had taken good care of it since he had lost it once.

“Your fur has become very shiny, hasn’t it…? Have you been eating good food with the money you got from selling Kosuke? Wouldn’t that make a nice fur coat, eh?”

“I-I don’t think so. I lived a modest, decent life.”

“Hmm? Decent, huh?”

“Help me.”

Qubi looked at me and asked for my help, but I ignored him. I was set up by him almost two years ago, and if I had made one mistake, I would be dead. This grudge won’t go away anytime soon.

“So, how are things going this fall, Kirilovich-shi?”

“Well, it’s been strangely quiet this past year. They are defending themselves like tortoises, and there is no sign of a big battle. The Guileznik Plain―the disputed area between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom―has not changed much in terms of the forces allocated there, but there are signs that they are moving their forces to the north and south. I assume you know more about this than I do.”

“Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the situation on the eastern side of the kingdom. But according to what I’ve heard, there are fewer skirmishes, and the military-like activity seems to be on a downward trend. What are the troops moving from the north and south doing?”

“What are they doing, you ask?”

We smiled at each other as we looked at each other.

In other words, there is no sign that the Holy Kingdom’s troops moved from the north and south are being sent to the east, the front line with the empire, or to the west, the front line with the kingdom of Merinard.

“…Is there a civil war?”

“Well. Either it’s a civil war or a rebellion of the enslaved subhumans. Either way, there is no doubt that something is going on within the Holy Kingdom.”

“Aren’t you on to something?”

“Let’s take those words right back at you.”

We smiled at each other again. I have no information about this, but if Kirilovich says so, he may think that the Kingdom of Merinard has a hand in what is happening in the Holy Kingdom. Or is he misleading me to make me think so, or is he trying to get some information out of me?

“Well, it may not be long before we get some answers.”

“Maybe so. So, as for our future communication with the Empire, I think we can make progress if we can use the sea route.”

“I think it’s too soon to tell. The sea route will not be available until the Holy Kingdom is dealt with, right?”

The Kingdom of Merinard also has a port. In the eastern part of the Kingdom of Merinard, where Sir Leonard is in charge of protection, there is a town with a fairly large port in the southeast, which used to trade with the Holy Kingdom and the Empire. The Holy Kingdom has now seized the sea route to the empire, so trade with the empire should no longer be possible.

“But you use ships to transport food to the Holy Kingdom, don’t you?”

“Heh, is that so?”

“Your voice. Your voice.”

I tried to pass it off as “I’ve never heard of that before,” but I guess I couldn’t go through with it. Nice work, Kirilovich.

“You don’t want to hide it, do you?”

“Well, I think it’s a good idea for me to make the conversion of subhuman slaves as a condition of the exchange. And we are going to pay for it, too. Well, it seems that they are willing to return as much as possible.”

In addition to foodstuffs, there are also luxury goods such as elvish nectar, handicrafts, and jewelry that are traded with the Holy Kingdom in an attempt to extract funds from them. However, mithril products and ores that can be used for weapons are not allowed to be exported, and jewelry must be polished as ornaments so that they cannot be used as materials for magic tools.

Even if they are already polished, it is not impossible to convert them into magic tools, but in that case, the polished jewelry will have to be further crushed and polished, so the cost-effectiveness will be very poor.

“Well, that’s how we’re planning to slowly and gradually strangle the Holy Kingdom and torture them slowly.”

“I hope it goes well.”

“Hahaha, well, it’s better than nothing.”

The Holy Kingdom must have known our intentions, so they will probably take steps accordingly. But the same is true for us. We can change our tactics, change our products, and gradually drive them back. We have a weakness in that although our people were taken away from us years ago―the subhuman slaves―they have many weaknesses, such as too many war dead and prisoners of war, a difficult situation where they are forced to conduct a two-front operation and a chronic shortage of food. I think we have the upper hand for now.

Besides, if something is happening in the Holy Kingdom, we may be able to take advantage of it. Whether it is a civil war or a rebellion by subhuman slaves. There is also a way to spur confusion within the Holy Kingdom by fomenting conflict from our side and helping the forces that are convenient for us.

“Oh, yes, yes. I’ve been on various business trips. I bought some local specialties from each region, so please share them with everyone.”

“Thank you very much. We are planning to receive a bottle of distilled spirits from the empire, so we will offer it to you as soon as it arrives.”

“I look forward to it.”

While I was talking to Kirilovich, Qubi was being badgered by Shumel in the back, but I thoroughly ignored him. It was quite a horrifying situation to watch from the side since the harpies were also peeking through the window, smiling at him. I think Kirilovich, who was talking to me without changing color in that situation, is not a simple man after all.

However, are there any signs of civil unrest within the Holy Kingdom? I don’t know what’s actually going on in the Holy Kingdom, but I don’t think this is going to turn into a finale with a large-scale war. Intervention in a way that contributes to internal disintegration is likely to be the main focus in the future.

However, if they are cornered, there is a possibility that they will turn the tables and try to do something crazy. I shall be more careful in the future.


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  1. Poor qubi….suits him right 👍……also there’s a slight mistake in 6 para or something in which qubi was described as her …btw thanks for the chapter 🥰🥰


  2. “Qubi looked at me and asked for my help, but I ignored him. I was set up by him almost two years ago, and if I had made one mistake, I would be dead. This grudge won’t go away anytime soon.”

    It’s weird to think about the passage of time in this series. I guess there’s a lot of “dead time” where they’re just quietly rebuilding their country, developing new technology, and other things that might just get glossed over. But maybe this is just a problem with light novels in general because I remember Knights and Magic being really bad about it too.


  3. “Well, that’s how we’re planning to slowly and gradually strangle the Holy Kingdom and torture them slowly.”

    So he is intending to siphon as much gold as possible from the Holy Kingdom, huh. What could happen in that case if they succeed? Lack of hard currency in the local markets would stagnate the circulation of goods inside the Holy Kingdom with possibly catastrophic results, or maybe it would result in minting of devalued coin as a countermeasure. Consequently their new coins would be boycotted abroad due to lowered gold content. Either way they would be screwed, hopefully. I wonder who came with that idea, because Kosuke doesn’t strike me as someone who could.


  4. I’ve been wondering. Why not use sparkling magic stones to make propeller engines? Then make an airport with B-17 Flying Fortress’, P51 Mustangs, and Avro Lancasters for those long-distance bombing runs. I mean, He’s already introduced guns, ordnance, and mortars, just make the Howitzer to equip the fortress.


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