Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 5 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Idle Talk: The Creator God’s High Laughter and Barletta’s Story



“What’s the matter? It’s been quite a while since you lost your mind before. I need you to be a little saner.”

“I am sane. Isn’t it the God of Light who broke me before? I’ve had a hard time since then. Before I knew it, I found myself repeating to myself why I shouldn’t interfere in the lower realms, and I was scared.”

“I see.”

“Don’t just say I see to me that lightly, God of Light. You almost destroyed the Creator God. Don’t you feel guilty or something?”

“Do you think there is?”

“I’m asking you.”


“I said, and I said it clearly, you almost destroyed the Creator God, and you said it clearly that you don’t feel guilty about it.”

“I thought you’d be cured. I was hoping that the brokenness would heal you a little better… Right?”

“It’s unreasonable to think that all these selfish gods are getting me into trouble when I’m properly doing the Creator God’s work.”

“Is that so? It is not good that there is a difference of opinion between the Creator God and the other gods. Shall we conduct a survey after all?”

“…That’s fine. I’m not free either, you know. Rather than that, go and call the God of War, the God of Magic, and the God of Entertainment. I’ll make them apologize this time.”

“Again? The Gods of War and the others are already tired of it. They don’t like a boss who can’t read the air.”

“It’s not a matter of being bored or not being able to read the air. I’m trying to make them realize that there is no mistake in what the Creator God is doing and how foolish they are for making fun of the skills I have given away.”

“Sigh, I understand. I’ll go get them.”

“Yeah, hurry up.”




“So that’s why you are here?”

“Yeah, that’s why I came here.”

“Huh. I guess he’s a persistent one, huh?”

“Yeah, I think he’s very persistent.”

“It’s a pain in the ass, but it’ll be even worse if I don’t go… Good grief.”

“It can’t be helped, can it? It’s too much trouble to be called on endlessly. I’ll go call the God of Magic and the others, too.”

“Well, let’s go.”




“Hahahaha, good, you have come, you fools who have challenged the Creator God.”

“…Now that I’m here, can I go now?”

“No, you can’t, because now’s a good time.”

“All right, enough of this shit; let’s get on with it.”

“It can’t be helped that the mood is bad. Well, I’m sure you guys know that, but it’s time for you to get down on your knees. Put your heads on the ground and say, “I’m sorry, Creator God,” do you understand?”


“God of Light, couldn’t you fix the head of the Creator God?”

“God of Entertainment, it’s terrible in the first place. It doesn’t make any difference either way, so don’t make the God of Light say sad things.”

“…Yeah, I get it. God of Magic is right. Sorry, God of Light.”

“No, it’s okay. I can’t tell if he’s cured or not, either.”

“Well, what the heck, it’s more hopeful that he’s not cured. Let’s pretend he is not cured.”

“I agree with the God of War. God of light, when he is cured, he should be a little saner, so it should be fine.”

“Thank you, God of Entertainment. Yes, we mustn’t give up hope.”


“You guys can say whatever you want as long as you listen and be quiet. I’m a sane person.”

“You can’t judge such things for yourselves, so you should go and see the God of Healing. It is troublesome, but I will visit you once in a while.”

“God of Magic is so kind. I will not go.”

“Well, I’ll go with you. It’s a pity that he’s so bored.”

“Creator God, please treat yourself well. See you later.”

“Wait, wait, wait, you’re making me sound completely crazy. Don’t misrepresent the story.”

“No, Creator God, you’re a crazy god. You are not a person. Do you know that? You’re seriously ill.”

“It was just a little slip of the tongue. Everyone makes mistakes, right?”

“…But Creator God says that there is no such thing as mistakes by Creator God. I knew you weren’t completely cured.”

“Even the God of Light… Now, just hear me out, okay?”

“It can’t be helped; I’ll go along with it. What is? Say it.”

“Why does the God of War seem to be so bossy? Well, it’s okay; the story is not going anywhere, so I’ll let it slide. Now, about Wataru-kun, I think even you incompetent people can understand the beauty of the ship summoning. I’ll forgive you for your incompetence by getting down on your knees. I am merciful, aren’t I?”

“…I don’t understand why you’re talking like that. Especially, why are you asking us to apologize to you?”

“Me neither.”

“Well, before that, it was Creator God who had to get down on his knees, wasn’t it? After all, you’ve caused us so much trouble.”

“Eh? …Eh? This is where you get down on your knees and say you’re sorry for calling a great skill a shitty skill. Maybe you guys should go see the God of Healing.”

“Really? Hmm, maybe our hearts are tired from all the nonsense we have to deal with. God of War, God of Entertainment, shall we go there now?”

“Really? Well, it’s better than staying here.”

“I guess so. Even the gods need to be maintained once in a while. What about the God of Light?”

“I’m tired, too. Maybe I need a checkup, too.”

“Then let’s go together, shall we?”


“No. If it’s a medical checkup, then go after my talk. Now that it’s been proven that ship summoning isn’t a shitty skill, it’s time for you to apologize, you know.”

“Explain to me how that’s been proven.”

“God of War, why are you acting so high and mighty? …Sigh, well, that’s okay. Now I’m going to prove my righteousness. The ship summoning, which you guys called a shit skill, has destroyed most of a country’s navy. What do you think about that?”

“Hah, I see what you mean. You know, just think of all the unique skills you’ve given so far. Destroying most of a country’s navy? Most of the unique skills that have been given to other otherworlders for such things would have been possible from day one. That otherworlder struggled for over a year and left the attack to others. I know the ship summoning is a unique skill; I know it has some power. The question is, how does it compare to the unique skills you’ve given so far? What is it? Ship summoning to an otherworlder who fell into a meadow? Trials? You haven’t given them to other otherworlders, have you? Cost money to buy a ship? You don’t give money to the otherworlder and make him work hard to earn it? Is this another ordeal? A great skill that matures late? Why is there a need for big-time development? I don’t understand what you are saying and what you are doing. If you gave him the power of a late bloomer skill after serious consideration and wanted to see what he would do, that would make sense, but ship summoning skill because he fell from the sea, and his name has something to do with the sea? All those things are included, and I’m saying you gave him a shitty skill. Idiot.”

“…Are you going to go that far? Are you going to say that much to me? I’d be angry too.”

“I’m mad at you right now.”

“Hey, God of Light, God of Magic, this is going to be a big fight, isn’t it?”

“Phew, I guess so. I’m with the God of War. Even if it doesn’t come true, I’d like to put some magic into him.”

“Assuming a fight! It’s getting more and more important, God of Light. A battle between gods is beyond amusing.”

“I’m… in a position where I have to side with the Creator God, don’t I?”

“No, it’s not a question of which side you’re on; we have to stop the fighting. Hey, God of Light, come to your senses.”

“Come on, God of Entertainment. We can gather all the dissatisfied gods and beat that guy to a pulp anyway.”

“God of Magic, you’re totally ready to kill him, aren’t you? You can’t get the other gods involved. I beg you, please calm down.”

“Yes, that’s right. God of Darkness and God of Fire will be on our side. The God of Earth and the God of Water will be neutral…”

“God of Light. Don’t think about the power. I mean, you are choosing to fight the Creator God. He’s really not on good terms with the God of Fire or the God of Creation. It’s not funny. They’re going to kill each other. Please, God of Light, let’s think about stopping this. If the God of Light takes command, it’s going to be a really big war. Oh, it’s started. Why do you have to start it, God of War?”

“Well, I’m off then.”

“No, God of Magic, don’t do this.”

“Oh, what is it? What’s going on? Is it a fight?”

“Why are the God of War and the God of Magic fighting against the Creator God? It looks like fun.”

“Yes, if it’s against the Creator God, there’s no shortage of them. Let’s go.”


“Sword God, Demon God, Dragon God, why are there so many bloodthirsty ones coming at a time like this? Hey, God of Light, what are you going to do?”

“Whewーーー, I’ve calmed down. It’s all right, God of Entertainment. It’s not a fight to kill each other; it will end in just a fight.”

“The God of War and the God of Magic were going to kill him, right? The Sword God, the Demon God, and the Dragon God have all joined in.”

“Even so, it won’t be a problem unless the Creator God seriously tries to extinguish them. Both parties are frustrated with each other, so let’s just watch the situation as a way to relieve stress.”

“I-I understand.”




“Hahahahaha, it’s been a billion years since you’ve stood up to me. Crawl on your knees and reflect. Hahahahaha.”

“Wow, Creator God-sama, you’re having so much fun. I feel kind of bad, you know?”

“Yes, but we did it to each other, so it must have been a good stress reliever for both of us. I hope it calms you down a little.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I guess so.”

Later on, the God of War, the God of Magic, the Sword God, the Demon God, the Dragon God, and the additional gods who had participated in the battle were lying in shreds, laughing high and battered.


~Guild Adventurer’s Guildmaster of Barletta’s POV~


“That’s right; it was my fault, so please turn the work on the medicinal herb cluster over to us, too.”

I chased after Girasole but couldn’t get to them in time, so I came to the merchant guild to apologize to them anyway.

“…Even if you say so. It’s a problem to add the adventurers’ guild, which has been hostile to such meritorious people, to the list without their permission, you know.”

After all, that’s what they were talking about, wasn’t it? The discovery of a cluster of precious medicinal herbs and the offering of Ryu’s scales. Either one of these would be a major asset. It would be tough to get in on the concession without making an apology, especially since the Ryu’s scales would cause a huge stir all over the continent, and it was 100% my fault.

“…It’s true, but when I went to apologize to them, they had already left. I tried to follow them, but they had sailed away.”

“Hmm… but the Cardinal has sent knights and soldiers to help us, and we’ve been able to get around without any problems. At the very least, you need to apologize to Girasole and talk to the cardinal. That place is now completely under the control of the state.”

They’ve established a situation where they don’t need the adventurers’ guild completely. If they were short on manpower, I might have been able to get by if I’d just bowed out of the way… but I can’t complain. I’ll go after them and apologize to them wherever they are.

“I understand. Wherever they are, I’ll go after them and apologize. I’m sorry, but please inform the Cardinal.”

“I understand. I’ll make the arrangements.”

“Thank you.”




Whew, I left the sub-master to do the work and arrived at the Southern City, where Girasole is based. I asked the adventurer’s guild where they were, and they said their hometown was at war, and they were headed for the Kingdom of Brescia? What the hell is this?

…Next time, I’ll listen to what people have to say, even if it pisses me off.


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