Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 5 Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Idle Talk: Antonino


My name is Antonino, the second son of a prestigious marquis family and one of only four in the empire to possess the unique skill. I am a true elite, blessed with both family background and talent.

During the current invasion of the Kingdom of Brescia, I was to assist in the attack on the naval headquarters of the Kingdom of Brescia. Normally, I should have participated in the attack on the royal capital, but they cried that there would be a crushing battle between a large magic ship and a large magic ship.

Well, my laser beam has outstanding penetration power, although it cannot fire continuously. No matter how good a barrier master is on board a large magic ship, it’s pointless, so it’s no wonder they’re relying on me.

I decided to cooperate specially and get on board the large magic ship. The room I was shown to was, naturally, the best room. I showed my generosity by graciously accepting the captain’s greeting.

The ship was ready to sail, and it would be a short trip. The food and drinks prepared for me were not bad. Well, they’re entertaining me. Of course, I would expect nothing less than first-class food.

But there are only men on this ship. I doubt the captain’s ability if he can’t even think of a beautiful female officer to support me.

…Oh, I see; that kind of captain must be anxious about my presence. I see that some of them have a bit of a brain, relying on me, the elite, to clean up the mess of the incompetent.

After a long and tedious voyage, I was rudely summoned to the ship in the middle of the night. This captain is really useless, disturbing my sleep. I will punish him later. What was his name again?

…Hmm, I think he introduced himself to me, but I don’t need to remember his name if he’s only the captain. Well, it is not very mature for me, a true elite, to punish a captain like him.

“So, what do you want? If you have bothered me with your nonsense, I will not tolerate it.”

“Yes, I would be grateful for your help, Antonino-sama, as per the strategy.”

Strategy? …Is there such a thing? Well, there was a time he came to my room and talked a lot, wasn’t there?

“What kind of strategy?”

“I came up to you during the day to explain…”

“Explain it again.”

“Yes, we want Antonino-sama to hide around the naval headquarters of the Kingdom of Brescia in a small magic ship, and when we approach, and the enemy’s large magic ship appears, we want you to sink it.”

“What? Do you want me to sneak around and hide? There is no need to do such a thing; just face them squarely and openly. I am here, after all.”

Good grief, this incompetent fool, even if it’s a large magic ship, it’s no match for me.

“I know very well about your power, Antonino-sama. But we are mediocre at best, and if we don’t have a plan, we will be a liability to Antonino-sama. I cannot sleep at night thinking of the damage we could do to Antonino-sama’s wonderful career with our foolishness. Please help us in our foolishness.”

Oh, these people were aware of their own incompetence; they were a little sane, then I would grant their desperate wish.

“Alright, I’ll lend you a hand.”

“””””Thank you. Antonino-sama.”””””


It doesn’t suit me, but it’s a desperate request, so I’ll be patient and get on the small magic ship. I slip past the Kingdom’s navy patrol boat and duck into a position where the ship would pass.

It seems to have been well prepared; a hole has been dug, a little cramped but fit to rest with no problem. I thought they were incompetent, but maybe they can be of some use. I am the true elite. I have the generosity to appreciate even the useless when I see the good in them.

The Imperial Navy is approaching as planned. The Kingdom’s navy patrol boats spotted us, and the Kingdom’s navy headquarters became noisy. In a few moments, a large magic ship will also come through.

“Antonino-sama, three large magic ships, five medium-sized magic ships, and many others of the Kingdom’s navy are coming this way.”

“Leave it to me.”

The large magic ships were passing through the dark night sea with their lights on. It’s a piece of cake at this distance. The other mages will not be able to reach it. I’m afraid of my own awesomeness.

My laser beam is powerful, but because it is powerful, it takes about three minutes to release it. But at this distance, I can certainly sink two large mage ships before they get out of range.

I fire my laser beam at the large magic ships. Hmm? It pierced through the large-size ship and made a big hole in the medium-sized ship as well. Well, my laser beam should be able to do that.

I prepared again and fired at the second large mage ship. There was no way it could dodge my laser beam, and it was easily destroyed.

Boring, there must have been someone in the Kingdom of Brescia who could use unique skills. It would be a little more enjoyable if they came out. Perhaps they’ve already been sunk?

The third large mage ship was out of range, but I fired a laser beam at the medium-sized mage ship. After that, I take a small magic ship back. On the way, I fired laser beams at any mage ships I saw, ending with an overwhelming victory for the Imperial Navy.

If I could also shoot my laser beam at the Kingdom’s navy headquarters and send in the Imperial Marines, we would easily win the battle. After all, didn’t the opponent’s unique skill holders show up? I wanted to show them the difference in skill.

Moving to the Kingdom’s navy headquarters, I heard that one-third of the ships were heading to occupy Lucca. They wanted to occupy the city without a scratch, so they asked me to wait here. My laser beam is too destructive, a stroke of genius, you might say.

When I contacted the capital to let them know that I would be needed, they said they would wait for me there. It seems that the Kingdom of Brescia has no powerful enemies that need me. I’ll just relax and enjoy my vacation.




After a while, I received a report that the Imperial Navy, which had blockaded Lucca, had been wiped out. To be defeated by the poor Lucca navy, no matter how incompetent you are, is shameful.

Subsequent reports indicate that Lucca has floated huge ships and is on the lookout for the Imperial Navy. Foolishly, to me, a huge ship is nothing but a target. Well, after a while, they will come crying to me. Let’s sink it quickly and let the world know how wonderful I am.

After a while, there was a commotion as I set sail for Lucca. A small magic ship attacked us by surprise. The Imperial Navy was unable to sink even one of those small magic ships.

Well, I’ll take care of it.

“Why, why didn’t I hit it? Why are they moving around so much, you unpleasant insects?”

The small magic ship evaded all my attacks and left.

“Antonino-sama, there is something wrong with that ship. Let’s turn back and gather more information.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. That ship will not be able to sink a large or medium-sized magic ship. If I go to Lucca, I will easily destroy both the huge ship and the city walls. After that, sinking that small magic ship will be no problem. Now head for Lucca.”


Good grief, I am tired of dealing with incompetence. We will arrive in Lucca after an overnight stay. If I were there, there would be no problem, but the incompetent captain unusually protested that we should start the war when it would be advantageous. He is an intolerable fool, but I, being a generous man, will accept his opinion. I will punish him when we return to the empire.

We wait for a while, and then the naval battle begins. Let’s sink that big ship quickly and show them how foolish they are to oppose the empire. A ship will sink if you drill a hole in it.

I fire the laser beam I had prepared at the huge ship. It’s over.

“Antonino-sama. The enemy ship is undamaged.”

“What are you saying…”

The huge ship in front of me is floating as if nothing happened.

“It’s ridiculous; why? This can’t be happening.”

I immediately start preparing a laser beam.

“Antonino-sama, the ship from yesterday is coming.”

“No problem, I’ll take care of it myself.”

While I was preparing, the ship was attacked several times and was shaken. They can’t even finish off a small magic ship, these incompetents. I’m ready, and this time I’m going to hit the huge ship with my laser beam.

“Ridiculous… why, why doesn’t it work?”

As I was stunned, our ship began to shake and sink. I ran for my life and jumped into the sea. It’s like I’m having a nightmare. The next thing I knew, I was a prisoner of the Kingdom of Brescia.


~Captain’s Perspective~


One day, I was ordered to lead an imperial fleet to occupy the naval headquarters of the Kingdom of Brescia and the trade city of Lucca.

I was told that they would send someone with unique skills to help us. He is the second son of a marquis family and is said to be a proud and troublesome person.

His unique skills are powerful, but he also has many weaknesses and seems to be a complete cannonball. I was told that the best way to use him is to just humble yourself and have him shoot laser beams at the desired location.

It certainly worked well when we were humble. He did a remarkable job when he attacked the Kingdom’s navy base. In a sense, he might be an easy man to deal with.

However, after hearing about the destruction of the imperial fleet that had been dispatched to Lucca, the situation changed. When we arrived in Lucca and saw the huge ship, I had a bad feeling about it, but I pushed my fears to the back of my mind when I saw the laser beam.

My fears were realized, and the huge ship stood unscathed, despite the direct hit from the laser beam.

As our ship was sinking, I decided to share my fate with this ship.


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