Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 6 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Radical Ines and Calm Felicia and Breasts


Hmm, since the second prince threatened me, is it possible for me to threaten him back? …Me threatened him before that? How?

“Even if I threaten him back, it’s not like I’m going to fight with the empire, and if I can get away with it, then I might as well run away. Also, this is an important conversation, so let’s talk about it properly without acting.”

I took off my hood. There is no need to discuss such a story while acting, is there?

“I’m sorry to interrupt the conversation. Ines, please continue where you left off.”

“Yes, Master’s power will be known to other nations in this war. Although Master intends to conceal his identity, you will no doubt be suspected because of your relationship with Girasole. When they suspect you, their response will depend on whether you are a mage who is dangerous when offended or a mage who flees when threatened. If you can make them think that it is dangerous to even find out who you are, they may only suspect you.”

“…Well, I’ve been threatened here, so I have to threaten them back with all my might and make them think I’m a dangerous mage if they try to touch me, right? But my identity is questionable, right? Won’t they think I’m too dangerous?”

“That depends on what you do from now on. If you escape, if you are discovered, you will probably be approached by the authorities, so you will have to live in hiding, right? Well, Master can live on the ferry for decades, and I don’t think there would be any problem if you lived on another continent. If you threaten them back and make them think it’s dangerous, you can walk out, although they’ll be suspicious of you. If you can make them think it’s different in the meantime, maybe you’ll get some peace and quiet back.”

“Hmm, what to do? That’s a hard choice…”

“We could just threaten them back and run away if things get messy.”

Ines’s idea is radical, isn’t it? But since we came out of the emergency, a little research at the point of departure will show that it’s fishy, and we can either be suspected and hide from trouble, or we can be suspected, but it’s risky, and they’ll just watch us?

Which would be better? I don’t have to stick to this continent, and I could just run away and live comfortably on another continent.

“Hey, on second thought, can’t we just pass on the threats and tell them we don’t want to meet them? I mean, I’m on a ship, so I’m not afraid of threats or anything.”

“That won’t get them to give up. They want to use Master for the sake of the Kingdom of Brescia. And yet, it’s stupid to come out with high pressure instead of taking the low blow. Besides, if you stay in there, as I said before, you’ll get unnecessary pressure from them.”

Hmm… I kind of feel that way, but why is Ines so extreme today? She’s different from usual, isn’t she?

“Hes Inez, you seem very belligerent; what’s wrong?”

“Is that so? …I might be a little worked up.”

“Yeah, you’re not always like that. What’s wrong?”

“It’s not like anything in particular, but I was just annoyed when I heard about the prince. I don’t like people who look down on me.”

“No, well, maybe you’re right, but he’s a prince, he’s a big shot, and it can’t be helped, can it?”

“Hmm, yes, but I don’t think what I said was wrong, do you?”

“I also thought it was possible for some reason… What do you think, Alessia-san?”

“Well, Ines is not wrong. The prince and the knight by his side were clearly after Wataru-san. I don’t think they’d give up just because you refused.”

Hmm, Alessia-san’s mood is kind of stiff. I wonder what’s wrong?

“I see. Well, then, I guess I’d better think about threatening them or running away.”

“I told you. I would recommend threatening them.”

Ines, you dislike the prince quite a lot, just from what you’ve heard from Alessia-san. What could make you dislike him so much?

“I’ll consider threatening them, but in the first place, do you think the prince’s side will be afraid of me just because I threatened them? How can I threaten them?”

“It’s easy for you, Master. The Fortress, or the Stronghold, summon them in front of the city walls. They will soon come crying to you.”

“No, no, if I do that, there will be a great uproar. If it’s badly done, the city walls might break down. The imperial army would pour in.”

Inez is still in a rage, isn’t she? Girasole is also upset, so let’s ask Felicia.

“What does Felicia think?”

“Even If you run away, refuse, and they come after you, you can try to threaten them, but I think just a few strong words will suffice. As Ines said, there is a possibility that solicitations will come from other countries, but you just have to deal with them then, so I don’t think there’s any need to overreact here.”

That’s right. There’s no need to strangle them with fear or anything like that. When Ines told me that, I wondered if that was right. I thought so, but I think Felicia’s opinion is better suited for me.

When the war is over, and people suspect me, I just say I’m not. I don’t know and insist. If they ask about the ship, I can just say that I bought it from a mage, and there’s a chance I can get by.

The mage was a friend of mine who I met on a trip, and we became good friends. Girasole was in trouble, so I asked the mage for his help, and he cooperated.

I have a feeling that would work. First, I’ll tell Alessia-san that an F-rank merchant she gets along with in the southern city introduced the mage to Girasole, who was in trouble, and I’ll ask her to spread the rumor.

I, as an F-rank merchant, will be the focus of attention, but it’s better than being suspected of being a mage. I know the mage, but I don’t know who he is. If that doesn’t work, I’ll run away.

“I think Felicia’s way is better suited for me. I can’t do Ines’s plan; it’s too radical.”


“No, don’t say ‘eh,’ Ines is getting a little too extreme for me; I think your blood is boiling in your head. Sure, you said some nasty things, but you have to keep your cool.”

Well, I, too, was almost taken in by Ines’s opinion, but… I feel like it would have been very dangerous what would have happened if I had been on board.

“Uh… I understand. I’ll think about it calmly.”

“Yeah, you should hold Rimu in your arms. It’s very soothing.”

“Fufu, yes, come here, Rimu-chan.”

He jumps from my lap to Ines’s with a pop. She smiles and gives Rimu a little squeeze. This should calm her down because Rimu is the best.

“Wataru-san, what do you do to threaten them strongly?”

“…Felicia, what should I do?”

It hurts me when she looks at me somehow. Ilma-san, you should have asked Felicia.

“Right. I think you should reply in writing. Since the other party knows little about Master’s abilities, wouldn’t it be better to say that you are going to destroy the Kingdom of Brescia? Since they know that you have great power, I think they will be afraid of you if you go in strongly.”

“…Ah, bluffing, I see. It seems to be scary when they find out, but if that’s all it takes, I’m fine with it. What do you think, Ilma-san?”

“I don’t know if I would call it a bluff. I think there’s nothing you can’t do with your power, Wataru-san…”

“Hahahaha, there’s no way I can do such a thing. Ilma-san, you must stop making jokes like that.”

The ship summoning is powerful, but it’s specialized for defense. It’s impossible to destroy a country.

“Ufufu, well, with Wataru-san’s character, it might be.”

“Yes, Master would probably choose to flee rather than destroy it.”

“So, how do I write a bullish statement? Should I just write something like, ‘Don’t be stupid, or I’ll destroy the kingdom of Brescia.'”

“…Master, we’ll figure out the statement ourselves. You just take a little break.”

“Really? Then, Ines, I’m counting on you. Be careful not to be too radical.”

“Yes, I understand. Felicia, Dorothea-san, Ilma-san, can you help me?”

The four of them gathered together and wittily thought about the contents of the letter. How about thinking about a threatening letter in a fun way?

“Wataru-san, may I have a word with you alone for a moment?”

Alessia-san, your expression has been hard the whole time. Everyone has noticed it, but they don’t seem to be able to mention it, so what’s going on?

“Yes, that’s fine. Would you like to go to my room?”

“Yes, please.”

We enter the room without talking for some reason. The atmosphere was somewhat tense, which I didn’t like.

“So, Alessia-san, what’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, Wataru-san.”

…Alessia-san suddenly bowed deeply to me. I don’t know what to do.

“What’s going on suddenly? Please raise your head and explain to me.”

“It’s that I got you involved in this war. I took advantage of Wataru-san’s kindness, knowing that you didn’t want to stand out. As a result, it looks like our family will be safe, but I got you involved in a situation that antagonized the royal family, and for that, I am truly sorry.”

Alessia-san bowed her head again; I’m not very good at these situations. …I’m sure a popular guy would solve this problem smartly, but unfortunately, I’m not a popular guy; I can’t help it. I want to escape.

Also, if I was taken advantage of, I don’t think it was out of kindness but out of dirty-mindedness.

I’ll get her to raise her head somehow. Well, if my family is in a pinch, I’ll also use whatever I can use, won’t I? Speaking of which, how are my parents and brother doing?

I know they must be worried about me, but there’s nothing I can do about it. If I couldn’t come to this world, I’d probably drown in the ocean and die. I’ve fallen in love with this world where I can have a lovey-dovey time with big-breasted beauties…

It’s hard to say not being able to see my friends, but I don’t even have to think about the fact that I’m friends with a beautiful woman with big breasts… Call me a heartless person, but I, who am not popular, can have a love affair with a big-breasted beauty who is a high peak and a fantasy. I feel like I can say it’s inevitable that I don’t remember my family and friends.

What was the story again? Oh, we were talking about Alessia-san apologizing for getting me into trouble. Creator God-sama said there would be problems, and, well, I didn’t think it was a war. There’s trouble happening, but if I can handle it, I’ll be more likable.

I want to be the man who can turn troublesome things into opportunities…

“Um, Wataru-san?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Alessia-san, you don’t have to worry about it. I made the decision to sign the contract and to help you. There is no need for you to feel responsible.”

I feel like I said some pretty good things.

“But, in addition to the empire, even the Kingdom of Brescia, and even other countries, have started to pay attention to you. Is there anything we can do to help… for as much money as we can afford to pay for it?”

She looks so serious… I’d be more than happy to casually offer her an erotic reward. If they were serious, I couldn’t very well say, “I’d like to rub your boobs,” or anything like that, could I?

But I feel that a request for a boob rub is more acceptable than a request for a body, taking advantage of weakness.

Would I say it? I feel serious enough to be able to get a rub if I say so… Whether to take the boobs in front of me or the likability, that is the question.

If I take the boobs in front of me, I get temporary bliss. If I take the likability, hopefully, I will be able to enjoy the bliss anytime I want… To fix the profit or to believe in me and endure… This is troubling.

“…Well, I’ve given it a lot of thought, but there are too many to choose from. I’ll ask you to help me when I decide.”

Postponement, after all, even with this chance, I didn’t have the strength of mind to say, let me rub your boobs. I am pathetic, and I am deeply ashamed of myself for running away to the safe answer rather than my desire.

“I understand. Please tell me anytime. I will do anything I can do.”


By any chance, she’s not starting the Viscount Jacopo’s plans, is she?


Say it, say it, and tell her that you want to rub her boobs.

“Oh, well, I’m, uh… a man, so when you say anything, I imagine something a little ecchi…” [T/n: Ecchi: H or Pervert.]

“Oh, something ecchi you mean…? that…”

“I’m sorry; please forget it.”

I’m a spineless loser. I could not say boobs, I could not say perverted things, and I could finally say a little ecchi things, but I couldn’t stand the pressure, and I lost my nerve.

“Shall we go back? Let’s go, Alessia-san.”


Tormented by a sense of defeat, I trudged back to the cafeteria. I’m in a mood now where I wouldn’t hesitate to summon a ferry to the city walls to calm my nerves.


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