Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 6 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – The Second Prince and the Knight Looking From Above


The naval battle with the Imperial Navy was over, and food had been shipped to Lucca. The Imperial Army was also not moving, and I was living a life of debauchery holed up on the ferry when a medium-sized magic ship and two small magic ships carrying the royal flag arrived at the port.

“Ah, Ness, Shea, I have a strong feeling that trouble is about to befall us, but maybe I’m imagining it?”

“I hope it’s just your imagination, but I don’t think it’s going to be possible.”

“Ness is right. Master, unfortunately, I think it’s harder for us to hope for the best later on.”

“Am I really going to get involved after all? Can’t you think of anything other than trouble, like royalty coming into the port when it is surrounded by the imperial army?”

“Mage-sama, we are waiting in Lucca. I will let you know if we learn anything.”

“I understand. Alessia-san, if you have the Galette in your possession, it could be troublesome, so please have Ness send it to me. Well, I would like to believe that they will not suddenly try to take the Galette away from me, but let’s be cautious.”

“I agree; we should be very careful.”

I asked Ness to take Girasole back to Lucca, and we went back to the room.

“Whew, other than putting on the hood and doing the act, the current situation was pretty easy.”

“Fufu, yes. When we were not training, we watched movies, had drinks, and took it pretty easy.”

“Yeah, to be honest, I had a lot of fun. But it’s hard to think that the royalty won’t get involved with me, and I’ll have to do my best to avoid as much contact as possible.”

“That’s right.”

As Ines came back, we discussed what might happen in the future while playing with Rimu.


~Alesia’s point of view~


We returned to the base that the marquis had prepared for us and asked Marina, Carla, and Claretta to go talk to their families in case of an emergency.

I, Dorothea, and Ilma will discuss the future. The imperial army surrounding Lucca alone is troublesome, but I want to be spared from the royal family.

“The royal family has come to port in such a dangerous place, their purpose is to get rid of the imperial army, and I think they heard about Mage-sama and are trying to take advantage of him; what do you think?”

“Alessia is probably right. And we, who have the contacts, will be called in.”

“Well, I think you are both right. The question is, who will be there, and what will they do with Mage-sama?”

“Ah, yes. Does Ilma have any idea?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure they had a chance to escape before the siege of the royal capital, and while the princesses would not come to a dangerous place, all of the princes are possibilities. But the fourth prince would be too young, so can we rule him out?”

“That would make three. I know only rumors, but the crown prince is strong in character, with a good command of both the military and the civilian arts. The second prince is a military enthusiast. I don’t know much about the third prince. Do you know about him?”

I thought royalty was irrelevant, so this is about all I know. Ilma is well aware that the fourth prince is very young, isn’t she?

“I’ve heard that the third prince was never much of an outgoing person. He seems to like magic.”

Dorothea knows quite a bit about him. I wonder if it’s common knowledge that the third prince is fond of magic?

“From what you two have told me, the second prince is the one who would venture into such a dangerous place, isn’t he? The crown prince would have a hard time coming to such a dangerous place, given his position.”

“Well, I think even the second prince would have a problem coming to a place under siege, but Dorothea is right; the second prince is more likely. If that is the case, it is certain that he will contact Mage-sama, as he is a man who is very passionate about military affairs. We have to decide how we will respond.”

If he’s so keen on military affairs, he’ll definitely move to deal with the imperial army that’s besieging the capital. What will Lucca do?

“Well, our goal is the safety of our family and friends and then the defense of Lucca. Then we definitely need Mage-sama’s cooperation. I think our first priority should be to keep the contract.”

“Ilma’s opinion and the fact that we don’t want to incur the wrath of the royal family are also important. The Kingdom of Brescia is at a disadvantage, and if they are offended, they will resort to violent means. It’s up to Alessia to do her best.”

“After all, I’m the one who has to answer to them, right?”

“Alessia is our leader; of course, you will. Ilma and I won’t be able to interfere.”

“Well, I’ll just have to try my best.”

If we’re not careful, they might try to use us as hostages to get Mage-sama to do what they want. I wonder what would happen if we were hostages?

…I can’t imagine it. I think he would try to help us, though. I can’t imagine him fighting… What would he do?

“Hmm? Someone’s here. I’ll go check it out.”

A guest… I wonder if this is a call at this time?

“Ilma, I’m going to get ready for the call. I’ll go with Dorothea, and you let the three of them know what’s going on.”

“Yes, okay. Good luck, Alessia.”


As expected, the marquis called me to the castle.

…This is the room where the marquis used to hold his military meetings, isn’t it? …I’ve been called to the castle quite a lot, but I’ve never been in the audience chamber. Is this normal?

When I was prompted to enter, I saw a young man sitting in the seat where the marquis usually sits.

“This is His Highness Prince Arnolf, the second prince of the Kingdom of Brescia.”

“I apologize.”

I was staring at him in a daze. I hurriedly kneeled down and lowered my eyes. As expected, it was the second prince.

“Good, this is a military council, stand up and answer the questions.”

I was told to stand up, but I wondered if I was allowed to stand up. I looked at the knight who had secretly reprimanded me, and he nodded, so I stood up.

“My name is Alessia, leader of the adventurer party Girasole.”


“You said your name is Alessia; answer me about the mage.”

The knight asked the question. I knew they were interested in Mage-sama… Let’s just say there’s not much I can honestly tell them.

“I apologize, but my contract prevents me from telling you most of what I know about Mage-sama.”

“Only what you can tell us. The rest I will ask the mage directly.”

Directly? Did they call Mage-sama? …Will he come? Mage-sama was happy he didn’t get into Lucca, and I’m sure he doesn’t think he needs to go in there anymore.

“Understood. Mage-sama doesn’t like to show off, and he doesn’t like people to know who he is. That’s why we signed a contract, and I can hardly speak to you.”

I’m glad we signed a contract before we left. I wonder if these people could have tried to force me to tell the truth… If the marquis had not checked the contract, would they have forced me to tell the truth?

“Can’t you tell us anything… about what kind of contract you have?”

This is so frustrating. I think the knight is of high status since he is on the side of the second prince… Are they upset because they are in the middle of a war?



Is it just me, or is he getting impatient with me?

“Yes, we signed a contract on the condition that we would not divulge information about Mage-sama, that he would not participate in attacks, that he would cooperate with us in defense matters, that he would help us if we need to escape, that he will not participate in negotiations with the higher-ups, and that we will not force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.”

“…He wants to hide his identity to that extent? Do you mind if I check that contract?”

“Yes, the marquis has already confirmed it, and if you wish, you can confirm it again.”

“I see.”

The knight looks at the marquis, and the marquis confirms with a nod.

“As I said, these people are of little use to us. But they do have a pretty face, so it’s best to let them seduce the mage, after all.”


Why is Viscount Jacopo here? He was captured, wasn’t he?

“Why, you ask? Oh, you mean, why am I here when I was captured? Because, of course, it was a mistake to be captured. I am an exemplary nobleman loyal to this country. When Lucca was freed and I saw that huge ship, I immediately reported it to His Highness, who was in charge of the nobility in the south. Strangely enough, the marquis did not give a detailed report, and His Highness listened to my story in detail, and I was proven innocent.”

…When I looked at the marquis, he looked as if he was biting a bitter bug. I had assumed that the royalty had heard the rumors since they were coming to a place surrounded by the empire, but it was the work of this guy.

“Are you properly seducing the mage, as I told you before?”


“No, you say, don’t you love this country, this Lucca? Then there must be something you can do.”

…His voice alone is enough to tell you that he’s in a terrible mood. This is the worst.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, you’re back.”

The attendant knight replies. For now, Viscount Jacopo’s conversation is interrupted.

“Hmm? Where is the mage?”

“I apologize, sir. I went to the ship, but I couldn’t touch it, and there was no answer when I called out to him.”

That knight must have gone to pick up Mage-sama. I guess he couldn’t see him.

“Alessia, explain what’s going on.”

I don’t like the way the knight said that. I wonder if it’s like that for a royal knight who comes here at Viscount Jacopo’s request while the marquis is so polite.

“I apologize, but according to our contract, I can’t explain.”

“…We can’t even meet him? It’s outrageously rude of him not to respond to His Highness’s summons.”

“Battalion commander, it was a huge ship, so it is possible that he did not hear it even if you shouted loudly.”

That knight is a battalion commander… knight battalion commander? Come to think of it; I haven’t even heard his name.

“…I saw it when we came to the port, and it sure was a huge ship. Alessia, can you meet with the mage?”

What do you mean? This knight, he talks too much, doesn’t he? He reminds me of some guildmaster, and it’s unpleasant. I think I’ll go home… Not good; I’m not going to let my family be harmed by this… I have to be patient.

“Yes, we can meet.”

“Then take the knight there and go see the mage.”

“I’m sorry, sir, I can’t.”

“Is it because of the contract…? You will go there, make him identify himself, and bring him here.” 

“It is possible to tell him your story, but I am afraid that Mage-sama will not like it. But I cannot do anything Mage-sama does not want to do, and I have a contract with him not to involve him in negotiations with the higher-ups, so I do not know if I can bring him to you.”

“…Tell him that His Highness wants to see him. If you tell him the fear of opposing his country, he will come at once.”

What is it about? The battle between the country and Mage-sama… I’d take Mage-sama’s side. He is not from this country in the first place. Besides, this country is on the verge of extinction, so why are they being so stubborn? I don’t understand.

“Your Highness, we don’t know all the abilities of the mage. I think we should be polite and ask for his cooperation.”

“Marquis-sama, you’re being naive. He is a mage of unknown origin. The reason why he does not reveal his identity is because he does not want to go against the state. We must make him understand the difference in power, take away his huge ship, and subjugate him, or he will be of no use to us in the future.”

Viscount Jacopo’s increasing arrogance is getting on my nerves. He is always saying unnecessary things.

“You say so, but you have not yet confirmed that he will not go against the state. It is dangerous.”

“Umu, Marquis has a point, but it is true that most of those who hide have a disadvantage in their power. We need easy-to-use pawns to save the Kingdom of Brescia. I take Viscount Jacopo at his word. Very well.”


I think the marquis’s idea is better. Mage-sama’s ability is unreasonable. But we’re in trouble; we have a better chance of being able to defend Lucca, but now that the royalty is here, we’re going to have to do a lot of extra work.

Especially Viscount Jacopo… I have to pay utmost attention to the safety of my family.


~Alesia’s point of view ends~


“Master, the ship is coming. Now Ness is on the watch to ensure that they don’t find us, but it seems that the knight is shouting something.”

“Hmm? The knight? It definitely has something to do with the royalty’s ship. Let’s just sneak over to see what’s going on.”


I go to the ramp where the ship is coming, and I hear the knight shouting something. I approach Ness, who is keeping watch, and ask her what she’s talking about.

“Ness, good work. What does the knight say?”

“The second prince wants Master to come to visit him. He repeats the same thing, asking you to identify yourself and accompany him.”

“…I don’t want to meet him. Can’t we just pretend we didn’t hear him and wait for Alessia-san and the others?”

“I think that’s a good idea. There’s nothing they can do if we pretend we didn’t hear them, and we’ll know what’s going on after we talk to Alessia-san and the others.”

Shea nodded, and we’ll just pretend we didn’t hear it. The size of the Stronghold has come in handy in an unexpected way.

“Well, let’s do that, shall we? Let’s just relax until Alessia-san returns.”


While playing with Rimu and playing tricks on Ness and Shea, we waited for Alessia-san and the others to arrive, and after about an hour, Alessia-san and the others returned in a small boat.

“Thank you for your hard work, everyone. Are you alright?”

“We are fine, but the purpose of the second prince’s visit to Lucca was to see Mage-sama and the ship. It seems that Viscount Jacopo reported to the prince about Mage-sama in detail.”

“What kind of a man is Viscount Jacopo?”

“He is the captain of Lucca’s navy, and he is the kind of guy who wants us to use our bodies to cajole Mage-sama. I was relieved when he was captured, but it seems he was let out of jail by the prince and was present at today’s military meeting.”

I look around, and all the members of Girasole look disgusted. For my part, I’m kind of glad they’re giving them the order that makes me happy, though.

“Oh, I see. Anyway, let’s talk in the cafeteria.”


We head to the cafeteria and resume our conversation over a cup of coffee.

“So, Alessia-san, a knight came over here as well. We pretended not to hear him, and he left, but it has something to do with this, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it seems that when I was summoned to the castle, they had already dispatched a knight to Mage-sama’s place as well. It seemed they wanted to reveal your identity and take you to the castle.”

“He was shouting something like that, wasn’t he? How was Alessia-san’s situation?”

“I was asked about Mage-sama, but I used the contract as a shield and didn’t tell them anything except the details of the contract and that Mage-sama didn’t want me to reveal his identity. However, they asked me to give a message to Mage-sama. He asked you to come to the castle and reveal your identity.”

“I knew it. It’s a hassle, isn’t it?”

“I am sorry. I told them that the contract does not allow for coercion. They told me to tell you that His Highness wanted to see you and that you must understand the fear of opposing the country.”

“They are trying to intimidate me, aren’t they? I don’t want to meet with such people.”

The fear of opposing the country? I’m too scared to understand the opposite. Hmm, what should I do? Revealing my identity is out of the question, and… should I run away? I think it would be better to just take Alessia-san and the others and their family and friends and get the hell out of here.

“I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

“I prepared myself for trouble when I got involved in this matter, and I don’t mind. I’d rather not discuss revealing my identity, so can we all just run away together?”

“Yes, I would like a few moments to make some preparations.”

“Master, may I have a word?”

“Ness, do you have an idea? Tell me.”

“First of all, I see no reason to accept the summons nor any reason to fear antagonism with the country. Master is not from this country, and it is too late to go against the country when you are fighting against the empire, isn’t it? If the other party comes at you in a bad way, or if they threaten you, you will be underestimated if you run away. I think we need to threaten them back and make them thoroughly regret it.”

…Ness started saying something scary; what should I do?


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  2. I picked this up again, because I hoped war might be more interesting.
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