Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 350

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Chapter 350 – Rest


Three days have passed since my conversation with Sir Leonard.

It seems that the pioneer village I created is doing well, and rumors of it have finally begun to spread among the lords and nobles of the region. No, the spread of the information has already been completed, and the meaning of the information and whether it is really true or not must have been verified. Recently, the number of nobles and lords requesting to see me seems to have increased.

“U-um. Is it okay to refuse all of them?”

“It’s fine. It’s Sylphy who decides where I will go and what I will do.”

I rubbed Byaku’s tail with both hands as I said that. The tail of Byaku, a fox-type beastman, is fluffy and soft. It’s really soothing to touch it.


Olivia, a goat-type beastman, is staring at the scene, but I ignore it. Olivia’s tail also has fluffy hair, but it is too short and too sensitive. I can’t stroke her tail in this way. Because the picture looks like I am touching her butt. Byaku’s fox tail is long and not so sensitive, so I can sometimes stroke it like this.

“So, how is your practice going?”

“Yes, I think it’s going well. I still make a lot of mistakes and get scolded a lot.”

“That’s good to hear.”

The maid uniforms that Byaku and Olivia are wearing are maid uniforms that I designed. They are recognizable as maids because of the white aprons they wear, but the clothes underneath the aprons are completely different.

So this time, I dug up my memory, made up a new maid outfit, and distributed it to the beastman girls as a custom-made outfit. Maid uniforms have a strong subcultural connotation, but they are originally work clothes. A mini-skirt with visible breasts is completely out of place as work attire. Therefore, I designed a skirt that is long and well-made.

It was so well received that I was asked to make quite a few of them for the maids in the castle and some of the royal guards.

Well, I made only four kinds, extra-large, large, medium, and small sizes, and it is not easy to make them fit perfectly because each person’s physique is different. However, I can make any amount of the same fabric that I used for the maid uniforms. And since there are samples and materials available, it is not so difficult to imitate them.

If I made reservations at the craft table, the maid uniforms themselves and the fabrics would all be ready while I slept, and in the blink of an eye, the maids in the castle changed their outfits to the maid uniforms I knew.

And I don’t know if it was because they saw the maid uniforms I had spread, but even Melty’s clothes had changed to maid uniforms. Prime Minister-dono, it is true that just seeing a girl in a maid’s outfit soothes my heart, but I think there are a lot of problems with you wearing a maid’s outfit.

“Hmm, I don’t feel at ease.”

“Because it’s Her Majesty’s order.”

“I know that’s true, but…”

Today, I’m in a relaxed mode in my private room with the beastmen maids by my side. The reason is since I returned from my business trip, I’ve been doing a lot of things I needed to do in Merinesburg that I hadn’t had time to do for a while. I think I was busy every day. I had a lot of things to do because I was reaching out to so many different directions. I also wanted to check on Ellen and the harpies, and since I had returned, I wanted to flirt with Sylphy, Isla, and Melty. I also need to keep Seraphita-san company―in more ways than one―and I need to check in with Sylphy’s sisters, Driada-san, Iphrita, and Aquawill-san.

As a result, I was on a tight schedule from the time I woke up until I went to bed.

I had no problem with that, but by the standards of people in this world, it seemed I was working too hard. When Sylphy saw that I had been in such a state for more than two weeks, she finally made the decision to force me to take a break. As a result, I am now left to sit idle with the animal-eared maids, or rather, the beastmen maids, in my room, doing nothing.

“Like this, I have trouble with people telling me to just relax and do nothing. If work is no good, I’m really just taking my time, my leisure time.”

“Then why don’t you talk to them instead of refusing to see them…?”

“I don’t want to; it’s too much trouble. In any case, it’s just a bunch of blatant flattery, and a “How about my daughter?” It’s a story like that. Otherwise, it’s an application for a loan or a request to meet secretly somewhere.”

“Application for a loan is one thing, but secretly meeting somewhere is…?”

“The intentions are varied, aren’t they? Maybe they’re a spy from the Holy Kingdom, and they’re trying to lure me out to assassinate me, and there will be a young lady or something waiting for me when I go there, and they will be like, “You took my daughter, didn’t you? Then you have to take responsibility, won’t you? With your power, you may even be able to take the throne! I will do my best to help you! If you succeed, you will take care of me!” Or something like that.”

“The last one is a clear act of treason…”

Byaku, whose tail is being stroked by me, says so with a serious look on her face. Yeah, there’s no need to look so serious.

“It’s just a possible event that I can think of, not something that I’ve really been approached about. It’s just that it would be troublesome if that happened, right? That’s why I didn’t want to meet with them in the first place. Besides, it’s also an expression of my intention to be under Sylphy and belongs to Sylphy. In short, I’m taking precautions not to get into trouble by overreacting. My position is even more delicate, and everything I do is flashy.”

In addition, because I took a saint as my wife, I am recognized as a saint by the Adol Nostalgic faction, and I have a dragon as my companion, the Dragonis Mountain Kingdom treats me with high regard. In the Northern Campaign, I used a gigantic and powerful golem to smash and counterattack the two northern countries almost single-handedly, effectively forcing their total surrender.

In addition, I have recently been using my power to build dozens of new villages in a short period of time. The new villages are protected by high-quality fields and solid walls, have no water problems, and, so far, are off to a perfect start.

“It’s amazing to hear it like that again.”

“As expected of Kosuke-sama.”

“Should I say thank you here? Well, that’s why I’m so flashy. But I don’t have much contact with the nobility, and because of Melty’s influence, it’s not widely known what kind of person I am or what kind of ideas I have. Neither Byaku nor Olivia would have known who I was until we actually met and I introduced myself, and even then, you couldn’t be sure that I really was who I said I was.”

They both nodded at my words.

“So, maybe they are dissatisfied with Sylphy, maybe they really want me to become king, and if they can help me, they can get a sweet deal for themselves―That’s what Melty said.”

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but there’s no reason for Melty to lie to me, and Sylphy was nodding beside me when she heard it at the same place. I’ve heard the same story from Seraphita-san and Driada-san, and it seems that I’m being targeted in that way after all.

In fact, there are some nobles who say that I am the true ruler of this country, not Sylphy. I really don’t want to get involved with those people. I don’t want to be carried off as a king by mistake. It’s not that I don’t get along with Sylphy; in fact, I’m in love with her, so why do they want to carry me up?

“That’s why I don’t meet with nobles. If I do, it will only be with those whom Sylphy and Melty approve of. So I’m not just refusing to meet them because it’s a hassle, okay?”

“I understa――?”

Byaku’s fox ears suddenly perked up, and she turned her gaze toward the door of my private room.

“It’s bad!”


Olivia, perhaps startled by the sudden sound of Lime’s voice coming from behind her, lets out a cute scream. I’m not surprised because I’m used to it now.

“What’s wrong? Is there an incident?”

“There is?”

“I see?”

“They say Ellen is going to have a baby.”

“I see. Yeah? She’s going to have a baby?”


Hearing Lime’s reply, I hurriedly got up and was about to run――.

“…There’s no point in me rushing off there? Is it?”

I suddenly became calm and turned around and asked the three of them.

“Uh… Right. Men are strictly forbidden to enter the birthing area.”

“I’ve heard that the first birth takes a long time, so I think it would be best if you went in there after things have calmed down.”

“There’s Poizo, too. There is a potion too. There’s also a recovery method. Everything will be fine.”


I don’t know why it’s okay to have Poizo around, let alone potions and recovery magic, but as long as Lime says it’s okay, it must be okay. Lime never lies, you know.

“Anyway, let’s hurry and get going. They will need clean cloths, hot water, and food and drink for the long ride.”

With my full power, I can build an instantaneous oven or something to boil a lot of water right next to the room where the baby will be born. It would be very useful. Okay, there are things I can do. Let’s go.


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  1. “I don’t know why it’s okay to have Poizo around, let alone potions and recovery magic, but as long as Lime says it’s okay, it must be okay.”
    Because she is a slithering (instead of walking) dispenser of various pharmaceutical products, including analgesic gas? Why is he getting dumb out of nowhere?


    1. His first child is being born… Any good father would freak out and not think straight for a moment. And birth is only the first step. Afterward, a doctor must clean up any remains of the Placenta from the insides or you risk killing the mother with an infection or bloodloss… which is what almost happened to my mother, the doctor did a poor job and it almost cost her life.


  2. “A mini-skirt with visible breasts is completely out of place as work attire.”

    Insert “We were this close to glory” meme.


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