Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 6 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – A Month on the Dark Elf Island and Return to the Southern City


Morning, huh…? Morning? The light shining through the window made me calm down, and when I calmly looked in front of me, I saw Felicia smiling at me.

“S-sorry, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

It’s not good… I’ve unleashed all of my desires. One more time, one more time… and since my stamina never runs out, I got carried away.

I should be the one to take care of her, but I feel like she’s looking at me like a mother looking at a child who’s completely helpless. I-I’m so embarrassed.

“A-anyway, let’s take a bath.”

I fill the bath with hot water, imagining that the “Hideaway” will be clean.


“Felicia, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”

“Master, I’m really fine, so please don’t worry about it.”


You know, it’s kind of awkward after all the effort I put into the situation. In the morning, I woke up, and I was so happy and embarrassed that I had done it with Felicia… I just skipped that kind of happy and embarrassing event and went on until morning…

“Oh, Master, the Lutto has returned.”

“Eh, ah, yes, it is true. They have returned. Shall we give up going to pick them up and have them come here?”



“Good morning, Master. Have you had a good time?”


“I see. May I come in?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Ufufu. Thank you.”

My eyes are drawn to Ines taking off her clothes as she jumps in and hugs Rimu. After all that I’ve put out, I’m still excited… Does leveling up also enhance my sex drive? Or do I have a naturally high sex drive? It must not have been this high when I was in Japan.

“Hey, Master, your eyes are bright red… Are you staying up all night?”


“Ufufu, I won’t ask you again. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, don’t ask me that, please. I think it’s time we go up and head back to the village and take a little nap once we reach the island.


We returned to the dark elf island and took a nap on the Lutto until around noon.

Ines, who had stayed awake, and Felicia, who had taken a nap with me, gave me a firm daily kiss, and then we had lunch.

“Whew, that was a great meal. Shall we go check on the village after we rest a bit?”


I took a break while hugging Rimu and then headed for the village. The people in the village were drinking quite a bit, so I wondered if they were okay. We greeted the watchman and gatekeeper and went into the village to the village chief’s house, but we didn’t meet any people…

“Ah, there seem to be fewer people there than yesterday, or is it my imagination?”

“I don’t think it’s just your imagination. Well, the cause is clear, right?”

“Well, I think they drank too much.”

“I knew it. I’m sure everyone’s hung over or nursing the hangover.”

“That’s almost certain, I think.”

When we arrived at the village head’s house and knocked, Cecilia-san greeted us.

“I’m sorry. My husband is in bed because he drank too much alcohol.”

“Oh, I knew it. It was quiet in the village, so maybe it’s the same everywhere.”

The village chief was already drunk when I went to greet him.

“Yes, the people who take care of the fields and livestock have done the bare minimum of work and are sleeping in again. That’s why the village is so quiet.”

“Hahaha, so they were drinking even after we left. How long were they drinking?”

“The women returned about two hours after Wataru-san left. After that, the men went home on the way, and the women drank until they were exhausted, and then they were separated into those who were lying around in the square. By the way, my husband was lying around.”

“Ah, well, it’s a festival, after all, so it can’t be helped, can it?”

The village chief was willing to completely remove the restrictions at night. I’m sure he’s a man of his word, but… in this case, I don’t think he’ll be praised.

“Fufu, we had so much fun yesterday. I’ve decided to tolerate the festivities for the day.”

“That’s good. It’s hard to give a sermon when you’re hungover, after all.”

We had a light chat and left the village chief’s house. As I walk through the quiet village to leave, I suddenly hear the sound of children’s voices and see them running wild from the edge of the village. Hmm, it seems my eyes are getting better.

“Ah, it’s Wataru-niichan and the others. Hello.”



“Yes, hello. You are looking good today.”

Well, I guess it’s only natural since they haven’t been drinking… but the kid who was just eating seems to be fine too. He’s slim as usual. Speaking of which, I’ve never seen a chubby dark elf before.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“I’m fine.”

“Wataru-niichan, when will the next festival be held?”

“When are you going to do it?”

“When will it be? When will it be?”


It seems that the festival was so much fun that they are already looking forward to the next one. Well, everyone had a great time yesterday, and the adults in the village will be thinking about the next festival.

“Hmm, the next festival, huh? Maybe, but I think the village chief and the adults in the village will discuss it and decide on it, right?”

“Village chief? Then let’s ask him.”

“Let’s ask him.”

“Ask him. Ask him.”

“Oh, everyone, the chief is sleeping today… Ah, they’ve gone.”

“Yes, they’ve gone.”

“Ufufu, they’ve gone.”

Without any time to stop them, the children run toward the village chief’s house as fast as they can. It’s not impossible to catch them if I run after them, though, is it?

“Oh, the village chief will suffer for this.”

“Is that so? I wonder if Cecilia-san will stop them?”

“I think my mother will welcome them…”


Let’s pray for the village chief’s peace.




A month has passed since the day of the festival, and time has passed peacefully between the dark elf village and the Lutto ship. The people of the village, after recovering from their hangover, have been holding occasional meetings to discuss their desire to hold another festival. They were also eager to prepare more alcohol than ever before, which could be made on the island.

The women also gathered to practice singing and dancing and to cook some of the new dishes they had learned.

Reversi and Jenga were also popular, although there was only one of each, and everyone enjoyed them. I’ll have to remember to buy some next time I come back.

We don’t go to the village every day. We go out to the open sea once in a while and enjoy the Hideaway, the Fortress, and the Stronghold, each one on a different day.

Aside from just having a lovey-dovey time at night, I didn’t want to start having sex next to Ines, as it would certainly be beyond the realm of something ecchi.

When we did, Ines would stay in another room with Rimu. With a secret ambition to eventually have the three of us together, I decide to earn money.

In order to read manga on the Fortress, I summoned the Galette and the Galette No. 2, and when I told them they were free to go, they blasted off with big smiles on their faces. I feel that Ines is dangerous when she’s running wild, so I ask Felicia to take care of Rimu.

When they returned, Ines said that running at full speed is definitely more fun on the Galette, but in the case of the escape game, the Lutto is more enjoyable than the Galette.

But on the way home, she said that she and Felicia had a lot of fun racing on the Galette. It was a simple rule that the one who touched the Fortress the quickest won, but they had a great time.

They also spent a leisurely time with the village’s children, taking them around the island in the Lutto, which was disguised inside, and trying to see who could beat Rimu at Reversi.

By the way, Rimu won all the Reversi games, snapping the pride of the adults who had challenged him, thinking there was no way even a beginner could lose to a slime.

After spending a carefree day like that, we returned to Southern City today.

“Thank you for everything, Village Chief-san.”

“We are the ones who have been indebted to you. We were looking forward to building a village, but after the festival, we had a lot of fun with singing, dancing, Reversi, Jenga, new dishes, and many other things. Thank you again for all your help.”

“I am happy too if you say so. I will come back again, so please take care of me at that time.”

“Yes, we will be waiting for you.”

We left the island and headed for the Southern City. Speaking of which, what should I bring back as souvenirs? Since Girasole should have spread the word about my relationship with the mage, I’ll stop in Palermo and pretend that I was secretly traveling back and forth across the southern continent.

…I’ll give the remaining liquor to the men, and I’ll give Camille-san… Hmm, maybe I’ll just make tea with an assortment of pepper and a coral pendant, huh? It’ll look suspicious, but I’ll do my best to cover it up.

Although it would be easy to get to the Southern City on the Galette, there was no rush, so we decided to take it easy on the Fortress until we reached the halfway point.

As we approach the Southern City, we change to the Lutto. I’ll have to put the old disguise back on.

“Master, we will arrive at the Southern City tomorrow, won’t we? What will you do when you get there?”

“Oh, it’s probably going to be noisy with mage-related stuff, so we’ll just stock up on food and go to Donnino-san’s place to buy some Jenga and Reversi, and then we can’t predict what’s going to happen after that, can we?”

“I guess so. I am sure that you will be summoned by the guild master of the merchant guild. There is also a possibility that you will be summoned by the South Count-sama.”

“…You may be right. If the need arises, I will use the ship summoning, but until then, as much as possible, I will go through with the ship being sold to me after we become friends during the trip.”


“I think the other countries are also investigating Master. We don’t know what’s out there, so I’d like to ask Girasole to escort you when you leave the ship.”

“Hmm, yes, I suppose so. Anyway, let’s ask Girasole to stay with us until things settle down.”


We spent the day discussing the details. It’s a little nerve-wracking, isn’t it? I wonder why we are going all the way to Southern City, where troublesome things are waiting for us… when I think about it.

Well, if I am going to get into trouble anywhere on this continent, I’d rather be in Southern City with everyone from Girasole and Camille-san.

If I can deceive them well, I should be able to manage it. …Well, considering I am the mage or the possibility of offending the mage, even if I am told that they won’t do anything decent about torture, what about the not-so-decent ones? That’s what I think, and I’m not going to let my mind wander.


The following day, Ines and Felicia greeted me in the morning with a firm greeting. We have breakfast and enter Southern City. Since the port contract expired a long time ago, I paid the usual entrance fee, docked, got off the Lutto, and headed for the merchant guild.

“It seems we’re not going to be attacked out of the blue. Ines, Felicia, do you feel any strange presence?”

“Hmm, I can’t tell. What about you, Felicia?”

“I can’t tell either. But we are not experts in scouting, so we can’t be careless.”

“Yes, that’s right. Then, let’s go to the merchant guild carefully enough to avoid suspicion, shall we?”


We arrived at the merchant guild without incident and went inside. Is Camille-san around?


I turned my head to see Camille-san approaching with a short run.

“Ah, Camille-san, it’s been a long time.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time… but I need to talk to you. Can you come to the back room?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

Well, the information is circulating, so it’s only natural. Hopefully, though, I wanted it to end uneventfully. I followed Camille-san to the back room.

“Wataru-san, I said in the back room at that time, but we were actually heading to the guild master’s room. Is that okay?”

“Ah, yes.”

I knew it was going to be like this, but when it actually turned out to be as expected, I started to get anxious. I was led to the guild master’s room and went inside. Ah, I want to go home.


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