Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 6 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – The Festival’s Opening and with Felicia…


Well, what am I supposed to do? I’ve just been asked to give the opening speech. Everyone in the village is itching to get started, so I guess I’ll just have to take a shot.

“Well, the great task of village migration has finally come to an end today. Let’s have a lot of fun, drink and make a lot of noise. However, today’s festivities will continue into the night. Please make sure not to lose your pace. Let’s toast to the continued growth of the village!”

As I signaled for a toast, the villagers joined in with their own toasts. …Well, it was a bit chaotic, but I don’t know how to make it easier to time the toast.

Well, it’s good that everyone seems to be enjoying themselves as they gather for the food.

“Fufu, good job. That was good.”

“Thank you, Master. I’m sorry for my father’s unexpected behavior.”

“Haha… well, it was a bit of a rush, but I managed to make it all right, so no problem. Let’s enjoy the festivities.”


Looking around, people were picking up the food they wanted and chatting with each other while eating. The food we served was popular, and they seemed to be pleased with the flavors they had never tasted before.

Some of the villagers had already picked up a bottle of wine and started drinking it with relish. I wonder if they’ll last until the campfire.

“Ines, Felicia, some people have started to gather at Jenga and Reversi, so let’s go and explain the rules to them. Once we teach some of them, I don’t think there will be any problems.”


People were gathering at the table where the Reversi and Jenga were set up and making a lot of noise. The kids seemed to enjoy playing with them, and I wondered if the adults were interested as well. Those kids didn’t leave the cooking table, though.

I explained the rules in a brief manner and showed them how to play Reversi against each other. Those who understood the rules were quite excited, playing against each other and interjecting into the game over drinks.

Since the Jenga has simple rules and the defeat is easy to understand, there have already been several games played, with a mixture of screams and cheers every time they fall down.

It’s a good thing I brought it. It looks like it helped to liven up the festivities. Villagers who had prioritized eating also gathered around to hear the rules.

After a while, they chat amongst themselves, celebrating the completion of the village while eating the food or drinking wine while bragging about their own homes.

Well, it’s not quite the festival I had in mind, but that’s okay. There aren’t many food stalls, and it seems like it would be fun to chat peacefully.

We eat our food and chat while Rimu takes the food he wants to eat.

“Rimu, are you having fun?”

“Lots and lots of fun.”

“I see; I’m glad you’re having a lot of fun. Let’s eat a lot.”


The evening was like a big dinner party, but it was leisurely and peaceful. Beautiful dark elf girls gathered around me to ask me how to cook the festival food, and the atmosphere was like a girls’ night out. …I’ve never been to a girls’ night out, so I’m just guessing.

I’m afraid to interrupt, so I decided to enjoy the moment, fantasizing about being surrounded by beautiful dark elf women and being in a bit of trouble.

In fact, some of them may be elderly, but they are all beautiful and have big breasts. In a way, it was an ideal situation for me, and even if I didn’t say a word, I had a pretty happy time… Thank you, Creator God-sama.

I wonder if the more successful the dark elf migration is, the more people this island will become my dream island… I’m beginning to think Romano-san’s assertion is justified.

“Wataru-niichan, there are so many dishes; they’re so delicious!”


“I’m full, but I’ll eat.”

The children came to praise the food. I’m kind of plainly happy. I don’t have the attributes of Loli or Shota, so maybe I’m just honestly happy. And the last kid seems to be planning to push the limits. You’ll break your body, you know.

With the help of others, we bring in the rest of the food. As expected, many people were full and did not gather, but they continued the festival, picking up the food little by little.

As it gets dark, it’s time to start the campfire, which I’ve been waiting for. Well, no one but me knew about the campfire.

“Everyone, please gather around. We are going to start the campfire.”

At the sound of my voice, the villagers gather around. It seems like a ritual, so I ask the village chief to light the fire.

“Uh, could you all please turn off the magic lights? If this fire is burning up and the light is not reaching the area, please turn on the lights again later.”

In response to my request, the villagers turned off the lights one after another. When the last light went out, a deep darkness and a star-filled sky appeared. This is beautiful, isn’t it?

“Then, Village Chief-san, please light the straw inside with the daily life magic fire.”

“I understand.”

In the deep darkness, a small fire made by the village chief floated up and lit the straw. Gradually, the fire grew larger and larger, igniting the firewood and turning it into a large flame.

The square is illuminated by the flames, and the area around the campfire becomes bright. Magic light is beautiful, but creating light with flames like this has a nice atmosphere.

The people of the village were gazing at the unusual sight.

“It’s beautiful in its own way. When I was an adventurer, we sometimes made bonfires, but never this big, so I was a little impressed.”

“Yes, I wondered why you made such a big fire, but now I understand why Master wanted to make it.”

Eh? You wondered about it? Well, I made it for no particular reason, though.

“Haha, I’m glad you were pleased with it.”

“Wataru-san, this is wonderful. It looks fantastic.”

“Ah, Village Chief-san, I’m also surprised that the atmosphere is better than I thought.”

“I see. We were forest dwellers ourselves, so we never had to use a big fire, and everyone was surprised.”

I see. Forest fires are scary, aren’t they? Maybe that’s why they had never thought of making a big fire.

“Now, Village Chief-san, I think it’s time we lifted the ban on distilled liquor. The current atmosphere is good, but let’s have a good time and make some noise.”

“Hahaha, yes, I’ll go and tell them.”

The distilled liquor is released, and the guests begin to enjoy themselves in their own ways, some using fruit juice to adjust the strength to their liking, others drinking it straight from the bottle. The atmosphere is almost that of a banquet, with laughter and conversation growing louder and louder.

“Felicia, I heard that dark elves like to sing. Why don’t you sing it with some of the others? It would be fun to sing in that fire-lit place.”

“We have never sung together before, so I don’t know if we can do it well, but if it makes the festival more exciting, I’ll give it a try.”

“Yeah, even if it doesn’t go well, it will be fun if everyone sings together. Try it with a few people.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you for a while.”


“Ufufu. I wonder what Felicia’s singing voice will be like. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yes, that’s right. Is Ines a good singer?”

“Fufu, not at all. What about you, Master?”

“I’m not very good either. Let’s hope Felicia is better.”

After chatting for a while, four women, including Felicia and Cecilia-san, lined up by the fire. I was thrilled to see their beautiful silver hair shimmering in the flames. Maybe it’s family favoritism, but Felicia is the most beautiful of the four.

As I watched, the four of them sang in unison. I wonder if they are suited for a festival, but their beautiful and gentle song echoes through the village.

The murmur of the festival gradually subsides, and everyone listens to the four singers.

When the four singers finish their songs, everyone applauds in unison. I was so happy that I clapped along with them.

“Master, how was it?”

“Yes, it was very good. Beautiful, kind, and I don’t know how to describe it, but it was great.”

“Fufu, thank you very much. I enjoyed it too.”

“Wataru-san, I had a great time too. I never thought about it until Felicia told me, but we can sing out loud now, can’t we? Thank you, Wataru-san.”

Hmm, you can sing out loud too? I guess they forget that kind of thing when they hide. Let’s try our best for the migration.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Cecilia-san’s singing voice was wonderful, and I enjoyed it too. I hope you’ll keep on singing.”

“Fufu, you’re right; I should practice more for the next time.”

“That’s good. I’d love to hear it.”

While we were talking, the villagers must have discussed and decided on a group because the next group started singing. They had wonderful voices, but was it just me who felt uncomfortable when the light from the bonfire shone on the beautiful men?

Perhaps it was the alcohol and the singing that lifted my spirits, but the buzz of the festivities grew louder. Some people started dancing around the bonfire in time for the song, and the excitement accelerated.

Before I knew it, Rimu had joined in the dancing and was bouncing along to the song. I was nervous that he might get trampled. Well, considering his level, they might bounce back even if they step on him. It looks like he’s having fun, so it’s okay.

I think it’s safe to say that this festival was a great success, right? I enjoy the fun atmosphere with a light drink. …I’m lying, thinking about what I’m going to do with Felicia soon; I don’t care about the festival and can’t enjoy it.

I’m sorry that RImu looks like he’s having fun, but it’s time to think about getting out of here. It seems like I could sneak out, but I’m a guest, and I would have to say my farewell to the village chief.

“Ines, Felicia, I think it’s time to go back. Is that okay?”

“Ufufu, yes, it can’t be helped. Ufufufu.”

Ines, you’re acting like an old lady somewhere. I know what you’re thinking, but I want you to stop.

“Y-yes, it’s alright.”

“Then let’s go tell the village chief that we’re going back.”


I collect Rimu and talk to the village chief. He said something about getting rid of the restrictions at night, but he really meant it; he was already drunk. I told the village chief and, in passing, Cecilia-san that I would be back.

To be honest, it was a bit delicate to leave after greeting her parents, even though I was going to do it with Felicia now.

I returned to the Lutto and told them of my plans.

“I’m thinking of sailing on the Lutto after this and staying on the Hideaway. Is that okay?”



With subtlety and few words, we go out to the open sea, and I summon the Hideaway.

“Come here, Rimu-chan. Master, I think it’s better if the two of you are alone anyway. I’ll stay on the Lutto with Rimu-chan.”

“Eh? Ah, yes, thank you.”

Ines hugged Rimu, who jumped up and down with a plop and left the Hideaway. She was being considerate, wasn’t she? I feel like she was kind of amused.

“Then, Felicia, let’s take a bath first, shall we?”


Since Girasole was also gone, we both soaked in the bath completely naked.

“Master, this is the first time the two of us have taken a bath together, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that reminds me. I’m kind of embarrassed.”

“Fufu, that’s right.”

I soak in the bath slowly and hug Felicia.

“Hey, Felicia, I know you have a lot on your mind, but I’m sorry, I can’t stand it.”

“Fufu, it’s alright, Master. I was prepared for it from the time I became a slave, and I have been enjoying every day since I became Master’s slave. So I feel very happy.”

“Thank you.”

I kissed her much longer than usual and went to the bedroom with Felicia.

From there, I forgot to care about Felicia and just devoured her body until morning.

I couldn’t help it. I had been holding back so much, and my stamina was inexhaustible as my level increased. I couldn’t stop. I’m sorry.


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    Anyway, I hope Felicia is in love or at least feels great sympathies for him and not just respecting the contract.


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