I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – Imperial Capital

Part 1


“W-wow, this is amazing…!”

“This is… impressive…”

Lexia and the others stood before a sight they had never seen before.

Tito’s tail quivered with excitement.


“This is the imperial capital of the Romel Empire…!”


The imperial capital, which they had finally reached, boasted a majestic appearance that distinguished it from any other city in the country, let alone the villages and towns they had passed through so far.

Pipes and chimneys of all sizes were stretched throughout the city, and machines were in operation with a creaking metallic sound.

In a huge metal furnace, a mysterious stone that was neither flame nor magic was burning bright red, and steam was rising from everywhere in the falling snow.

People in cloaks were hurriedly coming and going amidst the blizzard and steam.

“Look, there are so many unfamiliar machines and devices! What is that white smoke?”

“I-I’ve never seen it before either…! I never thought the imperial capital could be like this…!”

“It’s a unique scenery that you can’t find in any other country. But I’ve never heard that the Romel Empire has such a well-developed mechanical civilization. Could it be…?”

Noel nodded in response to Luna’s gaze.

“Yes. I took the lead, and everyone at the Magic Development Institute made it.”

“Noel did this too?”

“T-the whole thing?”

Lexia and the others were astonished and looked around the Imperial Capital with great interest.

“W-what was that light? It’s not a real flame, and it doesn’t look like magic either, but… is it the same lighting that was used in the room?”

“That’s the ‘Night Street Illuminating-chan No. 5,’ which is a further improvement on the ‘Sparkling Bright-chan No. 6.’ It’s called a streetlight by the people of the imperial capital. It is fueled by magic ores and emits light from special crystals.”

“T-that big kiln-like thing that’s spewing white steam…?”

“That’s ‘Outdoor Warm-kun No. 3.’ By combining wind and fire attribute magic stones, a steam barrier is generated in the vicinity, and even in a blizzard, you can keep warm if you are close by. At the same time, it can be used as a communal cooking tool.”

“Wow, that’s amazing…! I can’t believe Noel thought of all this…!”

“These machines are improved and advanced versions of magic tools and are operated by combining materials such as magic ores and materials dropped by monsters. Magic ores are a precious resource that can be extracted in this country with its harsh climate.”

Noel looks out over the imperial capital with her ice-blue eyes.

“The Romel Empire is covered in snow for more than half the year, making it hard for plants to grow, and many people are suffering from cold and hunger. I am devoting myself daily to the research and development of magic tools so that those who cannot use magic can also live in affluence. Right now, we are in the experimental stage, but gradually we plan to put these magic tools to practical use outside the Imperial Capital.”

“I see… I thought you were a strange magician who causes explosions all the time, but you have such noble ideas.”

“Noel-san, that’s incredible…!”

“Noel is now creating a new era for the Romel empire…! I completely forgot about it, but I knew you were a genius!”

“How could you forget it?”

In the center of the imperial capital stands the solid imperial palace, and behind it rises a steep snow-capped mountain.

“That is the center of the curse──the mountain where Flora-san, who became possessed by the ice spirit, is being held captive.”


On the side of the mountain, a gray veil of snow was swirling around the mountain.

Lexia looked up at the sky.

“The blizzard weakened as soon as we entered the capital.”

“Certainly… It’s strange for such a nearby source of the curse.”

“It seems as if the blizzard is avoiding the imperial capital.”

Then Noel nodded while pushing up her glasses.

“We installed a huge magic tool in the imperial palace and put a special barrier around the palace to protect the imperial capital.”

“I-is such a thing possible?”

“As expected, this blizzard cannot be completely prevented, but it can be weakened to a certain extent.”

“I see, so the imperial capital is in the center of the curse, but it has not suffered any catastrophic damage. That’s quite a feat.”

“If you tried to do the same thing with magic, you would have to have a number of skilled magicians, but to be able to protect the people of the imperial capital in this way… I admire you.”

“Thank you. However, large-scale magic tools consume a lot of energy sources and magic ore and are prone to deterioration. I don’t know how long it will last under this cursed blizzard… so come on, let’s get to Schleimann-sama quickly.”

Lexia hurriedly held Noel back as she stepped out into the imperial palace.

“Wait! You can’t just go on like that!”

“? Why not?”

“Noel is a wanted person in the capital, isn’t she?”

“! Yes, that’s right. I was so preoccupied with my sister that I completely forgot about it.”

Noel’s voice was quiet, but it was too late, as the people in the surrounding area noticed Noel’s appearance and began to murmur.

“Huh? Could that person possibly be…?”

“Hey, that girl looks like Noel-sama…”

“Eh, the one who is rumored to be working with Flora-sama to overthrow the country…?”

“…You seem to have been noticed. Let’s move to a new location for now.”

To avoid being seen, they went into an alley and had a strategy meeting.

“As expected of the first head of the Magic Development Institute, you’re quite well-known in the capital.”

“If the soldiers catch you before you reach Schleimann-sama, you will lose everything. You’ll need a disguise to hide your true identity!”

“But what kind of disguise will allow me to enter the palace without being suspected…?”

“Well, a merchant, perhaps? Or a gardener…?”

“In normal times, that might work, but in this emergency, I doubt they would let us in.”

When Luna and the others tilted their heads as if none of this rang a bell, Lexia shrugged her shoulders triumphantly.

“Leave it to me! I have the perfect disguise!”

“The perfect disguise?”

“Yes! Schleimann-sama is a devout follower of the sun god, isn’t he?”

“! Right, I see.”

Lexia closed one eye while Luna was impressed.

“Yes, it’s decided that you will be a nun!”




“Wow, beautiful…”

The four had come to a tailor shop on the main street.

The store was filled with various dresses, accessories, perfumes, etc.

Lexia smiled at Tito, whose eyes were sparkling.

“Is this your first time in a store like this?”

“Y-yes. The market of the Kingdom of Sahar was lively and fun, and the court and the night party were gorgeous and amazing… but this store is so sparkling and smells so good… it’s kind of fluffy.”

“This store has a sewing magic tool, so if you order something, it will be ready on the same day.”

“I thought it wasn’t so easy to get a nun’s uniform, but I see what you mean.”

The classy female clerks greeted Lexia and the others with delight.

“Oh, my goodness, you lovely ladies!”

“I hear you are in need of a nun’s uniform. You are so young yet so devout. My arms have been rattling for a long time. I’ll have it made for you in no time.”

She finished taking Noel’s measurements in no time at all.

“Please wait in the changing room; I’ll have it made for you right away. …Ara? I think I’ve seen you somewhere before──”

The clerk tilted her head when she saw Noel’s face──and immediately, Lexia interrupted her with a smile.

“Yes, that’s right! I’m often mistaken for a princess of a certain kingdom, but I look just like her! Well then, we’ll be using the changing rooms!”

Leaving the clerk staring in amazement, the four of them hurried into the changing room at the back of the store.

“Whew, that was close!”

“That deception would have been impossible.”

“But I didn’t lie, did I?”

The changing room seemed to also serve as a reception room, with a large room and even a sofa.

As soon as they were relaxed and waiting, the newly tailored clothes were delivered to them.

“Then, Noel, let’s change into the nun’s uniform!


Noel took off her clothes without hesitation, and Lexia couldn’t help but shout.

“Wait, Noel! What’s with that underwear?”

“? Underwear is underwear… Clothing that is worn directly against the skin…?”

Noel looked down curiously at the cloth-like sarashi wrapped around her chest.

“That’s not underwear; that’s just a piece of cloth! No, you have to choose what you wear!”

“I haven’t felt particularly inconvenienced so far…”

“…I’ve thought since we met that Noel is too uninterested in herself.”

Indeed, Noel’s short-cut gray hair is ragged, and the clothes she wears are worn out.

Lexia shook her long blonde hair and lamented.

“What a waste; you could definitely shine if you polished it up. Before we start with the nun’s uniform, let’s start with the underwear! Wearing proper underwear will improve your posture and change your future style!”

“Wait, Lexia, now is not the time──”

Lexia didn’t even hear Luna’s words as she ran out of the changing room and brought some underwear with her.

“Look, I found a lot of cute underwear! Which design do you like?”

“Um, I appreciate your concern, but I don’t feel the need to be particular about what can’t be seen──”

“Just listen to what I have to say! Hmm. This one looks good on you… Oh, this one is cute too!”

“It’s starting, isn’t it?”

Tito chuckled, and Luna sighed and shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Noel, but Lexia will not listen to you once she starts. Just give it up.”

“Okay, I’ve decided on this one!”

Lexia grabbed Noel by the hand and pulled her off, spinning her around and around.

“I’ll put on your underwear, so just bend over a little bit. Yes, yes, like this, like this…”

“Nn… T-that tickles…”

Lexia’s chest puffed out as she helped Noel put on her underwear.

“This is it! What do you think?”

“Oh, it’s kind of cool now!”

“I didn’t know underwear alone could make such a difference.”

Tito and Luna roll their eyes.

Noel’s back was straightened, and her posture was refined.

“T-thank you.”

Lexia looks around with satisfaction at Noel, whose eyes are swimming and puzzling.

“You see! The simplicity of the nun’s uniform makes it easier to show the lines of your body. Even though the dress is the same, one pair of underwear can make all the difference in terms of dignity and persuasiveness!”

“I see, so that’s what it’s all about.”

Noel nodded in agreement──Lexia’s eyes fell on her chest.

“…I mean, aren’t Noel’s breasts bigger than mine?”

“? I don’t think they’re that much different… Hyaah!”

“I knew it! It’s such a waste to hide such attractive breasts!”

“U-um, what’s the point of rubbing my breasts…?”

“Lexia, Noel is probably in trouble. Stop fooling around and get on with it.”

They put Noel in a nun’s uniform and took off her glasses.

Then a perfect nun was born.


NyX Translations


“Yes, it’s perfect!”

The purity and modesty of the nun’s uniform matched Noel’s appearance perfectly.

“Wow, you look like a nun from all angles…!”

“It suits you better than I thought it would. I’m sure you won’t be recognized.”

“And you look so cute! You look so different when you take off your glasses!”

“…Thank you.”

It was a casual reaction, but Lexia noticed that Noel’s cheeks were slightly stained.

“What is it? Are you embarrassed?”

“No, I mean…”

Noel looked away in embarrassment.

“I am usually immersed in development and research and am not used to this kind of conversation. And I never had a chance to be particular about what I wore, so I just thought it was a new experience for me…”

“Fufu, you’re embarrassed, after all! That’s so cute, Noel!”

When Lexia hugged her and patted her head, Noel’s cheeks turned increasingly red, and she grunted, “Ugh.”

After patting Noel around for a while, Lexia released her, and she declared triumphantly.

“All right, then, we’ll be in disguise, too!”

“U-us, too?”

“Yes. It would be strange if a nun and traveler were together, wouldn’t it? Besides, it would be a problem if they found out I was the Princess of Arcelia.”

“Well, it would definitely be a big deal and take up a lot of extra time.”

“That’s what I mean. The situation is too urgent to arrange an official visit. As long as we can meet with Schleimann-sama, we’ll be all set! So, let’s all disguise ourselves as nuns!”

She quickly had the three of their outfits tailored for them and changed into them.

“As expected, it is very well tailored. And the fabric seems to be of very high quality, so it’s very comfortable to wear.”

“Um, Lexia-san, how do I wear this…?”

“Here, like this and like this… Ara? It’s all tangled up.”

“Sigh, let me try it on.”

When they finished changing, Lexia’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh my, you all look so good!”

The daintiness of the girls and the purity and solemnity of the nun’s uniform were in perfect harmony.

Noel agreed with Lexia.

“It’s wonderful. Everyone is looking like a perfect nun.”

“Rather, you look like nothing but a nun!”

“B-but, but what exactly does a nun have to do…!”

“Just smile and say something that sounds like it!”

“That’s too rough, isn’t it? Sigh, will this really work…?”

Lexia, dressed in her nun’s uniform, pointed triumphantly to the north of the imperial capital.

“Well then, let’s head for the imperial palace! Now, it’s time for nuns’ infiltration strategy!”

“But even if we’re nuns, will they let us in so easily?”

Luna murmured, and Lexia closed one eye.

“Don’t worry; I’ve got a secret plan for it!” 


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