I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 3

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Part 3


Once out behind the church, Lexia was right: the wind was blocked by the wall and the forest, making it the perfect environment for play.

“Wow, it’s so white and beautiful…! Oh, look over there! It’s all piled up!”

“Wait, Lexia!”

Before Luna could stop her, Lexia ran up to the pile of snow and dove into it with a mighty leap.

“It’s so fluffy! Why don’t you try it, Luna?”

“I’m good. You’ll be soaking wet by now, and you’ll regret it.”

“You won’t; it feels so good──Oh, wait! I can’t get up because it’s too fluffy! Help me, Luna! Lunaaaa!”

Sigh, good grief.”

After Luna helped her up, Lexia shook her head to get rid of the snow.

“But I don’t know much about playing in the snow.”

“I don’t know much about it either. Tito and Noel probably know a lot about it, don’t they?”

“Unfortunately, I’ve been cooped up in the workshop all day…”

Tito’s tail wagged in the air and puffed out her chest.

“Leave it to me! Let’s start with the classics!”

Tito gathered the snow into a small pile and lifted it easily.

“Here we go.”

“Wh-were did you get such strength from such a small body?”

“Fufufu, Tito may be small, but she is very strong.”

Noel was astonished at the sight of what looked like a small mountain of snow moving along, and for some reason, Lexia was proud of it.

“We piled up a lot of snow like this and hardened it…”

Tito piled up the snow in no time and hardened it with an accustomed hand.

She held up her claws in front of the huge pile of snow.

“This is the finishing touch──[Claw Concert]!”

With a sharp slash of her claws, the snow inside the pile is dug out like a raging wave.

“T-this is the same move that defeated the Big Eater…? Don’t tell me you seriously used a ‘Holy’ technique for the sake of playing in the snow!?”

And then.

“It’s done!”

A white snow hut that could fit four people to relax was completed.

“This is called a Kamakura, isn’t it? That’s amazing, Tito!”

“Hehehe. It’s made of snow, but it’s very warm inside!”

“I-I’ve never seen such a huge Kamakura before… Moreover, you used your ‘Holy’ skill so freely…”

“I really want to make it look more elaborate, but I can’t seem to get it right.”

Then Luna advanced.

“I’ll give it a try. ──[Boisterous Dance]!”

Luna held out her hands, and the strings flew and flew and flew, scraping the snow.

And the gorgeous appearance of a castle was completed.

“Phew, this is it?”

“Wow, it’s amazing! You can do anything, Luna-san!”

“It’s not at the level of playing in the snow, though!”

Lexia, who was watching this, seemed to be inspired to create and said, “I’ve got an idea! “She struck her hand and began to harden the snow.

“What in the world are you going to do?”

“Fufu, you’ll be surprised when you see it, Luna! You’ll have to wait and see!”

As Luna and the others watched, Lexia began to make the snow with great enthusiasm.

She then wiped the sweat from her forehead with a bright smile on her face.

“It’s done! Look at this! It’s a masterpiece!”

Lexia confidently pointed out a horrifying snow sculpture sitting on the ground.

“…What is this statue of? It doesn’t match any object to my knowledge.”

“Uh… is it a ghost…?”

“Is it a dead tree?”

When the three of them expressed their thoughts, Lexia’s cheeks puffed out.

“All of you have no eyes to see it! Of course it’s Yuuya-sama!”

“How can you be so confident with this result?”

“T-this is Yuuya-san…!”

Tito, who had been wondering what Yuuya looked like ever since she heard that he was Lexia and Luna’s love interest, looked up at the horrifying snow sculpture and gulped.

Luna hurriedly corrected her.

“Tito, it’s not the same at all. Yuuya is much, much cooler!”

“Even this statue is cool as anything!”

“What’s so cool about it? Look, Yuuya is much more shapely here…”

“Aah! Don’t mess with it!”

Noel asked Lexia and Luna, who were arguing lively with each other while pushing up her glasses.

“Excuse me, who is Yuuya-san?”

“He’s my husband!”

“Don’t lie so brazenly.”

“It’s all right; it’s going to happen sooner or later anyway.”

“No, this idiot is too irrational.”

Luna pressed her forehead and turned to Noel.

“Yuuya is a guy who is, well, too out of the ordinary to explain, but… he’s just amazing. He’s stronger than anyone else, he uses powerful magic, and he has a number of unmatched weapons that I’ve never seen before.”

“He’s also very kind and brave! He saved me from being attacked by monsters in the Great Devil’s Nest!”

“The Great Devil’s Nest?”

Noel is astonished by this word.

“That Great Devil’s Nest where ferocious monsters roam and where no one can set foot because it’s the most dangerous place in the world…?”

“That’s right, Yuuya-sama lives in that Great Devil’s Nest!”

“”What do you mean?””

Tito, who had never heard of it before, unintentionally chimed in with Noel.

Luna added more information.

“Also, when I’m with Yuuya, the monsters drop very rare materials and items. Some of them are strange items we’ve never seen before…”

Noel exclaimed in disbelief, but she flashed her glasses excitedly.

“I-I see that Yuuya-san is a very interesting person… and I saw that he is also very significant in the development of magic tools. I would love to have his cooperation in the development of magic tools, or rather; I would like to make him a subject of research and thoroughly investigate every nook and cranny of his life…!”

“No! Yuuya-sama is my husband, you know!”

“As I said, he’s not your husband… Or rather, I’m one step ahead of you, you know?”

“Ugh! But, you know, I was given a futon as a gift! It’s a formal proposal, so it’s no exaggeration to say that we are now a married couple!”

“That’s an exaggeration! It’s just that Yuuya didn’t know──”

The two of them were arguing, and Tito secretly whispered to Noel.

“Lexia-san and Luna-san are rivals in love over Yuuya-san. Luna-san once ki-kissed Yuuya-san on the cheek…”

“Oh. Luna-san is unexpectedly bold, isn’t she?”

Lexia was squealing and screaming, but when she saw that Luna was not breaking, she puffed her cheeks.

“Geez, let’s play this out! ──Eii!”


Lexia made a snowball and threw it at Luna.

Luna quickly blocked it with her hand but was covered in crushed snow and stiffened.

“H-hey, Lexia!”

“Fufu, have you cooled down a bit?”

“…If you’re so inclined, I’ve got some ideas of my own.”

Luna deployed a string and skillfully manipulated it to create a number of snowballs.

Lexia backs away when she sees countless snowballs floating softly in the air by a string.

“W-wait, Luna! No way…!”

“[Boisterous Dance]!”


Snowballs dance in pursuit of Lexia as she runs away.

“It’s unfair of you to use that skill!”

“Hmph, love fights are meant to be serious.”

Lexia ran up to Tito and hid behind her.

“Tito, help me!”


“Hmm. It’s not fair of you to beg Tito to help you.”

“But if you use your strings on me, I’ll never be able to defeat you!”

“Oh, uh, um…?”

Lexia happily emerges from behind Tito’s flustered face.

“In this case, it’s a team game! Two against one isn’t fair, so Noel is on Luna’s team!”

“I see, so it’s a snowball fight. Then I’ll give it my best shot.”

When Noel took Luna’s side, she took out a magic tool like a hose from her backpack.

“What’s that?”

“This is the ‘Snowball Bouncer-chan No. 4,’ a special magic tool for snowball fights.”

“S-such a pinpoint magic tool…?”

“I thought you never played in the snow!”

“I don’t use it myself, but it was requested by the children of the Imperial Capital. I am very proud of it.”

Noel said and stuck the hose into the snow.

The hose sucked up the snow, and small snowballs shot out of the exit! And a barrage of snowballs shot out of the exit.

“Hey! There’s no way I can avoid this! Tito, please!”


Tito was able to accurately deal with the snowballs coming at them by slashing with her claws.


“As expected! Even if we attack in numbers, the monotonous attacks will be dealt with── then how about this?”

Noel twisted the dial of the Snowball Bouncer-chan No. 4.

Then, the snowballs were shot out! It curved.

“The snowball curved──!?”

“How does it work──!?”

“This is caused by the wind magic ore, which generates a vortex inside and shoots out snowballs while spinning them, and the air resistance──”

“Not that I’m really asking how it works, but…?”

“By the way, it also has a tracking function. Click.”

“Hyaaahh? The snowball is chasing me!”

“What’s really going on here──?”

Lexia and Tito screamed as they were hit wildly by the snowballs.

“Not bad, Noel!”

“I’m honored by your praise.”

“Uh-oh! Tito, fight back!”

“Awawawa…!? V-Violent Claws!”

Tito crossed her claws, filled them with power, and swung them out with all her might.

A small tornado was generated, and the snowballs that were approaching right in front of her were caught up in it and blown away into the forest.


The snowball pierced through the trunk of a tree and then moved away, knocking down the trees in the forest behind it one after another.


“That’s not the power of a snowball fight, right…?”

“Hawwah, sorry, sorry, it was cold, and my hand went crazy…!”

“T-this is the power of the disciples of the Claw Saint…!”

Noel stared appalled at the single path that had been created in the forest, but suddenly she looked excited and pulled out a new magic tool.

“Wonderful! It’s really a wonderful power! All right, let’s get serious here, too…!”

“Oh, u-uh, Noel-san…?”

Witnessing the power of Tito’s skill, Noel’s creative spirit seems to have been ignited.

The new magic tool sucks up snow and creates snowballs one after another, and arranges them in a row. The snowballs were strangely smooth and made a hard thumping sound when they collided.

Tito asked timidly.

“U-uh… Noel-san, that’s…?”

“It’s ‘Very Hard and Lots of Snowballs-kun No.1’!”

“Very Hard and Lots of Snowballs-kun No.1?”

“The snowballs compressed and strengthened by this magic tool have the same lethal power as a rock! It is a prototype, so it does not have an adjustment function!”

“If you throw such a thing, it will cause enormous damage!”

Lexia shouted, but Noel lined up a row of robust snowballs and puffed out her chest.

“Luna-san, please!”

“Fufu, I’ll take care of it.”

“Lu-Luna, wait a minute!”

“Of course, I’ll go easy on you to the extent that you don’t get hurt──[Spiral]!”

Luna swung her arm sharply and released a bundle of strings.

The strings drilled and whirled, and the wind that was created attracted snowballs to the area around it.

Countless snowballs swirled and swirled as they approached Lexia and Tito.



Tito hugged Lexia and dived into the snow to escape.

“Puhah! That was dangerous!”

“You started this fight, didn’t you?”

“But that doesn’t mean you should go too far!”

“I-I thought I’d be done for…”

“Come on; there’s plenty more ammunition!”

The church’s backyard was filled with the sound of lively voices.

“What is that? I can hear people laughing.”

“Who in the world is that, in the middle of a blizzard like this…?”

The townspeople who had been praying at the church gathered to see what was going on.

Their eyes widen at the sight of Lexia and the others engaging in a snowball fight with all their might.

“H-hey, those girls are playing in this blizzard!”

“That’s amazing! I mean, is that a snowball fight? I can’t see the snowballs because they’re going too fast…?”

“T-the snowball hit the tree and tore it to pieces! Oh, that size looks perfect for firewood! Thank goodness!”

“Look, the wind pressure has gouged out the snow… aren’t those mushrooms! They were growing in clusters under the snow! Yay, that’s food, everyone!”

“That castle-like Kamakura over there doesn’t collapse when those snowballs hit it, isn’t it amazing? I mean, …that Kamakura looks like it could be used for preserving meat!”

After the snowball fight, Lexia laughed out loud.

“Hah, it warmed my body up! I guess snowball fights are the best way to get warm!”

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Lexia suddenly realized that many people were watching, appalled.

“Ara! So many people are gathered here.”

“Well, with all this fuss, I’m sure they’ll be curious.”

The townspeople laugh when they see Lexia and the others covered in snow.

“You girls are so energetic!”

“I didn’t expect you to be playing in the snow in the middle of a blizzard like this… but watching you was kind of cheering me up.”

The townspeople have been living in a constant state of anxiety ever since the Romel Empire was closed by a cursed blizzard.

But when they saw Lexia and the others playing with all their might, they found themselves smiling again after a long time.

Lexia let out a white breath and laughed.

“Don’t worry. We will take care of the curse of the ice spirit!”

“Haha, that’s very encouraging.”

”Huh? The blizzard is…”

People in the town looked up at the sky.

The blizzard that was supposed to be blowing had somehow weakened.

“H-hey, the blizzard has decreased…!”

“It’s as if even the sky is cheering up after seeing you girls!”

Lexia looked back at Noel and the others, her face beaming.

“Hey, maybe we can move to the imperial capital now!”

Noel nodded.

“Yes. Let’s leave right away.”

“Yay! I bet the blizzard must have weakened because of our good behavior!”

“We were just having a snowball fight, though…?”

“F-finally, we’re going to the Warm Table-kun…!”

“Tito, give it up. If you go in now, you really won’t be able to get out.”

They quickly got ready and left the town.

“The mountain that is the center of the curse is very close to the imperial capital. Be careful on your way there.”

“Yes, thank you!”

Lexia and the others left for the capital with the smiling faces of the townspeople.


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