Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Invitation To The Party

Lightning skills striking from the top of my head with a beeping sound.


Hurriedly twisted my body, but the lightning struck my feet directly.

I felt numb. It seems that i got paralyzed by the attack.

No way, no way no way!

「【Heal】! Damn, I can not cure paralysis ..?

Certainly, recovery for abnormal conditions is not with [Heal], but with another skills. I regret that. I should have bought recovery medicine at the shop or something, but it’s too late.

For the time being, the damage has recovered. The rest is what must i do with that feather slime. The worse is, i can’t escape from this place because my legs are numb.

The slime that bounces greatly has an adorable eyes, but now it’s look scary.

It has yellow body and white feathers.

「That feathered slime is just one level higher, but it’s so strong!!


「Ohh, I can still avoid normal attacks…..!

The feathered slime has been hitting me with it’s body instead of skill.

I’m relieved that I can avoid it thanks to my evasion. It’s bouncing around and hitting me, fortunately everything is miss.

For now, i can rest assured that because i can’t see anything here only this feather slime.

No, I’m not sure if it’s safe.

「I wish I had heard more about this cave …

Poyon.*(Sounds of bouncing slime)



Miss miss.





「…………What should I do

After a while, the paralysis will heal … I thought so, but the numbness on the legs wasn’t disappear. Although the attack can be avoided, It’s an unusual situation that it’s sometimes attacks with the skill and i would be paralyzed forever.

If this continues endlessly, what will waiting in the end is i will die because of starvation.

I absolutely don’t wannaaa.

「But, i can’t attack it…..」

Now, what should I do?

「Dia, it’s impossible, let’s quit …

「It’s okay. We’re with Freutz !

Are… That’s sounds like Tina and the others.

Did they come through to this slime hell even though they were struggling with some slime on the meadow? But from Dia’s words, Freutz is also with them.

There would be no problem with slime if you have a guardian with you.

「We just have a quick look, is there a strong slime on the second floor? If we find it, we can just immediately return to the stairs —- Eh !? Hiroki ??

「Oh, Dia. It’s been a long time …


「What are you doing … wait.. eh!? a feather slime !?

When I smiled and greeted them. Dia, Tina, and Freutz opened their eyes wide, dumbfounded. Immediately, Freuz said to Dia and Tina, 「Don’t step forward!」

「It is a feather slime. Because of his high attack power, you will be finished with only a single blow. It also can use paralyzing skill, so you can’t move, and you’ll done afterward …

Oh I see.

Was it the attack style of feather slime that paralyzes the prey and attack with its high power? Nonetheless, it was the defeat of that feather slime because it only attacked me with normal attack, which was no use even if I was successfully paralyzed.

Well, I didn’t win though.

「Well, you are still safe. Do you endure the attack, no, you avoid it?

「Yeah, because I’m an evasion Healer. Actually, I can’t move because my legs got paralyzed …

「Isn’t there any skill to recover from the abnormal condition? wait, we need to defeat that feather slime first

Holding the conversation, Freutz puts down his sword on his waist.

He left Dia and Tina on the stairs and ran towards me. Feather slime is still desperate to attack me and is not looking at Freutz.

As a surprise, Freutz sword cut through the back of the feather slime.


「I’m going to help now… !!

Freutz shouts and cuts the feather slime over and over again.

I didn’t realize that because the attack itself could be avoided, but this feather slime is pretty strong? Even for an experienced adventurer like Freutz.

After several attacks by Freutz, the feather slime changed the target from me to Freutz.

「Oh, Freutz !

「I will be fine!

The feather slime attack on the left shoulder – Freutz swings down the sword. I use [Heal] to recover Freutz’s damages.

Recognizing it, Freuz grabbed the sword with both hands and swung his second blow to the feather slime.

「Uriaaaaaa !!

The feather slime was defeated, leaving only small feather-shaped stones in place.

「… Yosh. This floor is dangerous, so let’s go back to the stairs. There’s no monster in there.

「Ah, thank you so much.

After that, he said that he would treat, and dragged me back to the stairs.

「Are you okay !? Hiroki-san!

「Yes, it’s okay. No, i mean, i was saved.」

My feet are still numb, but the crisis has passed.

I would like to bow down and thank the three people who has passed onto this place.. It was quite helpful to avoid the worst ending, which is starvation.

No matter how much my evasion is, i couldn’t avoid starvation.

「Look. It’s a recovery medicine to heal paralysis.

「Thank you Really, I was saved …

The bottle with the picture of lightning contained a yellow liquid.

If you drink slowly, the bitter taste will spread in your mouth. Although the aftertaste was bad, I was able to calm down because Freutz gave me water.

「Thank goodness, it’s looks good now

「Yes. If Tina and the others weren’t passing by, I would starve to death.

「Starving …? Well, I didn’t really have a plan, but Dia said that he really wanted to see the lower floors …

Tina told me that she was going to step back to the stairs if she finds a strong slime.

「Thanks Dia, i can’t thank you enough

「But I didn’t anything …. Freutz was the one who defeated it.

「If you were not there, I might have died, so I am grateful for you just for coming here.

Why this place? I tilted my head and asked him.

Dia laughed and told me how he came here.

「Slime is weak, so I had to train with multiple of it. When the number increased, I asked Freuz to deal with it.

「I see

「Well, there was so many slimes in front of the stairs …

「Oh, I’m sorry. That was because, I ran away and leaving the slimes there.…


I see. So, there is still a lot of slimes in front of the top stairs, But, Dia and the others were safe and look healthy. When i apologizes to them, Dia sighed. Tina is frightened beside him, and Freutz leaned his head.

「Why is that? Hiroki, you can’t defeat the slime?

「Ah, yes. When I met Tina and Dia hunting in the meadow you weren’t with them.

「Because I was sleeping in an inn at that time.

Dia, still amazed, told Freutz that I could avoid slime attacks but also couldn’t attack and defeat it. Hearing that, Freuz laughed hard holding his stomach.

「Hahahahaha, what is it! Did you fight against slime without being able to defeat it?

「It can’t be helped. When i said i raised my evasion status, no one wants to put me in the party.

So I had to go solo to the dungeon.

Freutz laughs even more when i says so.

「Buh, ah, uh. Haha, well, Healers usually won’t raise his evasion.

After laughing for a while, Freutz began to control his breathing.

「Buh, hah. Sorry

「Freutz Laugh too much. It’s true that Hiroki-san didn’t have attack power, but he was a good Healer because he helped me with his [Shield] at that time.」

「Oh, was that so? Hiroki, how about joining our party?


I doubted my ears from his lightly spoken words.

evasion healer … i was said it many times, but it was the first time I’m invited to a party. Next to Freutz, Tina smiled, and so with Dia, said [Welcome] to me

「It’s really helped me, but …

「It’s nice because the party will be stable if there is a Healer. We will be fine even when there is no Freutz.

「But I just came out of my village and don’t know much about it.

「Is that so?

I told them that i would be a little clumsy, but Dia didn’t seem to care.

「Let’s learn together Hiroki-san. we’ll studying a lot.

「Thanks, Tina, then…… please

「Well, then we have to make a welcome party for Hiroki !!

「A ~ Moo !! Freutz will definitely drink too much !!

Freutz raised the tension and Tina tries to stop it. Dia, who is watching the situation, is smiling.

Apparently, this seems to be the everyday scene in this party.

From now on, i think everyday will gonna be fun.

But – the first time I hunted, it was nice to be with them. I only thought a little.




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  1. I am liking this novel but man is a headache to follow, some editing would be good…. Or I might end up dropping it BC is really hard to follow sometimes, I need to read a paragraph 2 or 3 times to decipher it.


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