Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 8 Part 3

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Chapter 8 Part 3


The equipment Canaan wore was the same black color as my equipment. However, the staff in her hand looked very expensive and luxurious thanks to the big ruby attached to the end. Moreover, the deep crimson ruby matched Canaan’s fiery red hair, which made for a very suitable look.

“Hmm, It’s nice that it matches Canaan’s beautiful red hair, but this staff seems to stand out too much.”

“B-beauti…ful…” Canaan murmured, blushing.

Hmm, why’s Canaan acting so bashful all of a sudden? Well, anyway, let’s just use [Camouflage] on her staff. With that, I made her staff look like a normal wooden staff. I was about to leave the mansion after that, but the Count invited me to have lunch with him.

It wouldn’t have been rude to refuse, but I accepted the invitation anyway and went to the dining hall.

“Sumeragi-dono, I apologize for being so sudden.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“Thank you very much for accompanying me before, Sumeragi-sama.”

“Well, it’s no problem. The tea was delicious anyway.”

“Oh ho, you had tea with Allie?”

The Count’s eyes twinkled, then he cleared his throat and said, “It was just tea, right?”

“Father, what are you talking about?”

“Yeah, it was just tea.”

“Well then, that’s good…”

What was good? Is this guy an idiot parent or something?

It was actually fun to eat while having a conversation, but this time as well, poison was applied only on my dish.

Well, so what? I can sense it anyway, but a normal person would have died a long time ago. And again, the one who served the dishes was the same maid as when we had a tea party. She had dog-like wolf ears and her face was very well-formed, but it didn’t matter if she was beautiful or not; there could be no mistake that she was trying to kill me.

Her face was ghastly pale the whole time she served us. Was she also one of Dolce’s accomplices? I couldn’t say for sure, but I wouldn’t know until I looked into it.

After lunch, Canaan and I finally left the mansion, and also left the town. Three pursuers followed us after we left.

“Um, where are we going, Master?”

“We’re going to the Great Borf Forest.”


Canaan stood frozen. I approached her and put the Hermit’s Coat on her before picking her up in a princess carry. She let out a yelp of surprise, and then… I ran!

She let out quite a long scream. Honestly, I think I can break the sound barrier if I wanted, just on foot, but I’m sure Canaan wouldn’t be able to endure it. Therefore, I compensated the wind pressure with [Wind Magic] and accelerated gradually. I didn’t know my maximum speed at the moment, but I felt I wasn’t quite breaking the sound barrier.

We arrived at the entrance of the Great Borf Forest in no time. I wished I had movement skills for times like this, but I thought that might be too much. Canaan clung to my neck the whole time I was running, but now that I’d stopped, she let go. Obviously I couldn’t ignore the feeling of her boob pressing against me.

“Alright, let’s go.”

I wanted that sensation to continue, actually, but I put her down and went inside the forest.

“Wha — uh, wait up!”

After a while, a monster appeared and charged at us. It was a level 80 Ogre, not what I was looking for. With a shout, I cut it in two with Black Mist. Canaan also shouted incoherently, in utter disbelief. You’re so noisy! That will just bring in more small-fry monsters!

“Canaan, be quiet!”

“But, but, you know that was an Ogre, right!? Just one can destroy whole villages or deal a lot of damage to a town! What did you just do, Master?”

“What are you talking about? In this Great Borf Forest, that monster is a small-fry among small-fry. You’ll have to defeat something at least twice that Ogre’s level.”

“Yes? I can’t do that!?”

“Don’t you want to be strong? Was it just a lie when you swore to endure this training even if you wanted to die?”

She gasped, and I turned to look her right in the eye. “You can still turn back now. Is that what you want?”

“…No, I’ll keep going!”

“Alright. Don’t worry, I’ll always protect you.”


I tried to let Canaan enter the darkness with [Dark Magic] to avoid monsters as we proceeded deep inside of the forest, but she couldn’t enter it. It would seem that I was the only one who could go in.

So I just ran through the forest while carrying Canaan, like before. It’s not because of her boobs pressing up against me, you know!

After a little while, we found a good monster. A level 230 Elder Treant, and it was just right for letting Canaan break through the third-stage limit break. It should be alright if I just weaken it and let Canaan make the finishing blow.

I put her down and drew Black Mist from its sheath before leaping at the Elder Treant and cutting it horizontally. Its body split in half, the sides falling in opposite directions.

“…Oops. I thought I was holding back already, but I guess I still killed it instantly.”

(Hey, Black Mist, what should I do to hold back my power?)

I noticed I still couldn’t control it, even now.

(…Didn’t you ever think about that…? Well, if you were a [Swordsman], it would have been possible to learn the [Moderation] skill, but as a [Chef], you can’t…)

(Is there such a skill?)

(There is, so why don’t you just create it, Tsukuru?)

As suggested by Black Mist, I decided to create the skill [Moderation]. But this was in the middle of the Great Borf Forest. Creating a skill is all well and good, but not if I faint. However, I realized that if I kept thinking like that, I’d never be able to do Canaan’s power leveling.

I think… it’ll be fine. Probably.


You have learned the skill [Moderation]


I got the skill [Moderation] without feeling tired at all. The cost of that skill must not have been very high. When I think about it, it was becoming clear that there was a considerable difference in the magical power consumption of skills I created.

Well anyway, thanks for not fainting this time.

I cleared my mind, and searched for another Elder Treant, and found one about a kilometer away, so we headed there.

“Canaan, get ready to shoot your most powerful [Fire Magic] on my signal.”


Canaan started to chant something. I just realized I’ve never chanted before. Is it common to chant, by any chance? Let’s ask Canaan after her power leveling is ended.

The moment I drew out Black Mist, the Elder Treant came into view. I activated the skill [Moderation] and swung Black Mist sideways, and it felt somehow different this time. If the previous strike was a firecracker, this one was like a dud where only the fuse burned up.

The Elder Treant hadn’t died yet thanks to [Moderation], and it was shooting branches at me like whips. I moved sideways (relatively) slowly and gave the signal to Canaan.

“Canaan, shoot!”

“Yes! Go, Fire Javelin!”

The Elder Treant, still distracted by me, took a direct hit from her Fire Javelin, and caught on fire, releasing smoke as it fell over with a strange voice like a scream. It was definitely weak to fire, and it was already weakened from my own attack.

“Wh — I… killed it?”

The next moment, Canaan’s body suddenly twitched. Perhaps a large number of level-up notifications are filling up her field of view. Well, with this, the first boundary of Canaan’s power-leveling is finished.

Thanks to the Elder Treant subjugation, her level cap should have been removed. After that, if she defeats monsters one after another, and experiences harsh battles of life and death, she’ll surely become stronger.

Is it okay to check her status now?


Name: Canaan

Job: Magician, Level 92

Skill: [Fire Magic] [Mana Control II (NEW)] [Mana Boost II (NEW)] [Wind Magic] [Plant Magic] [Mana Perception (NEW)] [Earth Magic (NEW)] [Lightning Magic (NEW)] [Ice Magic (NEW)]

Ability: HP [E] | MP [C] | STR [E] | INT [C] | AGI [D] | DEX [C] | LUK [D]


Unexpectedly, her level didn’t increase by too much. In my case, it was more than a hundred at once, but was that because there was a bigger level difference between me and the Musk Leopard?

No, maybe the reason she didn’t level up as much this time is because I was helping her. Anyway, with her fighting spirit, I think she’ll be gaining a lot more levels soon.

“Master… I’ve become level 92…”

“It’s good that leveled up. From now on, you’ll have to defeat the monsters on your own.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best!”

“And I wanted to ask you something before you try the magic you learned.”

“What’s that?”

“Does magic require chanting?”

“Huh? Uh, I think it’s normal to chant, but… Master, could it be that you…?”

“Yeah, I’ve never chanted.”

“Wait, before that, you can use magic?”

“I’m a [Chef], but I’m also good at fighting. My main weapon is a sword, but I can also use some magic. And [Summoning Undead] is a kind of magic, right?”

“Y-yeah, now that you mention it, you definitely summoned something…”

Canaan, confronted with this information, looked surprised. Come to think of it, I never really mentioned anything about that. Would she be even more surprised if I said I was from a different world? Of course she would, right?




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  1. Well, I guess there’s two unlimited limit breakers now. Kinda spooky that a lvl 300 would be able to mass produce limit breakers like it’s nothing.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. Yes, this honestly left my quite disappointed. I still hope that it doesn’t work out as MC hopes and she didn’t get the Limit Break due to him doing most of the work. Otherwise it makes no sense that it never occured before. I mean there have been a few people that reached 2nd Limit Break and possibly got to level 300 (or at least 270) and these individuals would have no problem preparing a lv 205 monster for someone lv 5 to kill. This feels like a big loss of both a sense of achievement for the mc and continuity of the story.

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      1. If you want a monster with more than 200 levels, you need to enter the Borf Forest. But i don’t think there is another guy with the same number of skills that our protagonist. So, maybe (i’m assuming here), even a hero level 300 would have a hard time surviving the hordes of monster in that forest.

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    1. checked the raw again to confirm it, it was probably a typo from author, it clearly written as D in the raw even her level is increased.
      So yeah, I’d make it as C at least since in the next chapter it’s increased to B.
      Thanks for pointed it out.


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    Can imagine him saying- Defeat my household if you want my daughter and MC casually blowing them away!


  3. Damn it, I fucking hate this! The MC had to damn near die multiple times and suffer in pain to earn his awesome power but this basic bitch side kick is literally getting hand fed power ups she does not deserve nor earn. I utterly despise cheap hand outs.


  4. Really disappointed MC worked his ass of to get that limit breaker and she is just getting power without that much effort????? And I also don’t like the fact that she brake that cap because the MC will become too op if she break that cap…op is good but too op character can destroy the story….hope she doesn’t get that limit breaker


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