I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 4

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Translator: NyX
Editor: DarkBlazeWolf


Chapter 4 Part 4


“Thanks! You’ve been really helpful!”

“N-no problem, I’m glad that I could help, but… Uhm… was it really good?”

After the break, the photoshoot session didn’t resume for some reason. On the contrary, Hikari-san thanked us with a satisfied face.

… No, wait, if the pro in business said that it was good, it’s safe to say that there will be nothing to worry about, right? But… I wonder which photos will be used? I didn’t know since I haven’t seen it yet. When I thought of that, Hikari-san suddenly gave me a big paper bag.

“Here, take this.”

“Huh? W-what is it? This is…”

I looked at the contents, there was a lot of clothes in it.

“I really want to give you money, but since you’re an amateur, it’s a bit tough on the office for that. Therefore, I’ll give you these clothes instead, as thanks! Please be assured, it’s all fitted to your size. I’ve also carefully selected clothes that look good on you!”

“Eeh!? T-there’s no need for this! It was a good experience for me, too…”

“It’s okay, just accept it! Basically, there will be some kind of reward for those who work. This is common sense in society, you know.”

“Y-yes… If that’s the case… Uhm… thank you very much.”

When I thanked him, Hikari-san nodded with a smile. He’s a good person. As I thought so about Hikari-san, Miwa-san also talked to me.

“Yuuya-san. Thank you very much for your time today.”

“No, it is me who should say so. It was a really valuable experience for me, and above all… I think that being able to do this with a professional who worked earnestly will be a good thing for me in the future.”

I told her that with a smile, Miwa-san seemed surprised for a moment, but not long after, she’s also smiled.

“That was good then! If there’s an opportunity for us to meet again, please treat me well at the time!”

“Yes, me too, I’ll be cheering on you, Miwa-san!”

Then, when I tried to leave this place with a peaceful atmosphere.

“Sup. I’m late.”

A cool man walked toward us. A blonde hair styled in wax and stylish piercings on his ears. He was also well dressed, and his atmosphere somehow felt something like Miwa-san’s. But at the same time, I also felt something completely different from Miwa-san, but I didn’t know what it was.

I was not sure who he was, but looking at Hikari-san who had been smiling a little while ago, now has a vein bulging on his forehead.

“This damned kid…!”

His tone is really back to being a man! Making Hikari-san leaked out his manly tone, who on earth is that guy?

“Umm… Miwa-san. Who’s that guy?” I asked Miwa-san.

“Err… he’s a male model who was supposed to have a photoshoot with me today.”

I was convinced just by Miwa-san’s explanation. I thought there was an atmosphere that was somehow close to Miwa-san’s, was it because they’re in the same profession? I was convinced by that, and then the man noticed Miwa-san’s presence and approached her while grinning.

“Miwa-chaaan! You have a photoshoot with me today, right? How is it? It makes you happy, aren’t you?”


“Well, let’s finish this session quickly, and then we’ll go to eat some delicious food together.”

When the man put his hand on Miwa-san’s shoulder, she was puzzled and I felt that she didn’t know what to do from her expression.

This is...

“Hey, hey, no worries.”

“Excuse me…” I tried to cut in.


When I called out, the man looked at me annoyingly.

“Who are you? Don’t talk to me. You’re annoying, get out of here!”

Thereupon, even though I only called him, I was somehow abused. Why? I was dumbfounded for a moment, but I firmly told the man again;

“No, that’s… Miwa-san seems troubled, so I think it’s better for you to step away from her a little bit.”


“… Huh?”

Miwa-san called my name in a bit of a panic, and the man shoots me a glare. He took his hand off of Miwa-san’s shoulder and approached me.

“You, who are you talking to?”


To whom… Well, I actually didn’t know this man is, but… Is he a celebrity? The man glared at me even harder, it seems he didn’t like my behavior.

“Actually, I don’t understand even if I say it with my own mouth…”


The man suddenly attacked me, to think that it had become a somewhat dangerous atmosphere.

“That attitude irritated me…!”


I was surprised that I was suddenly attacked, but it was so slow, it was incomparable to Goblin Elite or Goblin General’s attacks. I also didn’t have the hobby to be pleased and silent when being attacked, so my body reacted on its own without me knowing.

I caught the man’s fist that flew toward my face with my right palm, twisted his arm, took it to my back, and throw him down.



I was attacked by him without me knowing, my body reacted reflexively and held him down, but… Is it okay? This wasn’t my fault, right? He’s a good-looking guy, the good-looking guy is usually innocent and I’ll be found guilty if he complains. well, I’ll just run to a different world at that time!

When I was thinking about silly things in my mind, the man who had been held to the ground shouted at me.

“Gaah, I was trained in boxing!? How can you do that so easily…!”

Err, I don’t know either.

In the first place, I don’t know if this man has practiced boxing or not just by looking at his punch. Or rather, everyone’s punch just looks the same for me, since they’re all slow compared to the Goblin General…

Well, at the Goblin General’s level, just a single blow from its brute force has an outrageous power already, it’s not a state that can be reached by ordinary people even if they learn martial arts. I can fight with those monsters that have a big physical difference was thanks to my improving skills and stats.

Come to think of it, Miwa-san was panic before maybe because of her knowing that this guy had learned boxing, I guess? However, to think that she was emphasizing that, I wonder if this man has only solved anything by force. Well, in fact, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything before I leveled up. Yep, when I was weak, I wouldn’t have been sure if I can see the man’s punch. Or rather, any attack would’ve finished me anyway.

It made me feel somewhat sad.

Hikari-san squatted down looking at the man, and he declared to him with a very big smile.

“Since you showed a violent, your entertainer’s life will be over. Even if you’re not an entertainer, it’s normally a crime, you know. What a pity!”

“Wha-?! T-there’s no evidence! Actually, I’m the one who had been beaten!?”

No, you see, I think people around here were watching, but… as I thought, they’ll choose to be a good-looking guy’s ally, right? Should I prepare to cry now?

However, I didn’t have to cry. Hikari-san smiled like a devil while flaunting the camera he was carrying to the man.

“I recorded everything from the beginning until the end, you know ♡.”


The man resisted violently on the spot but finally gave up since my body didn’t shudder at all while holding him down, and finally he was taken by the staff.

“Geez… I didn’t think it’d be ended like this at first! But… Yuuya-kun is very strong, isn’t he? Even though that guy’s looked like that, he was actually pretty good at boxing.”

“It just happened by chance! Ahahahaha…”

I can’t say anything. I can’t say I was training in a different world, after all. Anyway, I called Miwa-san.

“Miwa-san, were you alright?”

“Eh? Ah… uh…… Thank you very much!”

Miwa-san was a little surprised when I called her, and she lowered her head, her cheeks were beet red.

“It’s just like that… don’t mind it! I was just a little confused since you didn’t say a single word before.”

“Err… I was relieved, because that person had always followed me around, so it was really helpful!”

Eh, what was that? Scary. Did he even act like a stalker, too?

“It was kind of weird, but again… Thank you very much for today. I hope we can meet again somewhere.”

“Yes, let’s meet again somewhere!”

“Yuuya-kun, thanks for today!”

As I left the place, I recalled what had happened today. I was suddenly asked to be a model, I was wondering about what to do, but it turned out to be a good experience, I was truly glad.

As for the clothes. I got clothes that were chosen directly by a professional in the field, so the result was splendid. Anyway… I don’t know what will happen to that guy but, the entertainment world is actually quite frightening, huh. I couldn’t help but think so.


* * *


“I wonder who he is…”

After Yuuya left, Hikari let out a sigh of admiration.

“A good-looking boy with such great style… I’ve been in the entertainment world for a long time already, but I’ve never seen someone like him before. Furthermore, he’s just an amateur…”

“He was really amazing, wasn’t he? I got fascinated by him even though I’m a man.”

“Oh, you’re right! I mean… he seems to have a charm that can attract everyone.”

“Well yeah, but since it’s the first time for him to do a photoshoot, he still looks awkward.”

“But, he also brings a good atmosphere, doesn’t he? So it was amazing!”

The staff who were involved in the photoshoot talked about Yuuya, they seemed to get lured by Hikari’s words. Hikari smiled bitterly looking at them, but then seeing Miwa who was preparing to go back home, he approached her.

“Hey, Miwa-chan. Do you want to check the photos now?”

“Ah, please, is it okay?”

“Of course! Here, you can take a look as much as you want.”

All the previous photos data had been transferred to a laptop, and so, Miwa checked the photos from the laptop instead of the camera.

“… When I look at it again, Yuuya-san is really amazing. It’s inevitable that his expression is still stiff since he isn’t a pro after all, but I feel like I can’t take my eyes off him, to the point that such a thing isn’t important anymore…”

“Right? This time we were shooting for a fashion magazine, so the main focus is about the clothes, but… sure, I was inspired when I looked at his eyes, you know.”

Yes, originally, for a fashion magazine photoshoot, the main focus must be about the clothes more than the models themselves. However, in order to increase the value of the clothes, they’ll use a famous model like Miwa, and she’s also performed her job perfectly.

But in Yuuya’s case, he was more prominent, it was like he had swallowed up the clothes itself, even though it should be the main focus.

“Moreover, look at this, I was thinking to retake the photo since Yuuya stands out too much… But, it can’t be helped, I think it’s like the charm of the clothes themselves had been raised to the utmost in order to make Yuuya shine.”

Yes, he didn’t re-take it although Yuuya was like the main focus, the clothes themselves become more attractive than before, and as a result, they fulfilled their purpose.

Miwa smiled bitterly hearing Hikari’s trouble. And then, her eyes stopped at one photo.

“Eh? This photo…”

“Oh, did you noticed it, Miwa-chan?”

Reflected on Miwa’s eyes is a photo of her and Yuuya chatting during the break. The photo seemed to be casual just like in an everyday scene, however, it looks very natural and that makes them look like a real couple, and this was originally Hikari’s photography concept.

Miwa in the photo also had a natural and attractive smile, and Yuuya was so full of charm that it makes one seem to feel drawn into the photo without realizing it.

“I was thinking to make that photo as the main part this time. It’s really good, isn’t it?”

“Y-yeah… Yuuya-san in this photo is very… um… charming…”

Miwa herself had been fascinated by Yuuya’s extraordinary appearance from the first time she met him, but when she saw Yuuya’s photo in front of her, she felt that her cheeks were heating up naturally.

“Oh my? Oh my, oh my? Miwa-chan, your face is red, you know?”

“Eeeh!? T-that’s not true!?”

Hikari who had noticed the change in Miwa’s expression looked at her with a grin.

“Well, I’ll leave it at that for today.”

“U-uh… is my face really red?”

“It’s like an apple. But now, Miwa-chan is also very attractive, you know.”

“I-is that so?”

Miwa tilted her head looking at Hikari who’s suddenly showing a gentle eye.

“Fufu… Miwa-chan in the photo is also full of charm, it was different from the usual Miwa-chan. From now on, I think you’ll have a lot of photoshoots, but don’t forget your expressions and feelings today, okay?”

“Ah… Yes!”

This photoshoot, which was a valuable experience for Yuuya, also gave valuable experience to everyone who had been involved in it.




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  1. It’s nice to see the MC start gaining som confidence! He’s truly been through social hell and he’s long since deserved some respect and admiration!😀

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  2. “I’ll give you these clothes instead, as thanks!” Clothes earned. Mission passed. + Respect.
    Encounter with a female model. Strong impression; interest and likability piqued. Mission passed. + Respect. “Just Friends, or More?” Quest unlocked.
    Miwa Route has been unlocked. Would you like to proceed? Y/N

    -The benefits of having extra high luck!

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    1. If the girl who he helped when he was still ugly appears, I might just root for her! After all, she was nice to him before undergoing his puberty spike. :>

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    1. He has absolutely no gauge on whether he’s handsome or not because as he said himself, everyone looks at their self in the mirror differently than how others may view them. His own opinion isn’t a good one to follow, and no one’s come out and said “OMG SO HANDSOME!” right to his face, either.

      The photoshoot likely helped to alleviate this some, but…he’s still got that massive inferiority complex coupled with a victim complex because he was always at fault whenever someone ELSE did something to him in the past for SO many years.

      It’s not gonna disappear overnight…so I’m not really sure why you’re getting irritated by this at this point in the series. It’s still the VERY beginning of it, after all. If this stuff was suddenly fixed right at the start of the series then the series would’ve been completely boring because we wouldn’t get to see the MC’s character progression. =x

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  3. I just gotta say it, damn the cliche of this story is really annoying me. I mean the first time he meet a girl, she was in trouble with guys so the mc gotta interfere, sure thats cliche and I more or less can accept it but, it to happen not twice but thrice? qhsfs! Hayss I really like the concept of the story, sadly its story is full of cliche that its annoying. Its hard to read a Japanese novel of a OP mc with atleast a realistic or decent scenes/story. Anyway just stating my opinion, who knows maybe it will get better? Thanks for the chapter.


  4. Un capítulo muy bueno asta aqui es donde va el manga realmente muy interesante hay información muy interesante que no bi en el manga gracias por la traducción


  5. As someone who knows what charm is I find it hard to believe he can achieve it given his low self esteem.

    Certainly he may be ahead of most good looking guys given they tend to turn into horrible people because of their looks so he if not corrupted yet but that is about it.


  6. It’s exaggerated, of course… but it’s not uncommon for young people to go through puberty and suddenly become attractive, or for their facial features to change enough that they feel strange. And it often takes a long time for them to adjust to their own particular attractiveness, even if other people notice.

    According to Japanese social values, it’s important for someone to be willing to step in and help; and Yuuya is trying to explore the world, so he’s minded to say yes to suggestions, even if he’s shy about it. The way he pitched in and did his best, on a moment’s notice, is supposed to show that he’s a trouper, someone who cares about society and helping others save face. And he did save the photoshoot, and thus helped everyone there make money instead of losing money.

    And of course, never mind about unions and agencies and income tax, when they were able to pay him with several hundred or thousand dollars worth of clothes under the table…. Heh.


  7. ” Hikari-san smiled like a devil while flaunting the camera he was carrying to the man.

    “I recorded everything from the beginning until the end, you know ♡.”

    “D-dammmiiiitttttt!”. ”

    *Does some coffin dances* XD XD XD


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