Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Changed Hannah Job from Fighting King -> Martial King.


Chapter 4 – Old Bastard

Part 1



It was Suzuno Ichinose, who sighed in the room where the antique furniture was placed. She is Tsukuru’s childhood friend and has the “Saint” job, which specializes in recovery. She is a beautiful, fair-skinned with beautiful black hair, and her long hair has grown even longer since she came to this world, almost reaching her waist.

“I wonder how’s Tsukuru-kun’s doing…?”

She was summoned to this world and had to leave Tsukuru immediately, but now she regretted it. She should have followed him then, even if it was impossible.

“Suzunon sighed again. I’m sure Tsukuru-kun will be fine.”

That was Miki Hayama. She is Suzuno’s best friend and one of the heroes who belong to the Luk Sandale Kingdom. A cheerful girl with a freckled face, she fights monsters every day as a “Magic Archer“.

“I miss him…”

“I’m sure we’ll meet again, so let’s live in hope!”

The two of them have been living in the Luk Sandale Kingdom for a long time, and they have felt it. In this world, life is regarded so lightly. Many people lose their lives due to unreasonable things that are unthinkable in Japan.

“Let’s be patient and step on it for now. Otherwise, you won’t see Tsukuru-kun either.”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

There are a considerable number of heroes who have been summoned to this world who do not fit into this world. They are desperate to live in a world that is unimaginably bleak in Japan, and they have managed to maintain their mental balance by chipping away at their emotions. Of course, there are also some heroes who are familiar with this world.

Among the heroes who belonged to the Luk Sandale Kingdom, there was one hero who didn’t think that he was Japanese, rather than familiar with it. He happily hunts monsters every day. You would think that this alone would make him un-Japanese*, but this is just the beginning. (T/N: In character.)

He knew that the more he hunted monsters, the higher his status rose, and the more money he could make. That’s why he uses the money he gets from hunting monsters to buy up beastman slaves.

The beastmen slaves he buys are all young girls who are not even ten years old. It must be his hobby. There are many heroes who cast a contemptuous glance at him. Many of the female heroes, in particular, don’t even dare to speak to him. He himself has no interest in female heroes, so he doesn’t show any pretense of concern.

He is fond of young beastman girls. What’s more, he treats the young beastmen slaves he has purchased badly. This was well known among the heroes, and Suzuno and others who had a strong sense of justice had protested many times.

What do you do with the purchase of a young beastman slave? In Japan, this is an act that would surely be taken care of by the police. However, it doesn’t even matter what he does to the young beastman slave, as he has a proven track record as a hero in this world.

Again today, when he returned from the gold-ranked dungeon, he headed to the slave store to buy a young beastman girl.

“Fufu. That’s nice. Yeah, you look pretty.”


The beastmen girl could only tremble in fear at him, Kaito Sorayama. So much so that the madness was visible in his eyes.

The first day they were bought, he would bathe with them, saying he would give them a bath and wash the young beastman slave all over their bodies, the second day he would have sex with them on the night, the third day he would perform torturous acts, and the fourth day they would not be able to scream anymore.

“Gufu, gufufufu. I hope the next one is cute too~♪”

Even a demon-like Kaito Sorayama is a hero in this world and allowed for doing inhumane deeds.




In this world, the level is a barometer of strength, but it’s not the only thing that determines strength. Because if you have a job, you have a skill. My job is a production job called “Chef“, but now I’m over 300 levels. It’s probably unbelievable to those from this world.

And now I’m falling down in the wasteland. All around me are the worried faces of Canaan, Hannah, Sanya, and Antia.

Shortly after being sent to some unknown place by Crafton’s Mjolnir, the effect of the [God’s Supper] expired, and I collapsed. It’s not all bad, though, since I can get a lap pillow from the four girls.

This [God’s Supper] is only valid for five minutes, after which a penalty is given. Since the penalty is the loss of one of the senses for twenty-three hours and fifty-five minutes, I thought I would lose one of my five senses. However, it seems that the penalty given to me this time is that I lose my sense of touch. It’s a sense of touch that doesn’t fall into the five senses, but this penalty is harsh.

If anything, it’s hard to stand up because I don’t feel my feet on the ground or feel anything touching me. I can see, I can hear, but when I try to speak, I can’t speak well because I don’t feel my tongue or throat. I was frustrated that I couldn’t feel the softness of their thighs, even though I had four people to give me a lap pillow.

I can’t speak words, but she can talk. So I asked Black Mist to translate it. Since Black Mist and I can speak telepathically, and Black Mist herself can speak aloud even though she’s a sword. It was an excellent opportunity for the four of them to learn about Black Mist, so I left it to Black Mist to interpret for them…

The four of them immediately opens their hearts to Black Mist, because she told a lot of stories about how I was living a primitive life in the Great Borf Forest, and how weird I was.

“Master is naked…”

“Yes, he used to dance completely naked, so he was given a weird title. Really, that guy is odd.”

(You weren’t there then, were you! Don’t say anything weird!)

(It’s fine, I’m telling them what Tsukuru is too embarrassed to say instead.)

(Shut up!)

Geez, she’s really troublesome.

Be that as it may, it seems that Antia doesn’t know where we are. The wasteland is a lot like the Grand Canyon of America. Rock-carved mountains can be seen in the distance, as well as deep valleys. All of them are covered with reddish-brown soil.

The dry wind is blowing, and Canaan’s bright red hair, which is doing the lap pillow, is swaying softly. The two soft-looking twin hills in front of me seem to be shaking even without the wind, but let me take this opportunity to feast my eyes on them.

“It’s about time, Canaan-san.”

This time it seemed like it was Hannah’s turn to give me a lap pillow. Hannah has a voluptuous twin hill, so her presence is terrific even when she’s wearing a maid’s outfit. The twin hills, which claim to be the number one presence among the four of them, are right in front of me, so how can I not feel happy?

“Sis, it’s my turn.”

I had been looking at Hannah’s looming twin hills, and now it was Sanya’s turn. Sanya is just as big as Hannah. It’s a good twin hill that looks soft even though Hannah’s still one step above in terms of attractiveness. She’s only 15 years old, so considering she’s still growing up, I think she might surpass Hannah eventually. It’s outrageous.

”Fufufu, I guess I’ll be next.”

Antia has the uniqueness of the elven race and is closer to the plains than to the twin hills. But even if you exclude the breasts, the beautiful face, slender hips, and toned and well-shaped butt will make you forget about her breasts.

Other than Antia, who is giving me a lap pillow, the three girls have gone to check our surroundings. Because if we don’t know where we are, we can’t go back, and we can’t go to the temple where the old bastard was.

“There’s nothing around. It’s only a wasteland as long as we see it, and there’s no sign of people ever having been here.”

Hanna reports on behalf of the group. She’s as cool as ever, but she was secretly grinning when she was giving me a lap pillow, and I was looking it from right under the twin hills.

What could possibly be so much fun with that? Come to think of it, all four of them were having a good time. I wonder if there’s something that happened?

“Tsukuru says, we better to camp here today and move on once he recovers.”

The four of them started to prepare for the camp after Black Mist told them what I was thinking.

“Then, let’s set up the tent~. Hanna-san and Sanya-chan, please set up the magic wards.”

Canaan took out the tent and the magic wards from the magic bag she was holding. However, when she looked at it, her magic bag only had very little food remained, so she looks a little sad. Even so, it’s enough for five people to eat for two days, in case of a normal person. However, it would only be enough for one meal for Canaan’s stomach.

Most of the food is in my [Material Storage], but I failed for some reason when I try to get it out. Apparently, the [Material Storage] can’t be used if my sense of touch is lost.

When my sense of touch returned, I’m going to create a magic bag. When I tried to create a space expansion item from scratch using [Equivalent Exchange] before, I had to cancel it halfway because it took a lot of MP. So I’ve been enhancing the functionality of the cheap magic bag and having Canaan use it, but now I feel like I can create it from scratch. That’s because my level is a lot higher now than it was back then.


Name: Tsukuru Sumeragi
Job: Chef, Level 430

Skills I: [Ultimate Cooking] [Ignition] [Dismantling] [Detailed Appraisal] [Material Storage] [Spring Water] [Tool Maintenance] [Food Ingredient Detection]

Skills II: [Night Vision] [Acceleration] [Presence Detection (2)] [Sense of Smell Enhancement] [Wild Intuition (2)] [Cooperation] [Group Action] [Whispering] [Monstrous Strength (2)][Strong Body (2)] [Strong Arm (2)] [Sturdy (2)] [Iron Wall (2)] [Mask Presence (3)] [Camouflage (3)] [Flee] [Absolute Defense (2)] [Fighting God (3)] [Supremacy (2)] [Super Regeneration (2)] [Physical Attack Resistance (2)] [Magic Attack Resistance (2)] [Telepathy] [Grant Skill] [Clean]

Skills III: [Plant Magic] [Wind Magic] [Shadow Sewing] [Dark Magic] [Summoning Undead (2)] [Earth Magic]

Unique Skills: [Equivalent Exchange] [God’s Supper]

Attributes: HP [S] | MP [EX] | STR [S] | INIT [S] AGI [EX] DEX [EX] LUK [EX]

Name: Weird Person, Devil’s Nest Conqueror, Sword Saint, Strong Eater

Divine Protection: #%$& Divine Protection


My level has finally passed four hundred. This is because I fought both Antia and Crafton. I’ve beaten those two at least once, so my level is increased.

As for skills, there is no change in the occupation-derived skills column. In the Skills II column, combat skills such as [Throwing] and [Swordmanship] are no longer needed due to the presence of [Fighting God] skill, so I was used them as provision when using [Equivalent Exchange], and some of them have been raised to II and III.

There is no change in Skills III except that [Summonging Undead] is now at (2). Also, [God’s Supper] has been added as a unique skill. Thanks to this skill, I was able to win the battle against Crafton.

Looking at the attributes, MP and AGI have been increased from S to EX. My HP and STR haven’t improved, but I believe that if I keep going like this, it will become EX someday.

In the title column, Strong Eater has been added, and the Divine Protection column also been added, which is contains garbled words, #%#& Divine Protection in it. If I can read this #%$&’s Divine Protection, I’ll understand the existence who have blessed me with Divine Protection.

Let’s also check the status of Canaan and the others.


Name: Canaan
Job: Magician, Level 260

Skill: [Flame Magic (4)] [Mana Control (4)] [Mana Boost (4)] [Wind Magic (2)] [Plant Magic (2)] [Mana Perception (4)] [Earth Magic (2)] [Lightning Magic (2)] [Ice Magic (2)] [Clean] [Light Magic (3)] [Destruction Magic (2)]

Attributes: HP [B] | MP [S] | STR [C] | INT [S] | AGI [B] | DEX [A] | LUK [B]

Title: Mage Queen


Her skill [Fire Magic] has evolved to [Flame Magic], and she has learned [Destruction Magic (2)], too. Every skill is growing across the board, so she’s no longer the worn-out Canaan I met back then. What surprised me the most was her title. With such a great title as Mage Queen, Canaan’s magical skills have explosively become more powerful.


Name: Hannah
Job: Martial King, Level 230

Skills: [Strong Arm (3)] [Martial King (2)] [Strong Body (3)] [Body Strengthening (3)] [Night Vision (2)] [Acceleration(2)] [Presence Detection (2)] [Monstrous Strength (3)] [Sturdy (3)] [Iron Wall (3)] [Camouflage] [Flee] [Absolute Defense (2)] [Moderation] [Intuition (2)] [Shadow Sewing] [Cooperation (2)] [Group Action (2)]

Racial Skills: [Sense of Smell Enhancement (4)] [Auditory Enhancement (3)]

Attributes: HP [S] | MP [C] | STR [S] | INT [B] | AGI [S] | DEX [A] | LUK [B]


Hannah has grown up, too. The [Staff Technique] and [Close-Combat Technique] have been removed to become [Martial King (2)]. I’d say it’s exceptional growth, but she didn’t get a title yet.


Name: Sanya
Job: Outfighter, Level 220

Skills: [Throwing (4)] [Physical Strength Enhancement (3)] [Mask Presence (3)] [Strong Arm (3)] [Body Strengthening (3)] [Night Vision (3)] [Acceleration] [Presence Detection (2)] [Monstrous Strength (3)] [Strong Body] [Sturdy] [Iron Wall] [Camouflage] [Absolute Defense] [Moderation] [Intuition (2)] [Shadow Sewing] [Cooperation (2)] [Group Action (2)]

Racial Skill: [Evasion] 

Attributes: HP [B] | MP [D] | STR [S] | INT [A] | AGI [B] | DEX [S] | LUK [C]


Sanya is no longer the same person she was when she was starving. Not only her level and skills but also her appearance that slightly plump than before, it showed out her feminine body.

For me, I’m most happy that Sanya, who is resembled Ayumi, has reached a level where she can’t be harmed. I’ll try to talk about how I look at her as Ayumi and try to break it off, but I’ll have to take care that it doesn’t become a burden on her.


Name: Antia
Race: Ancient Elf, Level 415

Skills: [Crisis Detection (2)] [Mana Detection (2)] [Windstorm Magic (3)] [Mana Boost] [Mana Control] [Clean]

Unique Skill: [The One Who Controls The Wind]

Ancient Skill: [Second Life]

Attributes: HP [S] | MP [EX] | [STR [C] | INT [S] | AGI [A] | DEX [A] | LUK [B]

Title: Elf Founder, The One Who Imposes Trials


There is no change in Antia’s level. As for the skills she learned, she got the magic-type skills such as [Mana Boost][Mana Control], and the useful skill [Clean]. In terms of attributes, her INTDEX, and LUK have been increased, but since she has hardly done any fighting, she doesn’t seem to be able to really feel it.


Name: Black Mist (Third Form)

Skills : [Unbreakable] [Sharpness (2)] [Purification (2)] [Evolution] [Special Move (3)] [Doubled Experience Points (2)]

Attributes : HP [EX] | MP [S] | STR [G] | INT [S] | AGI [G] | DEX [G] | LUK [S]

Titles: Fighting God Sword


Black Mist has also evolved into a third form. The appearance remains the same, but since she now has [Special Move (3)], it seems she has able to use a special move called “Ice Dragon Absolute Shock“*. Let’s try it next time. [T/N: Not sure, 氷龍絶界撃, please spare me from this, I’m horrible with kanji (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)]

In addition, [Sharpness][Purification], and [Doubled Experience Points] are now at (2). I’m especially happy about [Doubled Experience Points (2)].

At this level, if I don’t fight against an ancient breed like Antia, even if I have [Doubled Experience Points (2)], I’ll just get little exp points. By the way, since it’s now at (2), I will receive 2.5 times more experience value.


Name: Beeze
Race: Lich Destroy, Level 180

Skills: [Life Detection (2)] [Presence Concealment (2)] [Transparent (2)] [Soul Absorption (2)] [Summon Familiar (2)] [Extreme Cold Magic] [Physical Attack Nullification] [Magic Attack Resistance (2)] [Concealment (2)] [Camouflage (2)] [Transition (2)]

Attributes: HP [A] | MP [S] | STR [A] | INT [S] | AGI [S] | DEX [S] | LUK [C]


This time, Beeze didn’t make an appearance, but that doesn’t mean he was skipping out. Rather, there’s probably no one who works as hard as Beeze. I know that.

Beeze spends more time gathering information than fighting. As such, his level is only raused slightly than Canaan’s, and his attributes have not changed much. The skill [Absolute Ice Magic] has evolved into [Extreme Cold Magic], and most of the skills have been leveled up.

He’s a faithful person, so I’ll try to get him more involved.




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    At this level, if I don’t fight against an ancient breed like Antia, even if I have [Doubled Experience Points (2)], I’ll just get little exp points. By the way, since it’s now at (2), I will receive 2.5 times more experience value.}
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