Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Part 2


My sense of touch has come back. It’s back, but the question now is, where is this wasteland? I thought of investigating it, but we’ve been under attack from a group of spider monsters with a human upper body, monsters with a human body and a cow’s head, and monsters with a horse’s lower body and human upper body.

“Geez, why is the demon race so belligerent?”

While Beeze is fighting, Antia is drinking tea. While holding the teacup, she is looking at the demons being driven out with cold eyes, as expected from a big-shot. The attackers are Arachne (spider woman), minotaur (cow-head), and centaur (horse-man), and according to Antia, they are demons.

The reason why we are being attacked by the demon race goes back to yesterday.

While I was lying there without my sense of touch, there was a visit from the demon race, and it was a reconnaissance force unit. That reconnaissance force demon saw us and attacked us without question, but Hannah and Sanya had beaten them to a pulp.

I was able to hear the story after Beeze used [Soul Absorption (2)] to recover the soul of the demon from the reconnaissance unit and summoned him as his familiar with [Summon Familiar (2)].

There’s a demon town about two hundred kilometers away from here, and a reconnaissance unit has been dispatched to detect the enormous amount of magic they had sensed when we were blown to this land.

That’s not the only thing I’ve learned. This land is a different world than the one we were in. In other words, I’ve traveled through three worlds: a world with Japan, a world with the Great Borg Forest, and a world with this wasteland. I’ve only been alive for 18 years, but it seems that I’ve become a very heavy other-world tourist.

“But, a different world, huh…”

Come to think of it, I felt like I had more magic than usual when I summoned Beeze, but maybe it’s because it’s a different world? It turned out that, even in the other world, I could summon Beeze, so it wasn’t all bad. Don’t be pessimistic because it’s a different world.

Now that I have the [God’s Supper], I can use that effect to gain the skill to travel through time and space and return to the second world where the Great Borf Forest is located.

…If I think about it again, I can go back to Japan. However, the penalties are annoying, so I won’t use it very often. It’s not easy to use because the materials are too limited. It’s not a problem if it’s only limited to 300 levels, but I don’t like the fact that it’s limited in the number of times.

This is a different world, but the reason why there are demons here is from a long time ago, before the big battle between the four races and the two races. Apparently, there was a conflict between the giants and the demons, and at that time, the leader of the giants, Crafton, sent many of the demons, including their leader, to this world. The hammer that Crafton had, the Mjolnir, has the ability to transport the target in time and space to this world.

Antia says she didn’t even know there was such an item, but I think it’s no doubt that we were also sent to this world because we were wrapped in the magic circle that emanated from the hammer called Mjolnir.

Back to the story, the demon race’s troops and Beeze are fighting right now. Since the reconnaissance force unit did not return, the demon race had re-dispatched their troops with a larger number of people. It would have been better if we had just talked it out, but the demon race would have attacked the moment they saw us, so there’s nothing to talk about.

“The more demon corpses there are, the more familiars Beeze will get, so it must be a nightmare for the demons.”

“They will perish through their own barbarism, so they deserve it.”

Antia is as stern on demons as ever.

“But I never thought there was an ancient demon breed in this world.”

”As long as the ancient breed is alive, no new ancient breed will be born. Crafton must have taken advantage of that to create a situation where the demon race in our world didn’t have any ancient breed so that the demons could follow him.”

“I don’t think that muscle brain could come up with something like that. Also, the existence of that hammer called Mjolnir is different. I think there’s someone behind the scenes who’s moving Crafton.”

Antia stared at me with her long, slit eyes, a grin on her lips.

“I’m sure there is. It’s hard to believe that Crafton, who is just a big body and has no brain, could think of such a thing.”

“Does Antia have any idea who that is?”

“One possibility would be Glythros, the god of the giants that created Crafton. However, Glythros is also a muscle idiot, so I don’t think he has that kind of wisdom.”

Even though he is the enemy’s god, she calls a god a muscle idiot. I guess that’s how much she dislikes him.

“You have more in mind than that muscle idiot, don’t you?”

“Yes… I think it’s the dead spirits. They’re cunning. However, the spirits and giants are hostile… Also, I wouldn’t say there aren’t any from other races.”

So there’s no end in sight once you start thinking about it.

“Milord, we have exterminated the demons.”

Beeze returned with the primary backup Canaan, Hannah, and Sanya.

“Beeze-san is too strong. I didn’t have to do anything.”

“Canaan-san is right. Is Beeze-san really at a lower level than us?”

“I was surprised by the pressure that Beeze-san exerted on me.”

Canaan, Hannah, and Sanya complimented Beeze.

”Good job, everyone. Get some rest.”

Beeze is a monster after all, so if the level is the same, I can see that he has more fighting power than a human, but is it that great? Let’s keep an eye on Beeze’s fight solidly next time.

“Beeze, have you heard anything new from the new guys?”

It would be natural for Beeze to extract information from the former demons he made into his familiars.

“Yes, if this unit doesn’t return, the demon army will be dispatched next.”

“Since all of the demon races, both men and women, are combatants, it’s safe to assume that every resident of the town will turn into a soldier.”

Antia added to the information that Beeze pulled up. But they’re all combatants, huh? How much of a battle race are they?

“If they’re all combatants, what about the kids?”

“I don’t think there are many children because the demons grow up to be just like adults in a few weeks after birth.”

Can they be expected to be a fighting force just a few weeks after they were born? That’s a war-ready species.

“What are their numbers going to be?”

“Next is 10,000. If that doesn’t work, they say a hundred thousand troops will move in.”

It’s no longer on the scale of a battle; it’s a war.

“Is there room for a discussion?”

“No, Milord.”

“I don’t think so.”

Beeze and Antia’s voice were overlapped. Even though Antia’s dignified voice and Beeze’s low-pitched voice are overlapped, it’s not uncomfortable because of the different registers.

“I see. Then let’s go for it.”

“Fufufu, as I thought of Tsukuru.”

What is that, Antia-kun?

“Let’s attack! We’re going to knock them out!”

You’re in high spirits, huh? Canaan-kun.

“As the Master wills.”

Yep, thank you, Hannah-kun.

“The reconnaissance unit was too weak to raise our level. Would it go up a little if we defeated 10,000 of them?”

Sanya-kun, when did you become such a muscle brain?

It doesn’t matter, I don’t like to wait. Thus, we decided to attack the demon town from here. The demon town was surrounded by stone walls. It’s been thousands of years since they were flown here a long time ago, so it seems to be firmly rooted. However, such stone walls mean nothing to Beeze, and the information in the city is all over us.

According to the information that Beeze gathered, the demons are preparing to have an army of 10,000 ready to leave the city by tomorrow morning. Now that we have a grasp on the town’s build, we’ve decided to go on the offensive.

“We’ll be going to eat first!”

“It’s time for a meal!”

Canaan, wipe the drool off your face.

“Let me help you.”

Hannah is mainly a maid wherever she goes.

“I like Master’s food, it’s the best.”

Sanya seems to be crazy about my food.

“It’s not tight enough. But that’s Tsukuru’s way.”

“What is it Antia, you didn’t want to eat?”

“I didn’t say that.”

You’re going to eat it after all.

I eat a sandwich while listening to the sound of a bonfire. We’re going to be working out, so I thought I’d go for a light meal, and it turned out to be a sandwich.

“I want more…”

Don’t look so sad.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you eat a lot of food after we beat up the demons.”

Apparently, one sandwich platter wasn’t enough for Canaan. I think that was a lot.

“Master, it’s a promise!”

“Yeah, I promise.”

As we were drinking tea and talking about such trivial things, I saw the demons coming out of the town in droves. It’s like asking them to find us because we’re eating over a bonfire about a kilometer from town without hiding it.

“It’s a human and beastmen!”

“There’s also an elf with them!”

“Kill them!”

It’s a no-questions-asked kind of thing, same as ever. This way, everyone’s conscience won’t be hurt by destroying the town. Hmm, me? I’ve accepted the food chain of the law of the jungle after I was dumped in the Great Borf Forest. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be alive today.

“Beeze, it’s all yours.”

“As you wish.”

There’s nothing to be gained by sending out Canaan, Hannah, or Sanya when you’re dealing with level one hundred demons. It’s better to leave it to Beeze, who has the lowest level, to gain experience.

Beeze froze the demons coming out of the town in a hurry with [Extreme Cold Magic]. How is it possible to shoot such a wide range of [Extreme Cold Magic]? Sure, Beeze’s MP is high, but he only has [Extreme Cold Magic] as attack magic.

He looks like a wizard, but he’s actually a summoner who summons his familiar rather than using attack magic, so I think it’s strange that he can freeze a hundred units of demons with [Extreme Cold Magic].

How many demon races had been defeated?  And the reinforcements from the town had run out. I don’t think he got to 10,000 yet… Well, I guess it was only about half of them because they are in the middle of preparing things now. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

“Beeze. We’re getting tired of defending, so let’s go on the offensive.”

Since the attacking demons have disappeared, I decided to attack them. If I thought about it again, we’ve come to attack the demons. Hahahaha, well, whatever.

Beeze summons the souls of the demons he’s been collecting diligently.

“I’d say it’s about 5,000.”

It’s quite spectacular to see an army of five thousand undead.

“Canaan, have you captured the magic of the ancient breed?”

“No problem. I’ve caught the biggest magic.”

Canaan’s [Mana Perception] level is already up to (4), and she has the most extensive spying range of all of us.

It’s incredible because, even from outside the city walls, she can capture the enormous magic power of the ancient breed that is almost in the center of the city.

“Hannah, Sanya, move when the old breed comes out.”

“Yes.” said the sisters.

Apparently, the old breed level is around 200, so the undead army cannot compete with them. Since the numbers have been set, let’s leave the old breed to the animal-eared sisters before they cause unnecessary damage.

“Alright! Beeze, destroy them.”

“As you wish, Milord.”

The demons who were on their side until just a few moments ago are now attacking themselves. From those demons perspectives, it would be no joke. What’s more, if they’re killed by this undead army, they will become a part of the undead. It’s tremendous.

If I were the ancient breed that leads the demons, I’d choose a strategic retreat.


“Kill! Kill them all!”

When the undead army tried to take over the city walls, magic flew from above the walls. However, the average level of the undead army was 150. They easily defend against those attacks of the demons that are less than level 100s, and the undead army also bluntly shoots their magic. The magic exchange was won by the undead army due to the difference of levels.

The undead army entered the city from the walls they destroyed in the magic exchange. Among them are harpies with a female face and bird body, imps with a childlike body and bat wings, and succubi with a bewitching human female body and bat wings.  Because they can fly, it makes them quite useful as an air force.

For now, it appears that we have air control.

“Eeeeeeii, you’re worthless! You are still the great demon race, aren’t you?”

Someone comes up. He looks like a mere human wearing a cloak, but the atmosphere he wears is ill-omened.

“I am the great demon, a noble vampire count!”

Oh, a vampire. I guess Dracula and vampires are counts after all. The count makes a very long speech. Hmm, do I have to listen to this? (T/N: Not sure, but maybe this is Bram Stoker Dracula references.)


Name: Gazen Vampire

Race: Old Evil, Level 245

Skills: [Claw Technique (2)] [Bloodsucking (2)] [Vampirism (2)] [Presence Detection (2)] [Leadership (2)] [Encouragement (2)] [Super Regeneration]

Attributes: HP [B] | MP [A] | STR [A] | INT [C] | AGI [B] | DEX [C] | LUK [E]

Title: Demon Noble (Count)


“He’s an old breed.”

The moment I said that, the animal-eared sisters, Hannah and Sanya, jumped out. Their gazes were fixed on the count, and they were approaching him at breakneck speed.

Just like how Moses parted the red sea, the undead army opened the path for them… It’s because of Beeze’s skill at controlling the undead army. They would have bounced off if the undead army was in front of them.

Sure, I told them to move when the old breed comes out, but they don’t have to move in such a hurry.

Hannah’s punches were giving critical hits to the count’s face. Then Sanya’s emperor dragon fang tomahawk slammed into his face! Whoa, it splattered. His brain spilled out.  That’s crazy, isn’t it?

Oh, the count is still moving with his brain like that. He’s telling Hannah not to punch him in the face, but he’s not that handsome anyway. Hannah’s hand pierced the count’s chest! She doesn’t seem to be willing to let him do anything until the end. Furthermore, his head was cut off by the emperor dragon fang tomahawk.

Then, the count was trapped in an ice coffin made from the [Extreme Cold Magic] released by Beeze, and the ice coffin was shattered by Hannah’s punches. That way, no matter how strong his life force is, he will be dead.

There were a few old breeds after that, but it was only for a short appearance, since they got blasted by the animal-eared sisters. In addition, Beeze’s undead army was steadily gaining results.

“Don’t go after those who run away. Just crush anyone who comes towards you!”

There is no need to chase and kill the fleeing demons. It’s a waste of time.

“However, don’t let the ancient breed escape.”


Canaan, your reply was too light.

“Yes!” said the sisters.  They’re on good terms.

“As you wish, Milord.”

That’s all Beeze has said since he came into this world, hasn’t he? That’s fine. Antia doesn’t do anything as usual, does she? Well, there’s nothing to do, so why don’t we have a cup of tea and relax?

After a while, the whole town was in control. The number of the undead army increased in proliferation, and it grew to a hundred thousand in size by the end. I didn’t have time to count them, so it’s like that. The animal-eared sisters won the battle by beating up on the old breeds.

Canaan has detected the magic of the ancient breed, so we have come to the castle where the ancient breed is located. The castle of the demon race is quite artistic. It’s unexpected. There is a rocky mountain in the center of the town, and the castle looks like the ruins of Petra, which was carved out of the rocky mountain.

“This is the way.”

Canaan’s guide takes us through the castle without hesitation. My [Presence Detection (2)] can tell the ancient breed’s direction, but I can’t go through the maze-like castle without getting lost. However, Canaan’s [Mana Perception (4)] can even grasp the structure of the maze-like castle inside. It’s so convenient.

“It’s here!”

The place that Canaan led us to had large double doors. It’s a uselessly gorgeous door carved with each of the demon races we’ve seen so far.

“It looks more embarrassing than arguably good.”

“If it were Catoblepas, it would be no wonder that it had such a tacky carved door; it was his hobby.” )T/N: カトブレパス not sure about his name.)

As you can see from those words, Antia hates the ancient demon breed. I heard that the demon’s ancient breed is called Catoblepas, but what kind of a guy is he?

Hannah and Sanya opened the door for me, and I walked in. There was a red carpet in the middle of the hall that looked like an audience hall, and at the far end of it were a few demons.

Maybe the one sitting in the tackiest gilded chair at the highest place is Catoblepas, the ancient demon. He has a stout body like a hippopotamus and short limbs. How does he move? Crawling? I think you shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance, but not with that appearance~.


Name: Catoblepas
Race: Ancient Evil, Level 440

Skills: [Curse Eyes (3)] [Poison Eyes (3)] [Super Regeneration (3)]

Unique Skill: [The One Who Rules The Demon]

Ancient Skills: [Second Life]

Attributes: HP [A] | MP [EX] | [STR [S] | INT [A] | AGI [S] | DEX [C] | LUK [G]

Title: Demon Founder, The One Who Imposes Trials


I guess it’s okay. Perhaps after fighting Crafton, he didn’t seem so threatening. However, [Curse Eyes (3)] and [Poison Eyes (3)] are skills that will curse and poison you by deadly poison if you meet his eyes, so let’s be careful.

“I’ll take that one. I’ll let everyone else take care of the rest.”


“As you wish, Milord.” said Beeze.

“I’ll just watch. It doesn’t seem that my level will go up.”

Canaan, Hannah, and Sanya responded happily. Beeze’s answer is the same as usual. Only Antia was determined to watch. Well, if Antia comes too, everyone’s experience would be reduced, so that’s fine. Aside from Catoblepas, there were four other old breeds, so Canaan, Hannah, Sanya, and Beeze took charge of them one on one.

“Who the hell are you?”

One of the old breeds asked what they should have asked before they sold us a fight.

“Mu… you, are you Antia-Bu?”

Catoblepas seems to have noticed Antia. By the way, what’s with the “Bu” at the end of his word? Is that a pun?

“Your small brain has made you remember my face well, hasn’t it?”

It’s the same thorny words as with Crafton.

“Fu-fufufu… You have seemed to have been flown by Crafton too, huh, Antia? Once you have been trapped in this world, you won’t be able to go back to the original world-Bu. Despite that, you would still be hostile, just like in the original world, huh-Bu? That’s stupid-Bu.”

The “bu” at the end of the word makes me laugh. Why does this one have to be an ancient breed?

“My my, the one who attacked first is the demons. You’re as foolish as ever. If you want to be forgiven, why don’t you kneel there and beg for your life? Oh my, I’m sorry, you can’t kneel with that body of yours. Fufufu.”

Catoblepas’ gray face turned bright red. He seems to be angry.


Oh no, he bludgeoned one of his old breed’s close aides to death with his cane.

“Hey, don’t fight each other. Otherwise, we’ll be low on prey!”

“Who the hell are you-Bu? Are you Antia’s subordinate despite being a human-Bu?”

“Fufufu, Tsukuru is not my subordinate. He’s my husband.”

Hearing Antia’s words, Catoblepas was staring, puzzled.

“…This human is your husband? I think Antia has finally lost her mind! Gaahahahaha-Bu!”


The old breed laughed along with him. Maybe if they don’t laugh in tune at times like this, they’ll be killed like that guy earlier. This is what you call an absolute monarchy, right? It’s a terrible kind of governance that only looks out for the king.

“Alright, that’s enough. Canaan, Hannah, Sanya, and Beeze go!”

At the same time as my words, Hannah jumped out, Canaan and Beeze activated their magic, and Sanya threw the emperor dragon fang tomahawk.


With Canaan and Beeze’s magic and the emperor dragon fang tomahawk, the three remaining old breeds had died. Then, Hannah looks down at the corpses in disbelief. Hannah strode back in a daze. She has her usual cool beauty, but a few veins are floating in her temples… Aaah, my eyes.

“Sanya, come here for a minute…”

We watched as Sanya was led out of the room by Hannah without saying a word.


The two are back. But I feel like Sanya’s eyes are dead… I guess there is a relationship between sisters that I am not allowed to touch.

“Now… you’re the only one left.”

This time I pointed Black Mist at the blue-faced Catoblepas.

“Eeeeeehhh, you’re all useless-Bu!”

“These guys had served you, so you have to thank them!”

I kicked on the red-carpeted floor and approached Catoblepas.

“Bu! Don’t make light of me-Bu! Die-Bu!”

Catoblepas probably tried to activate [Curse Eyes (3)] and [Poison Eyes (3)]. However, I pierced Black Mist deep into his chest.

“Hey, don’t stab me like this.”

Black Mist complained to me, but I don’t know how it feels. I then swung Black Mist upwards, slashing Catoblepas’ head in half from the chest.

“Bu… Why, bu…”

“I had shortened our distance. I know where to find you even if I close my eyes.”

Yes, I closed my eyes and approached Catoblepas, thrusting Black Mist into his chest.

Catoblepas’ [Curse Eyes (3)] and [Poison Eyes (3)] are skills that are ineffective if you do not look at his eyes, so there was nothing to be afraid of as long as I closed my eyes.

I don’t have the Sword Saint title for nothing.

“I’ll kill an ancient breed this time!”

I waited for the right moment for Catoblepas to activate [Second Life], which is his ancient skill, and waved Black Mist again, beheading him.

“You cut him off as if it was something trivial.”

“Are you zante●ken?” (T/N: 斬●剣 it’s actually mean a sword that cuts iron, I think it’s final fantasy reference, not sure though :D)

It’s actually a line from the owner of the zante●ken, but it’s fine. Besides, I would have been able to cut a bullet in half like it’s a piece of cake now.

“What is that zante●ken?”

I’m afraid I’m saying it to you without knowing it!



T/N: I’m sorry if this is confusing, I’m also a little confused myself *dogeza*




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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I would suggest changing Katobrepas to Katoblepas or Catoblepas. It’s a monster from Greco-roman mythology that looks like a cow or bull, with paralyzing eyes and poison breath. It shows up occasionally in modern fiction.

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    1. I might be wrong but Zantetsuken icould be reference to Goemon Ishikawa’s katana. And with his quote, “Once again i hate cut something worth nothing.” I watched Lupin III as a kid.

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  3. Regarding your confusion about the levels:
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  5. I think that the correct translation would be:
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    1. His sword is actually Ryusei; it’s only in the anime that it’s called Zantetsuken, which simply means, “iron-cutting iron sword”, and is commonly attached to blades created by the Gendai (1877~1945) swordsmith Kobayashi Yasuhiro. When referring to an individual sword, however, it is almost assuredly a reference to Odin’s sword in the Final Fantasy series, which can cut through *anything* (though Odin himself uses a particular form that can be countered, as we saw with Seifer in FF8; that didn’t damage the sword, however, as Gilgamesh obtained it from then on).


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    [“Hey, don’t fight each other. Otherwise, we’ll be low on prey!”]

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    “Fufufu, Tsukuru is not my subordinate. He’s my husband.”

    Hearing Antia’s words, Catoblepas was staring, puzzled.

    “…This human is your husband? I think Antia has finally lost her mind! Gaahahahaha-Bu!”]

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