Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Reunion after a long time


We made it safely through the undersea dungeon and back to the piznutt kingdom, our starting point. The city was bustling with activity and didn’t look any different.

“Lusha, shall we go to the adventurer’s guild and then show up at the dwarf old man’s shop?”

“You’re right. He’s been a big help to us when we left.”


What Lusha and I do is gather information first. After that, we decided to go to the dwarf old man blacksmith to greet him. When I looked at Ren and Ruri, their gazes were directed towards the royal castle.

“I guess Ruri and I have to go to the royal castle once. We’ll have to split up here for the time being.”

“I hope there won’t be any trouble, but… In the meantime, I’ll let you know if we need anything else.”

We’re not in disguise or anything, so the king will have heard about our return as soon as we entered the country. There was no problem when we left the country, but we were asked for our identification when we entered.

“If something happens, you can run, okay?” I said to Ren.

“I know. But, well, when I’m in the public eyes… I don’t think I have to be so afraid, right?”

“No, no, no. You’ve always been taking a big risk, haven’t you?”

How big of a heart does Ren have? They’re always messing with us, They summoned us for their own convenience, and then threw me in jail. And in exchange to let me out, they made Ren wear a contract bracelet.

While I was thinking about this, Ruri said strongly, “It’s okay”.

“I’ll be watching him properly.”

“I don’t know who’s the older one in here now.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at what Ruri said, and this time Ren sulked as if he was unfaithful.

“It’s okay… I wouldn’t think of making a stupid contract anymore either. I’ll be cautious in my decision too, trust me.”

“All right. But you have to be absolutely careful, okay?”


I reminded Ren, and we parted ways.


◆ ◆ ◆


The first place we go to is the adventurers’ guild. When we entered, it hadn’t changed at all since our last visit. Even though I was in this town for only a short time, it feels a little nostalgic.

As Lusha quickly headed to the bulletin board, I followed her, and then… I found a familiar face.


“Hmm? Oh, Hiroki and Lusha! You’re back!”

When I called out to him, Freutz waved at us happily. I smiled back at him, and the three of us rejoiced to see each other again after a long time. Freutz was the first person to let me into his party.

He has orange eyes and short dark brown hair. He has a nice smile and a good一natured side too. He’s my benefactor who made me join the party when I was at my wit’s end, and he’s the one who taught me about adventure and this world.

“We’re back. But when we finish our business here, we will go to the tangerine continent.”


“It’s to change my occupation!”

When Freutz asked us why, Lusha proudly declared. From the way she looked, I could tell that she was looking forward to her new job. Freutz was surprised by that.

“Seriously!? Are you already strong enough to change jobs now?”

“Hiroki and I have been going to dungeons together, so I’ve gotten a lot stronger now!”

Lusha smiles and makes the V-sign, and Freutz says, “I knew you’d do it!” He was as happy as it was for himself. I looked around and noticed that Tina and Dia were not there.

“Aah, Tina and Dia are both working on a request. They’re supposed to be collecting in the nearby forest.”

“I see. I’m going to stay for a while, so I’ll see them soon. I’m thinking of going to the same inn I used last time. Isn’t that where Freutz and the others are staying too?”

“Oh. So I guess I’ll see you back at the inn.”

I can stay at a better inn considering my current financial situation, but I’m going to stay at the same place again since I’ve been taken care of before. Lusha doesn’t seem to have any objections and is nodding with a smile.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the innkeeper there; the food was delicious too.”

“You’re right.”

After a bit of idle chatter like that, I remembered the purpose of my visit to this country.

“Hey, do you know the kind of equipment that makes a contract?”

“A contract…? Isn’t that some kind of magic tool?”

“Oh, right. I think it’s a magic tool.”

Yes, the main issue is to remove the contract bracelet that Ren is wearing. Certainly, there is no equipment with that kind of effect, so a magic tool would be an appropriate way to call it.

“What is it, did you go to apricot and make a contract with someone?”

“No, it’s not me but my friend. It’s kind of a one-sided thing, and I want to disarm it.”

“It seems like a lot of your friends have a lot of troublesome problems… whether it’s curses or contracts…”

―It’s the same person, you know. I reply only in my mind with a wry smile.

Freutz puts his hand to his chin to think about it, but he can’t seem to think of a quick solution.

“I don’t hear much about destroying it on one side.”

“Is it because of the agreement?”

‘”…No, I suppose it’s simply because it’s too powerful to be cancelled.”

“Ah, I see.”

This seems to be trickier than I expected.

“I guess you’ll just have to convince the guy who signed the contract to take it off?”

“I wish we could have handled it with brute force…”

“It’s not so easy to attack since it’s something you wear.”

Freutz shook his head, and Lusha nodded, saying that using force would be difficult.

“It’s said that the contract equipment is something that was created by the guy above to control through force forcefully. I don’t see it so much now, but since the purpose for which it was created is the very purpose, the method of disarming it isn’t well known.

…Fumu. That means what happened this time―must have been common with the aristocratic society. It must have been used against unfavourable people. If that’s the case, it certainly doesn’t seem to be a magic tool whose method of disarming it is publicly known.

“But to persuade the other party is… well, I guess I’ll just have to think about it.”

“Isn’t mind games one of Hiroki’s specialities? I’m not very good at that thing.”

“You’re overestimating me, that’s…”

A mere college student does not have that much ability. Sigh, I think that if I can’t get any information from this investigation, I’d better talk to Ruri and plan a strategy.

“I hope the old man knows the rest.”

“Old man?”

“Yeah, there’s a dwarf blacksmith, and I had that old man set up our equipment. Now that we’re back, I thought we’d better show our faces.”

“Right, well, equipment is important, you know. You should show your face before it’s too late.”

I nodded at Freutz’s words and looked at the board.

“Before we go, I want to know about the current situation. Has anything changed now since before we left?”

“No, not really. Mostly there are peaceful requests, and the only difficult thing is probably an escort request. There are some monster subjugations too, but nothing that strong.”

“I see.”

It doesn’t seem to be anything to be worried about. I’ve also looked at the soldiers on the way to the adventurer’s guild, but they don’t seem to be moving in an unusual way. Maybe someone will try to kill me on the king’s orders, but I’ll avoid them all, so there should be no problem.

“There doesn’t seem to be any unusual requests. I think we can go to tangerine as soon as we’re done here.”.

“Thank you, Lusha.” I thanked her since I can’t read the contents on the board. Lusha casually checked the bulletin board and told me what it was about. I’m slowly learning the letters, but I’m still taking my time to read them.

“Well then, shall we go to the old man’s place now?”


“Thank you for telling me all about it, Freutz.”

“Don’t worry about it! Let’s get some food when we’re at the inn again.”


We said goodbye to Freutz and headed to the old man.




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    1. I’m not sure how much time had passed since they first left the Piznutt Kingdom, but during that time, Tina and Dia must’ve grown up a bit, right?

      Though not so much in appearance and height, surely they must’ve acquired new skills and gained experience. Anticipating their growth.

      [We made it safely through the undersea dungeon and back to the piznutt kingdom, our starting point.]
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