Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 1 Part 2

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T/n: Changed Black Mist name to Kurogiri now.

Editor: ultrabrandon12

Part 2



Suddenly I hear Beeze’s voice close to my ear, and I wake up to find a skull in front of me, I think it’s terrible for my heart. It’s the second time this pattern has happened, right?

“What happened?”

“The giants, who were disadvantaged in the battle against the demons, retreated and invaded the area controlled by the human race.”


What’s it all about?

“In addition, the demon race has also invaded the area controlled by the human race in pursuit of the giants, and it’s become a three-way battle, including the human race.”


That damn Crafton, what the hell is he doing now?

“The human race has sent the heroes who were summoned to this world with Milord to the front line, but they haven’t gained much success.”

That’s probably true. Even if they’re strong, it’s not easy to get past the level hundred barrier. It seems the old bastard is trying to push them to break through that wall, but it’s not easy.

I was in mortal danger, so I didn’t know it. I broke through the limit by defeating a cat with a difference of more than two hundred levels. Still, two hundred levels isn’t a wall that can be crossed in normal circumstances.

“Where are the heroes gathered, and how many?”

“All the heroes are gathered in the northern part of the Rade-Crude Empire, mainly to fight against the demons.”

All of them? That means Ichinose is there too, right?

“Is Ichinose among that group?”

I ordered Beeze to protect Ichinose in the shadows. Most of the heroes are unimportant to me, but Ichinose is my childhood friend, so I always keep her under guard.

“Ichinose-dono is also among the heroes gathered in the northern part of the Rade-Crude Empire.”

“I see…”

Ichinose doesn’t like to fight, so I can’t think of a scene where she’d be sent off to war. Besides, I think I’m about to beat up the damn old man from now on, so I think it’s going to be a chaos for the Rade-Crude Empire and other human supremacist countries.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the chaos, and there might be things that even my guards might not be able to prevent, so maybe it’s time to get Ichinose out of there.

“Speaking of which, how are the other races doing?”

“The beastmen and dwarves show no sign of movement. The elves won’t move without an order from Antia-sama.”

“We’ll see how it goes…”

“I don’t think I need to move the elves in this fight too, do I?”

“Hmm? Antia, you’re awake.”

I was thinking about it for a minute and Antia, who was sleeping beside me, had woken up. It wasn’t just Antia, Canaan and Hannah were also looking at me. Well, that’s it, the three of them are my wives, and we’re sleeping together. I can’t tell you any more than that.

“I don’t want you to move, not just the elves, but the beastmen and dwarves, because the situation is going to get messy if they move.”

“Then I’ll make sure the beastmen and the dwarves are in line with me.”

As expected from an elves’ ancient breed, she must have many connections that I don’t.


“It’s okay. It’s fun to humiliate Temas, and I’m more than happy to help Tsukuru.”

Antia’s hatred towards the old man is hardcore. Well, I also hate that shitty old man so much that I want to beat him up.

“Master, what should Canaan do?”

“Hannah is always ready to beat that old man!”

“I’ll get the two of you to help me eventually… but more importantly, you three need to get dressed soon. My eyes are having trouble where to look.”

Yes, the three of them are naked. It was Canaan who did that with me last night, and before I realized, they were in there while Canaan and I were sleeping. And for some reason, I’m naked…

The same thing happened when I was dealing with Antia or Hannah; the other two would come in after we were done.

“What if you do it with the three of us at once?”

“Antia, you’re still the same as ever, huh…”

Basically, I deal with one person at a time, but Antia said it’s okay to deal with all the three of them together. I have a certain amount of ethics, so I refrain from dealing with all three of them together.

“Alright, let’s go save Ichinose!”

I changed the subject!

“Ara ara.”

Antia started to wake up with a smile on her face as if she had no choice.

“Master will have more wives!”

“Hannah will only obey her Master!”

No, I’m not getting more wives. Three is enough!

Once we got dressed, I made bacon and eggs and toast for breakfast and then we ate it. Canaan, of course, flattened out ten servings. Canaan’s stomach had no upper limit, like a black hole, and she sucked in as much as she could.

”It was delicious. I can only eat about thirty more servings.”

After eating ten servings of it, she can still eat thirty servings? That’s plenty, you know… I’m looking at a happy Canaan, rubbing her belly as she drinks her post-meal tea, but it’s a familiar sight now.

And so we left the Great Borf Forest to help Ichinose, but as expected, walking would take a long time, so I decided to create a vehicle.

“I wonder if I can make a vehicle using the [Equivalent Exchange].”

“Master, are you going to make a vehicle?”

Canaan looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I intend to, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it successfully, so don’t expect much.”

“It’s almost time for some tea; I’ll brew us some tea now.”

“Oh, I’ll leave it to you, Hannah.”

Hannah is as capable a maid as ever.

“Onee-chan, I’ll help you~.”

Sanya is in high spirits today too. Can I touch their animal ear together? I was rubbing Hannah’s animal ears as hard as I could during the night act, but…

I changed my mind and took out something that could be used as material for a vehicle from the [Material Storage]. What I took out was a flying sheep’s fur. What kind of vehicle can I create with flying sheep’s fur? It’s… a flying magic carpet!

Since this is a world where there is magic, I decided to create a vehicle of my dreams. When I solidified the image and activated the [Equivalent Exchange], I found that my “MP” was being consumed. With a consumption rate like this, I wouldn’t run out of “MP”.

In the past, when I tried to create a skill to return to Japan with [Equivalent Exchange], the “MP” consumption was so great that I ran out of “MP” all at once. If Kurogiri hadn’t stopped me from almost losing consciousness, I would have died from the continued absorption of “MP” like that.

Therefore, the skill of crossing the world has become a forbidden skill, a prohibited skill in my mind to create. I might be able to endure it now that my level has risen, but sooner or later, Canaan will raise the level of [Space-Time Magic] and bring me back to Japan.

Well, even if I go back to Japan, I’ll come back to this world again. There’s not much point in going back to Japan. There is a difference between not being able to go back and not going back, so I’m just trying to find a way to get back.

A bit off-topic, but I made a Persian carpet-like rug out of the wool of the flying sheep monster. The size is about ten square meters, but it’s probably a high spec of a carpet made from [Equivalent Exchange] that turned from white wool to a gorgeous Persian carpet with a red colour tone.

However, the question is whether it can fly with us on board. Let’s have a look with [Detailed Appraisal] before we get on it.


Flying Magic Carpet: You think it can fly because it was created with flying sheep fur, right? But this thing does fly fast!


I understand that it flies, but the question is how fast is that “fast” you mean?

“Master, here’s your tea.”

The sweet fragrance tickles my nose. Hanna is really good at brewing tea. Canaan and Antia are sitting around the table, so as I join them, Hannah and Sanya also sit down.

“It’s delicious tea.”

“Thank you.”

It’s the kind of tea that anyone can buy, yet it has a great aroma and refreshing taste to rival high-class tea. Hannah is a tea magician; I can certify that.

“Tsukuru, is that carpet a vehicle?”

Antia, who was looking at the carpet while drinking tea, asked me. Well, there’s no way anyone but me knows that famous story, so let me explain.

“I created it in the image of my world’s fictional creation.”


“In short, it’s like a fairy tale.”

“Is there a fairy tale in Tsukuru’s world that uses such a thing as a vehicle?”

“I used to read that kind of book when I was a child.”

“Sounds interesting. Please tell me about it next time.”

“If that’s okay with you, I could tell you as much as I remember.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Antia herself said that elves are a reclusive race, and maybe that’s why she’s interested in many things. Even when talking about something that sounds childish, Antia shows interest in it, so I enjoy watching her reaction as I speak.

“What is that, Master? Please tell me, too~.”

“After this, I’ll give it a try; then I can take Canaan for a ride.”

“Really? Thank you very much!”

Canaan smiles happily and doesn’t stop eating her cookies in between talks. She’s not shaky at all. Now that we’ve enjoyed our tea and eaten our snacks, I guess I’ll take a test drive.

“Hannah, that was a great tea. Hannah’s brewed tea is the best in the world.”

“Thank you very much! I will continue to do my best!”

Hannah looks happy while twitching her animal ears.

“Onii-chan, Sanya helped make the tea, too, you know?”

“Sanya is improving at making tea, too.”

Sanya’s eyes narrowed as I stroked her head. I try to get on the carpet. There’s nothing special about it.

“Master, can I ride it too?”

“Yeah, it’s okay. Don’t get too close to the edge or you’ll fall off.”

I promised Canaan that I would let her have a test drive, so I allowed it.

“Yay, thank you.”

Canaan took a seat like a little girl on the carpet. She looks happy.

“Okay, let’s go, Canaan!”


“Let’s go, flying magic carpet!”

In response to my voice, the carpet began to sizzle and accelerate rapidly. Hey, hey…

I was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, but the acceleration was so sudden that it made me seize the carpet. I hurriedly looked at Canaan behind me and saw that she’s almost fallen off, she was desperately holding the edge of the carpet. Her body is protruding from the carpet, just like the tail of a kite.

“Awawawaーー. Please helpーー!”

I moved slowly across the carpet and pulled Canaan up.

“Hah, hah, I thought I was going to die.”

“I was surprised too. I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

The speed was probably at least five hundred kilometres per hour. An ordinary person would have been blown to death by the wind pressure hitting their body.

“Canaan. Can you use wind magic to offset all this wind pressure?”

“Yes, I’ll try it!”

Canaan took out the Red Sage’s staff from her magic bag and gave it a swipe. As she did so, the wind pressure, which was like a blast, subsided.

“Oh, good one, Canaan. Well done.”

“Yes, that’s the least I can do.”

“Is it hard to keep this up?”

“If it’s only to this degree, there should be no problem!”

Now we’ve got the wind pressure control. The next step is to control this flying magic carpet. There was already no sign of Antia, Hannah and Sanya.

“Flying magic carpet, slow down!”

At my command, the flying magic carpet slows down. Even if it slows down to about 30 kilometres per hour, it doesn’t crash, so floating and flying may be two separate principles, I guess.

The flying magic carpet seems to be excellent at performing right and left turns on command. If I think about and give the command to fly out, Canaan won’t be tumbling down in the future.

“Alright, let’s get back to the three girls behind. Increase the speed slowly.”

It was right after that order. A black shadow the size of a grain of rice could be seen ahead of the flying magic carpet. It gradually grew in size, changing from a grain of rice silhouette to a solid figure.

“Master, it looks like a wyvern!”

Canaan was looking at the wyvern without being in a hurry. Well, that’s because that wyvern level is 110, and it doesn’t have any outstanding skills either.

“It’s a small-fry. Let’s do it, Kurogiri.”

“What is it, you need me?”

“You’re not busy, right? Let’s play with it.”

“It can’t be helped. Let’s have some fun then.”

I pulled Kurogiri from the sheath, exposing her jet-black blade. We seemed to have entered the wyvern’s territory, and three wyverns came towards us.

“Canaan, I’ll leave the flying magic carpet to you.”

“Yes. Have a nice day!”

I jumped out of the flying magic carpet. Then, I activated my [Wind Magic ] to create a temporary foothold and kick it. I kicked the [Wind Magic] foothold and approached the wyvern, and as we passed each other, I sent a flash of Kurogiri.

“It’s been cut as it was something trivial.”

Are you one of the mysterious phantom thieves? [T/n: My editor said it’s persona reference <( ̄︶ ̄)>]

As I was tsukomiing that in my mind, the pteranodon-like wyvern that was flying in the lead was split in half and fell. I ignored it and closed in on the next wyvern.


Kurogiri was always saying something disgusting, but inwardly I’m happy because it’s been a long time since we’ve fought together like this. That’s what I could feel.

“Tsukuru, you’re not swinging hard enough! Use more energy!”

Look, Kurogiri is so happy to be used. She’s a demon sword!

“How’s that?”

“Idiot! It’s not just a matter of putting in power!”

What a noisy fellow.

After three swings of Kurogiri, three wyverns fell. They were too weak, even for our prep work.


Once I returned to the flying magic carpet, Canaan made use of her [Wind Magic] to collect the corpse of the falling wyvern. She picked it up and put it in her magic bag. I’m glad it became a good use for her.

“Hooy, Antia. Hannah~. Sanya~.”

I called out to them as the three of them came into view.




The three of them waved at us, so Canaan and I also waved back.

“Flying magic carpet, stop slowly in front of the three of them.”

The flying magic carpet, as I ordered, floated about thirty centimetres off the ground and slowly stopped in front of the three of them. It might be comfortable if I got used to riding it.

Most importantly, the carpet is soft and fluffy, and there is no vibration or noise while riding it. Some improvements would be needed for wind and air pressure control, and also for cold weather as it gets colder at higher altitudes. There’s a temperature control function in our equipment, so it’s not a priority for now.

I’ll use [Equivalent Exchange] to make those improvements to make the flying magic carpet more comfortable to use.




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