Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


Hideo Kujou’s POV

“Kujou! What are we going to do!?”

When we were fed up with the demons that attacked us no matter how many times we defeated them, Saruyama-kun called out to me with a feeling of frustration. There are more than a hundred classmates in this place, and I am the representative of the heroes who unite those classmates, so Saruyama-kun is not the only one, everyone was looking at me.

To be honest, I don’t know what to do. I came to this battlefield as a heroic unit under the direct control of the knight commander of the Rade-Crude Empire, but that knight commander… We don’t even know where he is now.

“Anyway, we have no choice but to escape.”

The demons have attacked the knight commander, and he’s gone somewhere. Maybe he’s dead. It was said that the knight commander was the strongest among the human race, but when I saw him fighting against the demons, he was pushed pretty hard. Since he might be dead already, I decided to run away.

“Then let’s run anyway!”

I nodded at Aikawa-kun’s words and started to run.

We heroes ran. We ran frantically. Because there were injured people other than Okuyama-kun who had lost an arm, some of us were faster than others, and our formation naturally became longer.

The direction we were heading in was probably west. Originally, this is the direction in which the army of the Luk Sandale Kingdom was stationed. There were also some other soldiers from the Rade-Crude Empire that followed us. I guess they followed us because they knew that the heroes were better than the ordinary soldiers and knights in terms of strength.

But the next thing I knew, we were surrounded.

“W-we’re surrounded?”

The royal army of Luk Sandale Kingdom, where we were headed, had already been defeated. We have been lured in, and there are no allies to be found anywhere in the front, back, or sides.

“I-it’s no good…”

“Are we going to be killed…?”

I saw my pessimistic classmates. I want to do something about it, but I don’t know if I’ll survive it either. I don’t want to die. I want to survive, even if it means sacrificing someone else.

“Kujou-kun, can we be saved if we surrender?”

“Y-yeah, maybe we will be spared if we surrender!”

I was lost. I could surrender, but I had heard that demons were barbaric and diabolical, so can we be saved if we surrender? Even if we could surrender, our future would be miserable. And so, I made a decision.

“I will fight! I don’t want to surrender to the demons and get eaten by them!”

It is a common belief that in the countries with human supremacy, demons and giants are a race that eats humans and sub-humans. That’s why I remember hearing that you must defeat demons and giants as soon as you find them.

“O humans, surrender! And I will spare your life.”


That demon looks like a large bull monster; it has horns on its head and four-pointed fangs visible from its mouth. Its appearance looked like an oni.

“Give us a moment. Give us time to gather our opinions!”

“…Fine, I’ll give you ten minutes.”

I decided to fight, but I can’t help thinking when I receive a surrender recommendation. I asked my classmates for their opinions, and several classmates thought that maybe it really would save our lives.

“Will it really save our lives?”

“But hey, it might save our lives, but they might enslave us, you know? And I don’t think the demons will keep their word…”

“They won’t kill us, but they can eat us… right?”

“If they eat us, isn’t it the same as being killed?”

Even if we surrendered, the heroes, who were worried about what would happen afterwards, could not agree on anything.

“Then can we fight and win?”

There is no one here who can answer that question clearly.


Ichinose-san, who was behind me, asked us to wait.

“Do the demons really eat humans? Has anyone else seen that?”


No one can answer Ichinose-san’s question. We, who only know the common sense of the country of the human race, cannot make an accurate judgment.

“What are you talking about? Look at that! There’s no way we’re surrendering to those monsters!”

The demons in the area that Saruyama-kun was pointing at all had a vicious appearance.

“W-what are we going to do?”

“I wonder what’s going to happen to us…”

Anxiety enveloped us.

“Let’s fight! There’s a high chance we’ll be treated badly if we surrender. So let’s fight and get our own future!”

I argued forcefully. Even if we surrendered, there was little chance that the demons would keep us alive. I persuaded everyone that what was being said in the country of human supremacy was correct, even though there was no evidence to support it.

“I agree with Kujou’s plan!”

“I’m also with Kujou-kun!”

The majority were in favour. But there were still many who opposed it. So I decided to play my trump card. I took out a small leather bag from my pocket and showed it to the heroes.

“This was given to me by Temas-san, the head priest.”

The heroes let out a small gasp.

“It contains ten pills that temporarily increase one’s abilities. But he said that the effects would wear off after ten hours of use, and after that, you wouldn’t be able to move for a few days.”

In other words, it’s a time-limited doping drug for physical enhancement. The reason why many of them raised their hands even after hearing my explanation was probably because they had a single-minded desire not to be caught by the demon race.

“Then take this. It only works for ten hours, so the priority is to create an opening for us to escape from the demons!”

The pills were given to those with vanguard jobs. This was because Temas-san had said that it wouldn’t be very effective in the rear guard. And among the volunteers was Fujisaki-kun, the berserker, but as for Fujisaki-kun, he dismissed it, saying that he could just turn berserk without taking the pills.

Fufufu, they’re idiots. Temas-san said that the pill was for turning into a berserker. When you take it, you’ll become a monster that fights until you run out of energy. That should buy me enough time to escape, at best.

“It’s ten minutes already! What is the reply!”

I heard a pressing voice from the demon. I stepped forward a bit and answered loudly to the demons.

“We will not surrender! So let us through here!”

“Foolish humans! Let the attack begin!”

When that demon gave the order to begin the attack, all of the demons started to move at once. At the same time, ten of us also swallowed the pill.

“Oooh! My strength is surging!”

“Let’s go, everyone!”

“Chop them up!”

“Kill them all!”

“Show them some blood!”

The ten heroes who took the pill killed the demons with overwhelming force.




Suzuno Ichinose’s POV

“Don’t stop! Just run!”


Miki is running while pulling my hand.”

“Kujou and the others are gone already…”

Miki muttered to herself, but that mutter has reached my ears. She waved her sword frantically. She didn’t abandon me and fought to protect me, even though she had a better chance of escaping if she was alone.

“Miki, leave me and run away.”

“No! I’d rather die than leave Suzunon behind!”


Miki forcibly pulled my hand and swung her sword. But as far as I can see, there are only demons around. It’s a hopeless situation.





Miki is fighting well even with me being a burden, but if it continues like this, I know that she will be exhausted and unable to fight.

“You’re not bad at all. And it’s brilliant to see you fighting while protecting that girl.”

A giant with a huge sword appeared in front of Miki and me. It seems that we have entered the area where the demons and the giants were fighting, and we can only be in despair now.

“Y-you’re huge, huh…”

“I am a giant. I’m still the smallest of the giants.”

“Even if you’re that big, you’re still small among those giants, huh?”

A huge warrior who looked to be fifteen meters tall blocked me and Miki’s path.

“Miki, we can’t win, let’s just surrender.”

“Suzunon, you can surrender when I’m dead. But you can’t surrender as long as I’m alive!”

I felt something like a strong will in Miki’s eyes, and I couldn’t say anything else. Because I know that Miki in this kind of situation would never back down, no matter what happened.

“Try to defeat me! If you do, you’ll find a way.”

The giant laughed vigorously and encouraged Miki. All I can do is tremble. I’m so pathetic…

“I’ll defeat you! Shhyyaaaa!”

Miki gathered her energy and poured her magic power into her sword. Even though she should have only a small amount of power left, Miki seemed very reliable. This time, Miki’s nerves were probably the most sharpened ever.

“That’s your power? Then I will go first!”

The giant was so fast that it was unsuitable for his huge body. The next thing I knew, a sword was right in front of Miki, and I couldn’t even make a sound. Miki caught the huge sword with mithril swords in both hands.


Miki was blown ten meters away and crashed to the ground.


“Don’t come here!”

I tried to run to her, but Miki stopped me from doing so. Miki got up with a sluggish movement as if her body was in pain. I managed to heal her right arm, which seemed to have been broken, by putting [Holy Magic] on Miki, but the pain still seemed to be there. Sorry, this is the best I can do with my [Holy Magic].

Miki glanced at me.

“What do you have in mind? Do you really think I would let that girl escape?”


I could tell from the look in her eyes that Miki was trying to get me away. But I wouldn’t run away without Miki. Even if she died, I wouldn’t run away!

“It’s not my style to hurt the weak, but this is a war. So I will not tolerate it.”

As he said that, the giant dropped his hips slightly and held the huge sword that he had been holding in one hand previously, with his both hands. And the next moment, Miki was blown up and rolling on the ground.


A scream rises from my throat at the sight of Miki rolling on the ground as if I myself had been cut.


Miki was blown away, her right arm was gone, and bright red blood was pouring out of her on the ground with great intensity. The earth seemed to be sucking the life out of Miki as the ground stained red and black with her blood.

“Huh? What…is this… guhahh.”

I was about to run to Miki, but the giants lifted me up.

“That one is my prey. You stay quiet.”

As he said that, the giant raised his sword and swung it down at Miki.

“No! Stop it! Please don’t, please don’t do thaaaaaat!”




Tsukuru’s POV

The moment I saw Ichinose being captured by a giant, I jumped off the flying magic carpet. It looks like the giant was about to swing his sword at someone. Was that… Hayama? She was supposed to be Ichinose’s best friend.

Tsk, hang on! I managed to catch the huge sword that the giant had swung. I managed to do it in time.

“Muh! Who are you?”

The giant widened his eyes and looked at me.

“Hey, old man, will you put that girl down and move your troops away?”


“What kind of a stupid question is that?”

“We don’t take orders from humans!”

The other giants rejected my proposal.

“Shut up. I’m talking to this big old man, keep your mouth shut out there.”

The other giants fainted or were incontinent as I unleashed my bloodthirst.

“…Retreating my troops, huh?”

The giant that was holding on to Ichinose confirmed it.

“Hand them both over to me and retreat your troops and I won’t do anything to you.”

“…Understood. I’ll be retreating from here.”

The giant loosened his power that he had put into his sword, carefully lowering Ichinose to the ground and slowly retreating backwards.

”Garbus-sama! Why are you retreating?”

That giant seemed to be called Garbus, and his subordinate giant was questioning Garbus’ decision.

“If we don’t retreat, we will be annihilated. Therefore, retreat.”

“Nonsense! There is no way we can be annihilated!”

Garbus grabbed the head of his subordinate’s giant, who was arguing with him and crushed his head in his hands with all his strength.

“You fool! Those who do not know how strong that man is, step forward. I’ll let this Garbus be your opponent!”

It seems that his actions and words have left his subordinate giant with no choice but to back down. I didn’t have to kill them needlessly. I walked up to Ichinose, whom Garbus had dropped off. She’s just unconscious and doesn’t seem to be injured. Thank goodness.

“Is she alive?”

I asked Hannah and looked at Hayama.

“She’s breathing. I’ve just fed her some sliced meat, so she should be fine.”

Hannah, who was kneeling on the ground, had just fed my grilled meat to Hayama along with the water.

“Right, I’ll leave her to the four of you. Take care of her.”

I looked around the battlefield, leaving Canaan, Antia, Hannah, and Sanya to take care of Hayama. I saw a deformed monster fighting the giants. What was that monster? There were ten three-meter-long lumps of flesh-like monsters, at first glance they looked like demons, but they didn’t appear to be demons.

[Detailed Appraisal] revealed that they were my former classmates.

“You’ve evolved quite a bit, huh, Saruyama.”

I muttered to myself at the familiar name. Kai Saruyama. He’s the guy who used to stalk Ichinose and get involved with me a lot. It’s a good thing he’s become a lot more manly than before.

I picked up Ichinose and returned to the four girls.

Hmm? Why don’t I help Saruyama and the others, you said? What’s the benefit to me in helping them? Besides, they’re a lump of meat with no ego, driven only by instinct. Even if I help them, they’ll attack me instead. That kind of thing should be ignored.

I lay Ichinose down on the flying magic carpet, and do the same to Hayama. After making sure everyone is on board, I give orders to the flying magic carpet.

“Accelerate gradually.”

The flying magic carpet gradually accelerated and flew over the battlefield.

Below me were the fleeing humans… probably my former classmates, so I asked the remote attack trio of Canaan, Antia, and Sanya for a support attack.

“In case you’re wondering, they’re my classmates, though it’s former. Give them some cover to escape.”

“Leave it to me!”

“All right.”

“Leave it to me, onii-chan!”

At my request, the three of them unleashed their signature attacks on the ground. Antia used [Windstorm Magic (5)] to chop up the giants on the ground, Canaan used [Destruction Magic (5)] to blast the giants to pieces, and Sanya threw her emperor dragon fang tomahawk to cut off the giants’ heads.

The giants who were chasing after my former classmates ended up dying without knowing what had happened to them. The unreasonable deaths of their compatriots slowed the giants down, and my former classmates seemed to have managed to escape.

However, it looked like there were only about thirty former classmates who were able to escape. The remaining eighty or so were either dead, captured by the giants or demons, or turned into monsters.

It seems that those monsters were also all defeated by the number of giants.

But did they really want to fight until they became such a monster? I’d refrain, but Saruyama would probably abandon his humanity in order to gain power. He was swayed by the power he got, and he doesn’t think twice about it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he became a monster. After all, this is a different world where you don’t know what’s out there.

“Ugh… w-where is this…?”

Oh, Ichinose seems to have woken up.

“Yo, Ichinose. It’s been a while.”

Ichinose is looking at me blankly.


Her eyes widened.


“Yeah, it’s me, Sumeragi, I’m here now.”

In fact, I came up when Ichinose was fainting, but oh well.

“W-why, why are you here, Tsukuru-kun?”

“I’ve come to rescue Ichinose.”

Tears slowly float in Ichinose’s eyes.

“Uwaaaaa. It’s really Tsukuru-kun!”


NyX Translation


Ichinose hugged me, and I caught her so she wouldn’t fall off the flying magic carpet. Ichinose was sobbing in my chest; perhaps she was feeling restless in this other world.

“Ueeee, I was so lonely. I’ve endured it a lot, Tsukuru-kuuun.”

Yeah, I know, It’s okay now, it’s fine.

“Ahem. Isn’t it time for you to step away, Tsukuru?”

After Ichinose had hugged me for about ten minutes, Antia spoke to me with a bit of a dissatisfied look on her face.


“Eh? Who are you…?”

Ichinose, it’s too late now.

“I’m Antia. I’m Tsukuru’s wife.”


For a moment, I thought I heard a snapping sound…? Has Ichinose’s mood changed? …Her grip on my clothes is amazingly strong. Just because these clothes are strong and tear-resistant, don’t put so much force into them.

“…Tsukuru-kun? What does she mean by wife?”

“Y-yes… well it’s just kind of… flowing…”

Ichinose’s eyes are scary. I can see something like Hannya on her back! *[1]

“L-let’s just calm down… Ichinose…”

“I hadn’t seen you in a long time, and then Tsukuru-kun brought his wife with him, besides, she’s a very pretty elf, how can I be calm now?”

I agree that Antia is beautiful, but don’t be so blindsided… What would happen if I tell her that Canaan and Hannah are my wives too…? I don’t want to imagine it.

“Um… would you like some water to help calm you down?”

Nice one, Sanya!

“Eh? A-Ayumi-chan…?”

Well, Ichinose knew Ayumi. The three of us used to play together a lot, and it’s no wonder she remembered her.

“My name is Sanya. It’s nice to meet you.”

Sanya bowed her head to Ichinose.

“You’re not… Ayumi… chan? That ears… and that tail…?”

Ichinose was confused, and her gaze wandered between Sanya’s face, animal ears and tail. I explained to Ichinose how I met Sanya and how she became my sister.

“S-so that’s it… so that’s what happened…”

Ichinose was smart enough to understand right away. But… I knew it, or maybe it was just as I expected, Ichinose was losing her temper when she heard about Canaan and Hannah.

I’m going to fall off the flying magic carpet, so stop pressing me. It had been a while since Ichinose had lectured me, and I missed it a bit.

“What are you smirking about, Tsukuru-kun? You’re always like that!”

I can almost see the steam rising from her head as she’s getting angry.

“But thank you… You have saved me.”

“O-oh. That’s just a trivial matter.”

“And thank you for Miki. Miki is alive thanks to Tsukuru-kun and everyone here.”

Ichinose bowed to us.

After saving Ichinose and Hayama, we returned to our house in the Great Borf Forest. Ichinose was surprised to see the Japanese style house, but she was even more surprised when she looked inside.

“There is a normal kitchen and bath, and the toilet is a flush toilet!”

“It’s not easy to just live according to this world, so I made one.”

“You created it…?”

Don’t look so dumbfounded. I put Hayama to bed and decided to have tea with the six of us, including Ichinose, in the living room.

”Delicious! Hannah-san, this tea is very, very good!”

“Thank you.”

“Hannah’s a master tea brewer!”

I’m very happy for Hannah to be praised.




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