Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – Preparation

Part 1


Hideo Kujou’s POV

We escaped from the battlefield and managed to survive. However, there were only about thirty people who managed to escape in this escape drama. When there were over a hundred of us, how could this be happening?

“Hey, Kujou. What are we going to do now?”

Someone’s voice brought me back to myself, but I looked terrible. I was covered in mud and blood, and my equipment was pretty badly damaged. I had no idea where we were because we were running so frantically.

“Hey, I don’t want to be controlled by those guys in this world anymore.”

Was that Kijima-kun? He hasn’t spoken much, so I don’t have any impressions of him….

“What do you mean by that?”

Fukamizu-kun is asking back, and I want to hear it too.

“I mean, let’s just do what we want to do.”

At that moment, I felt I was being awakened to the truth. Kijima-kun and Fukamizu-kun are debating, but that doesn’t matter. Instead, I’m going to do as Kijima-kun said and do as I please.

“I’ve decided!”

“What did you decide?”

“As you say, Kijima-kun, we should do as we please! So I think─I’ll just do it!”

“Eeeeeehhhh?” Everyone raised their voices in surprise.

We don’t have to adapt to this world!




Tsukuru’s POV

“It’s been a while, Tsukuru-san.”

“Allie? Why are you here?”

I was at home with Ichinose and Hayama. They were asking me a lot of questions about my situation when Allie came over. I mean, how did she know about this place?

“Beeze-san is the one who brought me here.”

I told Allie that I would leave Beeze’s subordinate at her side. It seems that she used that to her advantage and brought herself to my house in the Great Borf Forest because she wanted to talk to me about something important.

I didn’t want for us to stand around and talk, so I invited Allie into the house and relaxed on the sofa.

“You built a mansion in a place like this. I could have prepared you any number of mansions in our territory.”

Allie looked at me, reprovingly.

“No, this is just a temporary house.”

“This is just a temporary house? As always, Tsukuru-san is an interesting gentleman.”

Allie’s gesture is elegant as she holds her mouth and laughs with “Ufufufu.”.

“So, what’s the story?”

I would have asked her after making small talk, but Allie, a noble of the Templeton Kingdom, has come to the danger zone in the Great Borf Forest. There had to be a reason why she had come to this Great Borf Forest alone. Perhaps there is something urgent?

“It’s not really important. I just wanted Tsukuru-san to take me as his wife.”


I blew out a mouthful of tea.


Hannah, who had been serving, stopped moving and muttered to herself.

“Canaan, Hannah… and everyone else. Would you be willing to let me join you all?”

Allie looked at the two in turn and then at the other ladies and asked that. There are six ladies here: Canaan, Hannah, Antia, Sanya, Ichinose, and Hayama, but Ichinose and Hayama have their mouths open in amazement.

“Huh? A-ahem. Tsukurun, we should leave the table for a moment.” [T/n: Tsukurun is the way that Hayama likes to call Tsukuru.]

“Hmm, why, Hayama?”

“Tsukuru-kun, we’re going to have a woman to woman discussion from here on out. Please leave the table for a moment.”


“Master, I’m terribly sorry, but I must ask you to leave.”


Hannah is opening the living room door. I guess she wants me to leave as well. All right, I just have to leave, right? Okay, I’m out!

I got out of the living room and stood in front of the door, pondering. What am I? Hayama is looking at me with half-closed eyes.

“I didn’t realize Tsukurun was such a womanizer. I would have convinced Suzunon to give up if this was the case…”

“What is that? What are you talking about?”

“If you can’t understand that, then you must be a natural-born womanizer…”

Hey, what do you mean by that?

“Hey, Beeze. I’m the master of this house, am I right?”


What did you think at that time? It’s all because you brought Allie here without telling me!



You are so expressionless. Say something.

“Master, thank you for waiting.”

After some time, Hannah came to call me. It’s not that I’m waiting for her, but…

When I entered the living room, the five of Canaan, Antia, Sanya, Ichinose, and Allie were having a friendly chat with each other. The atmosphere was a bit thorny earlier, but now it’s more harmonious. What on earth was the discussion about?

“You look like you’re having a lot of fun. What did you guys talk about?”

“Master, I can’t tell you about women’s talk.”

And now Canaan is keeping a secret from me?

“That’s right, Tsukuru-kun. It’s girl’s talk so you shouldn’t be asking about it.”

Girl’s talk, you said… Ichinose?

“For now, I will be in your care. Please treat me well, Tsukuru-san.”

What’s up with such a sweet smile, Allie?

“Tsukuru, this is what they call a girl’s talk. It’s so fun because we didn’t get to talk like this in the elven village.”

No, I don’t know, but…

“Onii-chan, I can’t tell you anything.”

Muh, even Sanya…

“…Um, I’m not sure, but is Allie going to be joining us?”

“That’s right, Master.”

Does Hannah also agree with it?

Sigh, okay, then. A pleasure to have you with us, Allie.”

I don’t know what kind of talk happened between everyone and Allie, but I can trust Allie, so that’s fine.

“Me too, please take care of me. Tsukuru-san. Everyone.”

Allie bowed politely to us. Then I’ll have to build a room for Allie. Let’s build an extension to our house. I used [Equivalent Exchange] to build an extension for Allie’s room, and by the way, I made the bath and changing room bigger since the bathroom is getting too small.

“To be able to build an expansion so easily… that’s an amazing power.”

Allie is watching me work and is surprised to see it, her fox ears twitching.

“It’s not much of an effort at this level.”

I feel like even if I build a palace, my “MP” won’t be exhausted. Magic items and skills are still a special frame of reference, after all.

Forget about that, since Allie is a noble, I decided to make the bed a luxurious one with a canopy. It’s a room with a neat and clean image, based on white.

“Come to think of it, Allie is an heir to the count family, right? is it okay for you to come to a place like this?”

Since Dolce was murdered, it was no secret that Allie was the heiress of the count family.

“You needn’t worry about that. My father has a number of concubines, and three of them will be giving birth soon.”


Allie held her mouth and smiled happily.

“My father said the orc jerky that Tsukuru-san gave him worked very well.”

Ah, that one… I remembered that I had given him some orc jerky made from orc meat as a token of gratitude for all the care he gave me when I left the count’s house.

Orc jerky is dried meat made from the hips meat of an orc. The orc jerky is made by soaking the orc meat in liquor along with the urinary bladder for three days and then smoking it with wood chips that look like cherry blossoms. Eating that orc jerky helps to make your night activity stronger, but… three, huh? The count must have worked very hard.

Basically, if you make a baby after eating the orc jerky, you’ll get a boy, so the count’s family will be safe and sound. On the other hand, I hope it doesn’t cause a disturbance in his household.




Hayama says that having her arm chopped off is quite excruciating, so she doesn’t want to fight for a while. And thanks to Allie’s kindness, Hayama will be protected in Algria.

“Miki I’ll do my best.”

“That’s the spirit! You’ve got a lot of rivals, so Suzunon will have to be more aggressive.”


I don’t know what they were talking about, but Ichinose is going to follow me. And when we returned to my house in the Great Borf Forest, Sanya put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I’ll do my best, onii-chan.”. What is she going to do? Do the best for what? Come to think of it, Allie is a noble and seems to be smart, so let’s talk to her about the harassment and humiliation of that old bastard.

When I talked to Allie about the old bastard, she put her finger to her chin and thought about it. The gesture was again graceful and sexy, and it made me nervous.

Ouch! Ichinose elbowed me. What is she doing?

“I think that what that old man doesn’t want to do is attenuate his own power. Therefore, why not just reduce the power of humans’ various countries?”

“Weakening the power of each country, huh… that might be good! But how can I reduce their power?”

I don’t know what to do even if she says to reduce their power, so I asked Allie for her opinion.

“I heard about Tsukuru-san’s skill that you mentioned earlier, and I believe there was a skill called [Summoning Undead Technique (2)] right? Can’t you summon a monster called a doppelganger?”

As soon as I accepted Allie, I told her everything about me.


“It’s a monster that takes over other people’s existence. I believe it was an undead-type monster.”

“…I see… If we use the doppelganger to take over the existence of important people in each country, the country will be in chaos, and their power will be reduced. That way, the old bastards will be panicking, too!”

“That will indeed diminish their power, but there is no need to disrupt them.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“If we can take over the heads of each country, that means we can take over the country as well.”

Depending on how many doppelgangers I can summon, if they can take over the presence of a key figure, then we can take over the country as well and separate it from the old bastard. It’s quite an interesting idea.

“Listening to Allie, it makes me ashamed that I was bothered by something so simple.”

“As Tsukuru-san said, if you want to harass that old man-san, you can just pull all of his surroundings to our side and strip him naked.”

“Allie-san is such a dry, isn’t she?” [T/n: deadpan, dry humor, etc.]

Ichinose muttered admiringly.

“A noble is just like that. You’ll get used to it pretty quickly, Suzuno-san.”

“Hahaha… it’s a world I don’t want to get used to.”

Ichinose laughs powerlessly, but I don’t want to get used to the world of the nobility either.

“Are there any opinions other than Allie’s idea?”

“…..” Everyone is just silent. No one seemed to have an opinion, so I decided to summon the doppelganger as soon as possible. Then Allie said something good again.

“Can you give that doppelganger the skill to summon a subordinate? If you can put that on it, you just need to summon the first one, and let that doppelganger itself increase its subordinates.”

“Oh, that’s right! Alright, let’s go with that!”

I summoned it with the image of a doppelganger in a managerial-like position. Looking at his status, it’s quite an ability. With this, I guess I can leave it to him to take over a humans’ supremacist country. But Lord of Doppelganger seems like a long race name…

Oh well, let’s just give him a name as I did with Beeze. A name, huh… what would it be? Hmm, as I recall, there’s a Muslim god or angel who blew a trumpet on judgment day called Israfil.

If you’re a good guy (not related to that old bastard), then you wouldn’t be taken over by the doppelganger so that it would be like a judgement. Well, it’s my value to judge the good guys and the bad guys.

I wonder if I should use Israfil as it connects to the judgment… but let’s just call an alias Israfel, which is easier for me to say. [T/n: the first one is Isurafiru and the second one is Isuraferu, he just changed it a little.]

“Your name is Israfel. Take over all of the human supremacist countries!”

“I’ll certainly accept as Milord commands.”


Name: Israfel

Race: Lord of Doppelgangers, Level 350

Skills: [Existence Absorption (3)] [Existence Concealment (3)] [Familiar Summoning (3)] [Shadow Magic (3)] [Physical Attack Disable] [Magic Attack Resistance (2)]

Attributes: HP [A] | MP [S] | STR [B] | INT [S] | AGI [A] | DEX [S] | LUK [B]

Divine Protection: Tsukuru’s Protection


“By the way, I’ve heard that there is something called the transfer gate in the human country. I’d like to hold the transfer gate at the very least.”

The transfer gate is the door I passed through when I was dumped in the Great Borf Forest by the old bastard. Canaan, Hannah, Antia, Sanya, Ichinose, and I then looked at each other.

“That would allow us to get around the human countries in an instant, right?”

“Well, I guess…”

“Then let Israfel take over one of the countries’ leaders and take control of the transfer gate. After that, we can use the transfer gate to send doppelgangers to each country and erode them.” said Allie.

“I see!” we shouted in unison.

Allie thinks about things we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. I’m so glad to have Allie as my companion who can think about these things.


“Yes, can I help you?”

I grabbed Allie’s shoulder.

“I’m appointing Allie as my strategist!”

“…Huh? A strategist? Will I be befitting to be a strategist?”

“It is if it’s Allie!”

I hugged Allie unconsciously.


My heart’s joy at having a strategist.

“It’s not fair, Master. I want you to hug Canaan too!”

I came to my senses as Canaan hugged us, and I found myself hugging Allie.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay. I’m here to have Tsukuru-san take me as his wife, after all.”

“Oh… I see.”


“Canaan, all right, now can you give us some space?”

“Eh, I don’t wanna~.”

Geez, this girl… But she’s cute. When I stroked her head, her soft hair felt so good.

“Ara ara.”


“Master… me too…”

Antia, Ichinose and Hannah were staring at me… Wait a minute! I understand if it’s Antia and Hannah, but Ichinose is a bad idea!

…Hugging everyone in my arms, the scent that emanates from their bodies warms my heart. This kind of thing is nice.

Ahem. I’m so distracted. I’m sorry.”

“I can be distraught at any time as long as Master is hugging me!”

“Tsukuru-kun… I can always do it too…”

“Hannah’s body and soul belong to my Master. Please do as you please.”

“I’m Tsukuru’s wife, after all, so you can do what you want, whenever you want.”

“Ufufu, not only Antia-san, but Tsukuru-san can also do what he wants with this Allie.”

Oh… this is… a riajuu’s life, right? It’s bad, w-wait, it’s bad. I can’t believe I can become a riajuu! No, wait. I’ve always felt like a riajuu, but when five beautiful women surround me, I can’t help but think I’m really a riajuu.

“Well, Allie.”


“Um, Allie.”


“My goal is to beat the old bastard, destroy the human supremacist country and destroy the summoning-related materials. So please help me to reach that goal.”

I forced the talk to get back on track. I knew that if I didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to get things back on track.

“I will do everything in my power to help you, Tsukuru-san.”

“Thanks. I’m counting on you.”

Once that’s decided, the first thing I need to do is confirm the status of Allie and Ichinose.


Name: Alterias Abbas
Job: Word Master, Level 19

Skills: [Word Spirit] [Singing] [Sonic Voice]

Race Skill: [Sense of Hearing Enhancement]

Attributes: HP [E] | MP [D] | STR [F] | INT [D] | AGI [E] | DEX [D] | LUK [C]


Word Spirit: Embodies the meaning of words.

Singing: A skill to enhance the power of [Word Spirit]. It amplifies the power of the [Word Spirit] through singing.

Sonic Voice: Attacks with shock waves generated by sound waves.


It seems that the word master is a job that gives power to words. I thought it was similar to a magician, but since magician is a job that embodies magic power, they don’t have power for the word itself.

As the name implies, the words themselves are the power of the word master, so the word or song must be uttered from their mouth. So not chanting like a magician is out of the question.


Name: Suzuno Ichinose
Job: Saintess, level 62.

Skills: [Holy Magic] [Mercifulness] [Holy Barrier] [Prayer]

Attributes: HP [D] | MP [B] | STR [D] | INT [C] | AGI [D] | DEX [D] | LUK [B]


Holy Magic: Magic that excels in the holy attribute.

Mercifulness: Increases the healing power of recovery-type magic.

Holy Barrier: Creates a holy barrier to prevent intrusion from the outside.

Prayer: Greatly increases the healing power when used in conjunction with recovery-type magic.


Ichinose has a higher level than Allie, but she doesn’t have any offensive skills. Only [Holy Magic] can be used to attack, but it’s not much, so it can’t be said as an offensive skill.

“Alright, let’s create some equipment!”

Here’s the equipment for Allie that I created with [Equivalent Exchange]!


Diva’s Microphone: Increased singing effect (extreme), increased sonic voice effect (extreme), so please, listen to my song!

Diva’s Costume: Increased Magic Resistance (extreme), Increased Physical Resistance (extreme), I’m an invisible idol♡.

Diva’s Alice Band: Increased the word spirit effect (extreme), increased “INT” (extreme), it’s the option to show other than your fox ears, dog ears, or cat ears ♡.


Allie’s equipment is a frilly dress with a white background and blue accents. It’s completely designed for Idol! Allie is a beautiful woman, so I think she’d look good in this kind of cute dress.


Holy Priestess’ Uniform: Increased recovery effect (extreme), a stylish priest’s uniform that is imbued with holy power. It’s moe, isn’t it?♡

Holy Robe: Physical Resistance (large), Magic Attack Absorption (large), it’s frilly, and yet it has a high spec!

Holy Cane: Increased holy attribute effect (large), women must be silent and strike!


For some reason, Ichinose’s holy priestess’ uniform is made to accentuate her style, and it has a large slit that reveals her thighs. It looks very erotic. But I feel that Ichinose’s seriousness overrides the eroticism…

Also, it seems that the holy cane is for hitting. Well, it has a holy attribute effect increase (large), so it’s good…

“Tsukuru-kun, can you tell me why you chose this design?”

Ichinose’s face is smiling, but her eyes aren’t smiling, which is frightening.

“I-it was just a coincidence… I didn’t create it consciously…” [T/n: you know who the one who actually made it is, fufufu.]

I didn’t really consciously make such an erotic design.

“Rather, I even think it doesn’t suit Ichinose…”

“It doesn’t suit me…”

Ichinose looked down. What’s wrong?

“I’ve decided! I will be a woman who will look good in this holy priestess’ uniform!”


Ichinose began to pose in front of the mirror… I wonder if Ichinose has this kind of character…?


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    “Tsukuru-kun, can you tell me why you chose this design?”

    Ichinose’s face is smiling, but her eyes aren’t smiling, which is frightening.

    “I-it was just a coincidence… I didn’t create it consciously…” [T/n: you know who the one who actually made it is, fufufu.]

    I didn’t really consciously make such an erotic design.

    “Rather, I even think it doesn’t suit Ichinose…”

    “It doesn’t suit me…”

    Ichinose looked down. What’s wrong?

    “I’ve decided! I will be a woman who will look good in this holy priestess’ uniform!”


    Ichinose began to pose in front of the mirror… I wonder if Ichinose has this kind of character…?




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