Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82


If the rank were one different, the ability would be completely different as well. It was the same for monsters and, of course, humans. I align my sword with Magma Scorpion’s strike. It’s fast, but not so fast that it can’t be seen.

The next moment after I repelled the attack, I threw several potions in Garberossa-san’s direction.

“With that, please use it to heal everyone!”

“I-I understand!”

After Garberossa-san receives it, the Magma Scorpion takes a big leap towards me. I take out another sword and throw it at the Magma Scorpion, but it bounces off. Even with the Silver Sword, it’s hard to break its shell, huh?

After exchanging a few blows, I turn my attention to the adventurers who have finished healing.

“I’ll hold it here, so everyone please evacuate out of the forest!”

“…Kuh, I’m sorry!”

Gon-san and the others frowned and headed out.

…This monster in here is not an opponent that they can handle. They understand that, and that’s why they’re escaping.

Now I’m going to make a number of swords and increase my physical abilities. And then I’ll have reached the limit of what I can reach now, but it would only be enough to tie up with the Magma Scorpion somehow.

…This isn’t good. I’m not at a sufficient level right now. I’ll need to become stronger. I grant the Mithril Sword with the Weapon Break, and I throw it at the Magma Scorpion that leaps at me. Then I destroy it simultaneously.

I could see that the Magma Scorpion had taken a lot of damage. I retrieve the spilled Mithril and create the Mithril Sword again.

As I thought, the experience efficiency of producing it was perfect. And after repeating that a few times, my level has reached 25.

I dodged the claw that Magma Scorpion swung through and dropped the sword on its joint. The mithril sword goes deep into the Magma Scorpion’s armor. The sword is stuck.

Looking at it, the Magma Scorpion’s mouth twisted into a grimace. It swung its claws out, but I quickly avoided it and activated my Weapon Break.


As expected, the Magma Scorpion couldn’t seem to withstand the Weapon Break that he received in close proximity.

The claws shattered and fell off. I retrieved the mithril and produced the sword again. The Magma Scorpion, which has lost one arm, stares at me menacingly, but I dismantle the single broken claw while it’s there.

I use the claw of the Magma Scorpion that I acquired from it to strengthen the Mithril Sword. The resulting sword is the Magma Scorpion Mithril Sword. I pull that sword out of its sheath and look at it with my eyes several times.

…It looks like its performance has improved quite a bit.


The Magma Scorpion looked irritated when it saw my sword. I’m not sure if it was because a part of its own body was made into a weapon on the spot.

The Magma Scorpion jumps at me and swings its tail at me. Fire erupts and burns off the surroundings, but I dodge it. Maybe it’s because of the effect of the level up, but I’m no longer scared of Magma Scorpion’s speed.

“Take this!”

I evade and turn to its backside and swing my sword down. It’s sharper than ever before. The proof of this is that I quickly sliced through the back of the Magma Scorpion.


As expected, there was no way Magma Scorpion could move after receiving that much damage, and it fell on the spot.

After confirming that it was dead, I dismantled it and collected the materials. I got some pretty good materials. I’ll celebrate later. For now, I’ll have to meet up with the other adventurers.

I walked towards the sound coming from the forest while checking my equipment. That was when something bounced toward me.

It was a girl. I reflexively catch her and then get bounced.

…It hurt. What was that? When I glanced at her, she let out a muffled voice. In her hand, she held a divine treasure. She looks small in appearance, but I guess she is old enough to be given occupation and a divine treasure.

I was about to wake the girl up, but I heard footsteps approaching. I turned my gaze to it. There was a bipedal, slender, werewolf-like monster. A werewolf… I thought it was a werewolf… but it was very skinny. It barked with its arms outstretched and then leapt towards me.

…It can’t be helped. I take out several pieces of equipment and leap while rolling around. I was jumping with the girl in my arms, but it was enough to dodge the werewolf.

The werewolf tried to get after me, but

“Weapon Break.”

The area around me was engulfed in a massive explosion. After blowing up the werewolf, I poured a potion on the girl’s body before I could confirm her life.

“…H-huh? I――.”

“Thank goodness you’re awake.”

…As I thought, she wasn’t dead, but I was still worried. When I was relieved, the girl looked at me in surprise.

“D-did you save me?”

“Yes, I did. …But it seems that the monster is still around――.”

The werewolf seemed to be still alive even from that Weapon Break blast. Even so, it seemed to have wounds all over its body. The werewolf was glaring at me.

“…No way, did you cause that much damage to that monster?”

“Well, yes, I did.”

The werewolf barks and leaps at me. I hold the girl in my arms and dodge its attacks.

“Can you move on your own now?”


When I heard her reply, I jumped up and landed on a thick branch of a tree and placed the girl there. Then I took out two swords and jumped at the werewolf.

The werewolf swings its claws out to intercept me. It is fast. It is faster than the Magma Scorpion that I fought earlier. I managed to hit it with my sword, but it bounced off.

I threw away my sword intentionally. Then I blast it with the Weapon Break. As expected, this is not an opponent that I can fight moderately just because someone is watching me.

The werewolf that received my blow seems to have reached the end of its strength with it. It fell to its knees on the spot.


I noticed that the girl was approaching me with a divine treasure in her hand. When I glanced at her, the girl looked flustered and dropped her gaze.

“I was just looking for the adventurers. …Do you happen to see them?”

“…The adventurers, huh?”

“Well, yes.”

“…Oh, I see. But… thank you for saving me.”

The girl bowed to me with a smile.




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6 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 82

  1. more like a weapon explosion? breaking would imply at least 2 if not multiple pieces. and if it exploded it shouldn’t be in one lump. This weapon break fighting is kinda bs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always been an explosion though? It’s sacrificing the weapon to deal a great blow. He’s recalling the Mithril because he already deconstructed it so it’s one of his materials. I agree that it generally feels a little BS though.


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