Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 2 Part 3

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Part 3


“Hey, are you serious…?”

The information brought to us by Beeze is that the group of former schoolmates have taken over the town and made their independence. Moreover, they’re said to be looting the town they controlled quite badly.

“I can’t believe Kujou-kun did such a thing…”

Ichinose seems shocked by Kujou’s behavior, but I thought that Kujou would do something like that. At first glance, Kujou looks like a good person, but he is a cunning guy with a strong sense of vanity. I’ve known the true nature of Kujou since we’ve been in Japan. It’s not that I have a good eye for people, I just happen to have heard that Kujou had been playing tricks with his friends.

“Tsukuru-kun, is there anything we can do to stop Kujou-kun and the others?”

Ichinose is kind-hearted, so I guess she cares about the people of the town who are suffering. But it’s not just Kujou; it’s also me, they summoned us to this world. So even if Kujou and the others do something bad and make people suffer, I think that’s their own fault.

I don’t care if it’s the forces that aren’t involved in the summoning like beastmen, elves, and dwarves, but the Dell Kingdom is a human supremacist country, so even if Kujou and the others do something bad, they should take care of it themselves.

Even if the old bastard was in the background of all of this, it was the humans themselves that allowed it to happen.

“We’ll leave Kujou and the others alone. Because their actions could be another way to harass the old bastard.”

“…Yes. Maybe it’s karma for those who hold up the idea of human supremacy…”

Ichinose seems to understand that too. As for those guys, it’s the karma of the humans that have embraced this stupid idea of the Dell Kingdom and the human supremacy.

We can’t help them with everything, and I have no responsibility for that either. Besides, if I let the old man, my primary objective, escape because of my concern for them, that would be the ultimate downfall.

“Well then, let’s go!”

I changed the subject to change the gloomy mood. Where we are going is for power-leveling Ichinose and Allie. Ichinose and Allie can’t walk around with me very much at their current level, so I have to raise their levels.

While doing so, I also plan to improve the level of Canaan’s [Space-Time Magic] and collect materials for [God’s Supper].

We headed to the place where Ichinose and Allie were going to level up with the flying magic carpet.

“According to the information, I think it’s around here.”

We’re headed out to the ocean. Below us are scattered islands of various sizes. According to the information we got from Fitzburg, a famous monster will appear near the islands west of the border between the Templeton Kingdom and the Engels Confederacy.

“Ah, master, there’s a huge reaction near that little island!”

Canaan seemed to have discovered something, so I approached closer.

“Oh, that, huh? I do sense a great power. Well done, Canaan.”

“Ehehehe~, I got praised~♪”

Canaan has a very wide range of [Mana Detection]. I also have [Presence Detection], but it doesn’t go very far compared to the range of Canaan’s [Mana Detection].

As if it noticed that we were getting closer, its reaction was directed towards us. The surface of the sea rose greatly, and the one that came out of the sea was a sea serpent, the ruler of this sea.

It was a gigantic sea serpent whose entire body was encased in dragon-like scales and was probably at least two hundred meters long. It was too huge to be seen in the seas around the islands, but a fisherman said that the sea in which these islands were located was quite deep, so it was home to it.


Race: Little Sea Serpent, Level 330

Skills: [Sea King’s Breath (2)] [Water Magic (3)] [Underwater Adjustment (3)] [Amphibian (2)] [Presence Detection (2)] [Physical Strengthening (2)]

Attributes: HP [EX] | MP [S] | STR [S] | INT [B] AGI [B] DEX [C] LUK [D]

Title: The Sea Ruler Race


That’s still little? Over two hundred meters and still little would be absolutely crazy. Don’t they have any common sense?

“Level 330, you said? I would be killed in an instant!”

Ichinose is in tears.

“It’s okay. We’ll set it up for you. Ichinose and Allie just need to do the finishing blow.”

“Even if you say that…”

“Trust me. No matter what happens, I’ll protect Ichinose and Allie.”

Somehow, they both stared at me with sparkling eyes. Ichinose’s black hair and Allie’s brown hair shining in the sun was beautiful.

Now, I had managed to convince Ichinose to take down the little sea serpent. Allie didn’t need to be persuaded, as she was very motivated to begin with.

“Canaan. Can you freeze the ocean for that thing so it can’t dive under the water?”

“Please leave it to me!”

Canaan, who tapped her ample chest, raised her Red Sage’s staff.

Ice Field!”

The entire ocean around the little sea serpent froze when I felt Canaan’s magic was activated.

“Incredible, everything is frozen, the distance seems to be up to 1 kilometer, right?”

“Now that the sea snake can’t move, you can hit it to your heart’s content, Master.”

“Oh, Canaan did a great job of stopping the movement. Hannah, go ahead and activate [Moderation] and reduce that guy’s “HP” to the limit.


Hannah must be having fun because her tail is wagging. She jumped down from the magic flying carpet to the frozen surface of the sea. It was five hundred meters high… well, it was Hannah, after all.

Hannah delivered a speedy attack as usual on the ice. Four punches and two kicks were enough to cut the little sea serpent’s “HP” to the limit.

“Alright, first, Ichinose. Unleash your maximum force on it!”


Ichinose started chanting, and in about a minute, she shot Holy Javelin, the [Holy Magic] offensive spell. The Holy Javelin hit the giant little sea serpent’s head, but nothing happened.

“Another shot.”


She shot the Holy Javelin again, and it hit the little sea serpent’s right eye. Then, Ichinose’s body jumped with a bounce. Probably a large amount of level-up scrolling flowed through her.

“Amazing… my level went up to 190!”

Ichinose had a nice smile on her face as she happily told us about the increased levels.


Name: Suzuno Ichinose
Job: Saintess, Level 190

Skills: [Holy Divine Magic] [Compassionate Heart (2)] [Holy Barrier (2)] [Prayer (2)] [Mana Increase (2)] [Magic Power Increase (2)] [Magic Control] [Mana Detection]

Attributes: HP [B] | MP [S] | STR [B] | INT [S] | AGI [A] | DEX [B] | LUK [A]

Divine Protection: Tsukuru’s Protection


Holy Divine Magic: Not only is she skilled in recovery magic, but she is also skilled in well-balanced offensive magic.


Ichinose sublimated [Holy Magic] to [Holy Divine Magic] and learned [Mana Increase (2)] [Magic Power Increase (2)] [Magic Control] [Mana Detection]. Since Ichinose lacked offensive power, it’s a good thing that her offensive power has increased with [Holy Divine Magic].

“Okay, now for Allie. Canaan, find us another little sea serpent.

“Yes! …it’s over there!”

Allie’s skills that can be used to attack are [Word Spirit] and [Sonic Voice]. However, [Word Spirit] attacks by embodying the meaning of words, but there’s an overwhelming level difference between them. It would be tough to cut down the little sea serpent’s “HP”. Therefore, attacking with [Sonic Voice] will be the focus of the attack.

“It’s coming out!”

Once we arrived over the area of where the next little sea serpent was, it came from the other side. The little sea serpent is very aggressive, which is helpful.

“I’m going to stop the movement! Stop!”

Canaan used [Space-Time Magic] to stop the little sea serpent’s momentum. The little sea serpent didn’t move even a twitch.

“I’m going!”

Hannah jumped out of the flying magic carpet. It wasn’t frozen in the ocean below, so she… She ran across the surface of the undulating sea and hit the little sea serpent as she approached it. Well, it’s Hannah, after all. I’ll try it next time, too.

‘”Okay, Allie’s turn.”


Allie held the diva’s microphone up and took a deep breath.


Allie’s [Sonic Voice] hit the little sea serpent, but the little sea serpent didn’t fall. Since she knew that from the beginning, Allie continued her [Sonic Voice]. The invisible sound waves hit the little sea serpent and damaged it little by little, but the little sea serpent didn’t fall down easily.

Sweat is beading on Allie’s forehead, but this is the only way to get her to persevere and do her best. Allie had activated [Sonic Voice] sufficiently, but suddenly her voice stopped, and she’s left dumbfounded. Looks like she finally beat the little sea serpent.


Name: Alterias Abbas
Job: Word Master, Level 175

Skills: [Word Spirit (2)] [Singing (2)] [Sonic Voice (2)] [Magic Resistance (2)] [Physical Resistance (2)] [Fine Swordsmanship (2)] [Whispering (2)] [Loud Voice (2)]

Race Skill: [Sense of Hearing Enhancement (2)]

Attributes: HP [B] | MP [A] | STR [B] | INT [A] | AGI [B] | DEX [A] | LUK [S]

Divine Protection: Tsukuru’s Protection


Whispering: Can manipulate the minds of others, but is easily resisted depending on the skill level and the strength of the person’s will.

Loud Voice: Transmits your voice over a wide area.


The new addition, [Whispering], is a mind-controlling skill that cannot be resisted by low-level opponents. I think it’s quite an excellent skill for the future. [Loud Voice] is also a very good skill because it’s a power-up skill for [Word Spirit] and [Sonic Voice].

Although the level of the two of them is still not reassuring, the momentum of hunting down the little sea serpents made us ravage the ocean, and when we realized that the all of the little sea serpents’ reactions were really gone, we all smiled bitterly.

“Where should we go next?”

“Then we’d better head for the Twilight Labyrinth.”

“Twilight Labyrinth?”

I looked at Antia’s face and asked her to explain.

“It’s a dungeon that even us ancient breeds can’t just walk into.”

“Even Antia?”

“I think we can put up a good fight now, but I don’t think Temas or Crafton will be able to step through even if they are in numbers.”

“So that’s the extent of the high-level monsters that come out?”

I looked over at everyone’s faces, and they all nodded.

“Alright, let’s go!”

This is how we decided to head into the Twilight Labyrinth.




Kijima’s POV

“Kukuku, this is why we can’t stop the looting!”

I grabbed a pile of gold and silver treasures, hugged all the beautiful women and drank my liquor.

“Kijima-kun, our revenge is just getting started, so please don’t ruffle the feathers too much.”

“I know that! Kujou is such a worrywart.”

“That’s right, Kujou-kun. You’ve decided to take revenge on the people of this world who abducted us, haven’t you? Kijima-kun, you’re right, this much is just a bonus.”

I don’t care about revenge on the people of this world. I don’t care about that, I just want to control the city to satisfy my greed, and after that, I’ll become a king who rules over the country! That way, I can do whatever I want, and no one will complain about it. King Kijima, it sounds good, doesn’t it?

“I’m good. More importantly, make sure you get the lookout shift in order.

“I know, I know, you’re really a worrywart, Kujou. Hahahahaha.”

Since we’ve got three towns under our control, he needs to unfasten his wings, too. Come on, feel how soft this woman’s breasts are!

“Hey, give me the booze.”


While rubbing the breasts of the woman on both sides, I ask the woman on the left to pour liquor into a goblet and drink it.

“Give me some meat too.”


Now the woman on the right is going to feed me meat from the bone. This is the heaven we all wanted!




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