Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – Kurogiri

Part 1


“Antia says it’s going to take about five more hours to get there, so let’s have a quick meal while we’re at it.”

It had been four hours since we flew on the flying magic carpet and it was still five hours away from the twilight labyrinth. The current flying magic carpet’s flying speed is about the speed of sound, but since it takes such a long time to get to the twilight labyrinth, it must be challenging to get to the twilight labyrinth in general.

The flying magic carpet has been modified and is now about 20 tatami mats in size. There’s room for seven people on it, so it’s like a living room with sofas and tables and such. I serve pasta and sandwiches on the table. This is something I prepared and kept in the [Material Storage].


We all started eating in unison. I was the first to bring the pasta to my mouth. Yep, it is delicious. The sourness of the tomatoes spread through my mouth and the minced emperor dragon meat added a richness to the flavor.

“Master, this carbonara is so thick and delicious!”

Canaan seemed to have started eating from the carbonara.

“That’s good. You should eat a lot of it.”


Canaan ate the meat sauce, the peperoncino, and the sandwich, which she said was delicious.

“Tsukuru, I love this thing called peperoncino, it smells so good.”

“Does Antia like the peperoncino? That flavor must be from the garlic.”

“Garlic, isn’t it? It’s one of the ingredients I never heard about.”

“There is wild garlic that grows naturally in the Great Borf Forest, you know?”

“Well, I didn’t know there were such ingredients in the Great Borf Forest.”

I remember being surprised and delighted when I found it too.

“Tsukuru-kun, the egg in this egg sandwich is so fluffy and delicious,”

“Ichinose, that thickly fried egg in your bread is literally a masterpiece!”

My egg sandwiches are made with a thick egg, and it requires a lot of skill to make these thick eggs. The egg is cooked correctly, not burnt, fluffy, and has a rich egg flavor, not just the taste of the broth, but the richness of the egg. The egg is a supreme masterpiece, a thickly cooked egg that makes a strong impression. Egg dishes are really deep, after all.




“Milord, we are entering the area guarded by monsters.”


I had Beeze go ahead of me as a scout, but it seems that there are some monsters in front of the twilight labyrinth.

“Ho, that’s a lot.”

In front of us are ghosts, zombies, mummies, dullahan, ghouls and other undead monsters that fill the land. This land is on another continent across the ocean from the continent we were on. This is the continent where the battle of the gods used to take place, and it is now known as the continent of death.

The continent of death is larger and more expansive than the continent we were on, even if we add up the continent where the demon and giant races live. And in the center of the continent of death is a dungeon called the Twilight Labyrinth, and it seems that the one controlling that dungeon is the ancient breed of the death spirit race.

“It’s kind of creepy…”

There are no living people on this continent. The only thing that exists is the dead, and it seems that Canaan’s mana is sensitive to the strange aura and miasma here.

“It certainly reeks of gloom.”

Hannah is twitching her nose. She seems to be able to distinguish the smell of her surroundings with her race skill, [Sense of Smell Enhancement (5)]. But what kind of smell is a gloomy smell?

“Milord, in the middle of this continent there is a portal to the twilight labyrinth.”

The twilight labyrinth seemed to be located almost in the center of this continent of death. Moreover, there are many undead-type monsters in front of the twilight labyrinth, as if they are guarding the twilight labyrinth.

“At first glance, some plants and trees are growing here, so it would be possible for the living to live here, wouldn’t it?”

Allie seems to think it’s possible to establish a settlement, but who would settle in a land where you don’t know when you’re going to be attacked by the death spirit race?

“But it’s kind of poisonous, you know?”

Ichinose was right, the plants and trees growing here are somewhat poisonous. According to my [Detailed Appraisal], the miasma makes it unfit for consumption. This is truly the land of death.

“Hmm… what is that?”

Hannah found something. I looked at it and saw that it was a stone monument of some sort.

“Should we go?”

Just as we descended into the land of death to get closer to the stone monument, zombies crawled out of the ground around us.


Ichinose shuddered and clung to me.

“I see, Ichinose wasn’t very good with ghosts, was she?”

When we were in elementary school, my sister Ayumi, Ichinose and I once went to an amusement park. I remember when we entered the haunted house, and Ichinose got so scared that she couldn’t move, so I had to piggyback her out of the haunted house.

She was also frozen the first time she saw Beeze, and I brought her in this time too, knowing that there was the dead spirit’s race, so I felt sorry for her.

“I’ll definitely protect Ichinose, so don’t worry.”


“Yeah, I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“Un, thank you.”

I trace the tears in Ichinose’s eyes with my finger and take them away.



They’re beautiful eyes. They are so black that they almost suck you in, but they appear to glow. There are not many Japanese who have eyes that are this dark. There’s some brownish color in them.

Ahem! I apologize for ruining the good atmosphere, but don’t forget we are surrounded by zombies.”

Allie’s remark reminded me of the current situation.

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay. Since I’d like to be pampered by Tsukuru-san too.”

“Canaan, too~.”

“I apologize for being presumptuous, but would you mind including Hannah here in the group as well?”

“Fufufu. Tsukuru, I’d like to be spoiled too.”

It’s not just Allie, but Canaan, Hannah, and even Antia are sticking to me. It’s a happy moment, but right now we have to do something about all the disturbances around us.

“That will be after this one is over!”

For now, I forced myself to cut it off as I couldn’t settle the situation.

“Beeze, can you get those zombies to follow you?”

“Not a problem.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you. Since we’re in the land of the dead. Bring them into your war potential.”


When Beeze hears my command, he starts to manipulate the zombies that surround us. As Beeze enslaves them, they crawl out of the ground, one after another. But as soon as they come out of the ground, they don’t pose any threat.

“They still came out again! Master, do you want me to burn them?”

“It’s okay; they’ll all be an asset to Beeze when they come out.”

I stopped Canaan from holding the Red Sage’s staff and let Beeze do all the work. The zombies kept getting usurped and crawling out, to the point where it seemed like an endless loop. This battle of endurance… well, it’s not even a battle of endurance for Beeze, but when will it end?

If Beeze doesn’t feel tired and doesn’t need rest or sleep, he won’t lose by continuing to usurp the zombies until their stock is empty. Besides, this is a bonus stage for him because the more the undead come, the more he can take them and the more powerful he becomes. A single zombie is only a small amount, but the more the number of zombies increased from 1,000 to 10,000, the stronger Beeze would become.

This land of death is exactly the place for him.

“I think it’s been an hour, but the zombies never cease to come.”

As Antia said, we’ve only been watching the zombie enslavement scene for an hour or so, and I have to admit, I’m bored.

“Let’s leave the zombies to Beeze and let us check out that stone monument, shall we?”

“Agreed! Master, let’s go quickly!”

Canaan seemed to be bored and ran to the monument. I followed Canaan and approached the monument. The stone, which resembles granite, appears to have something engraved on it.

“Master~. I’ve never seen these letters again~. Isn’t this the language from the Master’s country~?”

At Canaan’s voice, Ichinose also moved closer and saw the letters.

“Tsukuru-kun, this is…”

“Yeah, no doubt.”

“It’s Japanese.”

The voices of Ichinose and I were harmonized. It seems it’s Hirume-san’s stone monument again.

“I wonder if it was left by a Japanese who was summoned in the past?”

I see, it could be a stone monument left by not only Hirume-san but also the Japanese who were kidnapped by this world in the past, as Ichinose said. However, this continent was turned into a dead land during the battle of the gods thousands of years ago.

Since then, it must have become an uninhabitable land for the living. The Japanese might have come here before, but I don’t see the point of building a stone monument in a place like this, so it’s more likely to be Hirume-san, right?

“Let’s just get up close and take a good look.”

Ichinose, Hannah, and I approach the monument. Canaan, Sanya, Antia, and Allie are already circling the stone monument, touching it. Hey, what if it’s some kind of trap? Geez.

“Fumu, it looks like it’s Hirume-san’s monument after all.”

The stone monument was carved with the same contents as the one I found last time in the Great Borf Forest. If I touch this monument, I’ll probably be sent to Hirume-san’s place again.

Maybe Ichinose would be sent there too? I wondered, and then Ichinose touched the stone monument, but nothing happened. Apparently, I’m the only one who gets sent flying. Oh well, maybe it’s reacting to me with Hirume-san’s blessing.

“Milord, I’ve taken all of the zombies.”

When we looked at the stone monument, the zombies’ scene had come to an end, and there were no more zombies crawling out of the ground.

“Okay, from now on, Beeze will continue to deal with the undead monsters and usurp them.”

“As you wish.”

We continued onward to the twilight labyrinth. After the zombie zone, there was the skeleton zone, then the ghost zone, then the mummy, and after that, there were only undead monsters. Moreover, since the level of such undead monsters is 100 at most, we let Beeze usurp them rather than fight them.






Ichinose and Allie are staggering closer to me, seemingly on the verge of collapsing at any moment. They are quite exhausted, but not injured.

“You two, please eat this.”

Hannah, who appeared quickly behind me, shoved a mouthful of my roasted meat into their mouths. Now Ichinose and Allie will be able to train again…

Hannah is training them in battle as their instructor, saying that if it were me, I would be taking easy on them. She’s training them both in a spartan way that even I would withdraw. She just threw them both out at the lesser demon even now.

“The lesser demon is level 240, so it’s lower than the little sea serpent in terms of level, but it’s intelligent, so it’s quite a cunning fighter.”

“Yes, to the point that if the old breed fought one on one, they would not only be unable to win but would be overwhelmed.”

Antia and I are drinking the tea that Sanya had made for us and are watching the two of them fight. We are in such a remote and quiet place, but this is near a dungeon called the twilight labyrinth, and we don’t know where the monsters will appear. Well, if monsters appears near us, Sanya will kill them instantly.




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  3. I ended up ‘dropping’ (I’ll come back to it later, probably) this novel at this point, because it changed into a slice of life “this is what I wish I could be eating right now” story for the author more than anything else. While I appreciate some of that, there’s just been too damn much of it at this point all crammed together, especially with everything else written more like an afterthought by comparison. This is not an attack on the translation, only a reflection on the direction the author took, which is completely different from the initial story beats presented, and not what I was looking for when I started reading this work.


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