Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Rabbit Dungeon


The inside of the dungeon was like a tunnel, as the entrance was a hole. The ceiling was low, probably no more than three meters. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all dirt. It was a little damp, but there was grass growing everywhere.

“It looks like a small animal’s nest if it’s this small.”

“It sure is. There’s some grass that could be used for their food.”

I guess it’s like the hole that a rabbit digs in. It’s too dark to see clearly ahead. This dungeon doesn’t seem to have any lights set up for convenience.

“We need some kind of light. Unfortunately, I don’t have any magic that seems to be appropriate…”

“If that’s the case, I have a light magic tool.”

When Ruri said that with a troubled face, Ishmer took out a lamp, it seems that when you push the switch, a light comes on and illuminates the surroundings.

I see it’s convenient. Ah, but it seems inconvenient to think of it while trying to attack in a dungeon.

“Ishmer-sama, would you like me to carry that?”

“Yeah, please. Hiroki’s in the center of the party, so the location is just right.”


The lamp that was handed to me was lighter than I had imagined. Maybe it’s made from some kind of monster material.

“Well then, let’s go. But if anything goes wrong, we will turn back immediately.”


We nodded firmly to Ishmer, who told us in a strict tone. After walking for a while, the first monster appeared. The one that came bouncing around was a cute little rabbit.

…No, wait, is it a monster?

Maybe it’s just an animal… I thought so, but then I noticed a single horn growing out of the rabbit’s forehead. Ah, so it’s a monster, after all.

“One-horned rabbit! It’s a rare monster that you don’t see very often, and its horns are a good ingredient for medicine, so they sell for a lot of money.”

“Also, the meat is very tender.”

Lusha and Ishmer each explain to us about the one-horned rabbit. I see, if it’s a medicine, it’s going to come in handy. And I found it surprising…

“Ishmer-sama, do you eat the monster’s meat? Well, I’ve also eaten them before.”

“Oh, Hiroki too? However, I wouldn’t say I liked to eat it. I was on a training expedition, and we ran out of food, that’s why I ate it.”

“Oh, I see…”

So he had no choice but to eat a monster that looked like it could be eaten with as little resistance as possible… so he ate the one-horned rabbit he had just defeated.

It’s tough for knights and soldiers too, huh…

Ishmer readied his sword and tried to attack the one-horned rabbit, but it easily dodged it with its agile movements. As expected of a rabbit, it is quick.

“If it’s so quick, just stop moving. [Paralyze].”

“Abnormal status skills…! Okay, now!”

It’s a new skill I’ve never seen before. The skill Ruri used successfully hit the one-horned rabbit, and as the name implies, it paralyzed its body, making it immobile! Then Ishmer attacked and quickly defeated it. Only the horns are collected as materials.

“We’re still on the first floor, so we can’t be too careless, but let’s move on for now.”

“Okay, then. [Shield].”

I reapplied the shield only to Ishmer, just in case, and moved on.

The construction in the dungeon was mostly a single path. Occasionally, a hole would appear that diverted off to the side other than the main wide path. I tried a few times, but it was soon a dead end.

However, there were a few one-horned rabbits in the room, so it might be the room they are using as a place to sleep.

We steadily descended on the second and third floors.

“…There are only one-horned rabbits, huh?”

“I guess so. Perhaps this dungeon is in the one-horned rabbit’s nest?”

I mumbled a question to myself, and Ruri replied. It seems that we are all thinking the same thing.

“If that’s the case, could the boss be a one-horned rabbit too?”

“And if so, it’s going to be a lot easier to defeat.”

As we laughed at what was going on, Ishmer, who was walking at the front, suddenly stopped. We stopped and asked him what was going on up ahead. Then I saw what looked like a door faintly in the dark ahead.

…It could be the boss’s room!

I never thought it would be on the third floor. It’s the one-horned rabbit dungeon, so maybe it’s a special kind of construction.

“We reached the Boss’ room before we found Chloria, huh?”

“Oh, that reminds me…”

I remembered that I had completely forgotten the purpose of the trip due to Lusha’s disappointing words. My mind was already occupied with finding and conquering the undiscovered dungeon here.

I need to be calmer…

“Hiroki, give me the light.”

“Oh, yes. Here you are, Ishmer-sama.”

Ishmer, who received the lamp from me, slowly made his way to the door. It was a white door with red decorations. There are flowers and plants growing underneath our feet, and we feel as if we can go to another world if we open this door.

Ishmer is staring at the door and seems to be thinking about something.

“Can’t you open it?”


When I called out to him in question, Ishmer surprised with a twitch in his cheeks.

“You… How could you open it so easily when you don’t know what kind of boss is up ahead? …We have Miss Takanashi and Miss Lusha over here; you should be more careful.”

“Y-you’re right…”

Apparently, he was thinking about whether to go to the boss’s room or turn back. Maybe if it were just me, Lusha, and Ruri, we would have moved on without thinking about it because we’re aware of how strong we are, after all.

My level is 45, Lusha’s is 46, and Ruri’s is 50. As long as a dragon class doesn’t appear or something like that, there won’t be a problem.

“Speaking of which, what is Ishmer-sama’s level?”

“Mm, me? I’m a knight who serves my country, so I’m well trained. I’m level 32.”


I wondered how I responded to Ishmer, who answered proudly… I just gave a wry smile. I don’t know how strong Ishmer is among the knights, but he doesn’t seem to be by far the strongest.

Then… maybe I should go in first and see what is inside.

Perhaps Ishmer has the ability of a top-notch adventurer. Still, it seems that we, who were leveling up pretty hard, were better than him. Ruri seemed to agree, calling out my name and urging at the door with her gaze.

Okay, I’ll take care of it.

“Ishmer-sama, I’ll take a look at the situation first.”

“What? No matter how much you swing evasion, Sakurai is a healer, right? Isn’t that reckless?”

I reply to Ishmer, who is about to say he’s going to be the one to go then.



“It’s my level. Isn’t that good enough for me to go alone?”

“――What! No way, that’s so much…”

Apparently, Ishmer didn’t think my level was that high. His mouth is wide open and surprised. He kept getting surprised today.

“Then, I’ll check the boss…!”

I walked past a stunned Ishmer, opened the door, and stepped inside. Looking around for a bit, Lusha and Ruri also follow me. And a little later, Ishmer, who came back to himself, followed.

“This is…”

Looking at the boss from the front, I couldn’t help but smile wryly. The white, fluffy body is about three meters in size, but at a glance, it looks cute. However, sharp front teeth are peeking out of its mouth, and if it were to be chewed up by that, there would be no hope left.

Lusha, who was behind me, shouted, “Wow!” looking at it.

“Flower Rabbit, I’ve never seen it before!”

Apparently, it was a monster that Lusha knew.

“Is it a rare monster?”

“Yes. They’re timid and cautious monsters, so you don’t get to see them very often. They’re basically in their dens, and they only come out on to the surface to gather food. Apparently, a part of their body is a sack-like pocket, and they store food in it.”


I nodded in agreement after hearing Lusha’s explanation. By the way, it seems to be a herbivore.


When I look at Flower Rabbit, it is threatening me with its full body fur standing upright. If we attacked it, it would undoubtedly fight back. However, we can’t afford not to defeat it.

That’s why I take a step forward. The strategy is. First, I’ll make myself a target for the Flower Rabbit, and then I’ll have Lusha and Ruri attack it.

I guess I’m in the range of the Flower Rabbit. And then it pounced on me, trying to bite me with its sharp teeth!



I can avoid it, so it’s not a problem, but if I get hit, it’s going to be pretty damaging. I don’t like pain, so I’ll remind myself that evasion is still the best way to go.

“Hiroki, let’s go!”


Lusha takes out three arrows and shoots them. At the same time, Ruri also uses her magic. Then, the arrows of Lusha, which flew in a different direction, were redirected by Ruri’s wind magic to make them go back to their original target. It hit the Flower Rabbit wonderfully. Of course, it was all three of them.

Looking at the Flower Rabbit that was defeated so casually, I think that the two girls are the strongest.

“I had heard that she was strong, but Miss Takanashi is indeed powerful…”

“Thank you, Ishmer-sama. …Because I had no choice but to become stronger. As a hero party, we have to answer to any recklessness.”

“Oh, yeah…If only we knights had been stronger. We could have never made Miss Takanashi fight…”

As he clenched his fists tightly, Ishmer went into serious mode. Lusha and I looked at each other and decided to see if there was any material we could recover from the Flower Rabbit for now.

“There’s a pocket on Flower Rabbit’s belly… but I heard that sometimes there’s something rare in it.”

“You mean, besides the food?”

“Hmm, I don’t know about that, but let’s see.”

Lusha touched the belly part of the Flower Rabbit and pulled out what was in its pocket. There are probably plants and flowers that are food and medicinal herbs, such as recovery and healing herbs. The rest seems to be just nuts and other edible things such as berries, but there are no ores or other items.

“Ah! Hiroki, look at this!”

“Hmm? Clover… isn’t it? Could it be that…”


Lusha looked at the flower in her hand, and her voice hummed. It was a pretty flower, like a four-leaf bloom from a small jewel.

“Surely, this one looks like something out of a fairy tale. There’s something more mysterious about it than an ordinary flower.”

“Yes. But thank goodness, now we can negotiate with the king.”


All we have to do now is go back to the royal castle and ask the king to cancel the contract bracelet.

“Is that Chloria?”

“I never thought it would be real…”

Ruri said, “It’s beautiful,” and her cheeks loosened as she looked at the Chloria. Talking of Ishmer, it seems that he was skeptical, and is surprised that it really existed!

I put the Chloria away and point to the path ahead. It’s a treasure chest time.

“Well then, shall we go?”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

After confirming that, Ishmer nodded, and we quickly went to the treasure chest. Treasure chests are exciting no matter how many times I find them…! Lusha seems to be the same, and her eyes are shining next to me.

“Open… hmm?”

“This is…”

It was a treasure chest that we opened with maximum excitement, but the moment we looked inside, we were instantly depressed.

“Only… Medicinal herbs…?”

“I guess so.”

The treasure chest we opened was filled with a lot of medicinal herbs. All recovery herbs. They’re in good condition, so it would be possible to trade them for a high price, but I would still be more happy to have a skill acquisition book…

As soon as I came to this world, these medicinal herbs were my precious source of income, though.

“Well, it can’t be helped. In a dungeon with only three floors, that’s just the way it should be.”


Did he cheer me up when I was so overtly depressed? For what it’s worth, he’s a kind person at heart.

“There’s no point in staying here for too long, so let’s go back with the teleport device.”

“Right. We don’t want any monsters on the exit, so can you get on first?”

“Of course.”

I nodded at Ishmer’s words and got on the teleport device.




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    1. [So he had no choice but to eat a monster that looked like it could be eaten with as little resistance as possible… so he ate the one-horned rabbit he had just defeated.
      It’s tough for knights and soldiers too, huh…]

      What’s with Hiroki and eating monsters? It’s not very different from eating foreign cuisine, in my opinion.

      Maybe there’s a secret room or a strange part of the dungeon that would take Hiroki and the others “down the rabbit hole” and discover something mysterious…

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      1. Not necessarily, I mean Ruri and Lusha are both backliners that need time or luck to hit. a sudden atk by Ishmer and both are down, theoretically (Ruri can prob handle him tho). Hiroki can protect both with shield and heal them back up until Ishmer is defeated, if he was still there. That said, I’m more anticipating that Ishmer or the king had them followed and when Hiroki returns to surface he will be atked by the Hero (maybe depends on how much the contract bracelet holds sway and what lies king has fed him) and knights as forced by king. As for whether Ishmer is in on it…. I think it depends if the king promised him Ruri for helping.


      2. Nah, still feels unlikely.

        I really don’t think he would want to make enemies with a powerful hero like Ruri at almost any cost. Not only would that seem highly difficult, but he’s now aware of the fact that the level of the person who he thought to be the weakest is higher than his own.

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