Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Party with Ishmer


“Fumu… Slime, huh? It’s still small-fry.”

In this case, his word integrity is… applicable? Since entering the forest, Ishmer had cut down every monster that came out with his sword. Even the weakest monster called Slime.

…Is this the style of a knight in this world? I don’t know; I feel like if it’s such a small-fry, I can just leave them alone and move on. I wonder why I was thinking like that, is it because I’m a gamer? Or is it because he’s a knight, so there’s a rule that all monsters must be eradicated? Well, that’s okay.

“There’s not much to do since Ishmer-sama takes everything down.”

”Yes. But as one would expect, it would take a long time if you had to kill even the Slime…”

The two girls don’t seem to have anything in particular to do and are chatting leisurely while sandwiching me. However, Ishmer reacted to their conversation.

“We’re fine, but it would be bad if the healer Hiroki got attacked by the slime we left behind, wouldn’t it?”


I opened my eyes when I heard an answer that I hadn’t expected at all. Because I didn’t expect him to go out of his way to take down the Slime for me… Apparently, Ishmer is more of a good guy than I thought.

I thank him for that, but still, tell him that it’s okay.

“I’ve set my status value to evasion, so I won’t get attacked by monsters.”


“Hmm, it might be quicker to show it to you.”

Because people in this world don’t think of evasion as an essential status, it might be hard to catch up with their understanding when I only speak about it. Then it’s faster to practice.

I’m going ahead of Lusha and Ruri and next to Ishmer.

“…You, it’s unreasonable for a healer to be in front.”

“Well, just watch me now. You’ll see that I don’t have to be protected.”

Ishmer stopped me, but I ignored him and went to the front of the party. Then I overtook Ishmer and proceeded through the forest. After a short walk, some kind of monster will probably appear.

After walking for about ten minutes―bingo. Five goblins appeared from the front. As soon as the green goblins spotted us, they started running. Apparently, we were locked on as prey.

“Hey? There’s too many of them! Hiroki, get back quickly behind me!”

I heard the voice and looked behind me and saw that Ishmer was the only one who was in a panic. It’s not that Lusha and Ruri are not concerned about the goblins; they are just enjoying their chit chat. …Well, there’s no need for Lusha and Ruri to be vigilant in the forest where goblins come out. Besides, I’m the one walking in front of them.

I guess it’s some sort of trust, so I can say I’m happy.

Ishmer, who immediately drew his sword, was about to run towards the goblins, but Ruri stopped him, saying, “Don’t worry”.

“Sakurai is strong, you know?”

“But, he’s a healer. We have to defeat the goblins quickly… Oh, no!”

While Ishmael was dutifully replying to Ruri, the goblins all attacked towards me at once.



The attacks of a mere five goblins couldn’t possibly hit me. And I still have plenty of room to spare.


“What… t-that can’t be… how come Hiroki isn’t getting attacked by the goblins? Is it a lie that he is a healer? No, Shield and Regeneration skills can only be used by healers… so he must be a healer for sure…”

Ishmer couldn’t keep up with his brain processing, he mumbled and pondered aloud. While wryly smiling at his seriousness, I called out to Lusha.

“Can you take down these goblins?”

“Yeah, Leave them to me! [Create Arrow].”

Lusha nodded in response and made five arrows in a stretch and turned on the bow. Just like that, she fired them at the goblins―only one of them was hit.

“Yay! First one!”

Besides the happy Lusha, Ishmer looked at her with his mouth wide open and a suspicious look on his face… He must have been terribly surprised that the arrow was missed despite Lusha being an archer. Ruri, who is watching it from a step back, seems to be holding back her laughter as her body shakes.

Then, after several attacks, we were able to defeat the goblins successfully.

Congratulations, congratulations――.

“No, no, wait! What does that mean? Why did Hiroki avoid the goblins’ attack without a care in the world, and why did miss Lusha’s arrows not hit it! Please explain!”

There’s nothing to explain; you just saw it, you know…

I smiled bitterly and explained about the evasion healer and Lusha’s extreme attack power swing.

“Hey…! Is there anyone in the world who would be so reckless?”

“It’s right here.”


Ishmer listens to the story while holding his head up as if it was insanity. However, since he actually saw the battle scene, he has to admit it.

“…I understand. Let’s ignore the weaker monsters and proceed.”

Ishmer said while his cheeks tightened.


◆ ◆ ◆


While advancing and defeating the monsters that attacked us, we reached the depths of the forest. …but we never saw our target, Chloria, on our way. Incidentally, as we proceeded deeper, it became easier for the monsters to come out, so it was decided that Lusha would look for Chloria and Ruri would attack, which seemed to be a good division of labor.

I’m also looking for the Chloria while supporting them when monsters appear.

“Hmm, it looks like there aren’t any after all.”

Ishmer, who had just defeated an orc, saw Lusha and called out to her. Apparently, this is the innermost part of the forest.

“That is true. I thought that if there was a big rock, it might grow there… but there’s no rock either.”

“I guess it’s not something that’s easy to find. Well, it’s a forest with weak monsters, so… it can’t be helped.”

Ruri says that we should go to a more difficult forest or mountain and see. I agree with her on that point. It’s a valuable flower that grows in clusters in places with strong monsters.

“Should we go back for now? I’m sure Lucia is worried about us…”

“You’re right. I’ll buy Lucia-sama some souvenirs then.”

“Oh, that would be great! I’m sure she’ll be pleased.”

When the atmosphere was all set to leave, I suddenly noticed a strange feeling.


Maybe, just maybe, there’s a little secret in this forest.


I took my time looking around and trying to figure out why. This forest was generally covered with tall trees and a dark green color. There was a wide variety of plants and flowers, and I saw many ordinary medicinal plants growing on the road.

There was a small rustling of grass, and a slime popped up. It was a weak and feeble slime that couldn’t possibly be in the depths of this forest.



“Hiroki, you have two slimes on your back, you know? It’s kind of like a pet.”

Actually, a little while ago, the Slime was about to hit me. Of course, the result of that was all a miss.

“It’s nothing harmful, so I just left them alone. But don’t you think it’s strange that there’s a slime deep in the forest?”

“Eh? If you ask me… Weak monsters like Slime are only found in the grasslands or near the forest entrance, after all.”

Lusha tilted her head, wondering where this Slime certainly came from.

“That slime; it came out of the grass over there.”

As I said that, I pointed to the big grass just behind Ishmer.

“…Fumu. Does this grass have the secret of Slime?”

I’m not sure that’s possible, and Ishmer brushes through the long grass while saying, “Just in case,”. Of course, it’s possible that there’s nothing in there, but I make my way to Ishmer’s.

As a result of casually peering across the grass, the prediction was perfectly correct.

“Hey, this is…!”

“It’s like a dungeon entrance.”

Yes, it was the entrance that led to the dungeon that appeared. Slimes seemed to be simmering around the entrance to this dungeon, and there were several of them that could be identified.

“There’s no way anyone would know that there’s a dungeon in this place. It’s a dungeon that the country doesn’t know about. The entrance is covered with grass and has a hole in the ground, so you can’t see it.”

“Maybe there’s a Chloria in this dungeon.”

“Well, it’s certainly possible, but isn’t it dangerous to suddenly enter an unknown dungeon?”

I was planning to enter the dungeon right away, but Ishmer seems to be against it. However, I also understand that the reason for this is out of concern for our safety, so it’s not so simple to say that it’s okay to enter.

As I was thinking about what to do now, Ruri moved before me.

“It’s okay; we’re strong. So let’s go.”

“Wait, Miss Takanashi!”

Ruri walked past Ishmer, who was worried and entered the dungeon. Ishmer was pale and puzzled, but he followed Ruri into the dungeon. Although he’s so cautious, I think it’s appreciable that he can act without hesitation for Ruri’s sake.

“Hiroki, shall we go too?”

“Yeah. To think of a dungeon that the country doesn’t know about, it’s so exciting.”

“All right, let’s beat the Boss of this dungeon, too!”


Lusha and I also stepped into the hole that was the entrance to the dungeon.




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