Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Departure to the south forest


Lucia-sama cleared her throat and looked at Ishmer and said, “So then…” It seems that she really intends to instruct him to apologize. But since Ishmer has a reluctant expression, he must be unhappy. ―but he seemed to have given up on it when he saw Lucia-sama smiling at him.

“Sigh… It’s true that I was in too much of a hurry and caused trouble for Miss Takanashi, too. This time, since we can get to know each other on this matter, let’s just leave it at that.”

“That’s my dear brother.”

“Thank you, Ishmer-sama.”

Ruri thanked him, so Lusha and I also bowed our heads and thanked him. If the other side doesn’t say anything reckless, I think it’s better for us to get along with each other.

“…The king wants a rare flower called “Chloria” located deep in the eastern forest.”

“Eh, Chloria…?”

Lusha was surprised to hear Ishmer’s words. Of course, Ruri and I don’t know about it, but I guess it’s not a common flower because Lucia-sama is surprised too. But since she’s so surprised, Lusha seems to know about it.

“Does Lusha know?”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen one before, but, let’s see, it has four leaves and looks like a clover. But there’s a legend that says it will make your wish come true.”

“That would be amazing if it were true…”

“Well, I’m not that much of a believer about it either, but it’s a rare and beautiful flower.”

It’s like a fairy tale, and I doubt anyone believes it. That’s what Lusha says. It’s another world, so it would really be nice to have one, but as expected, it’s not that all-encompassing. I mean, if there was such a flower, could we get it ourselves and go back to Japan…?

Ishmer sighed and continued with a preface that it would be difficult to find one.

“If you find it, I have no doubt that he’ll also release the contract bracelet. I can guarantee that. You can set up a deal first.”

“But why would the king want that flower? From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t seem to be effective in granting wishes, though.”

I can’t imagine how much the king would want it. Then Lucia-sama told us why.

“Could it be that it’s for the princess?”


“Yes. Because the last time I spoke to her, she said she wanted something like that.”

In other words, a gift for his daughter, huh? Ishmer nodded at Lucia-sama’s words.

“Apparently Your Majesty has angered the princess, and she won’t forgive him unless she gets the Chloria. So he’s desperately looking for it. …I’m pretty sure he hasn’t spoken to the princess for over a month now.”

After listening to the story, I can’t help but want to sigh.

…Could it be that the reason the king called Ren and Ruri back was to make them look for the flower? If that’s the case, then it makes sense that he called them back before defeating the demon king.

How sweet he is to his daughter. However, it’s also true that if there’s such a reason, then it’s a good condition for an exchange.

“I’ll find that Chloria.”

Even if it’s a fairy tale, it must have existed if it’s being talked about like this. Then it’s better to look for a possible location. When I declared, Ishmer nodded while saying, “What a reckless man…”

“…However, there’s a chance that you’ll take the fake ones with you. I must be allowed to accompany you in the process of gathering it.”

“I don’t mind, but it could be a dangerous place, you know?”

“I’m a knight. So that won’t be a problem.”

“I understand.”

Ishmer seemed to be confident in his skills and answered immediately without the slightest bit of hesitation. The question is, where is that Chloria…

“Do you know where that flower is?”

“I know, I did some research. I heard there’s a cluster of them deep in the forest, just to the south.” [T/n: Kinda confused, he said it in the eastern forest before.]

“Oh… it’s close then.”

If he said it was in the apricot continent, we would have to go back again even though we had just gotten back with a lot of effort—Lusha, who had been listening to the story, thought for a bit before opening her mouth.

“Then maybe we can collect it right away… It is said that chloria will grow by the light of the moon, so I’ve heard that they grow in clusters in the open or on top of a rocky area.”

“As expected of an elf, you really know about this stuff.”

“T-thank you.”

Oh, that’s some useful information! Ishmer didn’t seem to know that much about the details, and he was frankly surprised.

“If we know that much, we’d better head out to collect it before the king says anything. Maybe he might order Miss Takanashi and Watanabe to collect it in the near future.”

“We’d better get it before that.”


The conversation quickly came together. The four of us who would be heading to the forest to collect it are me, Lusha, Ruri, and Ishmer. If Ren can go, then there will be five of us. It was late today, so we decided to meet up in front of the city gate tomorrow morning.

I’ll ask Ruri to talk to Ren later. I thought Ishmer might have some work, but it seemed he was having just a day off. However, Lucia-sama is looking at us with concern.

“…You’re going deep into the forest, right? Wouldn’t it be better to have an escort as well? No matter how strong dear brother is, isn’t it a bit reckless to have only one vanguard? There are young ladies like Takanashi-sama and Lusha-sama, after all…”

We should make the party a little better, Lucia-sama said. But Ishmer showed her a smile and said, “There is no problem.”

“I’m a knight, and Miss Takanashi is a wizard in a hero party. Just the two of us would be more than enough.”

“…Is that so? But please don’t be too reckless, okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be careful.”

Lucia-sama smiled bitterly at Ishmer’s words, which he told her while tapping his chest.

“But more importantly…”

“Hmm? What, Lucia?”

“I’m worried that my dear brother will be disrespectful to Takanashi-sama.”


The room was instantly silent when we heard her point of concern――.


◆ ◆ ◆


And the next day, before noon, we came to the south forest. There were four members: Lusha, Ruri, Ishmer and me. It seems that Ren had promised to accompany the knights in their training and he was in a hurry.

Since we have enough strength to fight, this time, Ruri is asking him to sell his favor by dealing with the knights he promised. Certainly, our connection to humans is not too many.

The forest we arrived at was a deep green color. The thick vegetation grew so high that there was only a small gap for the sun’s rays even to reach it. I can’t imagine that the moonlight that Lusha was talking about can ever come in under these circumstances.

However, there seemed to be many different types of vegetation, and various plants came into view.

“Well then, let’s go deeper. I’ll take the lead, so follow me in the formation of Miss Lusha, Sakurai and Miss Takanashi.”

“I understand.”

We nodded at Ishmer’s instructions. I was wondering what kind of strategy we were going to have, but he seems to have thought about the formation and other factors as well. The vanguard is, of course, Ishmer. Next is Lusha, who has speed when attacking, then me, who is supposed to be protecting them as a healer, and last is Ruri who’s attacking with magic.

Yeah, it’s a good arrangement.

――Ah. By the way, I didn’t tell him that Lusha has no accuracy at all.

…Well, it’s fine for now. Even if I told him, it would be difficult to change the fighting style that easily for Ishmer. Let’s see what happens first.


As I used my skill, Ishmer started walking into the forest.




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  1. “Apparently Your Majesty has angered the princess, and she won’t forgive him unless she gets the Chloria.
    >> Apparently His Majesty
    When talking to the person it’s “Your Majesty”, when talking ABOUT the person, it’s “His/Her Majesty”.


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