Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Part 2

And then we arrived in front of the Twilight Labyrinth…

“Milord, that’s the Twilight Labyrinth.”

There was a western-style endless stone wall, a huge steel double-opened gate, and a castle towering behind it.

“So, that big one is the gatekeeper, huh?”

“That’s right, Milord.”

A large dog with three heads is lying at the gate.

“Is that Cerberus?”

Ichinose, who was now standing on her own feet as the haunted zone ended, blurted out. The three-necked dog with pitch-black fur and bulging muscles is, as Ichinose says, a Cerberus.

Name: Pochi・Tarou・ Jirou
Race: Cerberus, Level 530

Skills: [Strong Legs (4)] [Super Regeneration (4)] [Bio-Sensing (4)]

Race Skills: [Gatekeeper] [Parallel Thought (4)] [Breath of Hellfire・Deadly Poison・Petrification (4)]

Attributes: HP [EX] | MP [A] | STR [EX] | INT [C] | AGI [A] | DEX [C] | LUK [D]

Title: Sweet Tooth

Strong Legs: A superior skill of the good walker skill. It has solid legs and loins.

Super Regeneration: The ability to instantly recover even a missing part of a body.

Bio-Sensing: Master of sensing the presence of an organism.

Gatekeeper: The gatekeeper has a great effect of increasing ability and resurrection around the underworld’s gates.

Parallel Thought: Can process multiple thoughts simultaneously.

Breath of Hellfire・Deadly Poison・Petrification: Emits Hellfire・Deadly Poison・Petrification Breath.

Sweet Tooth : A lover of sweet food.

Um, I don’t know what to say…

First of all, the name. Pochi・Tarou・Jirou. It’s a very Japanese name, no matter how I think about it! And the title as well, since it’s a title of such a monster, I think “The Gatekeeper of Hell” or “The Gatekeeper of the Underworld” or “The Gatekeeper of the Labyrinth” would be better, but “Sweet Tooth”, it’s somehow amicable, isn’t it?

Come to think of it, I’ve heard that Cerberus becomes more obedient if you give it sweet food.

“The level which is 530 is tempting to me. I can smell the experience.”

It would be a waste not to fight a Cerberus that is higher level than me right now.

“Master, please leave that dog to this Hannah.”

“That dog has a higher level than me, you know? Are you fine with that?”

“What’s the point of having Master train me if I can’t beat a dog of that caliber?”

Hannah’s determined. A wolf-beastman fighting a three-headed dog? That’s something to look forward to.

“All right. But I want you to beat it close to the gate.”

“Does that mean that you want it to be revived?”

“Allie’s right. Since it has a high level and can be revived, why not take advantage of it?”

“Depending on the interval between resurrections, hopefully, we’ll be able to raise everyone’s level.”

“Understood. I will do as my Master says.”

Hannah walks towards the Cerberus, her body axis not shaking at all. She’s in her maid’s uniform, but somehow has a dignified look on the back.

The Cerberus, who was sleeping, twitches its nose and opens its eyes.


“The watchdog shouldn’t be napping.”

Hannah suddenly provoked the Cerberus, but can it understand a word?

The Cerberus got up on its four thick legs. I knew it was big, but it was really big. Three times as big as Hannah in height alone? It’s as tall as a two-story house.

Its huge paws gouged the ground where Hannah had been before, but she was already gone. Hannah jumps high, but her dwell time is so long it’s as if she’s hanging on by a string or something.

“A mongrel that hasn’t been disciplined needs to be disciplined.”

Hannah kicked the empty air and punched one of the Cerberus’ heads, and after being hit, the Cerberus’ head was dug into the ground. Having done that, Hannah landed right in front of Cerberus as if nothing had happened.



The head that had been stuck in the ground was half gutted, but it regenerated in a flash and returned to normal.

“You should be serious. Although I doubt a mongrel can beat me, even if it were serious.”

Whether it’s the pride of a wolf-beastman or the hatred of a dog, Hannah’s words are harsh on the Cerberus.


One of its mouths opened wide. Probably, it was a preparation action for the breath attack.


The breath is thrown out and attempts to swallow Hannah…

“No way!”

Hannah is pushing back the breath with a barrage of left and right fist pressure. As I thought, Hannah has fought it with only half of her strength.


The Cerberus tilted their heads as the breath was pushed back and had no effect whatsoever.


The mood of Cerberus changes as the three faces look at each other and nod at each other. Apparently, this is where things start to get serious.

The Cerberus kicked the ground and jumped at Hannah, but she avoided it. This time, the Cerberus’ movements are completely different from the previous ones; the speed and the sharpness are both much different. But Hannah is no different, and she is firmly following the Cerberus’ serious moves.

The Cerberus spits out breaths while moving at high speed and attacks with its claws and fangs. Each of the three heads thinks and moves independently. I wonder which head is moving its body?

Hannah dodges every attack of claws, fangs, and breaths and fights back against the Cerberus, but the Cerberus’s [Super Regeneration (4)] instantly heals its injuries and defects.

“You have some unnecessary life force, even though you’re a mongrel.”

Despite the level difference, the fight is taking place as if Hannah is at a higher level.

This is not a difference in level, but rather a difference in the sense of battle; the Cerberus can’t anticipate Hannah’s movements even with its three heads. On the contrary, Hannah can anticipate the Cerberus’ moves and stay well ahead of it.

It’s not that the Cerberus is weak; it’s just that Hannah’s fighting sense is on another level. I think it would be disrespectful to Hannah to call her a genius from the start. She reached this level through her natural sense and effort that exceeded her talent. It’s a realm that can’t be measured by levels, and it’s because Hannah works harder than anyone else that she can reach this level.

There was a movement in the battle between Cerberus and Hannah, who were repeatedly attacking and defending at high speed. Cerberus’ petrification breath touched her foot, causing Hannah’s right foot to be petrified.

The petrification from the ankle down definitely made her movements worse, and Hannah, who was slow to respond to Cerberus’ speed, was kicked away like a soccer ball by the Cerberus’ huge paw.


Hannah repeatedly bounces off the ground and is sent flying dozens of meters away, and all three faces have a look of satisfaction on their faces as the Cerberus finally gets a decent attack in.

The Cerberus slowly approaches Hannah as she collapses on the ground and seems to feel like they’ve won, but I don’t think Hannah is naive enough to be able to win at this level. Well, it’s all up to the Cerberus to relax, and that’s fine.

The Cerberus is lounging comfortably in front of Hannah. I guess they think Hannah won’t get up again. And one face opened its mouth wide. That’s the face that spits out the Hellfire breath.

Just as the breath is about to spit out, Hannah’s body shakes, and the face that is about to spit out the breath jumps up. The impact of the face jumping up caused its mouth to close, and then the face swelled, and then it exploded.


What a well-timed uppercut.

“It’s a troublesome breath. But it’s helpless against my Master’s power.”

Hannah hovered there with a nonchalant look on her face. And then she lightly hit her petrified foot on the ground, and the stone fell off. I could see that she had thrown a mouthful of grilled meat into her mouth the moment she was in a blind spot from a total of six eyes on Cerberus’ three faces.

My grilled meat would heal any wounds, and even the status abnormalities would recover as well. But still, if there’s a missing limb, sometimes it’s impossible to regenerate with only a single slice, but if it’s only petrification from the ankle down, there will be no problem.

However, since she was able to do that in that split second without being noticed by the Cerberus, I can only say that she’s impressive.

“Well, it’s rude to keep my Master waiting too long, so I’ll finish this off.”

No, I’ve never thought about that, so you don’t have to worry about it.

“Take this, the power given by my Master!”

As Hannah’s body emitted light, the Cerberus, whose head had regenerated, saw it and backed away.

Hannah’s light… is similar to [Supremacy], but…?

“Now, it’s time to teach you a lesson!”

When I thought Hannah had disappeared, the Cerberus’ middle head exploded, and then the left head and right head also disappeared.

“Not yet. Don’t expect it to just end like this.”

The left front leg, the right front leg, the right-back leg, and the left-back leg all burst and disappear.

“I won’t show you any mercy just because you can’t do anything, you know.”

Hannah further struck the torso repeatedly, turning the Cerberus into a chunk of meat. I can only say that this overwhelming display of victory is very impressive in spite of the level difference.

And then she comes in front of me, brushing away the dirt on her body with her hands, and then bows neatly.

“Master, I have defeated the mongrel.”

“O-oh… thanks for the good work.”

“No, it’s not a big deal.”

She has a nice smile on her face. Hannah’s tail is wagging, and I can tell she is looking for a compliment.

“You’ve worked hard. Hannah’s amazing.”

When I stroked her head, her tail wagged even faster than before…

As I finished praising Hannah for a moment, the Cerberus revived in front of the gate.

“Is it just my imagination that its fur looks different from before?”

“Canaan also feels different about it.”

“Yeah, it looks different for me too, Tsukuru.”

“I find it different, too, Tsukuru-san.”

“Me too, Tsukuru-kun.”

“Indeed, the color is lighter than before. Master.”

“Yes, it’s different, onii-chan.”

Canaan, Antia, Allie, Ichinose, Hannah, and Sanya also say it’s different. The fur color is more bluish.

When I looked at the resurrected Cerberus with the [Detailed Appraisal], there was a difference between it and the Cerberus that Hannah defeated earlier. It was the racial skill; it has become [Great Thunder・Deadly Poison・Petrification Breath (4)].

The Cerberus from earlier had [Hellfire・Deadly Poison・Petrification Breath (4)]. And now the “Hellfire” has been replaced with “Great Thunder”. Does it mean that the Cerberus will have some kind of change when it is revived?

“Well, we’ll find out when we beat this guy.”

“Master, please let Canaan fight this time!”

“Okay. Then, I’ll leave it to Canaan.”


Canaan took a couple of steps forward and raised her Red Sage’s staff. Since Canaan is a long-range attack specialist, she doesn’t need to get as close to the Cerberus as Hannah does.

“I’ll burn you out!”

A magic circle appears around the Cerberus. Of course, the Cerberus noticed the magic circle and tried to move away, but it was held back by multiple hands that emerged from the magic circle.

What the heck is that hand in the magic circle that looks like a tentacle? Could it be that Canaan is playing with the tentacles?

As I watched in amazement, flames enveloped the Cerberus.

“What were those tentacles earlier?”

“They weren’t tentacles! They were hands I made with my magic to keep the Cerberus-chan from escaping.”

I think it’s just easier to call them tentacles. I’ll have her teach me how to do it next time. And then I’ll be able to do the same… fufufu.







“Your face looks indecent.” said them all in unison.


Ichinose gave me an elbow strike.

I mean, Canaan can talk and do other things while activating her magic. As expected of the sage.

In the meantime, the Cerberus has been burned to a crisp. The Cerberus that Hannah fought against had the “Hellfire” breath, so maybe it was resistant to fire, but this time Cerberus had the “Great Thunder”, so maybe it had no resistance to fire anymore.

The Cerberus has quickly revived again. This time, the “Great Thunder” had become the “Flood”.

“This time it will be me.”

“Tsukuru-san, please be careful, okay?”

“It will be a one-shot-one-kill if it’s Master!”

“Good luck, Tsukuru-kun.”

“A mongrel isn’t an enemy for Master!”

“I’m sure Tsukuru would kill it in an instant.”

“Good luck, onii-chan!”

“Yeah, I’m off now.”

I waved in response to Allie, Canaan, Ichinose, Hannah, Antia, and Sanya. As I approached the Cerberus, Kurogiri began to speak.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve fought together.”

“I haven’t been doing much physical activity lately.”

“Your body must be growing dull now, right?”

“You might be right.”

“As my owner, I hope you don’t show an embarrassing battle.”

“Huh, I wish it to be like that, too. Partner.”

I walk up to Cerberus as we talk. I don’t think I’m nervous, but then the Cerberus suddenly spits out a breath, as if it is annoyed by me. Moreover, it’s all three faces at the same time, three different types of breaths.

Am I the only one getting special treatment?

I clad my body in [Supremacy] and walked through the breaths that were spat out. The expression on Cerberus’ face as it finishes spitting out the breath is stupefied, surprised that I haven’t taken any damage.

“What is it, all of a sudden? We didn’t even greet each other, you know?”

“It’s the owner’s job to discipline the dog. This dog’s owner must be incompetent.”

“So does Kurogiri.”

But Kurogiri was right. If the owner can’t do it, then I’ll discipline it.

I took out Kurogiri from her sheath.

“I’m coming, you black dog.”

As I moved, so did the Cerberus. This time, the Cerberus seems to be in top form from the start. But I had a good look at its movements when Hannah was fighting it, so it’s not a problem for me.

“Here, sit down!”

I cut off both of its hind legs and put its hips on the ground.

“Next is, hands!”

I cut off its right front leg with Kurogiri’s backside.

“Second one!”

Similarly, I cut off its left front leg. The three faces of Cerberus were about to spit out a breath in agony as they became defenseless.

“Naive! Sword technique, Filletting!”

I created this technique because I wanted to develop swordsmanship that only a “Chef” can create, and it is a sword technique that causes sharp slashing several times. It’s not a skill, though.

With Filletting, I cut off the three faces of Cerberus. The three faces that fell to the ground didn’t seem to realize yet that they had been cut.


This is another original sword technique of mine, inspired by the process of cleaning fish. It’s not as powerful as the Filletting, but it’s more maneuverable.

“All done!”

I peeled the Cerberus’ fur off. I’ll refrain from describing it because it’s grotesque, but the flesh was exposed. After that, we continued to gain experience from the Cerberus. And since Cerberus can be used as a material for the [God’s Supper], it’s precious to me right now. Well, I think it would be better not to have the opportunity to use the [God’s Supper], but it would be good to have it as a trump card.

With this Cerberus Festival, we were able to raise our level again. Ichinose and Allie, who couldn’t defeat the Cerberus on their own at first, are now able to defeat it by themselves. The level gap between us has narrowed considerably, and I’m really thankful for the Cerberus. Thanks for the treat.


We kicked through the steel gates and entered inside the Twilight Labyrinth. The undead that swarmed on the road to the castle were taken by Beeze.

“Speaking of which, what happened to Israfel? Beeze, tell me.”

“Understood. The take over of the heads of the Grand Duchy of Sol, Files Kingdom, the High Priest Country of Theresa, Britannia Kingdom, the East Britannia Republic, Aust. Ocean Kingdom, Gama Kingdom, Petal Kingdom, Alphayd Kingdom, Ips Kingdom, Sagania Heroic Kingdom, Engels Confederacy, and the Luk Sandale Kingdom have been completed. While taking over the existence of key figures in these thirteen countries with strong human supremacist beliefs, we are in the process of securing the transfer gate as well.”

“I see, so you’re putting off the Dell Kingdom and the Rade-Crude Empire as planned, right?”

“Yes. We are working according to Milord’s commands.”

We leave the Dell Kingdom behind because of my former classmates doing whatever they want there, and we haven’t touched the Rade-Crude Empire yet. It was our decision to crush the human race supremacy in order to harass the old bastard, but it was Allie’s suggestion to sacrifice the Rade-Crude Empire to do that.

“I like Allie’s idea to sacrifice it in order to unite the human countries with the other races’ countries.”

Antia was the first to support Allie’s strategy.

“They’ve done so much mischief in the wake of human supremacist countries until now, so they deserve that level of punishment.”

I don’t know how many people will be harmed by the sacrificial Rade-Crude Empire. Maybe half of the population will die, but that’s just a way of paying for what they’ve done so far.

Although the other countries will be compensated accordingly, I think it’s only natural that the damage will be the biggest since the Rade-Crude Empire is the home and ground of the old bastard.

As we entered the Twilight Labyrinth, we were greeted by a large number of Lesser Demons, so Allie and Ichinose will be dealing with them. However, this Lesser Demon is higher level and stronger than the one outside the Twilight Labyrinth, so even though the two of them are getting stronger, they can’t be careless with it.

Allie’s [Sonic Voice (5)] caused the Lesser Demon’s right leg to disappear into sandy form as if it had been broken down into molecules. Her [Sonic Voice] has been leveled up to [Sonic Voice (5)] in the Cerberus battle, so it’s becoming quite powerful.

At the same time, the Lesser Demon Ichinose was fighting could be seen burning away. Since [Holy Divine Magic] and [Light Magic] are the weak points of demon-type monsters, Ichinose is a good match for the Lesser Demon.

However, even though Ichinose’s level has risen, her combat intuition hasn’t yet accompanied her, so she’s struggling.

“The both of you are still a long way from being ready. At your current rate, standing alongside Master would be just a dream.”

Hannah is Allie and Ichinose’s instructor, so she’s hard on them. Also, I survived as I was suddenly thrown out into the Great Borf Forest and nearly died many times, so I feel sorry for comparing them to me.

Quite some time has passed since we entered the Twilight Labyrinth. Ichinose and Allie have caught up with us in terms of level, and they seem to be getting used to the battle.

Now, let’s talk about Canaan. Since entering the Twilight Labyrinth, Canaan has been acting separately. I say separate, but she would still come back precisely at mealtime and eat more than ten servings of food.

What Canaan is doing in our separate activities is to train her [Space-Time Magic] skill. Armed with overwhelming firepower, Canaan had gone deep into the Twilight Labyrinth and used [Space-Time Magic] excessively to increase the level.

And now, Canaan’s [Space-Time Magic] level is at “(5)”. I didn’t expect her to reach [Space-Time Magic (5)] in such a short period of time, so I was indeed surprised.

“Amazing, as I thought, Canaan is a genius at magic.”

“Ehehe~. Master is praising me~♪”

While patting Canaan’s head, I enjoy the feel of her soft, bright red hair.

”Alright, Ichinose and Allie are already getting used to the battle, and Canaan’s [Space-Time Magic] is already at level 5, so let’s traverse the Twilight Labyrinth in one fell swoop!”

Canaan’s [Space-Time Magic] was good enough at level “(3)”, but it had risen to “(5)” because Canaan is outstanding when it comes to magic.

“Yes!” said all of the girls.

In addition to Israfel’s invasion of the humans that progressed well, our preparations are also well prepared.

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