Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 3 Part 3

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Part 3


The Twilight Labyrinth is a castle-type dungeon, but the castle is monotonous, with long corridors and several rooms on either side. However, the corridors are so long that you can’t see what’s ahead, and many of the rooms are located at regular intervals.

As Hannah took the lead and as we proceeded, the door of a nearby room opened by itself. From that door, the undead-type monster, zombies, came out in a wave, but these zombies were not the low-level zombies we encountered before coming to this Twilight Labyrinth, they were in the high-level range of 450 to 500 levels.

“I’ll beat them into the ground!”

Hannah charged at the zombie the moment she saw it.

“Ugh, it stinks…”

Since zombies are rotting corpses, they are spreading the smell of carrion, and like Canaan said, they smell terrible. It was still a little better on the surface, but inside a building, the smell was so terrible that it was hard to get rid of it.

Looking at Sanya and Hannah, who are the same type of wolf beastmen, they should have smelled it so badly from the way they are holding their noses.

“Hannah, the good-nosed one, is charging in, and Canaan is going to have to put up with it.”


“Alright, Ichinose and Allie, cover Hannah.”

“Yes, I’ll try.”


Ichinose and Allie can attack from a distance, so they would be suitable for Hannah’s support. If I sent out Canaan and Sanya here, Hannah’s prey would be reduced, and she would be sad, so I decided to let Ichinose and Allie assist her. By this point, Ichinose also seems to have gotten used to zombies and other undead and is firmly standing on the floor on her own feet.

Having successfully eradicated the zombies, we proceeded onward, and the headless knight Dullahan (level 480 to 530) came out of the next room. Dullahan is a headless armor with a large sword about two meters long.

“This time is Dullahan, huh? What’s its skill…?”

“Dullahan’s [Swordsmanship] is pretty high level. For a level 530 one, it should have [Swordsmanship (5)].”

“They’ll be insufficient for me, but I’ll still go!”

For Hannah, a level 530 Dullahan is still not enough? Well, Hannah’s level is already 540, after all.

I thought that the image of a Dullahan was one that held its head, but the Dullahan here did not have a head. On the contrary, they wielded a large sword with both hands, so it was powerful. Even though it was powerful, they weren’t an enemy for Hannah, though.

“Tsukuru-san, my level has reached 500, and I’ve learned a new skill.”

“Whoa, which one…?”

What a surprise… Allie has learned a unique skill.


God Voice : [Word Spirit] and [Whispering] integrated sublimation skill. It would manipulate the target at will.


“Ah, come to think of it, I think I learned a skill too.”

Ichinose too…


Holy Spirit Summoning Technique : Summoning and using heroic or holy spirits.


They’re both unique skills, and I think they’re both a great skill. However, both of them learned a unique skill at the same time, they’re getting along well, huh?

“Ichinose and Allie have gotten used to fighting and are now able to fight as the main force, so let’s all keep it up.”

“Yes.” said everyone.

After that, I asked Allie and Ichinose to try out their unique skills. First of all, Allie can even control the undead-type monsters at her will as far as her voice can reach it.

Allie’s skill isn’t like Beeze that can turn the monster into a subordinate and raise their ability or summon them as he wants, but it seems she can control the monster until they die. Well, undead-type monsters are dead from the beginning anyway.

Next is Ichinose’s [Holy Spirit Summoning Technique], which, as the name suggests, is a summoning technique. Instead of summoning a holy spirit from another world, Ichinose summons a holy or heroic spirit created by herself to fight with her.

She summoned a swordsman’s heroic spirit for a test, but it was able to cut down a level 500 ghoul in one blow. The swords of those heroic spirits were given holy attributes, and Ichinose’s [Holy Spirit Summoning Technique] seems to be able to create such things as well.

Furthermore, she also summoned a magician’s holy spirit, but this one also overwhelmed the ghoul with its firepower. The [Holy Spirit Summoning Technique] was able to raise Ichinose’s firepower and combat power sufficiently.

After advancing by defeating the monsters while testing our power like this, we arrived at the deepest part of the Twilight Labyrinth.

Hmm? Why don’t we just let Beeze use his enslaved monsters here? There are some monsters controlled by Allie’s [God Voice], but I didn’t let Beeze take them.

The monsters in the Twilight Labyrinth are in the level range that gives us experience, so I made sure to get a good amount of experience because I can tell that there’s someone stronger after this by the bloodthirst that comes through the huge door in front of us.

“All right, let’s get a quick meal before the decisive battle.”


Canaan reacted with tremendous haste. Wipe the drool off your face…

Since it was only a light meal, I served cookies, fried potatoes, and other snacks and drinks. Hannah made the cookies, and Sanya made the thin potato fries. Both were delicious.

“The skill of the two of you has improved.”

“It’s the greatest pleasure to have Master’s praise.”

“I never thought I’d use oil to fry a pastry, but I’m glad if it tastes good.”

Sanya said that she was anxious to make the thin potato fry, but it was delicious. Canaan still ate a lot of it, but I wonder if she’d get heartburn after eating that much potato thin fry? Well, it’s Canaan, so it’s okay, I guess.

Now, we have had our fill of food; I opened the huge door in front of us. Beyond the door was a large space that looked like an audience room, and hundreds of monsters were crowding inside. Behind the monsters was a skeleton sitting on a throne a few steps higher.

“Oh, it’s just a copy of Beeze, huh?”

“Onii-chan, you’re being rude to Beeze-san if you talk like that, you know~”

Sanya’s right, even Beeze would feel bad if he’s likened to that fellow.

“I’m sorry, Beeze.”

“I appreciate your concern.”

It was a skeleton, so I couldn’t tell its expression, but Beeze didn’t like it either.

“Tsukuru, that’s Shamanile, an ancient undead breed.” [T/n: I’m really sorry to have mistaken it, I thought they were like an evil spirit or something like that, it turns out that they’re just the same like an undead so that I would change the death spirit race to undead race now, and also changed Shamanair to Shamanile.]

“So, the dungeon boss is really an ancient breed, huh?”

“I don’t really understand the actions of the undead race in general.”

Hmm, I see.

“Whatever it takes, we’re going to crush the people who get in our way.”

“Yes.” said all of the girls.

Hannah jumped out and swept the monsters away, and Ichinose summoned the swordsman’s heroic spirit to cut down the monsters as well. Canaan, Antia, and Sanya attacked from behind, while Beeze and Allie attacked with the monsters under their control.

Come to think of it; the old bastard said that [Light Magic] was a countermeasure against the undead race. I think I’ll leave the skeleton here to Canaan.

Hmm…? Why is Kurogiri… vibrating?

“What’s wrong?”


Rather than replying, Kurogiri just spread out a dangerous sign just like a demon sword.

“…Finally… Finally.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

“Tsukuru, I will cut off that undead Shamanile!”

“O-oi… What’s the matter?”

It seems like there was a connection between Kurogiri and Shamanile; it had never happened before for Kurogiri to lose her composure like this. It took more than ten minutes to hold back the impatient Kurogiri.

The monsters were exterminated by Canaan, Hannah, Antia, Ichinose, Allie, Sanya, and Beeze. All that’s left is the ancient undead breed, Shamanile, who’s lounging pompously on his throne. There were dozens of old breeds as well, but none of them can be said to be an enemy for the seven of us.

“Tsukuru, that’s enough! Now, let’s cut that bastard off!”

I was going to let Canaan handle that skeleton, but Kurogiri insisted on fighting him, so I decided to fight him myself.

“I understand. I don’t know what happened between you and that guy, but you need to keep your cool.”

“I’m always calm!”

“I don’t think you’re calm enough to raise your voice like that.”


“Well, whatever.”

I pulled out Kurogiri and stepped forward with it slowly.

“Kukuku, do you intend to defeat me with such a level of strength?”

As I slowly moved forward, Shamanile opened his mouth. He’s a skeleton, but he has a mouth.

“This level of strength, you said? For your degree, this Kurogiri and I are enough.”


Name: Shamanile
Race: Ancient Ghost, Level 630

Skills: [The Dead Emissary (5)] [Emissary Enhancement (5)] [Instant Death Magic (5)] [Form Transformation (5)] [Penetration (5)] [Physical Attack Nullification] [Magic Resistance (5)] [Abnormal Status Arm (5)]

Unique Skill: [Ruler of the Dead] [Twilight Labyrinth Keeper]

Ancient Skill: [Second Life]

Attributes: HP [A] | MP [EX] | STR [C] | INT [S] AGI [S] DEX [B] LUK [C]

Title: Ghost Founder, The One Who Imposes Trials


The Dead Emissary: Enslaved the dead. The number of emissaries available for use will depend on the level.

Emissary Enhancement: Strengthen the one you have enslaved. The extent of the enhancement depends on the level.

Instant Death Magic: The Grim Reaper reaps the life of the target. The higher the level difference, the easier it is to succeed.

Form Transformation: Allows you to transform an object of a lower level than you into something else. However, it is easy to be resisted.

Abnormal Status Arm: If this arm touches you, you will get a random abnormal status.

Ruler of the Dead: Increases the effects of the [The Dead Emissary] and [Emissary Enhancement]. Depending on the number of emissaries you use, your “MP” will be amplified.

Twilight Labyrinth Keeper: The keeper of the Twilight Labyrinth. Responsible for maintaining dungeon functions, rebuilding dungeons, placing monsters and traps, and other functions.


He has a ridiculously high level, but that doesn’t mean he’s not comparable. The ones we should watch out for would be [Instant Death Magic (5)] and [Form Transformation (5)]. The higher the level difference, the more dangerous the skill is. But I also have [Shinigami] skill, and since it’s a unique skill, it should be better than [Instant Death Magic (5)].

Speaking of which, this guy really was a dungeon keeper.

“Hey, I told you to calm down.”

“I’m calm already.”

She says she’s calm, but she’s vibrating every minute? Is it really all right?

“Ho, an intelligent weapon. You’ve got a very unusual one.”

An intelligent weapon, yes, because Kurogiri is a weapon that has an intent. If you call it an intelligent weapon, it’s probably true. But!

“This guy’s my partner. Don’t mix her up with all those other weapons!”

I kicked the ground and passed by Shamanile in an instant. Of course, as we passed each other, I cut him off with Kurogiri.

“Tsk, no response, huh?”

It was as if I had cut through the fog, and there was no feeling of response. Ghost-type monsters were generally unresponsive in many cases, but I couldn’t feel the sense of damage being done to Shamanile at all.

“It’s foolish of you to try to cut me.”

Shamanile just waved his arm carelessly, and I flew to the left to dodge it, but his arm was extended, and I used Kurogiri to parry it as it came. But his arm went right through Kurogiri, and so I did a back somersault to dodge it.

“Hey, partner. Are you motivated enough?”

Both of my feet slide on the ground and kill the momentum.


As I thought, this guy is strange.

“Kukuku. What’s wrong? You lost the momentum you had earlier.”

“…Hey, if you can’t do it, I guess I should do it myself.”

Kurogiri only vibrates in small increments and says nothing. What’s really going on with her? Since Kurogiri didn’t respond, I decided to do it alone while dodging Shamanile’s attacks.

“Don’t complain about it later, okay?”

I sheathed Kurogiri and took out the copper sword given to me by the old bastard from the [Material Storage]. That’s right, this copper sword was given to me when that old bastard dumped me in the Great Borf Forest, and I maintained it with [Tool Maintenance].

This is a sign of vengeance against the old bastard, a thing that would ignite my anger at the old bastard every time I thought of giving up.

“What are you babbling about?”

“It’s none of your business!”

Now it’s my turn to attack! When I put [Supremacy (4)] on the copper sword, the copper sword glowed and looked like a holy sword.

“That’s what it is!”

I dodged Shamanile’s attack and countered with the Copper Sword.


[Supremacy (4)] isn’t a physical attack, so it doesn’t matter if he has [Physical Attack Nullification]! As I swung my copper sword in all directions to damage Shamanile, he couldn’t resist and distanced himself from me.

“You’re getting carried away!”

If he was angry at that one attack, what would happen if he got attacked from now on? Also, since the copper sword is fragile, I grant it [Sturdy (4)] and [Iron Wall (4)] to withstand my attack power as I fight.

It’s surprisingly difficult to grant [Sturdy (4)] and [Iron Wall (4)] while being clad in [Supremacy (4)], but with Kurogiri like that, there’s no choice but to have the copper sword do its best, so I guess I’ll do my best too.

“The reason I’m getting carried away is that you’re weak. You won’t win the battle with your strength alone!”

“Say what you want!”

Shamanile seemed to have tried to activate some kind of magic, but I had no reason to wait for him to activate it, so I approached him at once and cut him down with the copper sword.

“Guooooohh! I won’t let you do any more than this!”

He didn’t like the fact that he was interrupted in his chanting, and that’s the angriest he’s ever been.

“You’re so noisy!”

While Shamanile was angry, I swung the copper sword two to three more times to damage him. Shamanile’s figure, which was originally dressed like a skull with a tattered cloak, became even more tattered.

“You are the first person who has driven me to this point.”

“Don’t put me in the same boat as the small-fries you’ve been dealing with.”

“Kukuku! Very well. You will learn my seriousness!”

The miasma emanating from Shamanile has become denser. It’s not just around him, but it’s filled all of the areas of this audience room. I was worried and glanced at Canaan and the others. But Ichinose had put up her [Holy Barrier (5)] and prevented the dense miasma, so there seemed to be no worries.

“Then I guess it’s time to move on.”

I held my copper sword up and looked at Shamanile. A tense exchange of bloodthirst and miasma sparked in the air.

The one who moved first was Shamanile. He instantly closed his distance on me, and his speed was more significant than ever before.

“Looks like it was true that you got serious.”

“Rejoice. It’s the first time I’ve ever been so serious!”

I observed his movements as I evaded Shamanile’s arms to the right and left.

“Seriously, is this the best you can do?”

“What did you say?”

“Next is my turn!”

I raised the copper sword, slashing it up, and activated the Dark Bind from [Dark Magic (3)] to restrain the flinched Shamanile. Dark Bind isn’t a physical restraint, so he can’t escape even if he has [Penetration (5)].

“Muh? This is…?”

“I couldn’t let you get away, so I had to restrain you.”

I restrained Shamanile and swung the copper sword at him.

“Don’t make light of me!”

While yelling out loud, Shamanile crossed his arms and blocked the copper sword.

“I’m not!”

I won’t lose either, so I activated [Shinigami] and swung the copper sword!



It was a clash of will and determination between Shamanile and me. The result was my copper sword shattered into pieces. Unfortunately, my [Shinigami]‘s instant death didn’t take effect, but Shamanile’s right arm was also destroyed, so we’re even.

“You’re good enough, Shamanile.”

“Kukuku, I never thought anyone would push me to this point…”

I, holding only the handle of the copper sword and Shamanile, whose right arm is gone, stare at each other. But how shall I fight next? I don’t want to hit each other with my bare hands because Shamanile has [Abnormal Status Arm (5)].

That said, my magic doesn’t have as much firepower as Canaan’s…

“… I… Use me…”

I heard a faint Kurogiri voice.

“What, you can talk, huh?”

“Use me.”

“But you are vibrating and getting out of control.”

“It’s all right already. So use me now!”

“…Fine, but the next time you lose your cool, I won’t use you again.”

“That’s fine…”

With that, I threw down the handle of the copper sword and pulled out Kurogiri. There is no vibration now.

“Ho, are you going to use that sword again?”

“I have my own reasons for doing things, you know?”

Shamanile’s skull seemed to laugh.

“I remember. That sword was once a person who I turned into a sword with [Form Transformation], right?”

“What the…?”

Hey, hey, what’s that, throwing something important out of the blue. So that’s why Kurogiri couldn’t stay calm… Well, even I would have been furious if someone did that to me.

“It’s because of me that you have obtained that sword. That’s why you’re here, so why don’t you come and join me?”

Are you saying that it was because of you that Kurogiri and I met? Kukuku. You’re a funny guy.

“Hey, partner. Apparently, he’s the reason that you and I met.”

“Tsukuru. Stop talking crap and cut off Shamanile, now!”

“Whoa, what an impatient guy. I’m sorry, Shamanile, but my partner insists on cutting you.”

“How foolish you are. You have become the Demon King’s successor, and you are now opposing me?”

“Demon King?”

What is he talking about? Is he just talking out of his mouth because he is in a predicament?

“You have [Dark Magic], don’t you?”

“…What about it?”

“The fact that a non-monster obtains [Dark Magic] is a sign that they have become the Demon King. [Dark Magic] is a skill like a title.”


“And normally, the Demon King should come from within the ancient breeds. But you’re not an ancient breed, are you?”


If a non-monster has [Dark Magic], it makes them a Demon King? What is this guy talking about?

“The Demon King is a title given to the most powerful among the ancient breed. And only the one who obtains the title of Demon King can be given the [Dark Magic]. So why do you have it?”

“You know, just because I have [Dark Magic], that doesn’t mean I’m a Demon King──.”


You have acquired the title “Demon King”. Congratulations.



Hey! Now?

“What’s wrong now, Demon King?”

“I-it’s nothing… more than that, don’t call me the Demon King!”

“Kukuku, isn’t that nice? The Demon King is supposed to be my friend and ally. He is the one who casts fear and death over this world.”

“Even if I were the Demon King, I wouldn’t be throwing out the fear and death. But if I get attacked, I’m going to fight back.”

“That’s why you’re persistently targeting Temas?”

“You know it well, huh?”

“My hands are all over the world.”

It looked like Shamanile moved his skeletal jaw to laugh.


“All right. Shamanile, I don’t have a grudge on you, but my partner has something against you. I’m sorry, but you need to die.”

“I am already a corpse, you know.”

“Well, then, just disappear from this world!”

I closed the distance between Shamanile and me and flashed Kurogiri. Kurogiri cut Shamanile off without a mistake, and Shamanile let out a scream. That’s right; it’s not Kurogiri if she can’t do this!

Besides, since Kurogiri has [Purification (3)], there’s no way she can’t be effective against undead.

“You will regret rejecting my offer and hurting me!”

Shamanile yelled out.

“Regret, you said? It can be called a regret if I do this later! I can’t regret it first, you idiot!”

I slash at Shamanile again and again, as he struggles to avoid Kurogiri. Shamanile can just fall back little by little, and I move forward little by little.

“You! I won’t let you get away with this!”

“I don’t want to leave you like this, too, you know? So why don’t you just leave your life behind now.”

When Kurogiri pierced Shamanile’s skull’s right eye, he let out a scream and retreated farther back.

“This me, me! I won’t forgive! I won’t forgive you!”

“That’s all you’ve been doing for a while now!”

I was about to close in on Shamanile to settle the matter, but I felt an uncomfortable sensation in my right hand.


Something grotesque, as if flesh was rising from Kurogiri and wrapped around my right hand, which was holding her…

“Hey, Kurogiri! What are you doing?”

“Kukuku, has it finally worked?”

Shamanile laughed with a joyful voice.

“What did you do to Kurogiri?”

“What, it’s just simple. I just had that sword become another existence again with [Form Transformation].”


A chunk of squirming flesh comes up my right arm as if to take me in. I can’t feel my right arm below the elbow already, and it seems that Kurogiri is trying to take me in.

“Tsk, you idiot, don’t eat me!”

I wrapped my left hand with [Supremacy (4)] and cut off my right arm from my shoulder with the hand like a sword.









Canaan, Hannah, Antia, Ichinose, Allie, Sanya, and Beeze all shouted at one another. Don’t worry; I’ve been through this kind of thing many times before.

“Ho, you threw away your right arm. As expected of the Demon King. But, can you defeat me without your right arm?”

“Stop joking around!”

I threw three slices of grilled meat into my mouth and swallowed them with barely a bite. Then my right arm regenerated instantly, and I was able to replenish the blood I had lost.


And then I immediately closed the gap between Shamanile and me, wearing [Supremacy (4)] in my right hand as well.


Shamanile screamed in surprise as my arm regenerated and shimmered, but I couldn’t even recognize his expression from the skull.

However, I do not care and strike him with my shining right hand.


Regardless of his screams, I repeatedly slashed him with my hand like a sword. My right hand right now is covered with a light that can cut through everything, so it doesn’t matter if he has [Physical Attack Nullification], I’m just going to cut down his life.

“Hah, hah, hah…”

As I looked down at Shamanile, lying on the ground without any strength, I was breathing heavily. This guy is also an ancient breed, so he’ll revive with [Second Life]. So I shouldn’t relax here.

As expected, it’s tiring to chop up Shamanile with the hand sword. Besides, I indeed couldn’t use my original sword techniques such as the Filleting with the hand sword.

“Fuuuuh… Hey, come on, wake up!”

I kicked the skull away because it seems Shamanile was sleeping forever, and the skull hit the wall and shattered.

“Wha… what does that mean?”

“It looks like he got away. Shamanile can disappear, after all.”

Antia’s voice came from behind me.

“Tsk, the only thing an ancient breed can do is run away.”

“I won’t deny it, but I’m an ancient breed myself, so it’s a pain in my ears.”

“I wasn’t talking about Antia; you’re my wife, you know.”

“Fufufu, it’s a bit embarrassing if you called me your wife face to face.”

When the pale Antia blushes, her cheeks are redder and more beautiful than usual.

“More importantly, is your right arm okay?”

“It’s nothing compared to the injuries I’ve had until now; it’s just one arm anyway.”

“Are you sure it’s okay, Master?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry to have made Canaan and the others worried… More importantly, what should we do with that…”

More problematic than my arm was Kurogiri. Kurogiri had completely turned into a lump of meat, absorbing all of my right arm that I had cut off.

“Kurogiri-san, can’t she go back to a sword now?”

Sanya is staring at Kurogiri’s changed form with sad eyes.




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