I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 3 Chapter 4 Part 2

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T/n: Changed a skill name Dodge ⇒ Foresight.

Part 2




The white rabbit turned his gaze towards us. I mean, why do I hear the white rabbit’s voice as a subsidiary voice? There is a very stern voice that overlaps with the typical animal cry and is not associated with how it looks. No, it’s a really nice voice, of course.

There are so many mysteries, but…

I, together with Night, looked at the white rabbit with caution.

…Is this rabbit… an enemy…? If he’s an enemy, there is no way we can win. This is especially so since it’s the kind of guy who would instantly kill the Mithril Boar that I couldn’t even handle…

In contrast to the rabbit, who has plenty of room to spare everywhere, Night, Akatsuki, and I stared back with maximum caution. And as I wanted to get as much information as possible, I activated the [Identification] skill.


You have acquired the [Field Guide] skill. The skill [Identification] has been upgraded.




The moment I activated the skill, a message appeared in front of me, and I couldn’t help but shout out. Not good! I hurriedly pressed my mouth down, but the rabbit only tilted his head in wonder and didn’t attack me.

…Well, from the way he’s taking down the Mithril Boar, even if I’m on guard, I’m going to be killed by an attack that exceeds my reflex speed.


NyX Translation


I’d like to check on my newly acquired skill upgrade and such, but I can’t do that right now. Swallowing my amazement at the unexpected message, I once again checked the status of the rabbit.


[Kick Rabbit]
Level: 4

Magic: 10
Attack: 500000
Defense: 10
Agility: 500000
Intelligence: 500000
Luck: 500000

[Racial skills]
<Rabbit Kicking Technique (R): M> <Rabbit Ear Technique (R): M>

[Unique Skills]
<Kicking Sacred Art (U): M> <Ear Sacred Art (U): M>

[Martial art skills]
<Magic Combat Art (SSR): M> <Biting (N)> <Physical Attack (N)>

[Normal Skill]
<Charm (R)> <Presence Detection (R)> <Magic Detection (SR)> <Mind’s Eye (SR)>

<Holy Kick> <Holy Ear> <Two Heavenly Saint> <Wandering Rabbit> <Comforting Shinigami>


This is so baaaaaaad! I mean, I can see a lot of things all of a sudden… is this the result of the upgrade? More importantly, this rabbit has a lot of questionable things!

How could he have a status of 500,000 other than the magic and defense… and yet his level is 4… I can’t understand it at all! The skills are too blown away, but there’s a lot of things I want to ask about the title also…

While I was stunned, Rabbit-san turned his gaze to me as he began to adjust his own fur in a carefree manner.

…Huh? Could it be that he knows I’m using my skill to check on him? For some reason, he doesn’t seem to be leaving the place, as if to say he just wants to wait for me and let me do it. I don’t know what he wants from us, but thankfully there’s nothing for now, so I went over the various things that had been added.

First of all, the [Identification] skill upgrade is now more detailed, as can be seen when I checked the rabbit in front of me. As a result, the skills have been subdivided and even added a rarity level.

This rarity is apparently determined by the difficulty of learning the skill and the rate at which it’s learned. Rabbit-san possesses the highest level of rarity, “U”, among the skills. Furthermore, the letter “M” next to the martial arts skill indicates that he can now fully use it in its true meaning.

That is how the upgrade was confirmed, but as for my newly added skill called [Field Guide], it was also a useful thing. It registers the drop items I have, the things I’ve collected, and the monsters I’ve defeated. It also records in detail the habitat and which monsters I need to defeat to get the drop items.

Moreover, even if I’ve never fought a monster before, if I find the existence of the monster in a book or something, it seems that it will be added to the database. The more knowledge I acquire of the monster’s characteristics and weaknesses, the more advantageous it will be for me to fight and collect, which is a really great skill.

Now, the more I know about the skills, the better. And so, I decided to take a look at the rabbit’s skills and titles I’m interested in.

Actually, it’s dangerous to stay in a place like this for a long time. But, I felt some kind of creature leaving in a hurry when Rabbit-san occasionally looked into the forest or deep in the bushes. Hence, I guess it’s safe here as long as Rabbit-san is here. Rabbit-san, you’re so amazing.


[Rabbit Kicking Technique] :: A martial art that is mainly based on kicking that is mastered by monsters and races of rabbit lineage.

[Rabbit Ear Technique] :: A martial art using the ears mastered by monsters and races of rabbit lineage.

[Kicking Sacred Art] :: A technique that only those who have mastered the kick are allowed to handle. That kick shatters the stars.

[Ear Sacred Art] :: A technique that only those who have mastered the ear are allowed to use. That ear hears everything.

[Magic Combat Art] :: A martial arts technique that coats and strengthens the body with magical power. This is a skill that can only be attained by becoming a master.

[Presence Detection] :: The ability to detect the presences.

[Magic Detection] :: The ability to perceive the flow of magic.

[Mind’s Eye] :: This is the ultimate version of the [Foresight] skill. It can even detect the activation of the opponent’s skills.


I don’t understand it a bit. I got dizzy from the many skills that are beyond the scope of my understanding. However, I can only agree for now that the only reason I was exposed to using [Identification] was that he had the [Mind’s Eye] skill. Other than that, I don’t know anymore. It’s out of control.


[Holy Kick] :: The title is given to those who have mastered the art of kicking and have reached the pinnacle of the art. That kick has reached the divine realm.

[Holy Ear] :: The title is given to those who have mastered the ear and have reached the pinnacle of the art. That ear has reached the divine realm.

[Two Heavenly Saint] :: A person who has obtained two “Holy” titles. A person who has stepped into the divine realm in two fields.

[Wandering Rabbit] :: A rabbit that continues his journey of warrior training.

[Comforting Shinigami] :: Unlike his lovable appearance, he brings death to his opponents.


Somehow I feel my stomach is so full after seeing it. What’s with this Rabbit-san? Mastering the art of kicking… well, after seeing his kick to the monster before, that’s very understandable. But it says he’s reached divine realm. Eh? So this [Holy] is equivalent to God? Isn’t this crazy already?

And I was ignoring it until now, but not only the kick, the ear is also incredible. Wait, so that means that when he beat the Mithril Boar before, he only used one of his abilities? That means that when he’s serious, he can use his ears, too, right? Who can beat this rabbit then? In the first place, what is an ear that has reached the divine realm?

As I was thinking like that, a message suddenly appeared with Rabbit-san’s [Kick Rabbit] biology written on it. Apparently, the [Field Guide] skill was activated.


[Kick Rabbit] :: A mutant breed of the [Fighter Rabbit], which is a fighting race. The only individual who has mastered kicking and reached the top. It’s not only a kick, but also a tremendous battle using the ears, but few enemies are capable of doing so.


“Yes, it’s fine already.”


I gave up thinking at the explanation, which was so full of combat-race feeling like something out of a manga. I don’t care anymore.

Anyway, it took me a while, but I finished confirming what I wanted to confirm, and as I called out to Rabbit-san again, he said, “Are you done?” while tilting his head, so I nodded.

Then Rabbit-san suddenly stood up and pointed at me with his ears dexterously.

(Hey, you. Show me your kick.)

“Eh, uh…?”

There are a lot of questionable things, but for some reason, Rabbit-san seems to want to see my kick. I just learned that he had mastered the art of kicking, and I was confused with being asked to show my kick to such an individual, then Akatsuki, who had been silent until now, suddenly stepped forward. A-Akatsuki-san?

“Buhi. Buhibuhi.”

(You’re going to do it? Well, go ahead.)

Instead of treating Akatsuki, who suddenly stepped forward, with malice, Rabbit-san interestedly instructed Akatsuki to try a kick. Then Akatsuki cutely moved his short legs.

“Buhi! Buhi!”

(You’re out of the question.)


The words simply told, and Akatsuki was shocked and fell into a depression on the spot. D-Don’t mind it.

“Woof. Woof, woof!”

(It’s your turn, huh? Okay, let me see it.)


Then, this time Night seemed to take up the challenge as well, and unlike Akatsuki, he performed a sharp kick. Looking at such a kick from Night, Rabbit-san nodded with satisfaction.

(It’s not quite there yet, but it has some highlights.)

For some reason, Night seems to have been approved. Don’t mind it, Akatsuki. More importantly, what’s the situation here? Akatsuki and Night have both had their kicks watched and judged… does this mean my kick will be judged in a similar way?

I have no idea why, but he stares at me like it’s my turn to show off my kick. And since the kicking specialist says he’s going to watch me. I’ll accept his offer.


As for me, I think I was able to do a good kick, and Rabbit-san nodded a few times.

(I see… it’s not that good at this point, but you’re showing glimpses of talent.)

Rabbit-san used his ears to make a thinking gesture and pointed at me with his ears once more, and then slowly raised his foot… as if to tell me to observe.


Such a bursting sound echoed around me. Upon closer look, there was a single, tiny hole in the trunk of the black hard tree that Rabbit-san had kicked at. Moreover, that hole wasn’t just in one tree but also penetrated through about dozens of trees lined up in a straight line behind it.

…What exactly happened…?

All I could recognize was Rabbit-san raising his foot. By the time I noticed it, there was a hole in the black hard tree with a loud, sharp bursting sound.

(Do it.)

While I was stunned, Rabbit-san urged me with his chin. I tried to think of a way to get as sharp as Rabbit-san’s kick, which I couldn’t refer to, but it was all judged by him. However, from halfway through, if my leg came up wrong or my kicking was strange, he would use his white ears to correct me dexterously.

Moreover, Rabbit-san also went out of his way to show me extremely slow kicks other than the one he showed me at the beginning, and little by little, my kicks grew sharper and sharper.

As we continued to do what looked like practice, some monsters attacked us, but Rabbit-san literally kicked them all away so I could focus on practicing my kicks in peace.

Night and Akatsuki also follow suit, and each practice kicking, but Akatsuki is the only one who is told by Rabbit-san, “Stop already, you can’t do it”, and he cried quietly after that. A-Akatsuki… your skill structure is not suitable for close-combat. So, don’t worry about it, okay?

As I continued to practice kicking for a few hours with physical sensation, Rabbit-san nodded once.

(Alright, then it’s time for you to kick that tree.)

“Eh? No, as expected, I don’t think it’s going to produce results that quickly…”

(Just do it!)

Being urged by Rabbit-san, I released a kick to the black hard tree with all my might while being aware of what I had been taught at first.

Then… the black hard tree was snapped.

“A-are you serious…”

(Of course, you can do that.)

In contrast to me, who was stunned in front of the broken black hard tree, Rabbit-san nodded with satisfaction.

(Alright, from here on out, we’ll have an actual battle.)


I didn’t immediately understand the meaning of what Rabbit-san was saying.

“Eh, actual battle? An actual battle, you said… no way…”

I have a bad feeling about this, but then I ask Rabbit-san.

“Um… that actual battle opponent is…?”

(Me, of course.)

“Right… I mean, isn’t that impossible?”

How could I, who had finally managed to break a single black hard tree, be able to compete properly against Rabbit-san who could penetrate dozens of black hard trees altogether?

In response to my inner cry, Rabbit-san told me mercilessly.

(It’s not impossible. You have to do it.)

“If I could manage it with willpower alone, I wouldn’t have a hard time…”

(Stop complaining about it and move now. Let’s go.)

“Eeh, wait!”

Ignoring the panicked me, Rabbit-san rushed into me at a tremendous speed. That speed is not something that is easy to grasp, even for me, who has leveled up in this other world.

The rushing Rabbit-san spun around with his momentum and let loose a kick. I hadn’t prepared any weapons in response to that attack, but I succeeded in blocking the attack with a kick immediately. But even so, Rabbit-san’s attack was so strong that it made my legs scream.


(Hmph, you did an excellent job of blocking it with your kick. Try attacking at the same pace)

As he says that, I kicked back at Rabbit-san with my opposite foot from the position where I managed to prevent his kick.

“I will go all out!”

(That’s good, that’s the way it should be.)

This is how my kick really got judged in real battles and was also corrected in real battles.



The battle between Rabbit-san and me was watched by Akatsuki in a daze, while Night was watching intently, trying to steal Rabbit-san’s every movement as much as possible.

This kind of instructional combat took place for a while, but it finally came to an end. The moment it ended, I didn’t think anything of it because I was too desperate during the battle, but all at once, fatigue overwhelmed me, and I sat down on the spot.

It was the first time I was this tired since I leveled up in this other world, and to be honest, I was very surprised and felt fresh at the same time. Seeing my exhaustion, Rabbit-san nodded in satisfaction.

(Well… that’s it for today. We’ll continue tomorrow at your house, so don’t forget!)

His ears pointed at me sternly. Eh, no way… we’re going to do it again tomorrow? I’ve already had my fill for today alone!

Despite my surprise, Rabbit-san seemed to really plan to come to my house and looked like it was only natural. I-is it for real?

And then──.


As he said that, Rabbit-san kicked the ground lightly. And he jumped up several dozen meters from the spot, and an even more unbelievable sight came into view.


It was a surprise that Rabbit-san jumped away from the spot at an extraordinary speed, using the empty air as a foothold! The impact of flying away from the foothold in the air was so tremendous that the entire forest was violently shaken by the shock wave, which hit us as well.


When I managed to withstand the intense wind pressure, Rabbit-san was no longer in the air. As I was stunned by the stormy Rabbit-san from beginning to end, a message appeared.


The title [Disciple of the Kicking Saint] has been acquired.


It appears that Rabbit-san has become my master. [T/n: master = shishou.]


“…Shall we go home?”



What can I say, I was tired of a lot of things today.




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