Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 4 Part 1

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T/n: So yeah, I just got a confirmation about Kurogiri/Black Mist gender, which is actually a macho middle-aged man so that I will change it to a “he” now.

My deeply apologies for ruining your imagination 😦

Chapter 4 – Space-Time Magic

Part 1

Darn it… What should I do…?

“What is bothering you, Tsukuru-san?”

“No, I was just wondering what to do with Kurogiri…”

Currently, Kurogiri isn’t exactly a sword, but a lump of flesh that wriggles unpleasantly. Moreover, it’s become a dangerous one that tries to take in anyone and everything that touches it, so I’m putting it inside a transparent case made of [Equivalent Exchange].

Seriously, it’s become something troublesome…

“Can’t you combine [God’s Supper] and [Equivalent Exchange] for it?”

“…That’s it… As expected of Allie!”

To think that I was worried about such a simple thing with my arms crossed in front of a lump of meat makes me feel embarrassed.

“Master, are you going to cure Kurogiri-san with [God’s Supper] and [Equivalent Exchange]?”

“The thing about Kurogiri is already settled, but there are some things I need to do first.”

“Eeh? You’re not going to cure Kurogiri-san?”

“This time, since Kurogiri had lost his composure and fell into Shamanile’s trap, I’m going to leave him like this for a while as punishment.”

I don’t know if Kurogiri has an ego in his current state, but he won’t be remorseful if I let him back in easily. I think he needs some time to reevaluate himself after this, so I think I’ll leave it like that for a while.

“And what would you do now? Since it’s Tsukuru, it must be something fun, right?”

“I don’t know if it’s fun, but I think I can show you something unusual that Antia has never seen before.”

“That sounds exciting.”

Antia, who held her mouth and smiled elegantly, was bewitching and almost drew me in with her gold and silver odd eyes.

“Ichinose, we are going to go to Japan now, but as I told you before, no one in Japan will remember you anymore.”

“…Un, I know. But I think I want to say goodbye to my mother and father, even from a distance…”

“It’s good as long as you know that.”

Everyone in my family had passed away, so I was totally fine with it, but Ichinose’s parents were still alive and healthy in Japan. And since Ichinose was an only child, her parents took great care of her and loved her. How does she feel that her parents don’t remember her? I can’t even imagine or think of any words to say…

“Canaan. Please.”

I created a skill called [Image Share] with [Equivalent Exchange] and granted it to Canaan. This [Image Share] is a skill that allows you to share the scenery and people that you have drawn in your mind so that I can share the scenery that I have in my mind with Canaan.

While the [Space-Time Magic ] allows you to go to a world in another dimension that you’ve never seen or heard of, it will lead you to a rough world if you only have a rough image of it.

That’s why I shared the images of Earth and Japan with Canaan so that she could recognize them. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that it will lead to some other world, and if it’s a world with no air, it will be dangerous.

“Yes-nanodesu! [Space-Time Magic]-chan, can you please!”

Canaan, who shared an image with me, activated the [Space-Time Magic (5)]. Then a black and purple ominous vortex with a radius of about two meters appeared.

“It’s connected!”

It takes a lot of courage, indeed, to enter this evil vortex. It really is connected to Japan, isn’t it?

“O-okay, I’ll go in first. If anything happens, I’ll use the [God’s Supper] to come back, so you guys can wait here.”

“Be careful, Tsukuru-kun.”

“I don’t think I need to worry about Tsukuru, but be sure not to let your guard down.”

“I’ll be waiting for you, Tsukuru-san.”

“Onii-chan, is it okay…?”

“Master, as I thought, Hannah should be the first to go.”

“Hannah, if this is something that leads into a bunch of monsters, I’ll leave it up to you, but this time I will go ahead because I’m more applicable. Trust me and wait for me.”

“…Yes. Certainly.”

I nodded to the six of them and stepped into the ominous vortex. For one moment, I felt as if my consciousness was detached from my body, but the next moment, I was standing in a familiar place.

“Oooohhh… It’s Japan.”

This is in the forest by the villa my parents used to own. My father’s sister and her husband are the owners now, but those two shouldn’t be coming to this countryside. The caretaker of the villa only came to check on the place once a day, so I imagined this place as unlikely to be seen by anyone.

I looked around. The place is exactly as I remember it, except for the ominous vortex behind me.

“It’s working. Let’s get everybody in.”

I went back that way in the still-connected ominous vortex.







The six who were worried about me shouted in unison.

“Ichinose, it’s connected to Japan! Canaan, well done!”

Ichinose hugged me and expressed her pleasure, and then Canaan hugged me, too. It felt good to have Ichinose against my right arm and Canaan’s soft chest against my left arm.

No, no, no, now it’s not the time for breasts, it’s the connection to Japan.

“Canaan, please connect us to that place again.”

The ominous vortex was gone as Canaan hugged me, so I asked her to connect it again.

“Yes-nanodesu! [Space-Time Magic]-chan, again, please!”

Another ominous vortex appeared, and I led the way through it. When the six of them appeared after me, Ichinose shouted.

“Japan… we are really back…”

There is also the sign I put up with Ayumi when our parents brought us to visit when we were in elementary school, so I’m sure of it.

“It’s only a two-hour drive from here to the city where we used to live. I figured there would be a ruckus if we showed up out of nowhere in a crowded place, so I decided to make it here.”

After explaining the connection here, we decided to head to the city where we used to live as soon as possible.

“Are we going on a flying magic carpet? If anyone sees it, that will cause an uproar, wouldn’t it?”

“Don’t worry. This flying magic carpet has undergone a lot of modifications. It has optical camouflage, stealth features that are invisible to radar, and double and triple barriers so no one can see it, and it has good radar countermeasures.”

“I feel sorry about that somehow.”

“It’s not because of Ichinose. Those features are useful in the other world as well, so I just modified them.”

“Un. But thanks.”

I stroked Ichinose’s head a bit roughly.

“Now, let’s go!”

We boarded the flying magic carpet and took off for the city where we used to live.

“Ah yes, Hannah, Sanya, and Allie need to hide their ears and tails. And Antia’s ears need to be hidden too.”

“That’s right, unlike the other world where we live, this world has only humans, so the appearances of the four of you will stand out.”

I used [Camouflage] and [Concealment] to make the four of them look like humans. Now all four of them would only appear to be human. Well, they’re all immensely beautiful women, so they’ll stand out in a different way.

The flying magic carpet can fly at speeds exceeding Mach if necessary, but it’s about two hours away by car, so if we fly through the air in a straight line, it won’t even take us an hour even if we go slowly.

“Eeh? I never thought the building would be that big…”

“It’s amazing that there are such human-made things like that!”

As the city came into view, Hannah and Sanya, who had good eyesight, shouted out.

“And there are so many people. What is that box-shaped object?”

Allie rolled her eyes as she saw a car on the road below her.

“That’s a car. They’re like the carriages of Allie and the others’ world, a machine that transports people and other things.”

“What is this machine thing you’re talking about, Tsukuru?”

Antia is asking a difficult question…

“I don’t know much about it either, but apart from me and Ichinose who were summoned, the people of this world can’t use magic. That’s why there’s something in this civilization called science, which is different from magic, has developed, and machines were born from that. Machines are useful things that are used to produce things in place of people, and for many things that are used to cultivate fields instead of horses and cows…”


NyX Translation


“I don’t really understand, but there’s a world without magic, huh…”

“Master, is there a lot of good food in this world?”

Canaan doesn’t waver even in this other world, huh?

“The food I make was originally from this world. I’m sure there’s plenty of good food that will satisfy Canaan.”





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  1. Dude…. I was imagining for 30 minutes last chapter thinking tsukuru is going to make that form transformation skill and change kurogiri back to human and i created the perfect imagination with big bonker and yummy thighs and ara ara vibe and the moment i tap next chapter all my dreams were shattered to millions pieces


  2. A middle aged man no matter how you look at it that’s just wrong especially with some things he said in the past. Oh well it is what it is.


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