I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 3 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4 – Mister Rabbit

Part 1



“Night, it’s coming in your direction!”

“Woof! Gaaaah!”

We are currently fighting a monster called a Wraith in another world. It looks like a skeletal ghost, and although horror isn’t my forte, it’s not so bad that would make me sit up and just watch, I was able to fight it.

Since it was called a ghost, its body was transparent and physical attacks couldn’t get through at all. Night’s claw attacks and biting were nullified entirely. However, the [Omni-Sword] and [Absolute Spear] that sage-san left behind were able to deal damage without regard to the spirit body, so it wasn’t so much of a disadvantage to us. Besides, the strategy of using the newly increased magic was also effective against the Wraith, so Night was also actively participating in the attack.

Even now, Night makes compressed water appear in his mouth and shoots it at the Wraith like a laser. But the Wraith also knew that it would take damage from magic, so it dodged the attack just in time.

“Your opponent isn’t just Night alone!”


I approached the Wraith, who showed an opening after dodging Night’s attack, and swung my [Omni-Sword] out at its neck joint. The [Omni-Sword] slashes the Wraith’s head off without feeling any resistance. And the Wraith disappeared as a particle of light.

“Phew… I still can’t get used to fighting while using magic effectively.”


This time, Night was using magic all the time when he found out that physical attacks didn’t work. Hence, it wasn’t a problem for him, but I was overwhelmingly inexperienced enough to fight with a mixture of [Omni-Sword] attacks and magic attacks.

I would inevitably continue to use only one method of fighting. Well, I’ll make sure to reflect on it at home or some other calm place, then I went to pick up the drop items, but there was only one S-ranked magic stone that had fallen out.

“Eeeh? Even though we defeated it with great effort, the one thing we got is only a magic stone… well, I guess it’s weird that a ghost will hold something, but I’m still a little shocked.”


Feeling disappointed, I looked up at the sky. Currently, I was trying to gain a lot of battle experience in this other world, just like I did in the Wraith battle earlier.

On Earth, preparations are underway for the ball games, but I have to go to the royal capital as soon as possible in this other world as well, so I’m training in case of an emergency.

I have gotten much more used to fighting using [Omni-Sword] and [Absolute Spear] compared to the beginning. However, I still have a lot more to do with mixing it up well with magic, so I’m fighting together with Night with that in mind.

After finishing school today, I also completed my prep and review at home and took a walk. Then I was holed up in another world the whole time, so I noticed that the sky was dark and full of stars.

“…The sky is so clean in this world. To be able to see the stars so close together…”


It may be a familiar night sky for Night, but it’s a wonderful thing that is not so familiar for me because there are certain things that humanity has lost in exchange for development on Earth.


While looking up at the sky, I suddenly think back to the battles we’ve had so far.

“Can I become even stronger on my own any further…?”


Night tilted his head at my muttering. I was able to deal damage in today’s battle against the Wraith only with magic, but I do not properly know the combination of magic and weapons in battle. In addition to the fact that I only inherited the magic from sage-san, I’m also doing my own style of weaponry by reading books.

…Perhaps I should take a proper lesson from somewhere. While thinking about this, since I have school tomorrow, I decided to continue exploring a bit more before going home. So we began the exploration again.




I’ve been thinking about this ever since I left Lexia-san and the others, but since it’s been confirmed that I’m going to the royal castle in the future, I thought I had to be even more prepared, so I started doing more fighting and basic physical and muscular training in order to protect Night and Akatsuki so that we could stay anywhere without any problems.

And next time I see Lexia-san and Luna again, I want to show them how much I’ve grown, even if it’s just a little bit. Since I’m delaying the visit to the royal capital for that reason, I want to do my best on that. And since I can’t expect to grow near my home these days, I decided to take Night and Akatsuki and go deeper into the forest.

“Oh? Somehow the atmosphere has changed…”


When we left the house and went deeper into the forest, the atmosphere around us suddenly changed. Rather, the trees growing around us suddenly changed in appearance. They used to be ordinary trees, but now the trees growing around us are somehow darkened, with completely black leaves. What’s with these trees?

When I unintentionally activated the [Identification] skill and looked at it, it displayed as follows:


[Black Hard Tree] :: An extremely hard black tree. A mere attack or impact wouldn’t break it or even scratch it. The vegetation area is shrouded in mystery, and as an extremely valuable material, it can fetch a tremendous amount of money at auctions. It is impossible to cut down or process it without using the elves’ [Spirit Magic] or the dwarves’ secret techniques.


It was some kind of amazing tree. Rather, the vegetation area is shrouded in mystery, and it says it’s valuable, but there’s so much right in front of me, you know? What’s with this situation?

Well, the people who can come casually to this deepest part of the forest are probably only at the level of sage-san, so it’s not surprising that they are unknown. Considering the level of danger of the monsters we encountered so far; I don’t think it’s worth it to come and collect them. One could indeed build a house out of solid wood, but it doesn’t have to be this wood to build a great house.

And the elves? And dwarves? It seems that the only way to cut and process it is with their technique, and that makes it even more difficult to handle it.

“Night, Akatsuki. Although we’ve been cautious up until now, it’s only going to get more dangerous from here on out, so let’s be more careful.”



They didn’t talk too loudly; both of them responded in small voices. Hmm… I can’t cut them down myself, but these trees are quite troubling. I have no idea how it will affect me in a battle. But, assuming I get attacked, blown up, and slammed into this tree, I’d still likely take a lot of damage.

As I proceeded cautiously while activating the [Assimilation] skill for a while, I found the first monster of the day.

If I’m going to describe that fellow, perhaps wild boar is the right word to use. But it was about the size of a medium-sized truck, with two sharp tusks extending from its lower jaw. In addition, its body was glowing silvery-white, and there was nothing that looked like body hair.

It looks like a wild boar, but… what is it? This guy. I immediately activated the [Identification] skill.


[Mithril Boar]
Level: 10

Magic: 1000
Attack: 40,000
Defense: 50,000
Agility: 30,000
Intelligence: 2000
Luck: 500

Skills: [Charge] [Iron Wall] [Magic Reflection] [Super Sense of Smell]


Wait a minute. What’s with that status? Why is it that it’s at level 10 with 50,000 defense and 40,000 attack power? Moreover, the [Magic Reflection] skill… doesn’t that mean that magic attacks will not work?

I’m also curious about the word mithril in its name… what is it, really?

As I was surprised at its messed up status, the Mithril Boar suddenly began to move its nose restlessly. As we tilt our heads, the Mithril Boar, who supposedly hadn’t noticed us before, suddenly turned its gaze in our direction!

How did it find us? …Could it be that it’s because of that skill called [Super Sense of Smell]?




We were surprised by the sudden revelation of our presence, and then a shock beyond that assaulted us. The Mithril Boar took a step forward and charged at us at high speed.

Even though it wasn’t running from a long distance, the charge was so intense that it was far beyond my ability to recognize it. By the time I felt it had charged at us, it was already right in front of me.

As a result, I couldn’t avoid it, and I was blown away by the tremendous momentum. With that momentum, I hit the Black Hard Tree with my back and was eventually unable to move.




“D-don’t come!”

Night and Akatsuki tried to rush over to me as I was blown away, but I stopped them.



The squeal was so loud and powerful that it couldn’t be compared to Akatsuki. And once again, my body was easily blown away by the Mithril Boar.


Although I managed to take a defensive stance on the second attack, its power was tremendous. Even if I was wearing armor, an immense impact hit my entire body. I managed to take a momentary gap and hurriedly drank the [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice], but… I couldn’t stop sweating cold.

The reason is, I still can’t see the Mithril Boar’s attack. By the time I noticed, I was blown away. It’s okay because I can manage to defend against it now and still have the [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice], but even that isn’t infinite. If I miss a little bit of defense or are not given time to recover, I’ll be struck immediately.

Indeed, I was able to fight around the house without any problems… but I didn’t expect to find an opponent this dangerous…! I thought on my own that I could defeat an S-class monster and that I would be fine, but that was just my hubris and ridiculous arrogance.

There is not a single part of my current status that exceeds 10,000. And yet I felt as if I was being reminded firsthand that I was able to cross over with an S-class monster because of sage-san’s weapons.

I-if it keeps going like this…

“…Night, Akatsuki. Run away from here now.”



Both Night and Akatsuki shake their heads in surprise at my words. But I can’t bring those two into this situation. This is the result of me being unconsciously arrogant and misjudging the difference in strength.

Still, in order to let these two escape, I can’t just die immediately. And while holding a strong mind that was about to be broken and desperately looking at the Mithril Boar──.

(I will help you.)


The air’s vibrations spread around me with a loud bang, echoing in the depths of my stomach. And then I happened to catch the identity of the sound with my eyes. Something as cleanly white as Night’s black fur and Akatsuki’s red fur blew the Mithril Boar right from the side.

That white being that appeared out of nowhere, charged at the Mithril Boar with an unbelievable speed, spun several times in the air, and landed brilliantly.

The true identity is──.

“A-a rabbit?”

(Yes, a rabbit.)

What a cute little rabbit it was. The rabbit, which was covered in pure white body hair, took one look at the surprised us and immediately turned its attention back to the Mithril Boar. When I also looked at the Mithril Boar, the Mithril Boar spewed blood from its large nose and mouth and was outraged.



However, the rabbit in front of me stared at it undaunted and dexterously stood on its tiptoe with one foot and slowly raised its other foot.

And then──.

(You’re so noisy.)

Again, the entire forest air shook with a loud bang. I didn’t know what was going on, but the place where the Mithril Boar had been a moment ago was splattered with red blood and flesh, and there was nothing else.

Besides, the black hard tree, which was supposed to have been explained as unable to be damaged by an ordinary attack or impact, was snapped a dozen or so meters away and sent flying, and where it had taken root, the ground had been scraped away as if it had been gouged out by something.

Night, Akatsuki and I watched that scene in a daze.

(What a small-fry.)

Unlike us, the rabbit was standing on both feet normally, snorting in a boring manner.




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