Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Part 2


Berg Fortress is surrounded by wilderness. The nearest village is a day’s walk away, and two days away by horse is the frontier city of Lynx.

Although it is said to be the southern frontline, the two countries of the Principality of Lichtine, which utilize its slavery system and the Great Grantz Empire, have not even had a skirmish for many years, and it could be said that their relationship is good. Therefore, although the Berg Fortress is well-maintained, it is unreliable and not very robust when looking at a long-term battle.

On a small hill far from such a fortress―the Lichtine army was stationed on it. There was an air of easygoingness in the air that made it hard to believe it was wartime. Although some of the guards were standing, most of them were sitting on the ground and indulging in banter.

The opponents were only three thousand, and the Grantz’ army was confined to a vulnerable fort that would break if they were struck. Perhaps it was only natural for them to think they had won.

A horse gallops through the soldiers who seem to be able to drink out of such liquor. The person on the horse has a red cloth wrapped around his arm, which is the proof of a messenger.

The messenger jumped down from his horse in front of the tent for the commander of the Lichtine army and rushed to the entrance.

“Let me pass now! It’s an emergency!”

“No. Even if you are a familiar face, I still have to do a physical inspection.”

Two soldiers stood in front of the messenger. With a hint of annoyance in his voice, the messenger said, “We don’t have time to talk. Something terrible has happened!”

The two soldiers on guard looked at each other as if they were confused by the messenger’s words.

“I understand. But don’t say that you haven’t been properly checked out.”

The soldier on guard shrugged his shoulders and turned his body to the side. The messenger immediately jumped into the tent.

There were several men inside. Everyone cast a quizzical glance at the messenger. Normally, he would have been kicked out, but perhaps because he was in a hurry, the messenger opened his mouth unabashedly.

“Three thousand detached forces have been destroyed! Vile-sama, despite his strenuous efforts, was killed in battle!”

The place was abuzz with the information the messenger had brought.

“Shut up.”

Just a shout. With that alone, the place was quieted. Maybe it’s because of the unusual anger mixed in with the sound of the voice.

Rayhill Lemaire Lichtine. He is the heir and next in line of the Lichtine household.

“What happened to the spirit weapon my foolish brother had in his possession?”

He was more concerned about what happened to the precious spirit weapon than his brother’s life. There are no spirits in the Principality of Lichtine. Hence, they cannot obtain spirit stones. It’s not impossible to buy them if they put up a lot of money, but the exchange is the decline for their country.

“Perhaps it’s in the hands of the Sixth Princess.”

“Wha… what a mess. That idiot.”

Although he was only training his body and was not very smart, Rayhill didn’t expect his little brother to lose by leading three thousand troops. According to the information that was brought to him, the Sixth Princess was only capable of holding a few hundred men. Could it be that… he was caught in a trap?”

Rayhill glared at the information source, the hooded man.

“What is it? Do you have something to say to me?”

“You said three thousand would be enough to capture her! And that the Sixth Princess only has less than a hundred guards to protect her!”

“You don’t mean to tell me that I’ve brought you false information?”

A killing intent shot out of the man in the hood. Rayhill backed away from the pressure.

“N-no… I didn’t say that. There must have been a mistake…”

“I also told you not to underestimate the Spirit Sword. Although the Sixth Princess has yet to be handled, the original Flame Emperor could slaughter thousands of enemies.”

“So… doesn’t that mean she has mastered it?”

Rayhill asked, and the man in the hood shook his head.

“I don’t think so. But it’s something to be concerned about.”

The man in the hood thinks about the situation. And Rayhill sits back in his chair. The plan was just to capture the Sixth Princess and hand her over to this man. After that, all they had to do was secure the slaves in the Margrave Grinda’s territory and return to their home country.

(Should I not take the deal?)

He has known this hooded man for a long time and has exchanged a few letters with him over the years. Recently. He sent him a letter saying, “If you capture the Sixth Princess, I will give you a hundred Grantz Gold Coins and two Spirit Weapons as a reward for your success.” He refused, of course, as he didn’t trust him.

However, after repeated requests and advance payment for one spirit weapon, Rayhill immediately persuaded his reluctant father to gather the troops.

(Above all, it was tempting to say that the Fourth Imperial Army would not move.)

It was also written to indicate that no matter how much they rampaged in the Margrave Grinda’s territory, the Great Grantz Empire would not retaliate against the Principality of Lichtine.

(If we were to retreat now… it would leave us a bad taste in our mouths.)

After making a decision, Rayhill turned to the man in the hood.

“Is the Sixth Princess really not drawing on the power of the Flame Emperor?”

“Yeah, I don’t think she did. I assure you.”

The man in the hood nodded. Rayhill confirmed.

“So, the Fourth Imperial Army won’t be moving either?”

“Are you so unsure of my word?”

The man in the hood laughed, his throat quivering. Rayhill hissed in frustration.

“Of course! Not only have we lost three thousand soldiers, but we’ve also even lost our spirit weapons!”

“Then I’ll tell you something.”

With a shrug of his shoulders, the hooded man took a weapon from behind his cloak and placed it on the desk. It was a spirit weapon decorated with gold and silver.

“If you capture the Sixth Princess, I’ll add another one on top of that. I’ll also give you two hundred gold coins.”

Rayhill stiffened at the reward, which was too unreasonable. Then the hooded man’s hand reached out to him.

“And I’ll give you this too.”

The man in the hood had a round ball in his hand that looked like a nut.

“What’s that?”

“Well, drink it. It’s a miracle that will unlock the power of your spirit weapon.”

Never heard of such a thing. Rayhill tilted his head as he received the round ball.

“It’s not poison, is it?”

The hooded man snickered when he looked at him skeptically.

“I suppose that’s what medicine is all about. If you don’t trust it, throw it out.”

Rayhill looked at the spirit weapon on the desk and then lifted the edge of his mouth.

“I trust you.”

He threw the round ball into his mouth and swallowed it. Next, he looked down at his own body.

“‘Really… will it work?”

“I think it will take three days for the effect to work.”

“Hmm. Is that so… then I should attack the Berg Fortress in three days?”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

The man in the hood said and stood up.

“Then, I shall excuse myself.”

Before leaving the tent, the man in the hood turns around once.

“If you disappoint me―you know that, don’t you?”

When Rayhill gasped and looked at the entrance, the man was no longer there.


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