Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90


In the waiting room, Ristina was adjusting her costume and appearance. With a makeup kit that was usually only used by nobles. Kurutta was also in the waiting room. Although Ristina occasionally received a resentful glance from her, she didn’t mind it.

After that, they were getting ready in the waiting room for a while, and as those who were helping them get ready left the room, Kurutta approached Ristina.

“You, where did you get those clothes from?”

“I asked a friend to sew it back on for me.”

“Tsk, that’s okay. Your acting sucks. Don’t expect it to work like that.”


Ristina clenched her fists and still looked back at Kurutta. There was a strong will in both of Ristina’s eyes, and Kurutta averted her gaze as she stared at her. Eventually, the sound of footsteps echoed down the corridor, and the two of them moved away from each other in either direction.

Ristina squeezed and grabbed the hem of her clothes once more, rechecking her costume. After checking the feel of the clothes, Ristina then loosened her mouth slightly.

“The preparation is complete.”

“Thank you.”

Ristina bowed to the child who was helping her, with a smile. Kurutta said the same and left the room first. There were still a few minutes before the start of the show. Ristina walked out to the venue with moderate nervousness, remembering the previous venues that were filled with many people.




When it’s her turn, Ristina walks out from backstage to the stage. Ristina’s role is that of a noblewoman. This is the story of how she falls in love with a man of different statuses and how she eventually falls in love with him.

Of course, love is not so easy to achieve. Kurutta is the very person who interferes with Ristina’s relationship. When Ristina walked onto the stage, her eyes widened in surprise for a moment.

That was because Relius was in the front row of seats, where the nobles were lined up, as a matter of course. Normally, Relius would not be there. A moment in time. Ristina, whose eyes met Relius’, hid her surprise with a smile as she walked across the stage.

Relius―he was only the senior member of her part-time job. But he was very serious and accommodating in regards to his work. While many people tried to seek a relationship with Ristina that was more than just a work colleague, she didn’t feel the slightest bit of that from Relius.

That’s why he was someone who could treat her without hesitation, and that’s why she could even tease him in a way that implied a relationship between a man and a woman.

That was because Relius maintained a certain distance from her, and also because Ristina had never fallen in love with anyone in the present. The same was true for Relius. He is only like a friend.

The show goes on. Preparations, rehearsals―months of preparation, months of practice―go by in a matter of seconds. But every breath has a part in the density of the show.

As she utters each and every note, Ristina puts her hand to her chest.

Then she says the last word and smiles. Then the drama comes to an end.

She silently accepts the loud applause. When the audience has finished enjoying the aftermath of the show, all the performers come on stage. Then comes the closing speech.

When all is said and done, the audience leaves the stage. The drama will be performed every hour. There will be a break from here for a while. Ristina glanced at Relius’ back as he took his place in the front row of the nobles and headed towards the waiting room.




After the day’s drama, Ristina was returning to the mansion with a pleasant sense of fatigue. All the members of the troupe had been invited to a dinner party at the Arsus household.

It was a simple dinner party, just a walk around and enjoying a meal. It was held only by the Arsus family’s relatives, and the only people attending were knights and people from the Arsus family.

Nevertheless, Ristina, who was only a commoner, was nervous. A knight is the lowest rank of nobility, but the other party was still a nobleman. There were many people who had seen Ristina’s drama, and all the knights approached Ristina in droves.

If anything, there were many people who made a move. It was unlikely that a knight would be tied to a nobleman. For example, he could take credit for being awarded a medal. Or, unless you have a position as the third or fourth son of some family, it is not uncommon to be united with a commoner if you have no such backing.

Ristina, who was approached by the knights, sighed imperceptibly.

(I’ve never thought about that sort of thing.)

From Ristina’s point of view, who had rarely, if ever, fallen in love with someone, marriage was something that was outside of her thoughts. While answering to the extent that it was still good, she turned her gaze to Relius, who was reflected in the corner of her vision.

Relius had also been called because of his connection to the Arsus family. However, it would be more accurate to say that Fira called him out forcibly.

(Not to mention, even Relius-senpai, it’s not because she likes him.)

It was an undeniable truth. It wasn’t that she wasn’t aware of it at all, but it still wasn’t enough to make him like her.

(I’m grateful, and I think he’s a good guy… but I’m definitely not liking him or anything. I’m sure I’m not.)

Ristina enjoyed the dinner party while thinking about it in her mind.




The dinner party was over, and the party was dismissed. Back in the garden tent, Ristina shook her head to avoid thinking about the haze that was in her head. It was just as she was about to enter the tent that she was about to go quickly to sleep.

Relius came running over to her, breathing hard.

“What’s wrong, Relius-senpai?”

“Ristina, I’m glad to see you’re well. It was hard to find the right time to talk to you.”

“You’ve been with Fira-sama all along, haven’t you?”

“You could have called out to me if you’d been looking at me the whole time…”

“Well, because you looked like you were having fun. I can’t interrupt you!”

Ristina’s cheeks twitched slightly as she said so.

“It’s not like that.”


“I saw the drama. It was great.”

“Eh, were you here to watch?”

Ristina pretended that she hadn’t noticed. It was like a small pride.

“Yes, well. Fira-sama asked me to come. I was sure there weren’t any seats available for me either, but I’m glad I got to see it.”

Relius smiled.

“Did you come to tell me that?”

“…Well, something like that. I’m able to see you having a face like that because you are so different from the usual Ristina-san.”

“Of course, I would. If I’m using the face that I use when I’m teasing you, I wouldn’t be the star of the show.”

“Is that the way it’s supposed to be? Now, I think Ristina-san is not so bad, either.


Her heart skipped a beat. Ristina’s cheeks turned red, and she turned away to hide it.

“What are you talking about? …Eh, is it possible that Relius-senpai likes to be teased by people?”

“….Not really, though. It’s just that she’s a cheeky junior, but I don’t hate her.”

Relius said as his cheeks stained slightly. Ristina’s cheeks became even redder as she thought that it must have been his true intentions.

“Don’t… say something stupid anymore.”

“…What’s stupid? I’d like to see Ristina-san perform again next time, so please let me know when you’re doing it somewhere else, okay? I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Well then, Relius raised one hand. Ristina had no choice but to make a small reply. After he left, her heart beat fast.

“No, no… that’s never going to happen…”

Ristina walked into the tent, desperately trying to deny the feelings that were boiling up.


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  1. thanks as always.
    Sorry Ristina. A few chapters ago the harem and the MC had a picture. You weren’t in it even though you were the current girl getting the most focus.

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    1. She’s not (she says she’s not even thinking about marriage), but she’s commenting on how it’s not uncommon for knights to end up in an arranged marriage with a commoner if they have no value to a noble family.

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  2. Who d’you think you’re kidding
    He’s the earth and heaven to you
    Try to keep it hidden,
    Honey we can see right through you
    Girl you can’t conceal it
    We know how you’re feeling
    Who you thinking of

    No chance no way I won’t say it, no no
    (You swoon you sigh why deny it oh oh)
    It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love


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